Moxie Madness Round 2 Voting Part I

We're down to 32 contenders, so we have 16 match-ups. We'll be doing 4 each day for 4 days, one from each division. I'm switching the voting times to run from 9 am EDT to 9 am EDT so I can go to bed on time every night.

Here's the new bracket showing the winners and current matchups for Round 2.

What surprised you? Post in the comments.


And now let's get started with today's voting:


Sears Division:

Partner asks "What did you do all day?" vs. 9-month sleep regression

You know you woke up at 6, but everything between then and 6 pm is a massive blur. The baby seems to be fed, and there's spit-up on your shirt, and you desperately need a nap, but that's the only evidence you have that you were even alive.


9-month sleep regression

How many times, exactly, can this kid wake up in any given night???


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Weissbluth Division:

Another mom in your mom's group writes a book during naptime

And fiction. She wrote a fiction book, with a complex plot, even.


Persistent diaper rash

You really, really hope the anti-fungal works. But how did your baby's butt get a fungus in the first place?


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Leach Division:

Your sister's baby sleeps 8 hours at 6 weeks old

You love your sister, and are happy for her that she's getting sleep, but after all those months and months of struggle with your own baby's sleep, now everyone's looking at you like you're the dumb one. You never thought sibling issues would come into play until your own child had a sibling.


Pet wakes baby from nap

The worst part of the pet waking the baby is how close you were to the pet before the baby came. That dog was your baby for so long, but now you're ready to banish it to the basement if it won't stop barking and waking your human baby.


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Babywise Division:

Asked "When are you due?" when baby is a year old

The body issues are so confusing. First you have no control over your own body during pregnancy (even if you were able to get pregnant when you wanted to and didn't have another whole layer of body angst), then the whole delivery, then the weirdness of trying to nurse, and now your body just doesn't seem to be yours in the same way it was before. You honestly don't need well-intentioned strangers adding more weirdness to your body image.


Mommy drive-by from stranger

You know that before you had a child you THOUGHT stuff like that about random parents you saw, but would you ever have actually SAID anything out loud? No, because you're a civilized human being. Why do people say hurtful things?


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Come back tomorrow for the next four match-ups in Round 2!

9 thoughts on “Moxie Madness Round 2 Voting Part I”

  1. Arg! Two sleep issues going head to head. After a year of sleep issues I can’t decide if I’d hate my sister worse or the pet…

  2. I think I’d hate my sister more. She has the option of shutting it, whereas my cat doesn’t know she’s doing something wrong. And I have been in situations where my parenting was shown in major contrast to a sibling’s. It really, really, really fucking sucks.

  3. The worst part of the sister example is the doubt it puts on your head, especially as a full time parent. I spent SO many months in the beginning figuring I wasn’t doing something right (or listening to others tell me)…well, it’s hard. And you’re so sleep deprived, you don’t know what to believe.

  4. I think sleep is the one thing about parenting a baby that can make us doubt ourselves in such an unhelpful and unhealthy way. When my baby wasn’t sleeping longer than 45 minutes stretches all. night. long. I kept it a secret for months because I felt like such a failure. And then it turned out to be a medical condition that we fixed and now he sleeps. And now I have guilt about not speaking up earlier since I could have saved him months of pain. Sleep deprivation makes us crazy.

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