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David asked me for my advice about diaper rash. And I realized I genuinely haven't given diaper rash more than a passing thought in a few years. Which should give hope to those of you with kids still in diapers–it does eventually end and fade away completely.

But back to diaper rash. From my experience, there were a couple different kinds. One was the red prickly-looking rash that resulted from being too moist. The easiest treatment for that is to change diapers more frequently or give your baby some bare butt time if you can. (If it's warm enough, you can buy a waterproof pad and let your baby just hang out on the pad with no diaper on for as long as you want.) Diaper cream is also helpful and soothing, but I am so not up on the latest and best. (Back when I was diapering the debate was between Desitin, Boudreau's Butt Paste, Burt's Bees, and Aquaphor.) If there have been any advances in diaper cream, please post them in the comments.

The other kind is the rash that comes from the super-acidic poop and pee some kids get when they're teething or sick. Some kids get "drool stool," that has drool in the actual poop, and it's very acidic and smells horrible. It can also cause a fungal infection on the butt. It's very painful, and doesn't look like red prickly rash. Instead it's flat, weepy-looking sores. The treatment for this is antifungal cream that you can get over-the-counter at the pharmacy. It has the same ingredients as athlete's foot or jock itch cream. Apply the cream and try to let your baby's butt air out (easier said than done when your baby's got drool stool) and it should be better in a few days.

Anyone else have any other kind of diaper rash? My kids teethed hard and were plagued with the fungal rash during bad teething periods. Any treatments I didn't mention?

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  1. Well, it’s a bit of a distant memory, but in baby girls it’s not just the butt you have to worry about. The worst one I remember was a yeast rash, but it looked nothing like a grown woman’s yeast infection. Instead it was two absolutely livid red stripes along the outer labia, and a very very very upset little one – peeing in the night would wake her up it was so painful. It was treated with an over-the-counter antifungal, but not just any one – our pedi recommended a specific formula for yeast, and then one of the real thick protective creams applied over that.If your baby has a diaper rash that’s that painful and the usual nekkid time plus frequent changes plus cream isn’t helping, it’s definitely worth a call to the doctor.

  2. I’m with you on diaper rash being somewhat of a vague memory, but I *do* recall one thing that worked on our Munchkin. A regular warm bath with vinegar poured into the water, followed by an air dry.Also worked on my nephew, whose mom had tried everything else without much success.

  3. I’m going to sound like a commercial, but OH WELL! :)My third son had the angriest, most intractable diaper rash I’d ever seen. I actually took him to the doctor over it — and that’s saying something when you’re dealing with your third kid. I tried Burt’s Bees and Boudreaux, I tried Triple Paste and Desitin Creamy (all in addition to keeping his little bottom bare as much as possible).
    Now, I think that of all of these high-tech creams, Triple Paste was probably the best, but frankly, none of them really did the trick.
    What worked? Was good old-fashioned A&D ointment! It’s cheaper, too. You can buy a giant jar of it at Target for not too much $$. I always have it on hand now, and use it exclusively.
    A&D, my friends, A&D.

  4. My daughter had the acidic poop problem a few weeks ago. I had no idea what was wrong with her. She suddenly wouldn’t sit or squat and she walked with a slow waddle. I hadn’t noticed anything with her last diaper change, but when we changed it after she started acting strange, the entire labia area was all red. The Doctor said to let it air out, NOT to use wipes (which can be irritating) but to use wet cloths or dip her in the sink when changing her diaper. You can also give an oatmeal bath and use all the typical diaper creams.When she had a yeast diaper rash, we were told to use Lotrimin and put Calmoseptine on top of it. It’s like Desitin, but our Doctor swears it is a miracle worker. You don’t need a prescription for the Calmoseptine, but you do have to get it from the pharmacist. It’s not available on the shelf.
    I’ve also heard of using Maalox for diaper rash.

  5. We have run into a case where the diaper rash was bacterial. It looked a lot like the regular red-spot diaper rash, but didn’t go away with our usual tricks. The doctor recommended bactrin for it – not triple-antibiotic ointment.We’ve also had trouble with yeast infections with the little girls – agree with above that it affects the “front” of their bottom more than the back.

  6. Frequent baths were key and really seemed to help break the diaper rash cycle. My super sensitive skin kids could not use any of the standard diaper rash creams with zinc oxide in them. They would actually make the rash about 10 times worse. Aquaphor was, however, a miracle cure. We still keep in on hand for dry skin and rashes.Also, unscented baby wipes and unbleached diapers were really important, too. We used 7th Generation. More expensive, I know, but what a huge difference. In addition, I found the diapers worked so much better that we actually used fewer of them, so they were not quite as expensive as the cost along would suggest.
    Amazon has a “subscribe and save” program that I used to buy all our diapers and wipes. You “subscribe” to receive automatic shipments, by the case, as often as you choose, and you get at least 10% off the purchase price plus free shipping. I now use the same service to buy frequently used lunch box items by the case (juice pouches, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.) They show up on my doorstep as often as I need them and I don’t have to do a thing. Love it.

  7. We actually cloth diaper, so petroleum based creams are out. We have found that coconut oil works wonders. When she had a really bad rash that required a trip to the pediatrician, he recommended Neosporin for a week. That helped, but we had to use disposable diapers (or a liner over cloth).

  8. I use a homemade mix of equal parts Ponds cold cream and Maalox for diaper rash on my little fella. It would clear it up in a day or two.

  9. Weleda is better genuinely the best rash cream I have ever tried. It cured rashes that Burts and Bordeaux couldn’t touch.It really helps to dry baby’s diaper area off with a clean dry cloth wipe before putting on a fresh diaper. This and changing quickly will prevent 97% of rashes.

  10. I am in the final stages of diaper rash, and after 8 years of diapers, I thought I had it down. But this week we encountered a new one. Hand/foot/mouth disease, which causes tiny red pimply looking blisters in the throat, hands and feet, also can cause them on the butt! My older kids never had this particularly virus, but it is apparently super-contagious and the mouth blisters are painful. You can have a fever with it, but not always.I didn’t realize what it was at first and confused it with teething. I thought L’s refusal to eat and excessive drool was from a new tooth and not throat blisters and that the weird bumps on his butt were a variation of drool stool. I didn’t realize it was an entirely different animal until the rash popped out on his hands and feet/legs more than 24 hours later. That was, of course, after he spent the entire day spreading his germs to his infant cousin and various older relatives!
    Now, four days later, all of his bumps have cleared up except for a few on his butt. I normally use a/d or aquaphor, butt paste or lotramin depndening on the situation, and while he acts like the butt paste is soothing when applied, I don’t think any of them have worked wonders on clearing up this particular virus/rash.

  11. Triple Paste! Anytime he got a sore bottom triple paste got rid of it very, very quickly. And it didn’t burn going on. I ALWAYS add a tube to whatever shower gift I’m giving to a new mom.

  12. Boy-oh-boy. My son had a diaper rash last summer from some time in August until October. Red, angry skin, broken in places. At times, covering the entire diaper area. Our pediatrician prescribed a higher dose hydrocortizone, but that didn’t help much. And he got the rash every time he cut a tooth.What did help was the following. Layers of Caldesene powder (which has talc and zinc oxide) and extra strength Desitin cream (the kind in the purple tube. On top of the cream, then sprinkle more of the powder.
    Complicated? Yes
    Goopy? Yes
    Did it work? Yes.

  13. My favorite diaper cream BY FAR is Bum Bum Balm by Dimpleskins. It’s all natural (coconut oil and beeswax base), smells beautiful, works better than any other cream I’ve ever tried, is safe for cloth diapers, AND makes your hands feel amazingly soft. I can’t rave about this stuff enough. It’s pricey, but a little goes a long way!

  14. Eczema plus nappy rash gave DD fluid filled blisters that hurt like heck in bouts all during the long 3.5 years in full time nappies.I found that here in the UK Bepanthen worked best both as a preventative used every change and in a thicker coat for the blisters. Also we dried her bum with a gentle hairdryer set on cool first. That got the skin truly dry and then the ointment.
    We’re now at 3 and 3/4 years on one night nappy only. Still with Bepanthen.Don’t have shares in it. It’s made by the same huge firm as Aquaphor which I found worked wonders all over but the Bepanthen was better her behind.

  15. Flander’s ointment (from behind the pharmacy counter or available on amazon). It’s amazing for regular diaper rash. Then we use hydrocortizone for another kind and Lotrimin for the other.I’ve heard raves from people who use corn starch under or over petroleum jelly. Very messy and sticky, but apparently quite economical and useful.

  16. I’ll give a shout out to Earth’s Best diaper cream. Worked really well for us during a acidic-poop-sick-baby phase.I also think that cloth diapers have helped us avoid most rashes. She does wear a disposable at night (7th Generation) and no irritation problems there.

  17. We had a HORRIBLE mystery diaper rash that went on for a couple of weeks. The only thing that helped was time and the trick we found here of giving her frequent baths with a little vinegar. Burts Bees seemed to soothe the pain but not heal the rash.I’m nearly certain she got the rash because she ate a crapload of pineapple at daycare. I knew that too much citrus would do it, but hadn’t thought of pineapple.
    Like @Got It Ma, we used 7th Gen wipes and diapers exclusively through Amazon subscribe and save. The only other diapers we can use without a rash are the Target brand, oddly enough. No huggies/pampers/Costco etc. However the Target wipes are too wet and even the sensitive skin ones give her rashes.
    Lots of trial and error for us so I hope it helps. We also did find out she’s got food allergies leading to mild eczema so her skin is just super-sensitive in general.
    Since we’ve started drastically limiting citrus and pineapple, it hasn’t reappeared (knock on wood).

  18. I’m several years out from having to worry about diaper rashes any more (yay!) But I always made my own diaper cream: equal parts penaten,vaseline and nivea face cream (in the blue tub)….I have never, in my own 3 kids or many. many nieces, nephews, friends and strangers, met a diaper rash that this didn’t clear up almost immediately…teething poop rash included…

  19. Sudocreme is the only thing on this side of the world for nappy (diaper) rash. The best preventative though, as someone mentioned above, is to use a muslin cloth to dry the skin thoroughly after wipes, so that the cream goes onto dry skin. Wiping and then putting the cream onto moist skin only perpetuates the swampy atmosphere, making it harder for the rash to clear up. Also, not sure if it makes any difference, but I’m quite sparing with the cream so that the skin can breath.

  20. I would highly recommend Weleda Calendula cream, it’s worked a treat with my two, but I think the most important thing is time with a bare bottom! doesn’t everyone want that?! I put blankets or towels down on the floor and let them go for it and I think that’s one of the main reasons I haven’t had too much of a problem. Good luck xx

  21. my son had an ileostomy for a year. when he was re-anastimosed, they warned us strongly that he was about to get god’s own diaper rash.and they were right! i went at it with every barrel i could think of – i used fleece strips in his sposies, washed him with wipes i had rinsed the commercial solution off of, dried him with a hair drier on low, used every cream know to womankind, did daily oatmeal baths…and it went away in about 7-10 days.
    that rash is actually what brought me here to moxie. i gleaned all that stuff to do here!

  22. It’s so funny how you can get so many different answers and how everyone has their own go-to favorite remedy :-)We always relied on Target’s brand of A&D for general use, and Target’s brand of the 40% zinc oxide cream for worst-case rashes. We still use both now and then if someone gets sore buns even though we’re well out of diapers. (Heck, I still use the A&D myself if I get a little heat rash between my thighs)

  23. I second the rec for A and D. My daughter got wicked diaper rash all. the. time. *I* cried when I changed her diaper because she was crying so hard. A and D-put it on everytime, even if it doesn’t look bad. You don’t even have to rub it in-just squirt it on. And CVS brand works just as well.

  24. For our cloth diapers, we use California Baby. I like it a lot – it always cleared up the minor rash we had. When we use disposables we use A&D (so as not to “waste” the expensive CA Baby. ;))Thrush is another thing that can cause diaper rash – and it’s not so easy to get rid of.

  25. It’s pretty uncommon but my son had an absolutely horrible rash when he was a newborn. It took every mainstream brand of cream, three pediatricians, and numerous clinic visits before we figured out that it was a dairy protein intolerance. The rash looked like a burn and just would not get better until I quit dairy cold turkey (i was exclusively bf-ing at the time).Wanted to throw this out there if anyone else has a similar problem and is stumped. We seriously tried dozens of creams and nothing helped until we eliminated dairy.

  26. “Magic Butt Cream” – the funniest name, but it’s absolutely true. The first time, the doctor called in a script for it but it was so expensive that I decided to mix my own and it worked just as well. Here’s the approximate recipe; I don’t have exact numbers.1. Zinc oxide cream, as high a percentage as you can find. Desitin makes a 40% version, but I actually prefer the scent most store-brand versions have.
    2. Maalox. The liquid version makes the mixture easier to stir but it’s not as thick when you put it on. The version the doctor prescribed had the liquid and it was runnier than I liked. The tablet version works well but it’s a pain to grind the chewable tablets into a powder. A blender might work, I didn’t try. If I needed it again, I’d probably try a combination of liquid and tablets.
    3. OTC anti-fungal clotrimazole. This is the expensive bit! The tubes are tiny so I used a whole one.
    Here’s what I ended up doing. A regular tube of #1, as much #2 as you can add before it becomes too thin (or too thick if you use the tablets) to use, and a tube of the clotrimazole.
    This is the BEST stuff. It’s soothing because the Maalox reduces the acid level, it treats common yeast rashes, and the zinc oxide protects until the skin is healed.

  27. My daughter had awful diaper rash as a newborn, which then turned out to be food allergies / sensitivities. I gave up dairy, soy and nuts and it went away.We haven’t had any diaper rash since (save for a touch right before a tooth erupts). And I attribute this to cloth diapers. Seriously. Her otherwise sensitive bum is, well, smooth as a baby’s bum.
    Other people I know swear by aveeno Soothing bath treatment to help clear it up.

  28. Another shout-out for Weleda here! We never had a lot of trouble with rashes, but Weleda cleared up everything we have. We cloth-diaper and never had a problem wit the combination.

  29. It’s been a few years for us, too, but here’s what worked very well in our family:1) Frequent diaper changes.
    2) Always using a barrier cream to protect the little kiesters. We used Alba Un-petroleum Jelly.
    3) For red or rashy butts, Burt’s Bees diaper cream. That stuff is magical. It never met a butt rash (in my house, anyway) that it couldn’t cure. And it smells nice! 🙂

  30. I saw someone else recommended Calmoseptine! That is what finally worked for us for my son’s rash from teething. In our area, you can find it at Walgreens. Otherwise we have had pharmacists order it for us. It is not marketed as a diaper rash creme, but our pediatrician swears by it as well. She also recommends this for potty trained girls who still get rashes. My daughter got this on and off for years after potty training, most likely from not wiping well, which I have heard is common from other moms of girls as well.Definitely try Lotriman if a diaper rash will not go away – you will find out almost immediately if it was yeast – the Lotriman works pretty quickly and it should look better by the following diaper change.
    I have also had luck mixing equal parts Desitin, Eucerin, and Maalox. I kept it in a small tupperware and remixed as needed.
    One of my sons had the citrus rash as well. Clementines were in season and he was a big fan! So for a stubborn rash that looks like a burn, definitely look at any recent dietary changes!

  31. Forgot to mention that in our case too avoiding allergens ( dairy, eggs, peanuts and chili peppers) made the rash a teething only thing.Later on FPIES to strawberry , a different kind of food reaction gave the worst rashes too, which cleared up with removal.
    But even so I’ve found that the eczema makes skin very sensitive so prevention is always key. Lots of emollients.

  32. My daughter has frequent ear infections and has been on antibiotics a lot. Toward the end of a course of antibiotics she will begin to get a bad diaper rash. Originally I was just putting A&D ointment on it, thinking it was plain ol’ diaper rash. When it kept getting worse after several days I did some research and realized it was probably YEAST! Yep, my baby gets yeast infections. These aren’t like an adult woman’s yeast infections, they tend to be on the surface of the skin rather than internal. Anyway, I tried over the counter anti-fungal creams as recommended by a pharmacist and it still didn’t get better. Eventually the internets revealed a solution: YOGURT.Plain yogurt (full fat, no fat, whatever, just no added flavors or sugar) dolopped on her bum when I changed a diaper and that rash cleared up in 2 days. Now when she is on antibiotics I keep my eye on it and apply yogurt at the first sign of a rash. It will disappear overnight if you catch it early.
    Try it! I swear it works!

  33. An ointment we used for diaper rash and e-v-e-r-t-h-i-n-g else in childhood is called Calendula.Yes, the stuff is in a HPUS in a base of Petrolatum USP with 5% Lanolin USP. But since my homeopath recommended it 30 years ago, I haven’t heard anything but great reports about it. They even sold it at Whole Foods until Hyland’s stopped distributing retail.
    Here’s the story about why I use it. My homeopath went hiking with his son and his son fell in a gravel parking lot. The abrasion was really bad and had gravel deeply embedded in the wound. Dad, the homeopath, spread a thick layer of calendula on top of the wound and put a gauze pad on it. The next morning the gravel had risen to the top and was able to brushed off.
    It’s called Hyland’s Calendula Off 1x.
    Homeopathic Ointment For the temporary symptomatic relief of skin irritations due to sunburn, windburn and chafing or diaper rash. Promotes healing of minor cuts and abrasions of the skin.
    Ingredients: A 10% extract of Calendula flowers (Marigold), HPUS in a base of Petrolatum USP with 5% Lanolin USP.
    You can get it at Vitacost .com

  34. Coconut oil, with lanolin added for eczema rashes that need more of a barrier to moisture. Eucerin works pretty well, too, but it has petrolatum in it. We also use cloth diapers, and it’s much easier to prevent rashes by just using a breathable wool or poly fleece cover.

  35. Just a thought about anti-fungals for thrush nappy rashes – if you can, buy the stuff designed for women to use internally. It is designed to not burn those delicate mucuous membranes of the vagina, and so will be mild on your baby’s tender bottom.We used normal anti-fungal cream, and the poor baby went through the roof. While it did fix the nappy rash, it stings to buggery when it goes on their skin.
    For normal nappy rash, the go to creams in Australia are sudocreme (nice and thick), amolin (can use it for all kinds of things) and my favourite is Benpathen.

  36. My first son had a chronic issue with yeast. We tried all the normal creams and anti-fungals, but none of them worked long term. I finally ended up making a solution of water and Grapefruit Seed Extract (only 3-5 drops of GSE per 4oz of water) and kept it in a spray bottle on our changing table. He got a spritz with every change and we never had a problem after that.

  37. Not sure if anyone might have further information to correct me, but a couple of years ago I read research that determined that diaper rash was caused solely by the poopy diapers, not the wet ones. So, assuming your baby’s bum is really clean (frequent baths, or bum baths at least), a wet diaper won’t cause diaper rash (and if you are cloth diapering the diapers have to be really, really clean, too, with no build up or residues or whatever). However, the poopy ones need to be changed ASAP (of course).Also, for the first few months of life, we always used cotton balls and water for cleaning…no wipes.
    I’m sure it’s partly luck and genetics, but my babies never had any diaper rash.

  38. For regular diaper rashes that aren’t fungal in nature, I have often used teabags. Steep regular black (tetley or similar) teabags in hot water, don’t squeeze, then allow to cool to room temperature. When you change the child’s diaper, place teabags over the rash area and put the diaper on. It soothed the rash, you didn’t have to rub anything on it, and it cleared it up quickly.To note, I tried to use decaf teabags, not knowing if the caffeine would somehow get into their bloodstream. I often just made a bunch at one time and put them in a ziploc bag in the fridge. The coolness further helped to soothe the sore bottom. Finally, I would either use the round, stringless teabags, or just remove the string if they had one. I didn’t bother to remove the staple because I didn’t want loose tea all over the place.

  39. As a note on the frequent bathing- if your kid has sensitive skin/is prone to eczema/very dry/etc. I suggest you use the Aquaphor wash (good for hair and body) and limit the time in the tub to 7 minutes max. If you can get away with it, only bathe every other day until they’re really crawling and getting into stuff. Recommended by our pedi during this past winter.One time at daycare it was very hot so they put my lil monkey into the tub to cool off. He had small new eczema patches on his bum, thighs, and back that night- he reacts that quickly to any other type of cleanser (I think they used J&J or something). Literally anytime I tried/try a different cleanser, he develops a (very minor) eczema patch.
    I 3rd re: the Amazon Subscribe & Save program- also if you join Amazon Mom you get an additional 15%- we use the Pampers Swaddlers or Cruisers, and get 30% off!!!

  40. Okayto add another idea. our little girl had horrendous diaper rash about 3 weeks post partum. in addition to diaper creams (we vary between desitin, burt’s and unpetroleum), she recommended wash/rinsing after every diaper and even blow drying. So we set up a station at a sink and use that for changing. 11 months later, we’re still rinsing (and washing after poopsies) and using wash cloths to dry. She does still get a rash, but they rarely stay for more than a day or two. Time consuming, but it works, especially for wee ones.

  41. Nth-ing what PPs have said…We use cloth diapers, which is why I think we have had so few rashes. When we do get one (e.g., during teething), and also as a preventative, we use CJ’s BUTTer diaper cream. It’s works great, won’t harm the cloth diapers (no petroleum or zinc), and I like the scents (we’re using “Monkey Farts” right now — i.e., banana scented). We give the day care a Grovia Magic Stick to use (also cloth diaper friendly, and easy to use since it’s a stick). We got the Grovia thru Amazon and the CJ BUTTer through abbyslane.com (free shipping).
    Two of the CJ BUTTer ingredients, coconut oil and olive oil, also work great on their own. We got rid of one rash in a day using just olive oil. Coconut oil prevents and treats yeast rashes.
    We also use cloth wipes, so we make our own wipe solution. It’s mostly distilled water, a few tablespoons of witch hazel, a teaspoon of Dr. Bronner’s castille soap, and 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract. As a PP noted, GSE helps treat and prevent yeast rashes. We just squirt a little of the solution on a baby washcloth and wipe the bum. BTW, I read a study somewhere that said to use GFE with distilled water, not tap, for it work best.

  42. My experience was the same with Allison (both my kids have sensitive skin – eczema, diaper rashes, staph under the neck, you name it). The best stuff I found for diaper rash was also A&D – we tried all the other brands Moxie had mentioned, but A&D was the best. And cheapest. And you can use it on loads of other stuff.

  43. Dr. Smith’s is my pick. A pediatrician took one look at my son’s rash and said (in his awesome southern drawl) “You need some Dr. Smith’s on that!” and handed me a sample. Wow. In one diaper change his bottom was world’s better.I also second the hair dryer. it really helps to have dry skin before adding diaper cream. Especially with frequent changes. I had my littlest guy at an amusement park once while he was on antibiotics. The antibiotic side-effects cause mondo diaper rash. Since I didn’t have a hair dryer on hand, I held him under the hand dryer. Worked like a charm!

  44. We had a truly terrible, intractable case of fungal diaper rash after a double course of antibiotics. The OTC anti-fungal didn’t touch it. The first prescription anti-fungal knocked it down for a couple of days, but then it came back worse than ever. At the worst point, it covered her entire diaper area and was creeping up her waist. A second anti-fungal, plus frequent diaper changes, plus baking soda soaks at night, plus air drying as often as possible eventually knocked it out. It took about six weeks altogether, and was frankly one of the scariest things that has happened to her.Our normal diaper rash go-to is Lanisoh for minor irritation (it soaks in, and the lanolin seems to promote healing), Boudreaux’s for medium irritation, and Extra Strength Desitin for the really red stuff. Aquaphor never touched any of the rashes, but my sister swears by it. Also, we found that a 10 minute air dry at the first sign of irritation can often stop a rash before it really gets going.

  45. Sudocream and Safeway (we are in Canada) brand diapers for disposies. BumGeniuses for most of the time. But mostly, frequent frequent diaper changes and cloth wipes, using just water or MonkeyDoodle Wipe cubes, superdiluted. No wipes! And no soap in the bath until our little girl was about a year. Calmoseptine for bad days.

  46. Bag balm worked miracles for my little boys … Not necessarily FDA approved, as our ped agreed, but … miracles. My younger had a lot of allergies that led to acidic poops and bag balm was very mild and protective.

  47. We were told by nurses at the hospital that the best thing to do was to keep it from happening in the first place. And the way to do that was to put a little vaseline on the diaper, not the kid. So that became a routine, and between the vaseline and the nightly bath (which their dad LOVED giving them) we had very few diaper rashes compared to what I am reading here. When we did, we did Desitin. Knocked it out. The only problem with it is it doesn’t come off easily and you can wind up with a big mess. But we discovered that mineral oil or more vaseline applied and then wiped off with a baby wipe took care of that.I have since been told by some that I never should have used Vaseline on a baby, but it didn’t seem to cause any harm. And it sure helped the little butts!
    Also, we used 7th Generation and scent free “natural” wipes as well.

  48. Weleda’s Calendula worked for my guy. I tried several, but our Lactation Consultant had us give it a try and we were hooked. I love that’s it doesn’t have petroleum in it also.Other things we always do to prevent diaper rashes are to blot the bum dry with a wash cloth before applying the cream. When it got really bad, a soak in the tub with baking soda helped.
    I always see a rash when we change up wipes. 7th Gen has been the best for us so far.
    Another thing that always caused a diaper rash for my child was exposure to one of his allergens. He was MSPI plus nuts, citrus, avocados, etc. I could always tell if I had accidently eaten something bad if he got the “ring of fire” rash.

  49. For our fungal rashes (and many are) white vinegar in the bath was the thing that really got rid of it, more so than Lotrimin or any other anti-fungal cream. We used the creams also and I’m not arguing against, but our turning point every. single. time. was vinegar in the bath. And if it’s not fungal it can’t hurt.

  50. My old moms’ group used to suggest Aquaphor mixed with Mylanta for diaper rash: the Aquaphor is a great protectant, and the Mylanta helped cut the acid in the pee/poop.For yeasty diaper rashes, the OTC yeast infections creams worked nicely. The irritating thing about yeast (well, one of the irritating things) is that it’s the same thing as thrush in the mouth: your gut is one long tract. So if the babe is having thrush issues on one end, be on the lookout for issues on the other. And take precautions to kill it on stuff the baby comes into contact with, or it will come back. Sunlight helps, if you can expose the tush a little. Wash the baby’s stuff in very hot water, etc. If you’re nursing and the babe has thrush in the mouth, you might need to treat yourself for it (and vice versa) to keep from doing the “I give it to you, and then you give it to me” dance.
    For regular rashes, we had good luck with A&D. Actually, it was pretty good for even nastier ones, unless they really needed the yeast stuff.
    I still keep a tube of Aquaphor around, for split/chapped lips in the winter, chafed skin from running around in wet clothes/skin in the summer, etc.

  51. I hate diaper rash. My first never had it but my 19 month old gets it all the time. I think he became resistant to desitin so we started using neosporin on it. It works really well. I can’t wait until he is potty trained.

  52. I know I’m a little late on this, but with my two the best treatment for diaper rash is no diapers. A little bit of air time always cured everything, quickly. I just leave the diaper off for 10-15 minutes and try as best as I can to keep my diaper-free LO on a blanket. But that really seems to do the trick. We’ve also had problems with yeast and I second every mention of adding an anti-fungal (Lotrimin, Monistat) to the butt cream of your choosing. It will really make a big difference. I also use Udo’s Choice infant probiotic powder to help control the yeast on the inside. It really helped with a constipation problem.

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  54. Having just endured an unexpectedly miserable pediatric appointment, I’m coming back to this post to add that sometimes it isn’t diaper rash. In my daughter’s case, it is type-1 herpes that has decided to manifest in her diaper region. The herp is not going to go away with diaper creams (and they probably irritate it more!). So, if see a diaper rash that looks suspicious, take your kid to the doctor. Although most people, have the type-1 virus in their bloodstream, few get outbreaks. If your kid already has a skin thing (mine has eczema), they are more likely to have recurring outbreaks. Sucks, but that is how it goes. :/ She is on an antiviral med now that is clearing up the rash. And, lest you condemn kids who have this, most people (80% of kindergartners!) have the virus in their bloodstreams and it can be transmitted without obvious sores – if your kid gets it, don’t be hasty to try to lay blame, and try to focus on how to prevent outbreaks.

  55. As weird as it may sound when my son had his usual diaper rash I used pure lanilan cream. (nipple cream) it worked like a charm. By the next diaper change the rash seemed to be pretty much gone!

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