Where I’ll be on Sunday

This Sunday, I'll be going with my children and their father (my ex-husband) to JC Penney. The kids need shoes, and I probably do, too.

In case you haven't heard of the whole JC Penney Shop-In, read Katie's excellent summary of it here. Long-time readers know that I have been seriously disappointed by the response Target gave when it was discovered that the company had contributed vast amounts of money to anti-gay political candidates. I haven't shopped at Target since July 2010.

It makes me happy that JC Penney is standing by Ellen. It makes me sad that there are people that think that Ellen, just by virtue of her being who she is, is somehow threatening their families. I know that my family–as weird as it is, co-parenting with my ex-husband–is only helped by people who are happy with their lives, couples that love each other, families who work together.

I haven't been to JC Penney in years. But I'm going Sunday, and we're going to buy some shoes, and I'll see what else they have. And maybe JC Penney will turn out to be our new family-friendly favorite.

(My secret dream is for Monbdo Guerra to design a line for JC Penney. Don't tell anyone.)


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  1. This boycott is a new level of crazy. If you’re doubling down in the “culture wars” (barf) and even if you have a lot of strange homophobic feelings… really? ELLEN? Ellen is your hill to die on? Ellen, who is a married person, and runs a pleasant and inoffensive daytime talkshow? So very strange.

  2. Target’s got a lot of bad blood on its hands, a lot of stuff on consumerist about crummy working conditions.I hope JC Penny becomes a better place, Ron Johnson made Apple Retail great, so there’s a lot of hope to be had. Unfortunately in CA, Pennies is dumpy.

  3. Ellen is an amazing person. I love her & her show. I also really like JC Penney- I discovered that they had a small but good maternity section when I was pregnant, and since then I still go there often for good work shirts! I also got an amazing Black Friday deal on a winter coat there! I’m very intrigued by their new low price, no coupon, etc deal. Anyway, I’ll totally be there Sunday!!!

  4. JC Penney is my go-to place for cute jewelry that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ve lost count of how many compliments my budget buys from JCP have gotten me over the years. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them JCP’s the place!

  5. I also was successful in finding more basic maternity items there than almost any other store in town (including Target). This is perhaps why I am inevitably disappointed at my regular lack of success in finding cute & trendy clothing in the petite section since then.Ellen or no Ellen, if I can’t find anything which fits or suits my style, I won’t be spending my clothing budget at JCP.

  6. I’m plus size, and Penney’s was about the only place to get maternity clothes. There were only two other options, really.

  7. I’ve been a fairly regular shopper at Penney’s for years. I’m so happy a store I like, that carries my size, is also an ethical one.

  8. Ellen pointed out that the One Million Moms have 40,000 members on Facebook. That’s saying something. I wonder how many moms support her. I know I do. And I will continue to shop at JC Penney.

  9. My closest friends and I baked cookies and breads and made dips and worked tirelessly on our little holiday party menu; we even had an annual ornament exchange. And aren’t we cute?

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