On Sunday the movers came and loaded all my stuff into a big 16-foot truck. Which sounds easier than it was, since I was in a fourth-floor walk-up, and I was still packing while they were there. Fortunately, @jen_talley flew out from Ann Arbor to help me do the truck drive, and she packed my whole kitchen and kept me as calm as possible.

We set out in the truck at about 5 pm, and started driving driving driving. Tried to stop in one town and the hotels were full. Tried to stop in another town and the hotels were full there. Called ahead to the Hampton Inn (fresh bed guarantee) in Clearfield, PA, and reserved a room and holy crap did those beds feel good. Also, the shower.

Finished the rest of the drive to Toledo yesterday, and a friend's teenagers unloaded the truck into a storage unit in Toledo, where my stuff will stay until the end of the month when I close on my house! The sellers accepted my offer. So I signed a bunch of mortgage documents today and we have the inspection tomorrow night and then I know for sure if we're moving in and can put up a blog with photos, because the house is pretty funny-looking right now.

The kids and I are at my parents' until the house closes. For the next few days, the kids' dad is also in my parents' house, which is weird but not awful, so we're all just trying to be nice to each other.

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  1. Congratulations on getting the house! Fingers crossed for a smooth inspection with no major (or even minor) issues!

  2. Oh come on, I only packed part of the kitchen. And tossed a bunch of stuff in the trash. My part was easy! Although I do have mysterious elbow bruises today.I’m so glad you are done with that fourth floor walk-up forever and ever amen. It was all worth it.

  3. Picturing you right now behind the wheel of that there truck with an elbow out the window and a fag in ya mouth- Roseanne Barr like! ( yes, I know you don’t smoke, and you sure as hell don’t look like Rosanne, but that is what this post conjured up for me).So happy for you and your boys. They must think their parents are pretty damn cool!

  4. Great truck driving. And congratulations on the house, I also hope the inspection throws no spanner in the works.Meanwhile I am so full of admiration for you and LOD. I remember many a fraught move with ahem, otherwise happily enough, married people where nobody was all that nice. It’s hugely stressful moving and it’s great you are pulling as a team the whole family…….

  5. thanks for the update! glad you’re in one place for now, and hope all the real estate stuff & everything else goes smoothly.

  6. Congratulations. Isn’t it great to be done!Here’s a funny parent and kid conversation to share.
    My sons helped us unload the truck and put things into storage.
    One son was in charge of unloading the truck with the movers. He went to school to become a sound engineer. Part of the curriculum was a stagehand class. They had him learn how to unload huge trucks.
    The other one “Tetrised” the storage uint. He too went to college, but his mad skills for this job came from playing video games. I wasn’t proud of his video game skills until a few days ago.
    Taller excitedly said, “Mom, see there was a reason I played Tetris so much as a kid, I’m using the negative space in your storage to fit everything in!”
    My response, “Son, the fact that you described this as negative space is attributed more to college than Tetris.”
    I feel so good about their college education now!
    Enjoy your new life Moxie!

  7. Yay, glad you are in the midwest! And congrats on being grownups with your kids’ dad. Apparently we’re not there yet.

  8. Yeah!!! Moving is so exciting! It’s also a huge PITA, but still exciting!Good luck on closing the house. I hope everything goes smoothly.
    @Sharon – I always view packing cars and storage units/room and the like as a puzzle or Tetris game, too. I love the challenge, and I was great at Tetris. It’s a handy skill to have, but even better is using the collegiate vocab!

  9. Good for you Moxie, and for LOD too. Congratulations and I hope the rest of your move and closing goes beautifully.

  10. You and LOD impress the heck outta me. Well done! Also, welcome to the Midwest from a couple states over! That’d be Minnesota. 🙂

  11. Congratulations getting out of New York and your apartment–moving (and especially packing, since I’m a stuff accumulator) is so stressful.

  12. I hope you don’t mind me pointing this out here, but you’ve got a series of pornographic comments (unpleasantly so) on your post ‘Q & A: children of the opposite sex in restrooms’. I was reading back through your archives, and um, I think some serious comment deletion is in order.

  13. Congrats on your move Moxie! Hope the inspection is clean. Must be so nice to have all your stuff moved and your kids with you in AA.I’m always amazed by how you and LOD can do what you do. It gives me hope and strength and also food for thought for my behaviour. I arrived home tonight with my son from three days of camping in the rain to find my ex’s car (his second car) parked smack in the middle of my driveway so I couldn’t park in my own driveway! With a wagon packed to the rafters of wet gear, a sleeping child in the back and a dog – all to unload – I was savage and immediately fired off a series of trite emails (after trying all his phone numbers). Said he parked it there to make it look like someone was there for my security. Didn’t move it until 3 hours after I was home. Arrgghhh! When will he leave me in peace?

  14. Yay! Hope the inspection went swimmingly. And ditto to what @Wilhelmina said.@Sharon & @caramama, I love doing real-life Tetris for things like packing the car for a trip , but I don’t really like the actual Tetris game or the real-life version for things like making space in the fridge.

  15. If I was a superhero, my super power would be to load dishes in the dishwasher in a space maximizing way. I love to Tetris the dishwasher (I also hate washing dishes by hand, coincidence?).

  16. huzzah for a move from a place you’ve been wanting to leave for a loooong time!! So proud of you, M!! xo from Atlanta….

  17. My superpower is packing things into cars, closets and other small spaces. It’s amazing when I have to take everything out how much I’ve packed in! My skill was learned at my mother’s knee.Just yesterday I packed three kids (3, 5, 7), a dog, camping gear, luggage and misc other items from my parent’s house into the Prius and drove from OR to CA. Woo Hoo! So much is spread out in the living room right now.
    Best of luck. Moving is icky. I hope the house inspection goes well and you are in your forever house very soon.

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  22. Welcome to AA Moxie! My moms group has been following your blog and we really enjoy it. Stop by sometime if you want to meet some west side AA moms. We’d be honored to welcome you to our little city. (although our babies are all under 2 so not similar ages to your sons.)

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  28. On Sunday the movers came and loaded all my stuff into a big 16-foot truck. Which sounds easier than it was, since I was in a fourth-floor walk-up, and I was still packing while they were there.

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