Is the sickness early this year?

Whose kids have already gotten sick from school or daycare this year?

Who's already gotten sick themselves this year?

(I raise my hands to both questions.)

Is it just me, or does it seem like the colds and stomach flu have been passed around earlier this year. Both of my kids were sick by the second week of school, and I'm sick now after a work trip last week.

Is it possible that the germs are jsut on a different cycle this year? Or are all our immune systems weaker? Or is there something else going on? Or am I just imagining it?

Do we have any teachers or epidemiologists in the house who can give us some perspective?

81 thoughts on “Is the sickness early this year?”

  1. But Jan, it’s not just me. Everyone on Facebook and blogs and all over is complaining about their kids already having been puking sick this year. It feels like it’s all over.

  2. Maybe it’s due to the exceptionally wet summer and fall we’ve had (at least in the northeast). More of a breeding ground for germs?So far, we’re just battling minor colds here. Knock on wood. New school for us, too.

  3. My kid got sick exceptionally early last year and the year before, so I’m thrilled that he’s not this year (and I’m about ready to kill a rabbit just to rub its foot… is that weird?).I, OTOH, feel disgusting. Better me than him.

  4. I’ve been sick. Little has been sick. Hospital where I work is all about GI right now. Now where is the sanatizer?

  5. We’re having the weirdest weather here in London. A heatwave in October. Yes, it’s all t-shirts and ice cream and going to the seaside but strange nevertheless. Followed a cold wet summer. They were selling baked potatoes in the park in August and now ices. Won’t last of course.The heat does seem to have stopped the stomach flu half the pre-schoolers staff and parents got and the horrid heavy cold for the other half of pre-schoolers, staff and parents came down with in their tracks.
    But yes, by the second week of terms the epidemics were underway and very nasty too on the upper respiratory side. Lots got bronchitis and similar complications.
    Whether we got that early or this will be a bumper year for bugs. Actually the weird dry spring and wet summer have produced lots of interesting insects here. Pretty beetles etc. A bumper year for bugs in that sense.

  6. we’ve had an unseasonably warm fall so far, which i think is allowing the bugs to stay alive (instead of getting frosted/frozen) and we also had a wicked bad pollen year, so perhaps some immune functions are tired out/depleted? what are some good immune builders? (other than vit c and sleep. we all know we need more sleep!) btw, i’m in canada, but i think our year’s been similar to the midwest’s so far 🙂

  7. Our son was sick pretty much all of September (cold, croup, stomach bug). I also have been sick.It does seem to be going around work too, so it’s not just a daycare/school thing. Hopefully it just means we’ll all be done being sick earlier?

  8. Damnit, if I tell you that we haven’t been sick yet, the kids will all be incapacitated with fevers and sore throats before Wednesday. I know there are germs going around the kids’ school but I don’t feel as if it’s any earlier this year than in the past. Allergy season has been a lot harder on people in our section of the southeast — maybe the blow to our immune systems from wonky pollen counts is making people more vulnerable to colds?There’s also the possibility that your current “new-place” cold/fever vulnerability is making you more aware of the various Facebook updates etc. The human capacity to filter information selectively but entirely unconsciously is a pretty well-documented habit of ours.

  9. Yes. Mostly just suffering from sinus stuff here which could be due to the insanely damp weather. (I have never seen an autumn like this one and I am on the downhill side of 40.) BUT I have one child with a mystery illness which seems to be lingering, so even though he seems to be on the upswing from whatever virus (?) he had, I should call a doctor today. Also, another child had very briefly, what appeared to be a bullseye rash on his leg. It was gone the next day but we did take pictures. Called the doctor on that one but they were so busy and still haven’t called back (that was Friday). Has anyone had experience with a bite with a bullseye appeatance that turned out to be something other than tick-borne Lyme disease? Spider bite, maybe?

  10. Yes. Yes. Yes. Two weeks into nursery school and my little guy came home with a run-of-the-mill cold that morphed into something wicked, which of course he managed to pass on to both me and his three-month-old brother. (Naturally my husband escaped unscathed.) His teacher also said she thought the cold season was starting early. This reminds me, Moxie, have you ever posted something about sickness and school etiquette? I searched and searched but didn’t find anything. I ask because I was assured by my doctor that my son was no longer contagious and fine to return to school, however, I received the look of death from fellow parents when he still had that lingering cough. I felt obligated to tell everyone within earshot that he had been to the doctor. Not a good feeling.

  11. Yep, my 4 year-old was back in preschool just 2 days before she got a cold, and of course passed it quickly to her little brother. I got their flu shots early this year… Fingers crossed!

  12. Yes for us too. 2 weeks into his new preschool and my son was sick. Then I got it and then my husband. Same for all my friends with kids.Once we got better, we all got the flu shot. I may imagine things, but I think it makes us get sick less. 🙂

  13. Doesn’t it seem September is when the kids catch everything their schoolmates might have picked up over the summer?Data point for the warm fall theory – Last year we had a incredibly long and warm fall – right into November. Then – SNAP – it abruptly became a very cold winter. And last winter was just awful for bugs. Every kid we know was sick over and over again. I’m praying things will be better this year.

  14. Week Two for my kids. But our week two was still before Labor Day. I’d guess it has more to do with the beginning of school than anything else. We’re still having summer weather and it is anything BUT rainy and damp here in Atlanta.

  15. Yeah, I work in child welfare and I think at least one member of each of the many families I work with has been sick in past month and I have as well. I actually feel another cold coming on and I was just starting to feel better from the last one.

  16. I will say nothing lest croup and the pukes descend upon my home along with a plague of snotty tissue-bearing locusts.My 2-year old Bobo has the sniffles and a dry cough. Personally, I am thrilled because it means he’s reacting in an appropriate and normal immune response fashion (and not letting whatever bug he has lie dormant until he winds up in the hospital or something). It’s the small victories. He’s not in day care or preschool and no one else in the family has been sick so it’s just one of those things he picked up in public (to which I say YAY since he’s not on house arrest quarantine this year).
    I have been sick since August 3rd, but I don’t think morning sickness counts in this game. If I got an actual illness on top of this, I might just have to give up.

  17. Just to weigh in, no sicknesses here in Denmark that I’ve noticed, and we’ve had the same weather as England. Wet and chilly summer, and then heat wave.Knocking on wood.

  18. We’re there – two weeks into preschool and ds had a wicked, wicked cold which he kindly passed to me. We’re now on to cold no. 2 but it seems to be milder than the first one. I thought it was way too early to be catching these kind of bugs…and we’re in Western Canada.

  19. I was wondering that too when dd came down with a cold the week before last and readily passed it on to dh and I. Fortunatley it didin’t turn nasty and the warm weather we have been having probably has nipped the cold season in the bud, at least for a while. It will probably come on with avengence when temps get back to normal.Thinking back to last year to when dd started nursery school for the first time, the moment those small germ factories (ie. children) congregated, sniffles and runny noses became the norm. Over the summer, my kids and us adults had little contact with other children and so little chance of contagion. Of course the warm weather helps, but you are never totally immune to stomach bugs or colds even in the summer time.

  20. I happen to be a communicable disease epidemiologist in a western state, and while we have no surveillance data documenting what is circulating, there is plenty of anecdotal data that there’s just a lot of respriatory crud and/or viral GI crud in schools, child care centers, work places, etc this past month. These viruses tend to morph from year-to-year so your immune system doesn’t recognize it and you’re vulnerable.But, I’ll take this opportunity to note that we are officially in influenza season, and the influenza vaccine this year appears to be a pretty good match to circulating strains.
    On a personal level, my toddler, myself, grandma #1, granma #2, grandpa, and great-grandma all came down with the respiratory crud…seemed to take all of us 2 weeks to shake it.

  21. It seems to be an international phenomenon this year. We live in Denmark. My little boy just started daycare on September 1. He’s already been sick twice and passed it on to me both times.

  22. Funny, this post came up just as I was asking myself the same question. My 5 year old daughter (who almost never gets sick and if she does usually better within a day or so) has now run a fever since Friday. Starting at almost 103 and getting better with a few 10s everyday, but still up to 101 today and a nasty cough. I guess with the improving tendency it is not so much to worry about but this is the longest she has been sick in her entire life. We normally joke that germs don’t even dare to come near her. So I was really wondering if the flu season starts early this year, but could not find any indication of that for where we live (Netherlands). Anyway hope all of you who are sick get better soon!

  23. Jersey here – 3 weeks into school and my son’s preschool class has already suffered through one major cold (which we all got – hooray!) and the stomach flu (which we did not get – hooray!). Today at pickup we were informed that now lice is making the rounds. Oh the fun!

  24. My kids always catch something in the first few weeks of school. I notice it every September. So far it’s just been a mild cold virus passing through. As kids get older they seem to catch fewer colds and it bothers them less (mine are now 9,7,4).I never got sick when I was nursing, and since then, I seem to fight things off well. My colds usually pass through in 4 or 5 days. I will touch wood over “the pukes” though. We haven’t had it for a couple of years. Touching wood right now. Touching again for good measure.

  25. My older caught a nasty cough last week – feverish a couple of nights, one night the coughing was quite bad, then the next day he was totally fine. LO just got a nasty GI bug of some kind (possibly rotavirus?); poor little guy has been so sad and listless, and now DH and I have upset tummies. But it’s hard to tell if it’s a virus or just all the vile toddler puke. I have to say the grossest thing for me about parenting is the vomit. I know that one day my kids will be old enough to throw up in the toilet. I can’t wait.

  26. Hmmm…I live in NW Ohio. My kids have been back in school for 6 weeks now, and my 3 year old just got the first cold of the season…that’s it. I did, however, forbid them to get anything like sick, as my husband started a new job and we don’t have insurance for another month…I probably just jinxed us all, didn’t I?:(

  27. This is the 3rd year in a row that the first wave of colds/flu/crud has come through our house in the first 2-3 weeks of school. So while it’s not different for OUR family, I do feel like a LOT more friends and classmates have already been really sick this flu season than in years past. We got our butts kicked all flu season long last year, so I am REALLY hoping we do better this year.

  28. @Belle, Hi! I’m in Denmark, too. Wouldn’t mind finding out where you are, if you want. My email is czilla007 AT hotmail dot com. I’m in western Jutland.

  29. Yep. I’m sick. Mild cold so far, son who started K this year is fine, but little one now has it too. I think he or I picked it up somewhere. Hoping we’re the only ones who get sick. And you know what’s super-fun? Getting a migraine when you’re sick and then puking up your yummy healthy dinner plus all the water you’ve been dutifully drinking to stay hydrated. Sigh. Thanks, just had to vent.

  30. (*knocking wood VERY LOUDLY*) We’re not sick here (yet), but I have noticed a rather alarming and early crop of flu (the real flu, not stomach bugs) among my grownup friends. I’ve been washing my hands like crazy!

  31. Both of my kids have already had colds and/or cold-like symptoms. Luckily nothing to keep them home from school, but we’ve been through a lot of tissues and reminders about covering the coughs. Ugh.

  32. My husband is the only one who has escaped so far. One cold, one gastro and one cold + asthma (me). I couldn’t believe that we’d only been in school 3 weeks and it’s started all ready.

  33. Amazing. Read this yesterday and thought, “Aha, so far, we’re in the clear.” Last night, up at 3:15 with a first grader who suddenly developed a fever and horked all over his pajamas, bedding, and the floor leading from bedroom to bathroom. When I called school to re-schedule his IEP meeting for this morning, I was told that they were about to call ME to re-schedule, since the counselor and one other member of the team were also out sick. So yes, it’s going around. Here, it seems to be a respiratory virus, though I’m told by friends on the other side of town that there’s a stomach thing in their kids’ school.

  34. @SarcastiCarrie–congratulations & feel better!And one hand up here. Third day of school my oldest was in the bathroom puking 6 times between 6am and 8am. It was short, for which I am grateful. And the wave seems to be over here. But it moved through with a fury for sure.

  35. I got strep throat this year–I’ve never had it before and it was…so bad. We’ve had the flu and the puke bug and pharyngitis (in addition to the Strep) so far this year, and it does seem a little early to me.Since I started a new contract at work and my new insurance doesn’t kick in for a month, I’m praying that we have seen the last of the bad stuff until at least November 1st.

  36. Still warm, not as warm and a new bout of both viruses has broken out at school and in our development. Not remotely interesting. Just wanted to say congratulations to @ Sarcasticarrie and commiserations on the ” morning” sickness.

  37. Congratulations, SarcastiCarrie!As for my household, we have all (and some of us are still battling) colds with a lot of sinus and lung mucus and lots of coughing. I may have been the person who introduced it into the house (oops).

  38. Sick here too. I have a nasty head cold, cough and ear infection. I just stopped puking daily from morning sickness last week and now this. Hooray for small miracles, I suppose. But boo for hacking coughs and feeling miserable again. Luckily, my husband escaped and my toddler has what seems to be a run of the mill cold. I guess what they say about a supressed immune system when you’re pregnant is true. Can’t wait to get my flu shot as soon as I’m better.

  39. DS, 3, had croup in September. I chalked it up to new germs at the new daycare. Croup seems to be his weakness. This is the 3rd time he’s had it. Otherwise, knock on wood, the adults in our house have been OK.Since the meningitis episode in late July we’ve been extra careful with hand washing, changing hand towels frequently and not kissing, etc. when one of us is sick. Presumably this is helping. And, DS & I will get the flu shot. DH (who needs it the most), can’t get it as he has a serious reaction to it.
    Oh, and our daycare newsletter said that apparently this is the time of year for lice. So far, the daycare is lice free this year, but it was recommended to be on the lookout.

  40. I’m a preschool teacher, and it absolutely started early this year. We’ve had only 2 days with perfect attendance all year! They are passing around both wicked colds (often leading to bronchitis) as well as something with some nasty flu-like symptoms. Every teacher has even come down with something already, so it’s an especially bad year here in the midwest!

  41. Sick here, too, but boys just continuing on in same daycare they’ve been in all summer. I don’t get it. I don’t like it.

  42. We switched from an infant room to a toddler room at the same daycare and were immediately hit with a series of 2-3 colds. Then we went to visit family and caught a cold from my dad. I assumed it was just a new germ pool, but it does seem pretty tough this year already.

  43. I live in near to Moxie’s new hometown of Ann Arbor, and my son (2.5 y.o.) had the stomach bug for 8 days, starting Sept. 23–VERY EARLY in the season! My husband is now on day 6 and I am on day 3. No fever or vomiting, so we haven’t missed daycare or work, but we’ve all been exhausted and watching out for dehydration. I’m relieved to hear that others are noticing things earlier, too. I teach at a school in Ann Arbor and we’ve had a handful of kids out from respiratory stuff, but I think I’m the first to come down with the stomach thing. Feel better, everyone…

  44. I have two words for you regarding my 6 year old: Mycoplasma Pneumonia. We’re into our second week of missed school and work, since we don’t have childcare AT ALL when she’s sick. It’s killing us.I’m in Japan and our area seems to be having an epidemic, or so they said at the hospital. 7 of the 36 kids at her grade level have had it and many have been hospitalized. Scary because it’s semi-resistent to meds.
    The good news is we seem to be past the worst, but of course I’m terrified it’s going to be my husband or myself next. Sheesh.

  45. Our first grader already caught a cold that turned into a laryngitis that ended up making us ramp up the asthma meds (Qvar morning and evening instead of morning only). He does get sick every year but this is early (he is in daycare since age 1).

  46. Between allergies and round 1 of stomach virus… yeah it’s hit early.. usually it’s around the holidays.. but seems early… we’re not in day care here, but we go to a few programs with the little one where she spends a few hours with other little ones, and my 6 year old is in 1st grade, so I’m sure either they or my husband is bringing it all back home… fun times especially when both adults are sick.. but luckily we are all feeling better.

  47. Everyone is bronchially ill in these parts — we are on the recovering end of an unpleasant lung-congested snotfest of misery. Usually those are more of a November thing here, but apparently not this year.

  48. Aaagh, I was going to be all “sick? nope. nothing here since August.”And then BabyT had a wretched last night and woke up with a crazy runny nose and just miserable in general. Plus the croup warning sign on her class at daycare. So far, fingers crossed, she doesn’t have a cough.
    Ick. I shouldn’t have even thought about my response to this post. Clearly I was tempting fate…

  49. As an epidemiologist, I say, probably just confirmation bias, there are enough small children sick at any given time that it always looks like an epidemic if you pay attention.As a mom, I say, Jesus Christ, what is going on? Little 2 was out for a week, then husband for a week, then little 1 for a few days. Doctor said just a bad flu, but I seriously wonder if it’s influenza.

  50. We have two kids 3.5 and 10 months and have NEVER seen sickness like this year! We are in Australia and during the winter we all had flu followed by chest infections all round, then a viral gastro thing (oh, THAT was fun) and now we all have head colds. This was the first time my 3.5 year old has ever been sick – makes me wonder what is going on.

  51. I don’t know. We got the typical cold after one week of being back in school/preschool, but it wasn’t all that bad. Honestly, aren’t most kids kind of drippy from October to May, or is that just in my house?I’m a little disturbed by what some people are saying on here, about viruses getting more “potent” or whatever. Be sure to back these comments up with some kind of data, or you’re just going to freak people out unnecessarily. I like being able to commiserate here about kids and life, but I don’t know if the anecdotal “evidence” about illnesses really means anything, and it is tiptoeing ever so slightly toward fear-mongering. Just my two cents.
    Stay well, people! 🙂

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