Please help a fellow mom get closure on her son’s death

For those of you who haven't been following the murder of Henry Granju (son of Katie Granju of MamaPundit), he was murdered as part of a ring of adult who were providing drugs to kids. There may have been child trafficking involved. No one knows, because the police in Knoxville, TN, where Henry and his family lived, didn't investigate.

They didn't investigate the murder of a child.

They told Henry's parents they were investigating, but they didn't.

Here's the story, as briefly as Katie can tell it.

Let's think about how angry we all were about the Casey Anthony trial and verdict. How angry we are at Anthony. How we're grieving for Leiby Kletzky and his family. And now let's think about Katie Granju–one of us–who has been desperately trying to find out who killed her beloved child. And the police and DA's office haven't helped, and, in fact, are hiding evidence. The adults who killed Henry are still out there, and they're hurting other children.

Let's think about how we all can put pressure on the authorities to investigate and solve this case, and to bring to justice the people–grown adults–who left Henry, abandoned, with blood coming out of his ears.

It won't bring Henry back. But it can get justice for him, and for Katie, and for Henry's dad and siblings and stepparents. And it might save the other kids caught up in whatever's going on.

Here's a list of suggestions Katie made for helping to get the case solved.

I'm about to call my senators and representative to ask them to investigate why Knoxville, TN authorities won't investigate the child murder of Henry Granju. Why they are about to close the case. Why it is so important to these people to sweep this under the rug. What they're hiding. Why the aren't working to protect the children and teens of Knoxville.

Can you all call your officials? And start Tweeting it out (hashtag #justiceforhenry), and calling your local news media? If anyone has connections to CNN or MSNBC or Fox or international news media, can you ask them to start investigating the story?

It isn't right. We don't pay our law enforcement officials to lie and hide things, and put our children in danger. Make them do their jobs. Please.

27 thoughts on “Please help a fellow mom get closure on her son’s death”

  1. For those of you who haven’t been following the murder of Henry Granju (son of Katie Granju of MamaPundit), he was murdered as part of a ring of adult who were providing drugs to kids. There may have been child…

  2. For those of you who haven’t been following the murder of Henry Granju (son of Katie Granju of MamaPundit), he was murdered as part of a ring of adult who were providing drugs to kids. There may have been child…

  3. I follow mama pundit as well as this blog and love how supportive the online community is. I hope some moxie reader can help Katie get more attention on this case. Henry deserves it and so does his mama who works so courageously at justice.

  4. Katie’s situation is horrifying, and Henry’s death was agonizing, prolonged, and needless. How she continues to function is beyond me. I hope the Moxites can exert some pressure on the appropriate powers that be, and perhaps offer Katie additional support … I know she is afraid people are losing interest. Thanks for spreading the word, Mox.

  5. I’m so glad you posted this. I started reading Katie’s blog when Henry was in the hospital. The whole ordeal is just too much…I don’t know how Katie can deal with it every single day.

  6. wow I haven’t read all of the story yet but it’s making me just sick to see how badly mishandled the case seems to have been. My heart just aches for this mother…. Do you know if she’s tried to contact anyone at any of the big news agencies? Getting her story on 20/20 or something like that seems like it could really help. Is “Unsolved Mysteries” still out there?

  7. What about lifetime? It seems like the kind of story they would make a movie out of. And if they were doing it I would think that kind of exposure and pressure might spur the police to action. Do you know if she has explored any avenues like that?

  8. Hi Moxie, it has gotten even worse in the last couple days. The DA and sheriff closed the case without ever talking to her, even though she has requested in writing numerous times for information and she has offered them lots evidence including her son’s cell phone records and texts. Witnesses have come out of the woodwork all eager to offer evidence on his final hours, on the beating itself, and the DA and Sheriff have refused it. Now, as of today, there’s reports that the DA is offering the media a scoop to the story, and he didn’t even have the balls to contact the mom personally to say the case was closed. He sent it in a letter in the mail. Please, do you have any media contacts. Is there anything you can do, as a well known blogger, to run this up to the media. I seriously don’t know why this isn’t getting more media coverage but one thing is clear. Katie Granju is being selectively, deliberately ignored by her local DA, and it will take a lot of pressure from outside media to get these a**holes to do their job. Someone leaked the DA/Sheriff’s emails recently which let on that they are privately being very cavalier and unprofessional about this case. (in one email they stated they wished Granju would just “shut her mouth.”) I’m hoping the sea of mama voices around the country can help her. Thanks!

  9. Thank you. I don’t know Katie personally but am one step removed (used to live in the same town, and several of my good friends from that time in my life are hers). She’s a wonderful person, and her story is horrifying.

  10. I’m sorry. Tragic loss.But he was 18 years old and elected to ingest drugs.
    Not a child, not a murder.
    But I’m sure for those parents who did have children who were murdered, which were actually children, and actually murdered . . . well, they understand the sense of loss and will graciously dismiss the hyperbole.

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  12. So Sorry, are you saying that the penalty for drug abuse is death? Because that is what is sounds like. Henry did not deserve to die, and shame on you for being a victim-blaming fool.

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