Fall back

Those of us who didn't change time last weekend are changing it this weekend (at 2 am Sunday morning). We're falling back into Standard Time (from Daylight Savings Time), so we get an extra hour.

That means your kids will wake up on Sunday at 6 am thinking it's 7.

You can:

1. Let them stay up later tonight and tomorrow to try to lessen the blow, OR

2. Do nothing now and then deal with it next week.


As always, remember that the worst days tend to be days 2 and 3 of the change, so Monday and Tuesday will probably be worse than Sunday.


40 thoughts on “Fall back”

  1. My plan is to have a very busy, physical day Saturday and a nice heavy dinner of favorite foods in the hope that they will rack out but good.

  2. I hate Daylight Savings Time so much now. I mean, with the change going both ways, one of them ought to be good, right? But they both make the toddler mean and cranky and evil.

  3. Huh. For the second time in my life (the first being this last spring) I am actually looking forward to changing the clocks, because the Little One does actually base her life on when the sun gets up, and for the last couple of weeks she has been getting up later and later, and our schedules have been thrown all out of whack as a result. (Last spring she got up earlier and earlier, and it was a relief when I could say to myself, “Ok, it’s 6am, not actually 5am.”)Am I the only one with a kid who actually seems to be what Daylight Savings was designed around?
    Though I guess it will be very different once she gets old enough to go to school/have very clock-scheduled activities, huh.

  4. Whoo, finally a benefit to having a daughter who resists both routine and sleep. I can’t imagine that “falling back” is going to wreak any more havoc on her sleep than teething, illness, the cold, the heat, going to bed too late, going to bed too early, going to bed on time, gas, the cat, the way the wind blows, or breathing already does. On the off-chance that the reason my daughter wakes every 45 minutes between the hours of 6 and 9 am (hours during which I need to be working, naturally) is because it’s starting to get light, I do dread just a bit the sunshine at 5 o’clock thing. But at this point, I am used to the chaos, so bring it on, I guess.

  5. My daughter fights sleep still at nearly 4 years and as we’re in a development with strong lighting we have serious black out blinds and curtains. It’s a struggle to get her to sleep still before 2AM.And in afternoon pre-school so the time change last Sunday made no difference at all.
    like @Rbelle chaos all the way. And we can’t see sunshine through our war-style blackout .

  6. Becky, I feel you. We ALREADY have a 4:30 riser, so now we will wake up at the fun, fun hour of 3:30 AM.Kill me.

  7. I hate every single thing about winter. Getting up in the dark, driving home in the dark, being cold, running in the cold, cold feet, snow, ice, wind, beef stew. OK, I don’t hate beef stew, but I would rather have a caprese salad. I dread winter more each year.I know that has only marginally to do with the time change. But yeah, I hate that too.

  8. @BeckySomehow the vision of that sarcastic clap has become imprinted in my head. Do you perchance resemble

  9. So weird–I recall hating the time change a few years ago when my kids were younger, but now that they’re 3 and 6-almost-7, I’m really looking forward to it. It seems as if bedtime sneaked later and later over the summer, and my husband and I lost any time in the evening together without kids. But with the end of daylight savings time, we can now reasonably and realistically enforce an 8:00 lights out policy (since what was once 9:00 will now be 8:00).I don’t even care about early morning wake-up. I may change my tune on this in a few weeks, but right now, it’s all about the evening downtime. I don’t know when the last time was that my husband and I watched a REAL movie on DVD together. We have given up saving TV shows on DVR to watch later, since we’re so hopelessly behind. I have barely been able to finish reading my one book group book every month. I am starved for conversations with my husband that are not punctuated by children’s questions, observations, and various other ploys to gain attention.

  10. I’ve decided to do nothing to prepare and just take it as it comes. Which I’m pretty sure is going to involve a 15 month old crawling all over me at 4:30 a.m.Ahh at least there’s a benefit of him ending up in our bed by 1:30 every night – I don’t have to actually get out of bed when he wakes up in the morning.

  11. It’s been a rocky month in the sleep department. When its not self-inflicted mama insomnia its perky demanding almost 4yo getting up in the middle of the night. Soooo not looking forward to adding this to the mix. *eatsmorehalloweencandy*

  12. We changed last weekend, and only when I read this did I realize why she’s been waking me up at 5:15 every morning. This morning was after 6, so it’s getting better (or back to normal. Better would be after 6:30, but she has never needed as much sleep as her peers).Good luck to those of you going through it this weekend!

  13. RBelle, I am laughing at your comment but also feeling your pain. Our normally brilliant sleeper has been waking at night again more nights than not. We have tried earlier bedtime, later bedtime, lots of exercise, etc etc. And it seems totally random.Sigh.

  14. Wow am I the only one who can’t wait? I hate extended DST with a passion, and the natural time is much more suited to me and my family, as all of us run late and getting out of bed in the dark is a trial. Plus we get an extra hour on Sunday morning so we can snooze until what used to be 10 but is now 9 so it’s pseudo respectable. And what with halloween parties, halloween recitals, halloween itself, and day of the dead parties, we all could use that hour, even the low-sleep-need 7-year-old. (Yes I am opposite girl.)

  15. My 3 year old is going thru 3 Year Old Hell, and has been wonky on sleep for a while. So the stupid time change isn’t going to mess something that’s already FUBAR’d, right?I’m not looking forward to the super early mornings, but I AM looking forward to starting bedtime routine at 7:30 and him finally conking out at 9 or 9:30, instead of 10 effing 30 some nights. I’m with Heidi above.
    Just in case anyone cares: my 3 year old was a brilliant, brilliant sleeper from 6 months until about 35 months. Then it all went to shit. We tried all the tricks and strategies to no avail. I read the 3 year old post on Moxie here and felt much better. I just keep repeating “It’s a phase it’s a phase it’s a phase.” And then I double check my birth control because I feel like we’re back in newborn land sometimes and I can’t even handle the thought of that.

  16. My plan is to revel in the gloriousness that is Fall Back. With a naturally nocturnal child (“I get my best ideas at bedtime!”), have her internal clock be earlier than the real one means a) easier bedtime and b) less chance of being late to school because she couldn’t get out of bed before 7:45. Yay!

  17. We recently pushed my soon-to-be-3yo’s bedtime from 7:30pm to 8:00pm in an effort to push his wake up time from the 5 o’clock to 6 o’clock hour. He doesn’t actually fall asleep until closer to 9pm but the effort seems to have worked too well. He’s now routinely getting up past 7 o’clock and throwing the rest of the morning’s routine off. (Such a rush to get him to pre-school and then to work at a reasonable hour.) I am happy to have DST back so our mornings won’t be so trying.

  18. I remember how much I used to LOVE setting the clocks back. And then, at some point when the Boy had arrived and was very small, it hit me: OMG, I’ve been ROBBED! Sigh.Fortunately, as the Boy gets older, he’s a little more amenable to amusing himself for a while. And he’s actually not feeling well this weekend, so it wasn’t hard to convince him to curl up and sleep a little more. THIS time….
    I was explaining this to some coworkers who don’t have kids, and they were equally boggled by the injustice of it all. πŸ˜‰

  19. 3:30-4:00 wake up time for my younger son (1.5) and me this morning. I moved his nap and bedtime later yesterday and Friday. But guess his body can’t be fooled. I know he needs more sleep after he wakes up ssooooo early, but just haven’t been able to get him back to bed for the past month or so.Older son (3.75) went camping with my husband last night. They didn’t have clocks. Older son slept in til almost 8 AM “new” time. Maybe he’ll transition more easily. don’t want to jinx things, but his sleep has been pretty darn good lately.

  20. @Charisse, I’m with you…hate the extended DST. It just doesn’t seem…right. Probably just because I’ve got it imprinted in my brain that fall back is in October, not November.And I feel for all of you who have early risers/crappy sleepers. We were so there for the first 2 years of DS’ life. I absolutely HATED the time changes. It was hard enough making sense of his sleeping (or more accurately, lack there of) and that extra complication was more than frustrating.
    Now at 3.5, I don’t really plan anything in particular. This year DS happened to stay up later both Friday and Saturday night as we had guests for dinner. He woke up at 4:30 this AM (5:30 the old time…the usual). But overall, I think it worked out well as tonight he made it to his usual bedtime hour without too much trouble. Nap schedule today was totally screwed up, mostly because I forgot that it was an hour ‘later’ than what he was used to for nap time. DS has an insane internal clock (he knows when I’m 5 minutes late to pick him up at daycare) so it’ll probably be a few days of rock’n’roll nap times, but I don’t anticipate too much trouble.

  21. OK, the morning wakeups haven’t been as bad as I thought. It’s the kid wanting to go to bed at 6 p.m. that’s been difficult! He normally sleeps from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. (give or take a little). My plan for “spring ahead” is to just change his bedtime to 8 p.m. until the next fall back, so he’s never having to change his bedtime due to DSL. Is this possible?

  22. Ditto @themilliner. It’s almost a non-issue now that’s DS is four and basically sleeping through the night. But I so remember when sleep was just a crazy hit or miss event, no matter when the sun rose we were always up before it and the time change was just one more added insult to injury.

  23. I’m so grateful for this site. Every time my son is acting crazy, crying when I leave the room, waking up every hour ALL NIGHT LONG, crying in his sleep, naps gone to shit at daycare, etc. I go on here and feel better. Please all write more about your experiences with babies/infants/toddlers who don’t sleep through the night so I know there’s nothing wrong with us/my kidIf I hear one more person telling me that if we cosleep he’ll be sleeping in our bed til he’s 8 I’M GOING TO LOSE MY effin MIND.
    P.S. I agree with PP’s about the lack of routine thing being a bonus regarding the time change. I was stoked to “sleep in” this morning and the boy did too.

  24. Hey, so my plan did not work all that well, and things turned to crap by bedtime, and then I came and read Moxie’s post for today.That made it all funny.

  25. Vacationland Mom– You cracked me up. I have a son who used to routinely get up three or four times a night and automatically get in bed between us. Luckily we have a king size bed. I used to take him back to bed if I was awake, or if he woke me, but at some point he learned to lie still and just sleep, and then I left him in the bed to sleep with us. Whatever gets everyone the most sleep is my theory. Now as he gets older, the nightmares are lessening (he is 6) and I am missing having him in the bed. He is such a snuggly sweet kid.

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  27. I’ve come to believe that my daughter will sleep until she hears someone else moving around, so her wake up time is generally based on when she hears one of us gets up – so the change really hasn’t seemed to affect her. (I take no credit for this and was ready for her sleep to go to crap with the change, so I am also grateful!)As it turns out though, I’m waking up an hour earlier per the clock, and I’m not any happier about it than if she was the one waking me up!

  28. 4:45 am every day this week…sigh. And, it took over a month for our guy to switch to central time when we moved in June (it was an hour change).

  29. Here it is December, and my 17 month old still has not recovered from the time change. She’s been waking at 4:15 am religiously….Will we have to suffer this way until March? Anyway tips on how to get her to sleep later?

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