Q&A: Hungry while breastfeeding

New mom A writes:

"I get so hungry while I'm breastfeeding my baby. Is this normal? Am I ever going to lose the pregnancy weight?"

Yes, A, it's totally normal. I can still remember how ravenous I was when nursing a newborn, both times. For me it seemed to even out after a few months, but think about it: You're producing enough milk to grow another human being. Your body is working hard. It completely makes sense that you need extra calories.

One thing to be aware of, though, is that sugar cravings can be masking your real needs. According to a lactation consultant who ran the new mom's group I went to nine years ago, sometimes a sugar craving is actually a sign of dehydration or lack of protein. So if you're craving sugar, drink a glass of water. If you're still craving sugar ten minutes later, eat some protein. If you're still craving sugar ten minutes later, eat whatever sweet thing you were craving.

And yes, you will lose the baby weight if you make it a priority (by that I mean eating decently and getting some exercise). Some nursing moms find that the weight all comes off right around month nine (it makes sense that it takes nine months to go on so it takes nine months to come off), while others find that they're always carrying around an extra 5-10 pounds while they're nursing, and then it comes off when they wean. If you start *gaining* weight while nursing (and you haven't changed your eating habits), pee on a stick, and then if that's negative, talk to your doctor about getting your thyroid levels checked.

Oh, and all the myths about exercise being bad during nursing are false. But watch out for low-carb diets, as they can make your milk supply plummet. So if you're cutting out starches, make sure to leave in some good ones (whole grains and vegetable and fruit starches) so you still have enough milk for your baby.

Who else was a very hungry caterpillar during nursing? How long did it last?

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  1. I’ve never been so hungry as I was during the first couple of months of breastfeeding. This last time I remember saying to my husband, on the day my milk came in, “I could eat everything in the whole world right now.”It has definitely evened out some for me, but I can still eat way more these days, and get ravenous if I go too long between meals. I found that my appetite went back to nearly normal when I weaned my first, and am hoping for the same this time.

  2. For me the hungry period was fairly brief, maybe a month or so. After that it seemed to even out a little, and I lost weight fairly quickly. But I was SO hungry during that month. I remember sitting in the dark in the middle of the night, trying to shovel trail mix into my mouth while feeding my son with the other. Or eating a muffin while BFing and getting crumbs in my son’s hair, haha. As long you’re not just mindlessly eating (to fill the time, for instance), I say go with it!

  3. Oh yes! And for me it only evened out around month 7/8 but then again, my girl’s always been a very regular nurser. Since nightweaning & stopping pumping at work at 12 months things have definitely improved to a state of normal. I got tired of having to prepare and consume so much food! Still, I did lose all the baby weight and a little extra. I totally had protein cravings the first 3 months as well: meat, meat meat! Haha, that’s all I wanted. I gave myself permission to eat as much as I wanted, but I did make sure I kept taking a prenatal vitamin, got at least 2 pieces of fruit and a large helping of veggies a day.

  4. Long haul truck driver hungry. Hungry like a teenage boy whoe plays sports. Pretty much the whole time (a year or so both times). Meanwhile, the weight was coming off. I tried to focus on nutrient dense foods the second time around, but it didn’t really matter.Lumberjack breakfast with a large chocolate milk and a side of bacon! Enjoy.
    I had to modulate my food intake (read: cut way back) when I weaned because I just wasn’t burning off those excess calories like I had been. Oh, how I do miss those times of food and more food.

  5. Thank you for the tip on the sugar cravings! I am almost 10 weeks pregnant and started craving sugar like mad over the last couple of weeks. I will definitely try the water, protein, THEN sugar strategy you mention.

  6. I was desert dry and STARVING while nursing. I had a series of one-handed foods next to me while feeding the babies. Teeny carrots, pretzels, popcorn…I was all about carbs, not sugar, and had about a half-gallon of water while the babies drained me. You’ll get there!Remember: 9 months on/9 months off–AND remember, the first three months probably weren’t the time you put most of it on…nor are they the time most of it comes off (after delivery!). Hang in there…

  7. nursing our 4 month old as i type but YES! to the increased appetite. i could and often do eat everything in the house. spoonfuls of peanut butter help. oh and tons tons of water.

  8. It evened out when the kid stopped gaining a pound PER WEEK and slowed down to more like a pound a month. And, if you think about it, a pound takes something like 3000+ calories to build, plus you actually have to produce the milk… plus the 100 calories/kg/day that the baby needs to maintain… this adds up pretty fast. If you have a ten-pound baby who’s gaining fast, there’s about 1000 calories per day right there. Lumberjack is right.All but 5 lbs of the baby weight came off from nursing, over the course of about 4 months, then I lost 10 more when I started biking to work to get back into shape.

  9. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  10. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  11. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  12. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  13. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  14. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  15. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  16. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  17. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  18. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  19. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  20. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  21. Me! I used to keep a can of Planters Nut-Rition at my bedside table and would eat almost every time I nursed in those early days–which was often. I think I ate a can every other day. The Energy Mix was my favorite. But I didn’t focus on losing the baby weight or eating less or anything during those early months–only on my milk supply & healing & my little one. And I think that’s how it should be. So I say, if you’re hungry, eat! You have the rest of your life to burn off those extra calories.

  22. I was so hungry. I remember that I had two favorite things at our Friday night restaurant and I’d order a different one each week. Except when I was nursing. Then I ordered both of them and then ate some of my husband’s food when I ran out of my own. I think it lasted until the baby started eating some actual solid food. And I was always so thirsty too and I totally lost the ability to wait for a drink. I needed it RIGHT NOW. I bought so many bottles of water at the grocery store because I just couldn’t wait five minutes until I got home.

  23. I’m at almost 3 years of nursing and I still get hungry and eat more than I used to and am actually down about 10lbs from pre pregnancy weight, I love my little calorie burner!!!I did get really ravenous in the beginning and would keep almonds in my glider chair for midnight snacks and always had those string cheese sticks for a quick bit of protein when you don’t have time to brush your teeth or shower its hard to feed yourself good food to help with those hunger pains. I evened out around 3 months, lost all my baby weight (55lbs) by 6 mths PP and have been steady these last 2.5 years but I suspect weaning will mean a major cutback in desserts around here! I would plan ahead with nuts, yogurt, cheese, granola ect when you do your weekly shopping and put them in all your nursing stations so when you get stuck you’ve got something handy and same with water bottles!
    Good tip about the water!!

  24. For me the ravenous hunger really lasted four months- which rightly or wrongly the breast-feeding advice I got said would happen.And I craved it all and had plenty of protein but I still could not pass by doughnuts. Ohh, the fat, the sugar. Note that before and after this time I find doughnuts awful.
    I gained weight during the four months. I rather had to as I had hyper-emesis during pregnancy so put not much but baby on. And she fed and fed. Born at 50th centile shot up to 97th.
    After four months I still fed exclusively as no solids recommended until 6 months plus, then she played with them. I was still hungry but for much healthier fare. Newborn milk is richer and sweeter than the later milk. My weight also went down.
    I fed until DD stopped and she still fed every two to three hours while eating a lot at 16 months when she suddenly stopped.
    Since then my appetite has gone right back to normal and weight to what I was before pregnancy. I didn’t have that much weight ever to lose, but I did find the breast feeding really pulled me back in in the abdominal area from 6-12 month.
    My bosom remained expanded though. I went up a size in the cup. I had a mammogram recently which showed an unusual lot of glandular tissue- harmless, but does explain why I grew in the chest. One the negative side breast tenderness with lots of glandular tissue and little fat is not jolly at PMS time.
    That was all me and my nursing career, sorry.
    I’d say eat away while nursing a newborn. You can have the protein and all good fare with the odd sweet treat ……note I am

  25. My daughter is 10 1/2 months and I still get hungrier more often, but I would say the constant ravenousness lasted about four or five months. I was incapable of eating as often as I was hungry – my kid wouldn’t be put down, asleep or otherwise, and getting meals for myself was my hardest task for weeks – so the weight came off by 6 months (and I’ve dropped five pounds below my prepregnancy weight since then). I don’t honestly recommend eating less than your body wants. I still have days when I can’t get lunch in time and end up with extremely low blood sugar and the shakes. At which point, I almost have to eat a cookie or drink some juice to get it back up again quickly (followed by a real meal, of course).I also appreciate the tip about protein. I’m usually pretty good about drinking water, but I crave sugar constantly. And honestly, once the craving’s in my head, I have trouble letting go of it – sometimes, I’ll go a couple of weeks wanting, say, a chocolate Frosty, and no matter what I eat or drink, eventually, I have to get it. Then the craving goes away, to be replaced by something else. My hope is that once my daughter cuts back on BFing, I’ll be so sick of sweets, I’ll be able to go back to a better diet fairly easily. But honestly, I’m afraid I’ve become an addict. If I eat a wonderful, healthy dinner of lean meat or fish and lots of vegetables, with no carbs or dessert, I’ll often wake up starving, or even with low blood sugar. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but it’s gotten ridiculous.

  26. yep – ravenously hungry here too, with both kids. The other thing that surprised me was how thirsty I was the moment I started nursing. It was like – get me water or I swear my mouth will dry out completely. Both went away within a few months, but I still ate more (and tried to drink more water to stay hydrated) the whole time I was BFing both (they both weaned around 15 months).

  27. Nature Valley chewy cashew granola bars with the nut butter coating on the bottom mmmmmmmmm yum! I had one of those in my hand pretty much every moment of the day for about six months because I. Never. Stopped. Being. Hungry. Ever! 14 month into nursing and I still have a higher appetite, my LO is a voracious nurser.

  28. OMG yes to the starving. I also learned that if I did not eat A LOT, like whenever I was thinking I was getting hungry, my milk supply dropped, even if I was still drinking a lot.

  29. YES! SO hungry in those first few months, I had a bowl of snacks at the ready at all times. And I was also incredibly thirsty. I was so surprised by this the first time around! Oh, and I lost the baby weight without difficulty (moderate exercise and healthy eating) but I was one of those ones for whom the last 5-10 pounds stuck around until I weaned. I was worried I wouldn’t ever lose them when my weight loss levelled off around 1 year postpartum, but then they disappeared without me doing anything differently when I weaned at 2 years.

  30. Oh my word. My little guy is just over 10 months old and I am still eating more than my husband at all meals and snacking in between. I have to keep snacks in my car because by the time I get out of work (where I have pumped 2 or 3 times and am lucky if I get time to eat all my lunch) I am light-headed-hand-shaking hungry! I have also been an abundant overproducer of milk that has been deemed “high octane” and “heavy cream.” Everything finally seems to be calming down in the production department, but the hunger has yet to go away. I don’t worry too much about it though as I weigh less right now than I did before I got pregnant!

  31. Ironically, my generous appetite did not disappear until I weaned at 25 months and became pregnant again. For the first two trimesters of this current pregnancy, I was eating about half of what I ate while nursing and previously pregnant… And then the third trimester hit, and I’m back to my ravenous self. Haha.Anyway, yes. I did not lose a single pound while nursing except when I made a concerted effort to diet. Constantly hungry. I kept waiting for the fat to melt away. It… didn’t.

  32. Yes – I kept trail mix w/ me (and water) at all times. That solved the salty/sweet/protein dilemma – I got all of it at once! I made it w/ a variety of nuts and dried berries, chocolate might be a little much for your baby. 🙂

  33. OMG I haven’t been a sweets-eating person since I was a kid, but since about the middle of my pregnancy I want ice cream like every day (sometimes twice a day) and cake, and candy, it’s horrible. I will try your trick, thank you tons for the info! My hubbie says it’s because breastmilk is sweet, that’s why I need to consume sugar, makes the milk sweetah. Son is 9.5 months by the way. Also noticed a few months back that seconds/minutes before I’m going to have a letdown I get nauseous and extremely thirsty. This is when I run to the empty office to pump so I can “catch” the natural letdown.

  34. I remember actually referring to myself as the very hungry mommy-pillar in a blog post when my daughter was three months old. I was hungry and thirsty for the first few months, but that’s also when I lost all the baby weight. I will say that even though the weight disappeared fairly quickly, my body continued to shift. I found that every couple of months, things would change a bit. I didn’t feel completely like myself until I got my period back (16 months).As far as the water/protein thing goes, that’s great advice during pregnancy as well. I got that advice from my OB, and it helped me gain weight at a healthy rate, without too much excess to work off postpartum.

  35. Yes yes yes to the ravenously hungry! I start looking for something to eat the second after I get stitched up! The most intense period of hunger lasted the first 3 months (and nothing more intense than the first 2-3 weeks, largely because I had also had hyperemesis in pregnancy and had basically been hungry for 9 months). I also burned a lot of weight through nursing – the second time, the pregnancy weight melted off with my greedy little nurser. And I gained 5 pounds in the first week I weaned my LO down to one feeding (my weight normalized quickly after I realized I was just overeating now that i wasn’t producing so much milk). Like the other Erin above, I have – both nursing and normal – low blood sugar, and any kind of exercise triggers ravenous hunger. And I overproduced milk, so the combo = 3000 calories per day.My favorite post-partum snack: Homemade buttermilk muffins with lots of dried fruits (apricots, dates, and raisins) and nuts (esp pecans). I would warm them up in the microwave and slather them with peanut butter. Part of my postpartum joy is the sheer delight at ravenous hunger (see above note on hyperemesis which robbed food of all joy for the entire duration of pregnancy).

  36. Oh, lordy, I had the Nursing Mama Gnaw for six or seven months. I’d never experienced hunger quite like it. I had a C-section, too, so recovering from surgery might have intensified it a bit. It took a lot of restraint not to chew on the furniture. Heck, it took a lot of restraint not to chew on the _child_.In those early days when it seemed like my butt never left the glider, my wonderful partner kept the nursery stocked with trail mix and juice boxes and refilled my water canteen umpteen times a day. It gradually got into a rhythm that was comfortable and, frankly, amusing, but wow, there were a lot of balances to figure out at the same time. It was all very happy, but it was exhausting.
    Now the Gnaw has passed on to our little guy (now 2.5, growing like a weed, and hungry hungry hungry). 🙂

  37. I was constantly starving for about the first 4 months and the extreme thirst always hit just before my milk let down. Now we’re 16 months into it and still nursing at least 4 times a day and 1 to 2 times at night. Whenever he gets a new tooth coming in or he’s sick he wants to nurse constantly and my increased milk production brings back all of the familiar cravings. Most of my weight came off by 9 months, but I can’t seem to lose the last 5-10 pounds. I’m guessing I’ll just have to wait and see what happens when we’re done nursing.

  38. Famished, yes. Lost the weight: no. Your mileage will probably vary as just judging from everyone else’s comments most women do, but I remain easily 10# above what I was before getting pregnant and that, after years of infertility treatments was in turn 10# over the ideal. I’m not thrilled about it and I know that my age and more sedentary (relative to pre-kid) lifestyle contribute, but there it is: if you’re someone reading these comments thinking, “How come everyone *else* lost the babyweight” (as I might be tempted to think), well, not all of us did.

  39. How have I made it to my 58th month of breastfeeding (3 kids) without learning that about sugar cravings?!? You’ve been holding out on me, Moxie!I’m going to start trying the water and protein before sweets trick tomorrow, because honestly these days I’ve been eating cookies for breakfast, and that’s so not me.

  40. Appreciate the tip on the sugar cravings too! I am 5 months in with my 2nd nursling. Ravenous and insatiable describe my appetite most days. I do agree that protein seems to satisfy me more than most things. I kinda enjoy it…i am not losing the weight as quickly as I’d like, but I won’t be nursing forever!

  41. At the beginning, nursing made me ravenous. Now it makes me really sleepy. I am nursing my second child (he’s 15 months now). I weigh over 200 pounds, about the same weight I was when I gave birth to him. And I (gasp) still sometimes wear my favorite maternity pants with the stretchy waistband. I basically still look pregnant. It sucks and I know I need to overcome poor eating habits. I don’t really have a plan, except for fantasizing that when the baby weans, I can use the time I spent nursing instead working out.

  42. For both pregnancies I lost all the weight from breastfeeding in the first few weeks. And both times I craved A LOT of chocolate… Which is where I’m at with my 9 week old. I lost all the weight in the first month but I’m maintaining a muffin-top around my belly which is obviously a diet problem and not a pregnancy/breastfeeding problem. I will definitely be more mindful of perhaps needing a glass of water rather than a block of chocolate after dinner… I had insatiable thirst in the first month both times, but I actually wasn’t that hungry. Maybe that’s why I lost the weight so quickly. Also, maybe I’m not feeling very hungry as I’m eating lots of calories in my chocolate… I’ve always craved chocolate so that’s not a new thing. But I guess I feel I’m getting away with it somewhat while I’m breastfeeding. It also takes a lot more effort to eat more healthily and to be honest all my food preparation energy goes to feeding my 2 year old. Who is served a very healthy diet free of chocolate, by the way!

  43. Am breastfeeding an 8 month-old and have a voracious appetite for sweets. Thanks for the water + protein tip, will try that!Despite my ridiculous intake of pastries, chocolate, ice cream, etc., I’m 10 lbs lighter than I was before I got pregnant, which seems insane. On the other hand, my son is in the 88th percentile for weight and length. Is that why??
    Must say I’m not looking forward to weaning and putting all that weight back on!

  44. All my hungry/thirsty crazy nursing stuff ended at around 9/10 mo with both kids, even though DS self-weaned at 9 mo and I recently weaned DD at 2 years. At around that time, I my pumped milk supply started to dwindle, I lost most of the pregnancy weight, and my period came back, again, with both kids, regardless of when I weaned.(My joints don’t fully recover until about a year/year plus 6mo, so I would focus more on gaining strength and muscle than losing fat–ie: there was no running for me until my joints felt normal again.)

  45. Oh, yes. Hungry as a teenage boy! My husband was constantly bringing me food while I was nursing. And water too. With my daughter (aka She Who Would Not Be Put Down), I perfected the art of eating over her head while she nursed or slept in a sling.Something for new moms to keep in mind: You appetite may wan and flux, as will the child’s. If all of a sudden you are starving again around 6 months pp and your child is nursing ALL the freaking time again, it’s a totally normal growth spurt. So listen to your bodies, and if you are hungry, eat! If you are thirsty, drink!
    And most importantly: Don’t expect ANYTHING about parenting or child development to be a straight line!
    As for losing weight… meh. I’m hovering in those last 10 pounds over the weight I was pre-pregancy or pre-fertility treatments… pre-something. It did not all magically disappear, and even if it did, my body (as with most women) will never been the same shape as it was before. These hips have CHANGED, people!
    Oh, and a funny thing I noticed was that for a while after weaning, I would still load my plate up with the amount food I ate while nursing, but I wouldn’t finish it all because I’d realize that I didn’t need as much to fill me up. But it still took quite a while for me to adjust my serving sizes and what I ordered. Thank goodness I don’t believe in the clean-your-plate club, or I’d never have lost any weight!

  46. Star.ving. while nursing. I think Month 9 was about right for it evening out. Baby weight was off by month 6 thru just a reasonably healthy diet and a kid who liked to sleep on the move so lots of walks. Then we got back to wedding weight, maybe even college weight during the Winter Of Illness when the child spent days and days attached like a little lamprey. Wheeee. But despite being technically the same weight, the bod was a different shape and just didn’t have the athletic capacity I was used to until I weaned.I used to carry granola bars around, nuts, apples, whatever. But still sometimes I would just turn to my husband and say “I *need* a milkshake, RIGHT NOW”
    Here’s a little tip if you like burritos and broccoli and that sort of thing but your baby is prone to gas: at least for me, if I took Beano with my meal, the gas would be much better for Mouse (presumably because more of the problematic compounds had been broken down in advance?) Anyway, something to note. 🙂

  47. Oh yes, starving here too. We’re now at 3+ years of nursing (weaning soon…hopefully) and I’d say I’m still hungry to a certain degree. I more notice it now in that I can’t miss a meal or delay a snack, rather than in volume of food. But if I don’t eat when I’m hungry, major bad mood. I was like this before DS, but it’s more pronounced now. Like @caramama, I’ve had to re-learn what a proper sized meal is for my appetite. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when we wean. I’m hoping for the 5-10 lb weight loss. :)Major sweet cravings in the first year of BF (and the end of pregnancy). Normally I’m a salty kind of person. Wish I’d known about what Moxie describes above. I would definitely try her trick of water-protein, then sweet.
    Lost all of baby weight by about month 6 (I think…hard to remember). And my larger appetite probably lasted the first year. I’m 7 lbs up from my baby weight now, but I think this has more to do with inconsistencies in my exercise regimen, than anything else. Had thyroid checked and all is OK.

  48. DD is 3 months and I’m definitely hungrier than pre baby. I keep granola bars or nut bars by the glider for the middle of the night “I can’t make it till morning” cravings. Those have gone down a lot. I also keep a glass of water by the glider. I’m down to almost my pre pregnancy weight, but I attribute that mostly to still being about 20 pounds above my ideal weight.I still snack at about the same rate as I did in the third trimester, mostly homemade trail mix with cereal, nuts, raisins and a few chocolate chips. (salty, sweet and protein!)

  49. Any tips for nut-free, protein-rich snacks I can keep at bedside? DS is allergic, so I’d rather not have nuts around at child-level.

  50. @ML – Depending on the nuts (tree versus peanut and cross sensitivity), maybe toasted soybeans (soy nuts), shelf stable yogurt (which is kind of gruss), or soy crisps (like rice cakes but soy). You could try a Cliff bar, Zone bar, or a whey-based weight lifter power bar.

  51. My favorite snack when I was nursing a newborn was toast with peanut butter and a glass of chocolate milk. It got me the sweetness I was craving, but also the protein I probably needed. I think the need tapered off by the time she was about two months old.

  52. I was so backwards from what everyone said. I was told I’ll lose all my babyweight nursing – I didn’t. (I also wasn’t pregnant and had “normal” thyroid.)I couldn’t exercise without a great drop in my supply. I had to drink 2-3 liters of water a day to keep the supply up. (And most LCs say that you should just drink to thirst…)
    I had to be very careful what I ate (partly because my LO was MSPI and partly because my supply would drop if I ate too much processed food.)
    Even working with an LC for 12 weeks, increasing nursing sessions, power pumping, herbs, all the tricks wouldn’t help increase my milk supply.
    At 11 months my milk supply pretty much vanished. We blame it on the PCOS (a hormonal imbalance). BUT!!!
    When I HAD to stop (I really didn’t want to and neither did my LO) my appetite returned to normal. My weight started coming off.
    Hang in there A! Its worth it. It really really is worth it. Its just temporary!

  53. @ML You mentioned “no running until your joints felt normal again.” Could you explain?I’m asking because my ankle joints and & tops of my feet are *killing* me. I thought it was because I am still carrying too much weight or I’m wearing bad shoes or just getting older/arthritis?. But I’m wondering if & how there is joint pain associated with nursing? Thanks much for any info.

  54. @ML well, we find it’s OK to leave either or both of string cheese (still wrapped) or hard-boiled eggs (ditto, i.e. in the shell) sitting out in our house overnight or so with no particular grossness (or food poisoning) emerging.

  55. I too experienced ravenous hunger in the initial weeks of nursing my babies. Best example (of which I’m not proud and don’t recommend you follow): Week 2 nursing, I dropped into the supermarket to buy some groceries. I’d bought an iced bun on the way in to eat while I shopped because I was starving. I dropped it, it landed icing-side down ON THE SUPERMARKET FLOOR and I picked it up and ate it. I knew it was a disgusting thing to do, and am inherently a clean-freak, but the urge to eat was absolutely overwhelming. In terms of weight loss, I found that it happened effortlessly, almost irrespectively of what I ate (thanks to the way my body responded to breastfeeding hungry boys), but I wasn’t back to pre-preg size until about 6-7 months. I breastfed for 18 months each time.

  56. OMG, I wish I had known about the sugar craving too! I had such a sweet tooth when I was nursing. Three years later, I still feel like an addict when I see Vienna Finger cookies.

  57. Very Hungry Caterpillar…snort! That was totally me. I ate by the truckload and still lost weight, also by the truckload. With each of my kids, I was at my teensiest around 6-9 months. They were total boob ticks, both slow to appreciate solids. They ate up mommy instead. 🙂

  58. Oops, forgot to answer the question. My ravenous hunger tapered off around 12-13 months, when I stopped pumping at work.

  59. I think my ravenousness started abating around 6 months pp when the kidlets were going longer between feeds. Before that, they were nursing every hour whilst awake and i was famished most of the time. I lost weight really easily probabyly because of the amount of walking I was doing. The combination of exercise and the frequency of feeds (ds was a real glut) made the weight drop off. I was 10lbs under prepregnacy weight by 3 months pp with no.1.Note, weight did finally start coming back on in the late stages of bfing, when I was down to a couple of nurses a day. snuck up on me with dd. Decided that if I wanted to keep on eating as much as I had been I’d have to take up running, which is what I did do. 2 years later my diet hasn’t really changed, but still weigh less than I did when I was at my lightest at 6 months pp with no.1

  60. I remember being RAVENOUS for protein. I’m not much of a meat eater (not fully vegetarian just don’t consume red meat a lot) but off and on during pregnancy and especially the first 3 months or nursing I would be ravenous for medium rare cheeseburger with all the fixings (and a chocolate shake). Even thinking about how good those meals tasted at that time makes my mouth water. The good thing was that I was aware that I couldn’t indulge, the high salt if I got a take-out burger alone was a no-no. But I would say about a 1/2 dozen times during those 3 months I just craved them and would even make my hubby make or buy me one in the wee hours of the night. That and I was so thirsty. I learned fairly quickly to have the “nursing station” set up – pillows including the Bobby, t.v. remote, phone, and a BIG glass of water with in arms at all times when nursing.I was good about exercising and lost all the baby weight by 1 year, only to gain a lot of it back once I went back to work full time and lost the time management balance.

  61. Oh yes. I think the hunger calmed down 6 months after about (or maybe I just got used to it? it was 3 years ago and my memory got sucked right out my nipples).I lost weight while pregnant and nursing. Put it on as soon as I stopped nursing.

  62. I will be an outlier here and say that nursing did not make me lose the weight I gained while pregnant. I stopped nursing at 13 months and was still 10 lbs over my pre-baby weight despite having good eating habits. I lost a couple more pounds after finishing nursing and resuming a competitive sport, but then got pregnant again.I was ravenous for the first couple of months after giving birth but don’t remember being particularly hungry once the baby was a couple months old. And yet the weight still did not “disappear” after the initial 20 dropped. It was a loooooong, sloooowww weight loss. The good news is that eating what I needed to in the first few months did not translate into a weight GAIN, so that’s something.
    I think the weight loss is so intrinsic to individual body composition that it doesn’t matter if everybody else seems to shrink while nursing, you (or I) may not and there’s really nothing that can be done about it. Except maybe following a strict diet and/or intensely exercising, neither of which seemed feasible to me while I struggled to get used to being a mom while working and keeping up with life in general.
    This post is timely, as I just got back from my 32 week exam where I realized that once baby #2 is born, I will have to lose almost 50 lbs to get back to a healthy weight. Talk about daunting.

  63. I might be an outlier here, but I’m definitely in the “starting to vigorously exercise while nursing was a trainwreck” camp. With DD, I started running… and got up to a mile and quarter per day when got waylaid with a bout of dizziness and congestion like I’ve never experienced – AWFUL headcold. I was drinking enough water and eating enough, but my body couldn’t process nursing a baby and running. With DS, I took a vinyasa yoga class, and again, slipped a little in crow pose and got 4+inch long bruises on the backs of my arms that made we worry that wearing sleeveless tops were going to hurt my husband’s reputation. I simply can’t exercise vigorously while nursing. My supply is fine, but my own body is not.

  64. Totally normal to be hungry and by all means eat… BUT: I lost so much weight in the first six months despite eating A LOT of rubbish so def. try not to develop bad habits when breastfeeding because now I am HUGE. Since my daughter only breastfeeds to go asleep at night and for comfort during the night and occasionally during the day, I no longer need the calories but am used to eating what I want… i have lit put on about seven kilos since she nurses less and since she goes in the buggy – before this I carried her in a sling and that also really helped with the weight, plus now where she seems to be running away from me most of the time I am glad I got to carry her so much and to cuddle her. He rarely cuddles me now, too busy…

  65. I was crazy hungry and thirsty for months while nursing my son. The weight did NOT magically drop. He was arabenous frequent nursling and I pumped three times a day upon my return to work but I was the same size at at 4 months as at 1 month post partum. And then I developed hyperthyroid and all hell broke lose. I weighed less at 9 months pp than I did before I was pregnant. Child was nursing every 45 minutes all night long, I pumped all day at work. It was a crazy time. And I wasn’t hungry. :(I’m still nursing my now 3 year old about 4 times a day. He isn’t a big eater otherwise but you’d never tell by looking at him as he’s giant for his age. I’ve gained back most of the weight and am still battling my thyroid ( Which is now hypo slightly). I’m not nearly as hungry as I was in the early days. I’m guitarist than normal still but not as much as the immediate pp period.
    As for exercise I have friends whose diet and exercise routines really hurt their supply and who really struggled with the either or of it. Either get their “body back” or keep nursing. It was not an issue for me but I’ve seen it second hand.

  66. I was starving the whole time I was nursing. Especially in the beginning, because you’re up at all hours. It gets better when you all start sleeping more.It was great, because I could basically eat whatever I wanted and still lose weight (I got down as low as 15 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, and evened out around 10 below). Not so good in that now, eight months later, I’m still having a hard time getting out of that mindset. And I’ve gained five pounds back.
    Like Moxie said though, it really helped to drink water (two liters a day for me at least) and have protein (nuts, string cheese) so I was eating a lot but still pretty healthy.

  67. Oops–sorry, late to the conversation again…Thanks Alexicographer and SarcastiCarrie for the suggestions–DS is allergic to tree nuts AND peanuts which is a bummer for really shelf-stable, protein-rich snacks, but I’ll try out some of your suggestions.
    Hi BeeBee–actually, the pain was more of a feeling of extreme weakness in my hip and knee joints. They just didn’t feel very stable for a year afterwards. Maybe your pain is connected to losing your foot arch while you were pregnant? My feet were not quite the same after being pregnant–I’d get your feet checked by a specialist, especially if walking a mile or two was a problem. Good luck!

  68. Exclusively breastfed my twins and ate like a horse. No, two horses. Maybe a stable full of horses. Joined Weight Watchers to lose the 25 pounds and all I lost was my milk supply. Started eating more, supply came back. I tried this game four or five times with the same results until I weaned them at 18 months. Then FORTY pounds melted off in three months without much effort at all. You think I exaggerate; I do not. My friends almost had an intervention because they thought I had developed an eating disorder. I had to buy new clothes because my pre-preggo clothes were too big. Now, second pregnancy, third child. Again have 25 pounds to lose, but thought it would come off easier only nursing one babe. Nope. Same story. In fact, if I don’t watch what I eat, I actually GAIN weight. Bah! I am trusting/hoping/praying that the weight will melt off again. It *totally sucks my large ass* that I have to be 25 pounds overweight for the duration of breastfeeding, but I try to remind myself that my *very large* ass carried, birthed and nourished three babies in three years. Good job, Ass. Thank you.

  69. My daughter is 9 months old, and I do remember being VERY hungry those first couple of months! It was also winter here, so lots of comfort food.I have to comment on your advice to beware low-carb diets and eat lots of “healthy grains”. I think the main thing is to eat healthy whole foods and make sure you are getting plenty of fat, esp. healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado, and butter.
    I’ve been eating a Paleo or Primal diet since my daughter was 5 months old. I eat no grains, very little sugar, carbs under 100g a day. (Typical diet is eggs and veggies cooked in butter for breakfast, big salad with chicken or salmon for lunch, steak with some sort of veg for dinner…sweet potatoes about 3xweek, berries and nuts if I get hungry between meals, which I rarely do anymore).
    Not only has my milk supply NOT dwindled, my daughter is in the 90% for height and 50% for weight, and is 2 pounds heavier than my son was at the same age. And I am 25 pounds lighter than I was pre-pregnancy.
    Low carb is not necessarily bad for nursing. It can, in fact, be very very good.

  70. The hunger is only starting to calm down now that my son is 4 months old. The protein/water thing is so true for me. I checked how much protein I was getting, and I wasn’t getting nearly enough. I started eating eggs at breakfast, lunchmeat, more protein, and I got myself one of those big plastic cups with a straw, and the sugar cravings are easing up. Hang in there! And eat a burger. 🙂

  71. Lucky? Yes I feel incredibly lucky. I waited 26 years for what you’ve had for the last 35…and now I’ll probably never have that again. Lucky, lucky, lucky–that’s me. And I appreciate how lucky I am that I have all these friends. Of course, since I moved out of the town I’d been living in for 21 years just two months before W died, I really haven’t had much company during this grieving process. I am alone, on average, about six evenings a week. Exactly five friends have come to see me at my house in the five months since he died…generally, I only see friends if I go to them. There are days, lots of them, when I do not actually speak to another human being. Text, instant message, email? Yes. Speak? No. That would require me reaching out to someone, and for much of this time, I have been too depressed to think about reaching out. And even if I had tons of people around all the time, this is a journey that each of us has to make alone. No one can carry this burden for me…it is mine, and mine alone.

  72. Sooooo hungry all of the time. Dd is four months and eats every four hours. Thirst is ridiculous. Seems like it would be fun to eat anything you want and still lose weight…but it is way too time consuming. Still have ten more pounds to lose. Gained about 55 during pregnancy.

  73. During the festival, which has taken place in late winter or early spring for the past four years, volunteer writers, composers, directors and performers are put into groups and produce four separate twenty minute plays within the span of a day. And you thought your job was stressful!

  74. God Bless Bill Veeck. No baseball owner before or after him has ever brought as much love, passion and innovation to the game. And even when he got it wrong, he got it gloriously, unforgettably wrong — like with 1979’s Disco Demolition Night, or 1976’s uniform shorts.

  75. I am ravenous for the first 2-3 months and then it tapers off until about 8 or nine months (which is where I am now) and then I eat all day and have two dinners! I am so hungry!! Not coincidentally, 9 months is about when I hit my normal weight again. The funny thing is, this time around (the 3rd time) I pumped so much in the beginning and have so much milk saved up that I’m only feeding 3 times a day, so I’m surprised that I’m still so hungry.I also want to agree with an earlier post about regaining strength before trying to do cardio stuff. My joints are loose and my feet are hurting off and on. I’m probably going to start a light weight training regimen soon and ramp it up once I hit a year. That really helps me avoid injury and balances me out from all the hunching over during breastfeeding, pumping and baby carrying.
    As far as what I eat, I love nuts, apples, carrots, chocolate (although, I think I need to cut back on that a bit!), pears, cheese…really anything I can just pick up and eat without preparing! I like the milk idea, too. I’ll start having a glass with dinner.
    Thx for all the other great responses with good ideas!

  76. I have been nursing for almost 6mons, now, and I find that I am much hungrier than I was in the first few months! I have started giving my daughter one soild meal a day, rice cereal, but I mix it with breast milk, so I end up pumping every three days or so. My daughter still nurses a bout 2-3 times a night too, so I am chalking up this new hunger to her growing. It’s a lot of work to keep an 18-20lb being happy and healthy! In have found that fortified oatmeals and cereals (particularly, the Kashi brands) help a lot. Bananas, as well. Thanks for the tip on dehydration/protein needs disguised as sugar cravings, though. I was eating marshmallows by the bag full with a peppermint patti or 5 as chasers!

  77. I’m so jealous of everybody who lose weight while breast feeding…I was 117 pre pregnancy and I gain 55lbs and I lose 22lbs after but I have gain 7 lbs back and I have been breast feeding for 4 months and don’t know what I’m doing wrong… I think I’m going to stop breast feeding at 6 months… I don’t want too but I’m sorry but I still have to keep my husband and also keep a father to my son.

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