New Delhi

While you're reading this, I'm in India for a school project. It's such a privilege to be able to go so far away to someplace so different from where I live.

I don't have any big parenting point here. I'm just amazaed at how absolutely different my life is now compared to two years ago. I would not have guessed I'd have the chance to go to India to work on a project with a huge impact on people's lives.

Is there anything you're doing today that you'd never have thought you'd be doing?

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  1. @Moxie, that is awesome!Today DH and I are cleaning up after the party we threw last night at our house for 14 local friends and their kids. We love to entertain. It means a lot to us because neither of our families growing up ever did. Last night nobody wanted to go home! We all had a great time, and we’re thrilled to finally have a solid group of local friends to share the good times with.

  2. Burying my mother-in-law. But that’s not what you were looking for, is it? Not nursing my three-year-old at all during the day, that’s what, and I wouldn’t have believed that a month ago, never mind a year.

  3. That’s amazing Moxie! Wonderful opportunity.Congratulations @ Sarcasticarrie and best wishes for the gestation !
    Today has been very odd. I have by law inherited 1/6 of my late maiden aunt’s small estate minus her debts.
    That’s because she died without a will and without issue in the old country. So her siblings’ surviving offspring inherit by blood relationship. Said aunt was my father’s youngest sister. He didn’t get on with his family, so on his sudden death when I was 9 his family first embraced me as the prodigal and then threw me over as The Scapegoat for her father’s sins.
    My late aunt declared me dead to her decades ago and now she is dead.Gah. And by the powers of google, electoral rolls and my unusual name her lawyer found me abroad.
    I can reject the inheritance, but then my four year old inherits and it becomes a huge legal scene where I have to go to court in the old country ( at my own expense) Not to mention that I want her, the light of her parents’ lives to stay out of this.
    I shall have to accept, but can ask for a legal variance where I only inherit if there’s a positive balance in the sum.Otherwise I will have to pay 1/6 of her debts.
    That will cost me money in legal fees and court fees. So I pay anyway but less. And can do it all by post.
    It’s not a big deal , sorry to share, but blood in my family was only thicker if curdled. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I sure did not see this coming.
    I’ve not seen my fellow legatees since the being declared dead Huge Scene and I’ve no desire to have a family reunion. Fortunately neither have they, so this should be the end. Everyone else has children so even with no will there will be a way without me.

  4. Never thought I would find the right guy, marry him, live in Maine, and have a son! I thought I was going to be alone forever, so many crappy relationships and heartaches. I’m going to be 35 in less than 2 months, EEK never thought that would happen either ;)@ hush, that’s awesome! We had a big party for our little guy when he turned 1, and it was super fun. I’m so looking forward to continuing the tradition.
    @ sarcasticCarrie- congrats, that is wonderful!

  5. Bon voyage, Moxie!@SarcastiCarrie: Congratulations! I never thought I’d be having #3 either…But at 12 days, he’s a snuggly little guy and as a bonus/parting gift, the fates gave me an exciting birth story: born unintentionally at home (EMT in my bedroom and everything), fast labor and no epidural (as I would have liked for previous 2 but was not to be).

  6. @Moxie – have a great time. I’m glad I went there as a kid, but it’s a hard place to visit.@SarcastiCarrie – congrats and good luck!
    @ML – wow. that is a good story.
    My whole life is something I never thought I’d be doing. Ditched my grad program to try a different career that’s been perfect for me, bought a house on my own, married my college super-crush who I never imagined would be interested, had a baby and LOVE being a mom (never imagined that), and am planning my dream trip to Ireland right now. So yeah, life is pretty awesome.

  7. Moxie! I am in New Delhi, too! I wish I had seen this before so we could have met up. I have to leave tomorrow but I am enjoying it so much. (I met you once before at your ATL meet up years back – my kids and I gave you a ride back to your hotel.)I also feel so, so privileged that I have work which is meaningful and allows me to go to amazing places. I also work with really smart and inspiring folks that urge me to be better and do better every day.
    When my twins were babies, I had no money and a deadbeat husband and three part-time jobs and was working on my master’s degree from 12 – 4 am, I never thought I was going to get here.

  8. @ARC: I commend you for living the dream! Have a great time in Ireland–it’s lovely there.The birth was pretty intense–the baby popped out while my husband was washing his hands and calling 911. But the best part is that my 5 yo and 2.5 yo who sleep in the next room didn’t wake up even with all the commotion!

  9. Hey ! Can’t believe I saw this so late. I live in New Delhi. If you have any time at all, would be great to meet up.Mala
    mpillai1 AT ifc DOT org

  10. Congrats Shalini! You’ll do great!I’m counting my blessings as I’m about to have number two pop out and I’m a SAHM to my 18 month old boy. Who’da thunk.

  11. preparing to move to New Delhi in a month and starting to panic slightly in trying to figure out how to navigate raising a toddler in a different country!

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