Moxie Madness 2012 Final Four

Now, now, NOW! Vote for the Final Four! Open 'til 9 am EDT Saturday morning. Final tournament opens Monday at 9 am EDT.


Hippie Conference (Sears and Leach Divisions):

9-month sleep regression


Food allergy


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Detached Conference (Weissbluth and Babywise Divisions):



Nanny quits


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17 thoughts on “Moxie Madness 2012 Final Four”

  1. I am really intrigued by people whose lives would be worse with GERD than without a nanny. Maybe you all just live in places with a better selection of nannies?

  2. I never had a “Nanny” per se, but I equated it to “the babysitter quits” which I had happen – and it was devastating (I had two days to find a new babysitter.) I never had to deal with GERD though, so that probably skews my answer.

  3. Seems to me that the winners are things that cause your kids pain/danger, probably because most parents want to spare their kids pain more than themselves. So GERD and food allergies probably skewed the whole tourney!

  4. Watching your kid slip down the growth charts is pretty devastating. I can see how having a nanny quit would seriously impact your life and be a huge and massive inconvenience, but watching your child suffer through pain and dealing with the implications of that condition for YEARS has just been the worst for me (out of this particular list).

  5. I managed to combine food allergy with mommy drive-by from my mother. (On the up side, his daycare took his allergy seriously.)

  6. What Jen says. Things that cause my child pain would be worse than things that bother me. That said, I’ve never had to rely on a nanny to allow me to go to work.

  7. I’m reading the nanny quits as “lose childcare without notice.” And we would have been in pretty bad shape had that happened. Of course, the babies I knew with GERD all had pretty mild cases, so that probably also colors it.

  8. I’m with @wealtheow. Seeing my son go from the 75th to the 25th percentile, having him scream and claw my chest when I nursed him, having him wake every half hour some nights… Terrible. That being said, I’ve never gone through the process of hiring a child care provider of any sort. So, I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to lose the person you trust and have painstakingly chosen to care for your child. I did vote for food allergy, though, despite having no personal experience.

  9. I’m thinking food allergy and GERD are winning because they’re long-term, possibly life-long problems, especially food allergy, that will make your child’s life difficult. Nannies, while a necessity for many people, can be replaced, and you won’t need them forever, and not having one doesn’t cause your child to suffer. I suppose for me, being a WAHM, a nanny or childcare setup isn’t *as* vital, either, so I may not be reading it as sucking as much as WOHPs do.

  10. What @wealtheow and @ck said. Knowing that they are HUNGRY and having a GERD baby break a latch and scream like you’re ripping a fingernail off, is not only frustrating, but can quickly make one feel like a complete failure as a parent for not even being able to nourish your baby.

  11. My son fell off the weight chart due to food allergies. His allergies are so bad that if *I* touch something he is allergic to, touch his hands or something else he touches he breaks out in hives and starts wheezing. Let’s not get into he actually ingested it.Food allergies could kill him. Bottom line: they suck worse than anything else in this tournament.

  12. Ultimately here in London I could always hire a fully qualified ad hoc nanny if I needed one from very reputable agencies. Ones who can all use Epipens.I don’t have to rely on a nanny/childcare but have called them out when I was very sick and on my own. But I am lucky of course.
    Most severe allergies to seeds/nuts are lifelong. I can’t really do anything that would really cure my daughter’s.
    Seeing your baby suffer and loose weight must be heart breaking and GERD is not over very soon either. It’s a dangerous disorder.
    But I realise that if you’re at work to support your child, and not well paid your childcare breaking down can mean that you lose your job and ability to support your child.
    Which is also in its own way a danger to health and thriving and survival.
    The choice here may be a hard one to think about but the realities are a lot harder.

  13. She’s not my nanny per se, but my favorite teacher at the daycare – the one who has taken excellent, loving care of both my babies is leaving the daycare – today is her last day. I’ve been irrationally crying about it all week. Nanny quits definitely gets my vote!

  14. I still can’t believe 3.5 didn’t go further…. my husband’s ex-wife has always “punished” him / us by limiting time with my stepson, and has 0 concept of co-parenting….and yet out of nowhere last week, she offered to let us have him for the whole summer, and she’d “work on” some weekends where she could see him. He turned 3.5 @ the end of February – coincidence? We think not. Craziest part, instead of saying yes instantly, we thought about it for two minutes. 3.5 is tough.It’s only funny because it’s true

  15. Food allergies suck all the time. It permeates everyone in your houses lives. Dangerous, life threatening, and I also did the watch the kid slip down the weight chart thing.Any chronic condition is hard with a kid.

  16. I’m so thankful to have no direct experience with any of these four. Food allergies scare the hell out of me, and so will be my vote to “win” the whole thing. We do rely on childcare so that we can both work, but my in-laws live nearby and could (and would) help out in a pinch until we found other care – and I know how lucky I am to have in-laws that I trust that are nearby, and are helpful.Wow, this tournament has me feeling exceedingly grateful for how things have gone with both my girls. Thank you.

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