It Gets Better Toddler Video

Remember a few months ago when we weere talking about how it gets so much better once your kids are out of the toddler stage? Annie from PhD in Parenting made this amazing video about it. Click through and read her post and watch the video (you might cry a little, like I did), and feel better about yourself.

My older son is about to turn 10, and I still think the toddler years are absolutely the most difficult in all ways.

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  1. Sigh. I wish I could climb on board that train without a pause. But I just spent the weekend with my sister’s toddlers, and you know, I’m not sure it gets better. There are some things about toddler parenting that definitely killed me. But I would almost trade for them, now that I’m dealing with the endless emotional issues and defiance of adolescence.In fact, I’m now reminded that toddlers are compared to adolescents, because they’re both doing a dance of separation. The difference was, I was definitely smarter and stronger than my toddlers.
    My 5’4″ fifth grader? Not so much.
    It gets different. I had a nice honeymoon in the middle there. But better? I might not be able to make a final call until we survive the next nine years.

  2. See I actually like toddlers and am more than a little sad when they grow out of that phase. I love how they come up with silly games and are so unconcerned about what people thing about them, their needs are so simple compared to all that my older kids are facing.

  3. Although the toddler years can be difficult, I think they are survivable in that I am bigger and smarter than they are. I set the routine and rules…and can pretty much keep things in check.I am terrified to get to the tween/teen years. I don’t want to deal with the rejection issues that will come up at school and the peer pressure and the attitudes.

  4. It got _so much better_ for me after the toddler (and honestly, early preschool) years. And stayed that way. If I picture those very early years, I see almost all terror and a hazy exhaustion and feeling I’d never work it out. But, while sh*t certainly happened along the way since then, my memories of the remainder of their childhood, teenage and young adulthood brings a smile to my face. IME and YMMV.

  5. It’s funny, I seem to have very few memories of the toddler years. I lost some of my memory due to sleep deprivation. Twins will do that to you. It was absolutely difficult and tiring, but we had a nanny and I worked, so I did get some help and some time away almost every day, and I think that helped. But I think it was actually worse when they were three than toddler years.

  6. Boy. We have a 2-year-old, and I am having such a hard time. To be honest I have found motherhood hard from the beginning (I don’t think I have/had PPD, I think my personality is just not that suited to parenting… ugh.) and the toddler stage is so hard I frequently feel like we’re just not gonna make it and we have made a horrible mistake.(Right before reading this post I googled “parenting a toddler is terrible”.)
    I hope it gets better. I cannot believe how hard, how unrelenting, how boring and unrewarding it is.
    (I’m sorry I’m such a terrible person.)
    That toddler video – or at least the tiny bit I’ve been allowed to watch by The Dictator so far – made me laugh. I like the second lady, who’s complaining about how she never got to change her tampon without someone banging on the door.
    I relate so much. All I want to do is pee in peace without someone standing next to me and offering to help me wipe.

  7. @Cordy, I get it. Among other things — and I have no idea if this applies to you or not, but it sure does to me — I had no idea how hard being an introvert would make parenting my very energetic son. Really, I do best if I can get 4 hours when I am not interacting with other human beings, working, or sleeping and getting at least about 2 such hours (I’m talking per day) is pretty much essential. So, yeah. Having no idea of your circumstances makes it difficult or impossible to offer advice but I will say in my experience (my son is nearly 5) it *does* get better, there’s nothing wrong and lots right (if you can do it) with buying some time out of the house or on your own (e.g. preschool or a babysitter), and … well, declaring 1 night/week to be “girls night out” and not (in my case) coming home from work until DS is asleep has made a world of difference to my sanity and happiness (DH gets the same, although he does not WOH so his isn’t “not coming home” but rather “getting out” but, same idea). Hang in there, and do what you can to take care of yourself. I think mine was about 3 before I started locking my bathroom door, but … it is lovely to have 0.5 minutes of alone time to do my business.

  8. I’m so glad you mentioned the previous post again. It reminded me about it so I could go read it again and feel better about things. I actually love the toddler years as much as I despise some parts of them. I love to watch kids learn and I love to hear the funny little phrases they say. I am pretty freaked out about the teenager years. Even the tween years. Toddler years are hard, but the problems of teens can be so much worse and life lasting. A tantrum and some sleepless nights don’t seem like much in comparison. Off to watch the video.

  9. These days I am having a much harder time with my toddler DD than I did with my now almost 8yo son. Personality? Second child? Moving twice in 5 months, and other things that chip away at a peaceful home?

  10. Cute video! I have an 18 month old little boy and am expecting my 2nd in about 5 weeks. I think the stage (so far!!!) that I hate the most is the first month. It just seems to get better and better after that. I read one of the video comments – It said, that each stage was this mom’s favorite and that maybe that was how she got through to the next one. Made me laugh!My big thing right now is the terrible stupid guilt I feel for relying on Sesame Street and PBS to entertain my 18 month old while I try to not to move or fix dinner…. UGH! We’re in survival mode!

  11. @AlexicographerThank you. That is a really helpful way to think of it for me, that this is hard because I’m an introvert who needs a lot of time alone. And somehow I had never framed it that way for myself. So THANK YOU.

  12. Gosh, my son was such a sweet, fun, cooperative toddler, but 6.5 is a nightmare. I’d go back to 2 years old in a heartbeat, so long as I could skip from there to 21. Perhaps it’s better for them to get it out of their system earlier?I also wanted to second Alexicographer’s comment — being an introvert with an extremely extroverted kid is very, very difficult. There’s a book about parenting styles based on the Keirsey temperament sorter that’s really interesting (there’s a Keirsey-based one about kid temperaments too) and stresses the need for a lot of time alone (I’m a single mom, which makes it extra-super-difficult).

  13. Hi Moxie, I just found your post from back in 2006 about sleep regression at 8 months. It gave me a good reality check! I wanted to ask your permission to cite your article in the latest post of my little blog that I just started, called Inspired Parenting at I wanted to use my own experience and subsequent encounter with your blog to encourage others. I’ll wait for your reply before I post anything.Thanks,

  14. @SarcastiCarrie: THANK YOU for that article link. Awesomepants. And conversation-changing tonight with my four-year old. I figure I should practice with preschool pain so I know what I’m doing (ha!) by the time big school starts.

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  16. Hi Levy, We still have so many things to teach and learn for our liltte kids. My son also know how to use fork but I usually give him spoon because it is much safer to use saka mahina sya kumain kaya mas gusto ko ako nagsusubo ng food.

  17. Awesome-especially the caught red-handed on the table with all edcevnie spilled on the floor! Of course, I probably have some good stories to tell about the glories of twin toddler girls as well

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