Thanks and Teeth

Thank you all so so much for your well-wishes! I haven't had a chance to read them because I've been cleaning out my desk at work (sadness–I'm still working for the company but won't be able to harass all my workmates face to face anymore), spending hours at the airport waiting for a flight (third time in a row I could have driven to my parents' more quickly than it took to fly there), looking at houses (love my realtor), going to class (Marketing, Econ, and Statistics last weekend), making friends with my classmates, looking at more houses, getting locked out of my mom's house because I forgot the key, and fighting with Verizon Wireless. BUT. I got 8 hours of sleep last night, so apparently my stress insomnia from the whole negotiation process is done. Awesome.

So today I'll read all your comments, and see if I can put together the meet-ups Sharon Silver tells me you guys are suggesting. (Send Sharon some love, please–she's packing up an entire house, not just an apartment!)

In the meantime, S is a dad of twins (fraternal) who just turned four months old. One of them just cut a tooth, but the other is showing no signs of any teeth. S is wondering what's "normal" for cutting teeth. I said that for the first tooth pretty much anything before 18 months is "normal," but average seems to be 4-8 months for the first one.

I thought maybe we could do another data point post in which we shared the ages at which our kids cut teeth, along with anything unusual about how they did it. I'll start:

Child #1 cut his first tooth at 6 months, which was rewardingly average. He was a rough teether, though, with almost every symptom possible (drool, drool stool, drool cough, rash around mouth, rash around butt, acidic poop, waking at night, random pains that made him yelp, refusing to nursing, and "general peevishness" as the bottle of Humphrey's #3 describes).

Child #2 slept 8 hours in a row at 2 weeks (I. Know.) and then started teething in earnest at 3 weeks and it all went to hell. He had every symptom his brother had, plus symptoms I think he invented on his own. When he was 6 weeks old I could see a tooth right under the surface, and then before it could cut through it sucked itself back up (!) and he didn't actually cut a tooth until he was older than 6 months. (That period of his life has faded in my memory.)

It may be worthwhile to note that both of them have all the teeth they're supposed to have now, and are excellent at chewing.

Now you tell us all your teething data points. And then I'll run a linear regression on the data points and tell you all what the expected value and ANOVA are (that's a little business school humor, special from me to you).

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  1. My son, now 17 months, didn’t actually have a tooth break through until just before or (more likely) just after his first birthday. He was doing a lot of what I called “pre-teething”: he’d spend entire weekends with obvious teething symptoms, and nothing to show for it. This went on for MONTHS. His pedi was totally unconcerned; he now has 4 teeth out. Meantime, we’ve been part-time BLW him, so he chews and bites just fine with his gums. Uh, except when he forgets to bite and shoves a whole chunk of some favorite food in his mouth at once, but that’s typical toddler behavior anyway.In short: no teeth at 4 months? No problem!

  2. Daughter had teething symptoms starting around 4 months, and cut 2 bottom front teeth the day she turned 6 months old (I swear to you they were not there the night before!), and then 3 more popped through in the 8th month. Her teething symptoms always involve a runny nose which always results in an ear infection, so we’ve pretty much had an ear infection since 4 months old (now 9 1/2 months). Whew, I’ll be glad when this is over!

  3. My son, now 2.5 and possessing, I think, all of the teeth he’s supposed to at that age got his first tooth at 8.5 months. He had no particular teething symptoms (I’m told I was the same).He had two teeth for another two months, and then between 10.5 and 11.5 months he got another 6, with no teething symptoms except for his sudden love of seriously biting me while nursing. He’s lucky he lived through this stage; it was touch and go some evenings. He’s still nursing now too, so even that survived. I walked the dog a lot so he would go to sleep on my back and I wouldn’t have to nurse him for another minute. I also became unable to talk to other people about it because anyone I talked to just started making suggestions that I had already tried and I wanted to do them violence (this might have been the hardest early parenting month for me).
    Every other tooth has been like the first two. Mild surprise at noticing new teeth because nothing else has changed that would make a person expect to see them.

  4. Oh, teething. It’s going to kill us all. My daughter, who just turned 1, had teething symptoms off and on starting around four months, but didn’t finally cut a tooth until 10 months. For ages she just had the one bottom tooth, and I was so busy waiting for the second bottom tooth to come through that I didn’t notice she was cutting one on the top! So now she has one top tooth and one bottom, which looks hilarious. The other bottom tooth is FINALLY starting to come through after about two months of sitting just under the surface and torturing her, and I can see three more top teeth on the way in. If she keeps up this pattern, though, I’m expecting them to come through when she’s about four.In the meantime, there is drooling, coughing, diaper rash, lots of fussing at bedtime, and we have bought stock in Tylenol.

  5. “And then I’ll run a linear regression on the data points and tell you all what the expected value and ANOVA are (that’s a little business school humor, special from me to you).”It’s like we’re MBAs by proxy!
    And my youngest is almost six, and I remember NOTHING about the teeth. That must mean something.

  6. My son, who is just over 9 months cut his first bottom tooth in month #8. This was after 5 months of off and on teething symptoms including drool, pink cheeks, ear infections, chewing on everything and everyone, and miserable sleeping habits. I think we should have just bought stock in ibuprofin as that is the only thing that seems to provide any relief, particularly overnight. He has since cut a second bottom tooth and is right now working on 2 top teeth at the same time. He was by far the latest in our family (my sisters kids both started at 6 months) but he is now catching up quick!

  7. Kid number 1 got first tooth at 7 months. At his first birthday, he still only had three teeth (all on the bottom). He had lots of drool, as I recall.Kid number 2 just turned 10 months and his first two teeth just broke through last week. He has been entirely drool free. He’s had some sleep issues that are either teething or indigestion, I’m not sure.
    As an aside, I will say that my older son knocked a tooth out when he was 2, so in a way, the longer they stay under the gums, the better off you are. 🙂

  8. Both daughters got their first teeth around the same age, i.e. 7-8 months I think. But the older daughter I can’t say for sure, because she was the type who had no teething trouble at all; one day we just looked in her mouth and a tooth or two were erupting. Teeth never seemed to bother her much. She’s now 5 and I expect she will lose a baby tooth in the next year.The second daughter was super fussy and weepy leading up to it, and one day for a lark I just looked in her mouth and ah-ha, there’s a tooth. That was the way things went for the next several teeth. She’s now 2.5 and I think she’s been done for a while.
    Good teeth run in both sides of our families, so fingers crossed for the future!

  9. Kid #1 – he cut his first tooth at around 8-9 months. It was such a non-event symptoms-wise that I can’t remember exactly when. One day there was no tooth, and then there was. Lucky for him, and us!Kid #2 – she didn’t cut her first tooth until she was 11 months old, although I would blame any out-of-the-ordinary fussiness on teething because I was sure one would pop up any minute from about 6 months on. She handled it pretty well too, maybe because she was older and could communicate pretty well by the time more teeth came along, as well as tolerate the pain better. The only symptom I remember is loose stools. I’ll be sure to share that memory with future boyfriends.
    Kid #3 – she cut her first tooth at 5 months which took us by surprise. She only really cries while she actually cuts the tooth, which was great when she cut one on a plane during takeoff (fun times). At 10 months old, she has 8 teeth – I KNOW!!!! – and we can tell she’s feeling discomfort when she starts chewing her thumb (she is not a thumbsucker). I’m wondering if her back molars are going to give her a bit more trouble as she has been crying 30 minutes after putting her to bed for the night which is very unlike her. That might be a question for Moxie in the near future. . .

  10. Dr. Sears says if you want to know when your kid will cut teeth, ask your mom or check in your baby book. I didn’t get my first tooth until I was 10 months old and my son was the same. Now at nearly 4 he doesn’t even have all of his 2-year molars. Teething was a breeze with him, though. He would spike a low grade fever for a day or two but no drool or drool stool or any other problems. We were very lucky. Hopefully it will be the same with baby #2 who is due to arrive in September.

  11. My daughter started with teething symptoms at 5 months, but didn’t actually cut a tooth until she was 15 months old. And since then it’s been one tooth about every two weeks. Fun.

  12. My first daughter cut her first tooth at 3 1/2 months, which seemed ridiculously early to me. Now she’s 4 and I’m wondering if she’ll start losing them early as well? Daughter #2 is closing in on 3 1/2 months and has started drooling/chewing like crazy, but nothing yet. I won’t be surprised if her teething pattern is he same as her sister’s.

  13. Daughter – first tooth at, I dunno – 9, 10, 11 months? Not sure (all I know for sure is that she walked before she cut her first tooth) Doctor told me not to sweat it; the longer it takes for them to come in the healthier they are. Also told me that if they come in later, the kid will start losing them later. So, being the good little rule-follower that she was, she didn’t lose her first baby tooth until she was nearly 8. Eh – don’t sweat it.

  14. Both my kids cut first teeth around 6 mos. And despite the fact that most every doctor in the world will deny that it happens, both of mine ran fevers when they cut teeth. With the first tooth, our son spiked up to 102 seemingly over the course of minutes. Naturally, we freaked out and rushed him to the doctor only to have them tell us he was fine. The next morning, there was the tooth. Got to be a real pattern with both the kids. A random fever with no other symptoms always meant a new tooth was on the way. I’ve heard the same from so many parents. Makes you wonder when medical science will stop denying it as a normal teething symptom.

  15. Moxie, you’re the best, I’m so happy for you. I have to leave right now, more errands and boxes to get.Didn’t someone ask for kid info about moving. If you ask I would be happy to share my wisdom on what to do for kids. I use the word wisdom because this is my … get ready for it…29th move!
    Moxie- we looked on craig’s list and got free boxes and packing material, boy oh boy did that save us money. Now we have to deal with … breathe!

  16. My now 2.5 yr old started having all the classic signs of teething between 2 and 3 months. The teething junk would come and go. Finally at just over 9 months–after what felt like 6 months of almost continuous teething–she cut 5 teeth in 12 days. It was rather traumatic. And, no, it is not the “way to go” with teething. She was a really rough, extended teether until her 2 yr old molars–those things have been a breeze so far compared to her other teeth (2 in, 2 to go).I’m hoping our next kiddo (in utero) will be a more “normal” teether!

  17. Son #1 cut first two teeth at 6 months, and basically had all of his baby teeth by the age of 2 (his 2 year molars came in right around his second b’day). He started the teething “process” at about 4 months.Son #2 is still working on his first teeth at 5 1/2 months. He’s been “teething” for two months, but no teeth yet.

  18. My daughter cut her first two teeth in one week, at age 8 months. The next couple of weeks she cut another four. Top ones were much more sore than bottom ones. She’s now 12 months and having a horrid time with what seems like 4 bottom row tooth buds + probably a load of molars. Good times!

  19. @ Moxie, that pattern of sleeping 8 hours at two weeks, and then that all going to pot the next week, is very common according to my local LLL leaders. My son slept better at 4 weeks than at any time since, and he’s 3.5 years.He teethed hard and early. I can’t remember when the first one broke, but he was teething by 1 or 2 months (the memory has faded) and the doctor was telling me that it was just his saliva glands activating. But it wasn’t. He bit my breasts, and we started discipline then (the kind of discipline you can do with an infant — took him off the breast, put him safely on the floor, and left the room for a few minutes, each time he bit me. He learned not to do it.) He had his first tooth at five months, and had all of them by 18 months up through 2 year molars.
    Everything but the molars responded best to tylenol. Molars responded best to ibuprofen, weirdly enough. Teething pellets didn’t seem to work, but became a fun thing to ask for. (There are “pellets” made by Humphrey’s, I think, that are not lactose based, if that’s an issue.)
    His two front teeth took about 4 months to come in. Maybe more. They were visible in the gums under huge blistery bumps at two separate well-baby visits. The NP said both times, “Oh, those will be in any day now!” (I love my pediatrician’s office, but there are still some things they are a little too confident about.)
    Oh! Orajel was a lifesaver. And a pain in the ass when I unknowingly got it on my pen and chewed it.
    Teething was awful, and lasted well over a full year. I am glad it’s over.

  20. No teeth or signs of teething until 9 months old. Then he got 4 in one week. Then a two week break, then four more. Then we had a break for a couple of months, got four molars in one week, then one more month, then four incisors.He is currently 25 months and no signs of the 2 year old molars at all.
    His only real symptom was a bright red butt. When the tooth actually broke through there was a lot of screaming (Why do they break through at 3am?) but he was generally only mildly fussy until that point. Once through, he was fine until the next day at 3am when the next one would come through.

  21. DS was an easy teether until the molars. His first two teeth came in quick succession at 9.5 months. They came pretty steady after that ALTHOUGH his bottom lateral incisors (not the center, but on either side of the center) didn’t come in until he was almost 2. It was really out of the normal pattern and I was worried that he was missing a couple of teeth but they arrived eventually.We are in the midst of this with DD. She started teething symptoms at 4 months. All the typical symptoms. First two arrived at 5 months. Two more arrived this weekend (7.5 month). And I think 2 more are about to go. We use motrin overnight and Bug and Pickle Teething Oil during the day. The one symptom which is really driving me crazy is her frequent need to nurse. I think she is finding it soothing because we are back on a newborn nursing schedule (except she is still sleeping all night, so we are good there).

  22. teething has been hellish for us. only child, son, just turned 6 and SIX YEAR MOLARS (about which no one told me!) are *finally* starting to come through.going back though, first teeth, top two, came through at 7 months, much drooling & rash & possible ear stuff too. don’t remember the rest except first year molars were hell (up every night every 2 hours for 4 months, teething on me, which led to night weaning) and then memories of him smashing his face on his little table while the canines were coming through. poor kid!
    and he’s beside himself b/c he hasn’t lost a tooth yet, and everyone else has!
    to the folks moving, we had good luck getting free boxes from the local university’s copier maintenance dept, all those nice paper boxes.

  23. Both my kids seem to cluster teethe. (Ie, no teeth for long stretches, then boom! 2-6 teeth almost at once.) They both got their first teeth at 9-10 months. I thought #2 would get his teeth earlier – I swear I saw one. But other than being drool monsters, they never really had any teething symptoms or pain. The only time my #1 showed any discomfort was c. 17-18 months when he got all four molars simultaneously. He would wake up with blood on his sheets from bloody drool. My #2 got half his four upper teeth first – but it was the left half. So he looked a little funny for 2 weeks when the other side caught up.

  24. My son got his 1st tooth at 8 months, and after that they all came in at a pretty regular, steady pace. And teething was one thing that was a non-issue for us- it really didn’t seem to bother him much. Some fingers in the mouth at times, but never miserable like other kids. I know, lucky! But don’t hate me- he has never been much of a sleeper and has only just started consistently sleeping through the night in his own bed, and he will be 3 next month.

  25. My son started teething at 4 months old. Got his first 2 teeth at 6 months old. Christmas week. 1 tooth and then the next a week later. So first Christmas and miserable. He continued that pattern. Pop a tooth, then one a week later, then on to the next set.He got his 2 year molars at 2 years old. He was MISERABLE until it was all over. He had every single teething symptom. He ate crushed ice constantly until it was over. When I saw the last one come through, we had a party and cake!
    He is 3 now and I am blocking it out.

  26. Mouse had zero teeth until 11 1/2 months, then cut 5 in the next 2 weeks. Par-tay. She continued to get them considerably later than most of her peers, in chunks, and roughly – and her teeth are freakin HUGE. The dentist kept mistaking her baby molars for permanent teeth because they’re so big. She’s never been much of a drooler, anbd she was OK in the daytime since there were distractions, but for a few weeks around each clump of teeth she just could. not. sleep. We ended up using a lot of motrin and a lot of ice once we figured out what was going on. I mean, you find a toddler in her crib shrieking and ripping her stuffie’s ears repeatedly through her gums and you get the concept. She definitely only had 8 teeth at 18 months, because I remember that a week after starting her new 18 mos-3 years daycare situation she started cutting 4 of those first molars simultaneously. It was ugly. She turned 7 in April and still only has 2 of her 6-year molars. She didn’t lose her first tooth until 6 1/2 and has lost 4 so far.I hate teeth. It’s a horrible design, but it does pass. I’ve always said if I knew how to embroider I’d make a sampler with “This Tooth Shall Pass” – hardeharhar. 🙂 Hang in there if you’re still in it!

  27. My daughter didn’t cut her first tooth until 13 months. Now at 3.5, she still doesn’t have her 2-year molars in yet.I figure it’s genetic. This morning I just had a wisdom tooth pulled at age 40. 3 years ago it hadn’t grown in enough to merit pulling, and they told me not to worry about it because I was WAY too old for it to grow any more. Whoops.

  28. Sharon, I want kid info about moving! I’m contemplating a move and afraid I’m going to “ruin” my 4 year old’s secure sense of the world and herself! (Yes, this is mom guilt at its finest.) She LOVES her neighborhood full of 4-year-old boys and a 6-year-old girl. She is the queen of the kid’s club here, and LOVES the role.And … what if we lose most of our money in the business venture we’re considering? Will I “destroy” her world? Scary.
    I got nuthin about teeth. I love this site but I’m fairly useless as a commenter as I have apparently blocked most every memory of the first 1.5 years.

  29. Sometime around 7 months, Cricket started pooping bright green diarrhea. I thought she’d had a reaction to something she ate and cut out all solids until about a week and a half later, when a bottom tooth popped through. The green poop has blessedly gone away, but the teething has not, and at almost 10 months, she now has 6 – 4 top and two bottom – and I do believe she’s working on more bottoms. Her only symptoms are to rub her nose occasionally, and to bite. Not while nursing, fortunately, except once in a while by accident, but every other body part is fair game. She’s bit my shoulder, my knee, my face. She once bit my husband’s toe. We’re still working on how to best fix this problem – I think I might be unintentionally reinforcing it because while it hurts like heck, she’s also pretty funny about it. Yesterday I was lying on the floor and she threw herself on top of me with a squeal and bit my neck, like a baby vampire. I try giving her alternatives, like teething rings or a wooden spoon, but apparently there’s nothing so satisfying as real live human flesh.

  30. First two teeth at four months. Then six more teeth at seven months – within three weeks. Four molars popping through at 12 months – now. Bites a lot during nursing and wakes even more during the night during teething and this times seems a LOT WORSE. It is summer and hot so not sure if slightly higher temp is teething or heat. Drooling – yes, red bum, less so. Sore throat yes.

  31. Haha! Linear regression… I think I have a FORTRAN program for that. Although Matlab is easier. :)DD1 cut her first one close to 13 mos. DD2 cut her first one at 6 mos. Both have been good teethers (so far – DD2 (9 mos) only has the bottom 2 – although you can see the top ones waiting).

  32. My daughter cut her first teeth when she was 4 months old – and she started using them even though she was only nursing. Ow!She got the rest of her teeth all at once, but I don’t remember when.
    Now she’s 10 and the orthodontist has told us that she’s missing a permanent incisor. Apparently it’s pretty common to be missing a tooth. And we thought our daughter was special… 🙂

  33. One son was 4 mo, the other just 3 mo. They lost their baby teeth young too. I’d have preferred that they hang onto those for longer- you don’t get another set if you mistreat these!

  34. T. was a terribly hard teether, though pretty much average in terms of schedule – teething pain around 3 or 4 months, 1st tooth at 7 months, all 20 baby teeth in around 2.5.The hard part: serious fever, screaming, biting while nursing, NO G&DD&MN SLEEP. (Of course those who’ve read any of my posts here know that the latter was pretty much SOP for us years 1-3. Anyway.) I had a teething kit – a ziploc with frozen chewies of various consistencies (wet washcloth, rubber chewie, teaspoon, wooden ring teether, etc.) all on a cord. Orajel, Hyland’s teething tablets and teething gel, infant motrin – and it went with us everywhere. The Hylands + motrin seemed to be the best combo; he doesn’t respond at all to Tylenol.
    A big help: teaching a few strategic baby signs, one of which was “pain.” He could tell us he was hurting, and point to the spot. Of course, very soon he knew the word “Motrin,” which marks either my kid’s linguistic brilliance or my likelihood of being reported to CPS for appearance of painkiller abuse.
    But seriously: Some kids just teethe hard, and some with high metabolisms clear meds from their systems more quickly than average. I dreaded Hour 5 post-Motrin, until our ped said it was OK to redose at 5 rather than 6 hours when it was really bad. I also think that teething may have been triggering migraines, which he’s since been diagnosed with.
    Anyway, now that I’ve thoroughly frightened you: there is light at the end of the tunnel – he has all his teeth, and they seem to work fine, and we all sleep well. And this week his top right incisor is loose. How can I have a child old enough for the Tooth Fairy?!

  35. My memory is hazy of the first year, or 2, or 3 (and he’s not even 4 yet!) but I recall my son also did the teething symptoms from 4m but no teeth actually appeared til 8m when 4 came through at once. In a week he went from having the least teeth to the most in our mothers group. I never knew this kind of pattern was so common til reading the comments here.

  36. our son had the teething symptoms early, around 4 months, and cut two teeth by 5 months. (I think. I believe I am trying to erase this from my memory.) No more teeth until about 9 months, when he cut 6 all at once. Since then, I think we have gotten two a month. At 18 months, I think we only have two gaps, and I suspect that they will be filled in before long.And yeah, molars really suck. Not looking forward to doing that again.

  37. This topic is stored away in the dark recesses of my memory. That’s the good news. The horror will leave your memory too. I remember a lot of chewing, crying, strange poops and lack of sleep, and a lot of chewing on my jaw and my finger. I do remember that we found success with the following: frozen washcloths, homeopathic teething pills, and Orajel.I also remember older relatives encouraging me to wipe some sherry on their gums. I can’t remember if I did it. Being the natural mama that I am, I don’t think so. But I do remember being appalled and then laughingly considering it. LOL!
    Lisa F. Great, great idea about the boxes!
    To Sherry. I think if Moxie wants to write a post about moving, instead of me hijacking this thread, that would be best. You won’t ruin your child, I promise. Moving = change = patience = growth.
    Hit my link and find my email if you’re in real need of info about moving before Moxie writes about it.
    Off to pack another box!

  38. Six years post business school and I’m grateful that I can recall about ANOVA is that it exists and I once understood it 🙂 And I even liked stats.Anyway, teeth. Child #1 got a tooth between 9 and 10 months with zero symptoms that I noticed. She continued to have teeth show up (even molars) with no complaint and I only knew she got them when I brushed them and noticed. Easy Peasy.
    Probably screwed with #2 who has made it to 6 weeks tooth free. No data point yet from him 🙂

  39. My daughter cut her first tooth at 3 months with little in the way of symptoms. No drool, no particular fussiness, no green poop… but she did start biting while nursing. That pattern has repeated itself every few weeks since then. She starts biting me a lot toward the end of nursing sessions, then we see a tooth pop out.When the first couple were coming in (you could see the little bump), we tried all different kinds of teethers, washcloths, etc., on the assumption that she must be uncomfortable. She HATED them all. If we put anything at all cold near her mouth, she would scream like she was being tortured! So now we’re operating on the assumption that it must not be bothering her too much and we don’t try to force teethers on her. 🙂 One thing we also found was that because she cut that first tooth relatively early, most of the teethers were too big for her to comfortably gum or handle anyway.
    At 8 months, we currently have 5 teeth in, plus one lurking just under the gum. She hasn’t been biting me, so I think #6 is not going to arrive soon.
    One more tooth-related anecdote: I found a picture of myself at this age, and I have the exact same pronounced gap between my front teeth as my daughter has. This is both funny to me (because she is the spitting image of her father, so this is the first true similarity I’ve noticed), and comforting to her father (who was already envisioning the orthodontist’s bills – my teeth eventually grew together without the gap).
    And, I know this is long, but one more thing for those talking about moving. I have not moved as many times as Sharon, but I do have 13 moves under my belt. 🙂 Some great sources for boxes are the liquor store and your local copy shop. If you have an “in” at a grocery store or drug store, the boxes that things like shampoo come packed in are also great. I found out what night those things were stocked and dropped by to take the boxes. Another surprising but good source with boxes that are the right size for kids to help with: Yankee Candle.

  40. My girl is only 13 months old, and I’m still somewhat of a rookie mum, so I’m not sure how much value my data points will be, but for what it’s worth here goes:My daughter cut her first 2 teeth at around 7 months. At the same time as she was recovering from a case of (14 h time difference) jet lag. Concurrent with her first nasty cold. It was a special kind of hell.
    At 13 months she has top and bottom front teeth, and TOP lateral incisors. But no bottoms lateral incisors. We appear to be stalled here at 6 teeth.
    However, I was really late in growing my adult teeth. I still had a few baby teeth when I was 14 or 15. The orthodontist decided that my remaining baby teeth and to be pulled to allow the adult teeth to come in. But all that did was make me gap-toothed until the adult teeth came in on their own schedule at 16 or 17.
    So, my point is teeth come when they come.
    Also, for help with teething, my daughter gets some relief from homeopathic teething remedies. And an amber necklace appears to help as well. Neither are a miracle cure, but do go some ways to making things a little less drolly.

  41. My child teethes 2 at a time. She got two in the span of a week at 5 months, then 1 more at 7 months, another at 8 months, 2 this past Sunday (9 months) and 2 more cutting through right this very moment (that will make 8 teeth).She had all the teething symptoms from about 2 months until her first teeth broke through. Then it’s sorta random which symptoms she gets. I’m actually not sure if I have a grumpy child or a teething child as she’s been perpetually teething since 2 months old. but isn’t that just normal for the first 2 years of life?
    I have a friend who’s little one got their first tooth on their 1st birthday. It was a random side tooth, not a front one.

  42. Blocked from my memory. I really need to finish those baby books already! And re-check digital pictures to see when the teeth came in! Argh!My 21 mo old DD has 12 teeth: 4 on top front, 4 on bottom front, 4 molars. My 3.5 year old has a mouth full of teeth.
    I have no idea when they came in. All I remember was using a lot of orajel.
    I know Moxie did a post on really early teething back in Feb 2011 that may contain more data points for your supercool b-school analysis.

  43. I also have fraternal twins. Currently, at 13 months of age, my son is working on teeth 8-? I don’t know what he has coming in right now. His twin sister? Two teeth. Signs of more but stubbornly not appearing. The funny thing is, I thought my older son was a slow teether, and he had four by the time he was a year. It’s just then he stopped. For six or more months. It’s just now at age three that he’s caught up with a mostly full set. NO sign of two-year-old molars though. So at this rate my daughter may be four by the time she has a full set.

  44. DD had major teething symptoms from not sleeping at the brain end and a very sore butt at the other and we saw her two first teeth appear at 4.5 months ! Yes! Have it on digital media the proof.And they got covered over with gum again and another ” first” set if two incisors were the actual first at 6.5 months.
    Dentist said that yes, that happens. DD never teethed with just the one, we always had a minimum of two teeth on the move but the canines (ouch 16 months) and the last big molars ( Ouch 18-22 months from first swollen bumps to emergence) came as quartets.
    What fun. Seems not fair now she’s 3.5 and the first incisors will fall out in ……don’t think about it.

  45. My guy cut his first tooth at 6 mo, then they just kept coming pretty regularly. He is 22 mo and has all except the last set of molars. He put everything in his mouth for basically the whole first year, so I guess if that’s teething, than he was teething for a year. But we definitely noticed some additional symptoms right before a tooth broke through – extra drool (like soaking the whole front of his shirt in less than 1/2 hour), and general crankiness. Multiple times we were thinking ‘why did our happy baby just turn into a jerk?’ and a few days later a tooth would pop through. It also disrupted his sleep a bit, but it was already fairly disrupted so it wasn’t that different 🙂

  46. Congrats on your move Moxie! Glad you were able to work it out.Sam cut his first tooth at 10 months. He was agonizingly slow with all his teeth. But then again, I had to have the majority of my baby teeth surgically removed between 7th and 9th grade. My dad (a dentist, obviously) very kindly took them out in two separate groupings so I wouldn’t look like an inbred hillbilly. Thanks Dad! Love ya!

  47. have twins. one cut first tooth at 7 months and had all her teeth by 15 months. 2nd twin 10 months for 1st tooth and 20 months for full teeth. Surprisingly, the big twin was slower on the teeth front.

  48. First tooth at 5 months. Now at 10.5 months we have 6 teeth all the way in. The worst ones caused fevers of 100.5-100.8 and bad diaper rashes.Our dentist said as early as 2 months and as late as 12 months is typical.

  49. My baby panda is 11.5 months old – and no teeth to date! I’ve blamed teething for many of her difficult days, but I really think she’s been having on-and-off teething for symptoms about 6 months. She’ll get crazy drooly, bitey, cranky, sleepless, and rub at her mouth for a few days, then it subsides. The little lumps under her gums have been there for probably 5 months now – four on the bottom and two on the top – and they seem to sort of creep up towards the surface then recede. C’mon through, teeth!

  50. Felt guilty about the attempt to hijack the teething thread, so I got out the “baby diary” this morning. M got two teeth at 10 months and two more teeth at 13 months. She apparently got two at a time. The 13 months was an all-night ordeal. I didn’t know what fresh hell was happening, then in the morning I saw the tooth. The next day I saw another.

  51. My lil monkey is almost 9 months old, and has his 2 bottom middle teeth. They came around 6 months, together, which I’ve since heard is not unusual at all. Here I was thinking he’s a superteether or something. Ha! And lately he’s been low-grade-feverish, cranky, clingy, and drooly. So we are in the waiting game… any day now it seems (I hope) a tooth will appear.

  52. How on earth would you run an ANOVA on one population Moxie? Please just plot a distribution for the poor parents.My son cut his first tooth at 6.25 months. But then it was 1.5 months until his 2nd tooth. And it’s been a spastic spacing of teeth ever since then. He’s days away from a year and he will have either 6 or 10 teeth on his birthday. It’s totally up in the air.
    I’m curious for some real info about these really popular amber necklaces. People I know who are reasonable and intelligent swear by them. Tell me why?

  53. My daughter started teething at two months. My ped thought I was nuts when she went in for her check up and I told her she was teething. But she was chewing on anything I put near her mouth. I went and bought a razberry teether and she went crazy on that. At 4.5 months she popped her first bottom tooth then a week and half later she popped her second tooth. Her first one came through with a blood curdling scream at 11:17pm. I thought I was going to die thats why I remember the exact time and how quick I came out of the bed that night could be a world record. The second came in with no fan fare just kind of showed up next to her other one. She was cranky and so forth with lots of drool but no screaming.

  54. My son got his first tooth at 5 months and 5 days (it was my dad’s birthday, so easy to remember.) He started teething, with the drooling and being uncomfortable and gumming on very cold facecloths, around 3 months.One brilliant thing my cousin did, that I plan to use with baby I’m now gestating, was to pop frozen cubes of breastmilk in one of those mesh feeders for her even-earlier teething daughter. I didn’t want to give my son ice cubes that early since he didn’t need water/was exclusively breastfed still, but it seems like a potentially great use of frozen breastmilk.

  55. My DD cut her first tooth at 7 months and didn’t get her 2 year molars until she was 3. My DS who is just turning one already has 8 teeth (has has 8 teeth for months) and has just cut his first molar with the other three bulging and waiting to bust through. He cut his first two teeth at 3 months. Both kids were a bit cranky and woke up A LOT during the night while teethingg

  56. My baby had 7 teeth at seven months and got the first one at 4 months. She just turned 10 months and the 8th came in about a week ago. She’s cranky and bites when nursing when she teethes. And it takes FOREVER for them to come in. She just gave me a nasty bite today so I’m wondering if the molars are on their way. Honestly, I hope so. The only good thing about all these teeth coming so soon is that we’re at least getting the hellish experience over with. My husband and I joke that she’s dentally advanced compared to other babies 😉 My MIL says my husband had 4 teeth at 4 months so I suppose I can blame him.

  57. Little One pushed through tooth #8 a week or two ago – before her 1st birthday. The order was odd, she got the side top teeth in before the top center. And at least one came in over Easter without my being aware it was arriving because I was blaming her activity on another, more visible tooth.Maybe a little extra fussy, and lots of drool, but she’s a pretty consistent drooler even when not teething hard. But no fever, no poop issues. And everything still goes in the mouth so it’s hard to know what’s actual chewing and whats just toddler tasting.

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