Checking in, since I’ve been missing for a few days

I made an offer on a house in Ann Arbor! Now we just wait and see if the sellers accept. If I get this house I'll put up pictures so everyone can see. There are some hilarious features…

I'm back in NYC this week, working for a client and in the office, and then packing up and moving next weekend. I've been thinking so much about what I'm going to miss and what I'm not going to miss at all. I hope someday I can be happy to come back here, but on the approach and landing to get back here today I was just dreading it.

And I miss driving. I rented a car for the two weeks I was there looking for a place to live, and ended up with a Ford Fiesta. When I saw it I thought it was a teeny little thing, but that car had a surprising amount of pickup. I outran a BMW, and intimidated a big pickup truck into getting out of my way, and enjoyed driving it more than I've enjoyed other small rentals I've had in the last few months. I wish I could have brought it back for this last week so I don't have to face the subway again.

This week is going to be tricky with all my homework, too. Sigh. I'd better go to bed.

What are your challenges this week?


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  1. Honestly, being a native Californian (now living in the Chicago suburbs), I couldn’t live without my car. I love the *idea* of public transit, but having to use it exclusively would do me in.I am so happy for you, Moxie. I hope you get your house.
    I have two challenges this week, one that is pretty dumb and one that I think is reasonable. The dumb one is that I’m leaving on Saturday for a week in SoCal that includes visiting family and going to BlogHer San Diego. It’s the first time I’ve left my son for more than one night, and I’m FREAKING OUT.
    My second challenge is related to the timing of my current freelance project, as well is trying to get more projects.

  2. My challenge this week is to finish all the things I was supposed to do while off for 9 weeks this summer. Including getting the 2 kids back on schedule to get up early enough to get into work on time. Too bad I have about 10 projects that aren’t going to get finished!

  3. My challenge this week is working full-time for the next 3 days with no childcare. I work from home but still.My nanny was scheduled to be on vacation this week but the Spanish camp I had my son enrolled in, was canceled due to low enrollment. 🙁 Luckily my mom is coming out on Thursday so I just have to juggle things until then.
    Sadly my nanny did not show up on Friday at all and did not return any calls or texts. 🙁 Her last day was going to be next Friday because school/preschool is starting. But honestly her not showing up was the last straw. She was several hours late on 2 separate days last week. So I am going to call and tell her we no longer require her help next week. Which is going to suck but I have had it.
    Wow….holy rambling vent Batman! Sorry about that. Now off to get some work done before the kids wake up.

  4. So happy for you Moxie! Are you going to buy a car once you get settled? Let’s talk about vehicles one of these days…ok? I’d love to know what your readers are driving!My challenges this week: found a yicky lump…drs appt at noon today..poor hubby is taking off more time from work to cover the kids. My little girl is having her first cavity filled today at 3:30 and is very nervous…damn it…maybe I should have pushed the flouride! I thought I was doing the right thing at the time but now both kids have a cavity at 4 1/2.

  5. Really happy for you Moxie!!Challenges this week: today is my first day back at work after last week’s vacation. ‘Nuff said.

  6. It’s so exciting to follow these tremendous changes in your life! Love!!!My challenge this week is continuing to work a lot on complex and time-sensitive projects, but with (still!) no daycare until Thursday. And get along with/entertain the 3.5 yo at the same time. Daycare has been closed since 7/13, and we’re starting to get a little tetchy with each other despite a week-long trip to Grandma’s.

  7. So glad the move is working out Moxie! My challenges for this week: it’s Sunday night & I don’t know yet whether I have a carpool partner for the next 2 weeks of daycamp; my boss is still out of town for another 2-3 weeks and we have insane project volume including one really big one blowing up due to a vendor problem; the family stress around trying to get my sister on her feet now that her cancer treatment is completed; there’s a bunch of stupid admin stuff to track related to our re-fi (forms & such); and holy crap there’s a lot to do before the new school opens in the fall, but at least there’s an awesome group of parents to get to know and work with on that one! Onward…

  8. Getting packed and dropping kids with grandparents and then relaxing enough to enjoy a kid-free vacation with hubby for a week in Hawai’i (don’t hate me!) and then waiting 6 months for a healthy baby #3 to arrive.

  9. Again, I LOVE Ann Arbor. So freaking excited for you all!Challenges this week… there are a few. I spotted 2 VERY suspicious moles on my MIL’s back and my scientist Husband agrees that we should get her to the doctor immediately so that’s weighing on me.
    Also, I’m in the 2 week window and get to test on Thursday and hoping to conceive our second little one.
    I start with a new trainer on Tuesday and pretty scared shitless about the World of pain I will be in because he’s a hard ass – the kind this soft, flabby ass needs.
    Trying to stay supportive but neutral to friends that are talking about divorcing.
    Finally, to continue working on my food/binge eating disorder issues. Lots to do at work too! Busy week ahead. Hope it’s a really good week for everybody 🙂 xoxo

  10. Trying to get huge translation done by beginning of august. Trying to finish editing book who is very ill. Mad 1 year old who will not sleep nap eat etc. Losing patience with everyone and thing….. Sorry for ranting. Just sick and tired of everything at the moment. Good luck, moxie!

  11. So happy for you!My challenges are a 2 y/o recovering from and a 5 y/o in the ugly stages of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. They can’t be around other people for another four days. That’s what I hate most about having sick kids, not being able to go anywhere. My husband and I are hoping we don’t get it before we leave on vacation in eight days.

  12. Good luck with the house!! Exciting!My challenge for the week is all about money. I work part-time during the school year and don’t get paid over the summer, so by this point in the summer we are really hurting. Like can’t pay all the bills. And we are going on vacation this weekend (something we paid for back in the spring after getting tax return) which will be WONDERFUL (ahh… cottage on beach on Cape Cod with no TV or internet) but also feels kinda crazy given financial situation. But it is what it is, and I will have a laid-back week of doing a little tutoring and babysitting, packing and preparing, and playing with my son of course!

  13. I can’t believe I’m the only one saying this–my challenge is this horrendous heat we’ve been having. Between the heat and the air quality spending more than a few minutes outside just isn’t an option (I have asthma). So I’m stuck inside, trying to come up with things to do to entertain the kidlet. Plus I’m super-grumpy because I’m not getting enough oxygen, and I haven’t been able to exercise because just walking around the house leaves me out of breath. Hopefully the new parts for my nebulizer will be coming soon so I can be a little more active.

  14. Deciding if I should attempt to save my (improving) marriage by accepting the incredible offer I have in-hand from Austin, TX. Move would be away from family :(. DS is 4.

  15. waiting to hear if C wins a huge deal that would set us up for the rest of the year financially. If it doesn’t he will have to hustle and get on the road to sell…Fingers crossed.

  16. @Moxie – I’m so happy for you! And I can’t wait to read all about the changes and adjustments. From NYC to Ann Arbor… sounds like the makings of some good blog fodder! ;-)My challenges are mainly my physcial therapy for my knee (still needing to go, and at $25 copay each time, it’s killing my budget) and my 4 yo daughter in a “fun” stage of pushing all the boundries, with her 2 yo brother in a totally monkey-see-monkey-do stage. If I hear the word “never” from either of them one more time, I may very well have my own meltdown!

  17. I have a four month old that is spending at least half the night waking up every 45 – 60 minutes. When will it end!? AUGHHH. At least my husband and I are taking shifts to manage but it’s been like this for a few weeks and I know sometime the baby has to sleep better but ACK.

  18. Three year old and a newborn… neither will sleep alone. Thank goodness I didn’t have the new guy first or I would have been terrified of parenting. Off topic, my apologies, but does anyone have any advice or kmowledge about spitting up? He is forcefully spitting large quantities about once a day. The dr said not to worry after the first time, but its happened four times now.

  19. We’re packing up this week for a two week vacation to see the in-laws. First cross country flight with both kids. Wish us luck! We’re thrilled to be escaping the heat, though. So my challenge is to get the house cleaned and all our stuff packed in the next day and a half.

  20. Right now I’m just trying not to lose it on my almost-4-year-old all the time. I hear you @caramama about pushing boundaries… The yelling “no” in my face and throwing whatever is nearby across the room when she’s mad? Yeah, I could really live w/o that. And I just had a huge fight w/ my husband yesterday because he thinks we should start spanking her.In other news, yay, Moxie! I’m so happy things will be easier for you soon! Good luck this week!

  21. Work is asking me to max out my skills on a misguided project just as I seem to be slipping into a depression.I’m sad that my summer effectively ends in two weeks and there are days I won’t ever get back.

  22. We have a challenging neighbor kid, who happens to be the best buddy of our kid. This child is begging for some stronger boundaries and limit setting, imo. The child can often be very disrespectful to grownups and seems to like to throw things and shoot things at my spouse, which is unacceptable. We are at our wits’ end and it is starting to put a strain on our relationship with our neighbor, which is a relationship we value. It’s a delicate situation and I am not comfortable going into more details here, but short of not allowing our kid to play with this kid, which isn’t fair to anyone, we don’t know what to do.

  23. I’m doing better since the heat has broken.I gave the 2.5 year old the choice that he can stop using diapers or stop nursing because I can’t do both anymore. He was out of diapers for a few weeks and then just…lost interest? I don’t know why exactly, but I am done.
    6 more weeks of summer, and then I’ll have a Kindergartener. I think we’ve squared away childcare (thank you, afternoon Kindergarten for making that hard).

  24. ooh, exciting about the house. good luck with that, and the work, homework, packing, subway, moving, whew!turns out we don’t get school choice. trying to figure out if we should stretch ourselves by renting in good school district & try to rent our house out, or try again w/1st grade teachers. I’m due to send an email to the acting principal at current school about our son’s needs for first grade, and every time I try to write it, it seems ludicrous that I need to even ask for a positive nurturing teacher, and I can’t get my heart around sending him back to a place where he wasn’t emotionally safe last year.
    we’re also back from a week at the beach which was great, first time traveling w/another family, kids did great, and we had a nice time, but parents are more negative & controlling than we’d realized, so regrouping and transitioning to normal life again. I miss the ocean!

  25. Moxie, I’m so happy for you! I still remember how joyful I felt when I set off on the cross-country drive that brought me back to the part of the country that feels most like home. There are things I liked and still miss about where I was living, but still… this is home.Anwyay, my challenge this week: my husband and I had a giant fight on Saturday, while out on a rare date night (major date night fail). I need to figure out how much is just sleep deprivation, due to the toddler not sleeping well recently, and how much is a real issue that needs to be addressed. And then how to address the real issue, which we’ve tried several times before to fix. A full explanation would be a blog post of its own, but it boils down to a mismatch in sleep needs (I need more than everyone else in the family, apparently- not that I get it), different expectations about chores and what should “count” as a chore, different things that relax us after chores are done. I thought we had this worked out, and then he said something at dinner that indicated that, no we had not. And I lost my cool. (That last bit may be the sleep deprivation….)
    Also, I need to figure out how to stay focused at work when I feel so sad and depleted over this. I guess I’m failing at that since I’m typing this comment instead of tackling the next item on my to do list.
    I guess on the bright side, we both want to fix this and stay married. So that’s something.

  26. I am definitely excited to have Moxie in my neck of the woods. Woohoo! Good luck with the house.Challenges of the moment: Dealing with all of the work I have to do at work . . . Mondays often seem overwhelming. Dealing with a 10 mo who decides that 5:15am is an awesome wake up time (at least for today). Pumping. Being the only person at work (my co-worker in on vaca). Wish I could be outside.
    But at the end of the day, you have the life you have. Got to make the best of it. At least I got to eat the first pesto of the season for lunch!

  27. None in particular this week. Were moving too ( London), and last week was hectic. This week is just relaxing and doing some last minute things. Last week the movers came, we had something on every night and the was a whole lot of running round to doctors, accountants etc. Plus DH and I are training for a marathon in September and had our longest run yesterday at dawn ( 32 kms). This week I just need to make a list of the things we forgot when the movers were here and then say goodbye to a few more friends.

  28. Congrats! Hope they take the offer and the closing is a smooth one.Today I let my son were sparkly (clear but sparkly) nail polish to summer camp. I had some on over the weekend and he wanted to wear it, too. I feel like I should have said no because he’s too young to understand why some other kids might make fun of him for it. I prepped him with nail polish is usually only worn by girls and people might wonder why you are wearing it but he said with no hesitation he would say because I want to. Still it feels like the emotional equivalent of letting him play in traffic. 🙁

  29. My challenges this week: finish moving my stuff out of the house since I left my husband a week ago. Get settled in to the new (MUCH smaller) place. Get the old place cleaned up (at least we were renting). Get my son ready for school to start (Aug 3)and attend his back-to-school rally on Thursday. Try to figure out what I need to do to keep him in the same school even though I moved to a different district (principal is not very helpful, but the staff and teachers are great and my son wants to stay there). Dentist appointment for my son, doctor’s appointment for me, divorce paperwork to work on, need to find a therapist and then figure out how to pay for it, full-time work, not enough leave to cover everything…I think I need to make a list, prioritize, and accept that some things just won’t get done. And the heat and humidity are kicking my butt.

  30. Hope you get the house, Moxie.@Cloud- hubbie and I have same fight over and over. Am waiting until our little one sleeps for longer than 2 hours at a stretch before even thinking about tackling that battle.
    @ Mogget- sorry to hear you are getting divorced. Don’t know if you’ve had a therapist before but there are many nowadays who will do a sliding scale.
    My current (constant) battle is that we’re so fricken poor I spend hours each day strategizing how we’re going to get to the next paycheck.

  31. @mom2boy: I let my DS wear nail polish all the time (fingernails and toe nails) in the summer, but admittedly, we live in a pretty cosmopolitan college town, which is quite tolerant of eccentricities. I figure it’s not my job to censor on behalf of society–I want to be that safe place for them. But only you know the safety of your hometown.My challenge is not to be the grumpiest pregnant lady in the world–not only did I not plan #3, but I can’t even hide it at work for 3 months: I’m petite and have no torso, so womb can only push out. I wish I had less nosy coworkers…
    Good luck Moxie! I hope the house is yours soon!

  32. @mom2boyI hear where your coming from! Son is 6.5 and about to go into a new school in a new country. Today I had to say ‘no’ flat out to the request for a bright pink Winx umbrella. I felt awful having to say no, but he has had a good run for the last 6 years with nail polish (well, only a couple of fingers but it was pink) and girly braceletes and Hello Kitty paraphenalia.
    There is nothing wrong with not wanting your poor kid ostracised, or at least not yet.

  33. I’m getting ready to pack up for a camping trip while finishing up a manuscript to send out to the coauthors before I leave! And DD2 is cutting 2 incisors. Yeeks – better get back to work.Good luck everyone!

  34. Good luck Moxie! I visited Ann Arbor once and thought it was a really cool area.Challenges? I’m unemployed right now (it’s okay, it’s not a traumatic thing) and we’re going on vacation out of town for most of August, so I’m not starting a job search until after the kids are settled into school. So my challenge is to stay calm and loose and not get all wound up about the looming job search. I just want to enjoy these precious days with my girls–every day is so fantastic! I was never a SAHM, and I’ll be happy to return to earning a wage, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love, love, love these beautiful days. So I just want to stay present and enjoy them.

  35. Starting a new, full time, job tomorrow after being a SAHM for 4 1/2 years. I’m nervous, excited, did I mention nervous? Acckkk.

  36. @MelanieTM, good luck! I’ve been a SAHM for 6 years and need to get back, very nervous about that.@Cloud, sorry about the fight, I’m similar in sleep needs, and sometimes husband and I fall back into this old worn groove of crappy communication & behavior, ugh. hope you’re able to work it out soon.

  37. Moxie, good luck with the house. This sounds like such an exciting new chapter for you.@Mogget: I’m sorry about the divorce. Hang in there. Thinking of you.
    I’m worrying about my son’s cardiology appointment tomorrow. He’s six weeks old and has already had two heart surgeries (for an aortic coarctation/hypoplastic arch) and a stroke after the second one. They saw something funny on a test last week and are bringing him in tomorrow to be sedated so they can have a better look at his heart and aorta. I’m terrified that they’ll tell us he needs more surgery.

  38. @Cloud — It’s okay. Being tired is so hard, and date nights are sometimes destined to fail. It’s awful because you feel as if you blew your chance to heal and connect with your guy. But it’s okay.

  39. My main challenge is the almost 4 year old DS who is whooping my ass. It is so bad right now it’s a miracle when I look around and realise I haven’t yelled at him in an hour. And, it’s not his fault. We’ve just moved, we’re in a new house, we’re looking for a new nanny so at the moment we just have a string of temp babysitters, and he’s going to be starting a new preschool in a few weeks. It’s A LOT for him to deal with. And I’m tired too because the 8 month old is teething like crazy, and I’m unpacking and studying for a big exam this fall and, oh yes, I’m due to launch my new business in September. So I don’t really have the reserves to deal patiently with his utter shittiness right now. Did I mention that yesterday DS bolted away from a playground we were at and while I tried to chase him down I slipped (while carrying the baby), broke two toes, and knocked one of the baby’s new teeth loose? The blood was horrific. The words I said to my son in the aftermath were worse. Today, he bit the babysitter. We are in a vicious spiral.End vent. Will start fresh tomorrow.

  40. @Jac, sometimes I think it is good for kids to realize that somethings- like bolting away from you- can have serious consequences. Go easy on yourself for the words you said. Just apologize, explain, and move on. As you say tomorrow is a fresh start. I hope it gets easier for you!@Nikki, I’m hoping you get good news tomorrow. That is rough.

  41. Congrats Moxie on the house offer and your soon big move! It’s so exciting that it’s all coming together.Challenges this week: crazy week with work co-hosting an Art of Hosting event for the next 4 days, and being hyper-emotional about DS’s last week at daycare. I love love love his daycare. Even though he has been a behavioural nightmare there and at my house for the past 6 months, the teachers have been fabulous. I will miss them and the wonderful learning environment he has had since he was 18 months. I’m also trying to get ready for a 4 day road trip/camping trip next week – yes vacation with my boy for a week! while I try to get organized, I ask myself why I am doing this, why not just rent a cottage for a week. Besides money, I hope he grows to love camping and nature. And it’s something he doesn’t do with dad (not a reason I know) but I can’t compete with Disney trips, etc.
    Interesting to read everyone’s challenges – lots of exciting things happening.

  42. Getting ready for first cross-country flight with almost-six-month-old baby boy. Said 10-day trip will involve visits with college friends, in-laws, and my family, in three different locations. Trying to be equitable with time at each location. Anticipating need to keep baby from being overwhelmed by very eager, very loving, family members.Also, daycare provider asked today if I could send bigger bottles for baby. I’m already pumping 4 times/day (sometimes 5). I can’t really send more. Hoping that starting solids after vacation will take the edge off his hunger, but am also considering introducing a bit of formula.

  43. @sb- you’re probably at the 6 month growth spurt. This too shall pass…Are you getting lots of protein and water? Those were the two biggies for increasing milk production for me, even w/o pumping more.

  44. @Moxie, I hope your offer is accepted and it becomes your dream home!@Everyone awaiting medical test results – I’m sending out positive thoughts!!
    @MelanieTM – Good luck on your first day of work!
    @Lisa F. – Wishing you peace as you work through the issues with your son’s school.
    @Paola – Hope the move and the marathon go well!!
    @Mogget – Hugs to you. I hope you’re surrounded by love and support IRL at this time.
    @Cloud – Oh hugs, BTDT. I’m sure you’ll get through this phase and will be stronger together for it. It sure sucks though.
    @Jac – We’re living parallel lives. My DS has been a HOLY TERROR this week. He’ll be 4 in exactly 3 months and suddenly he has been acting out in public, tantruming, and having urine accidents after being totally potty trained for a year. There has to be some funky developmental phase/regression/disequilibrium shizz going on is all I can come up with. And my parents are visiting us this week, and they actually got into an argument after dinner about how they should handle their part of DS’s discipline (it kind of made me laugh actually – they’re well-intentioned but my dad never wants to be the bad guy who ever disciplines a child blah blah…)
    And the Montessori preschool in Podunkville still hasn’t told us which days/times DS will be attending starting in 4 weeks, nor have they sent us any kind of written confirmation he’s actually enrolled, though they’ve said so orally and have our deposit and paperwork. DH actually called another Montessori preschool yesterday to get the ball rolling there in case the first one falls through. Actually this could be a blessing in disguise, but argh! I hate how the local businesses here are so lazy about returning phone calls!
    My 21-month old suddenly refuses to fall asleep at night without a fight and a lot of crying. I actually had to consult a couple of the dreaded sleep books. Guess what? They weren’t helpful. Except the one that told me she’s just in a bad phase and I need to wait. Duh.

  45. My challenge this week is getting through until my appointment with the cardiologist on Friday. I’m nearly 8 months pregnant and blacking out. They found out I have atrial fibrillation and on Friday, the doctor is going to try to let me know how I can be treated. Heart problems run in my family. I’m so scared and I can’t stop crying. I want my baby to be safe and healthy and I want to live long enough to see my children grow up. Plus, I feel so weak and ill after a ‘spell’ that it’s making it hard to work. On top of all of that, I will barely be able to take off six weeks maternity leave, as I’m using up so much sick time going to the doctor, so I fear the baby and I won’t get to bond well. Those of you who believe in prayer and read this, please pray for me. I need strength right now.

  46. I’m waiting for amniocentesis results this week. Could come today, could come Friday. The wait has been tough, dealing with the sick to the stomach feeling and trying to move forward with all the other things that need to be done.

  47. A – Do not worry about bonding (easy for me to say, right). You are the baby’s mother. It will happen.I’m not a big believer in all that instantaneous bonding stuff. I had c-sections and didn’t see my first son until he was many hours old. We’re super-bonded (sometimes a little too much). I know plenty of people whose babies were in the NICU and they’re bonded. I even know a woman who only took 2 weeks of maternity leave and all worked out just fine.

  48. I feel like I cannot get ahead at work. I am in sales and the pressure is immense, and my DD has decided to stop sleeping at night.So basically I’m tired and feel like I am not very good at anything right now. 🙁

  49. Yay on making an offer on a house!Over here, the challenge is ramped up to 11/10 this week. DH went to the ER Sun night and is still at the hospital. So, it’s been the big emotional/dog/kid/taking care of everything shuffle over here. We have some amazing neighbours who have been lifesavers.
    A little break in the craziness this morning as DH’s pain & fever are gone. They’re in the process of confirming that he has viral meningitis. So, now I’m on the Dr. Google research to see what implications this may or may not have for DS & I (and DH in the future) and also for what we may have to do in the future to ensure we can decrease the likelihood of a recurrence. Of course, we’ll get the actual info from the doctors too. But I feel a bit more prepared now to ask more focused questions.
    I’m happy to say that some of the emergency preparedness stuff we put into place (since one of the last posts on Ask Moxie) came in handy. We felt more secure knowing that our wills were finalized, among other things. But we’ve come up with some new stuff too. Like keep an over night hospital kit pre-packed (contact solution etc.), and post a list inside the medicine cabinet of what to bring to the hospital when an overnight stay is likely. We have enough of these (overnight stays) to make this a practical measure, not an over-prepared one.
    I’m breathing a sigh of relief that DH seemed much more like himself this AM. DS seems to be managing OK. I think he’s a little confused as to where papa is. We made a video this am of DS singing the alphabet song, so I could show it to DH. Naturally, it was a hit.
    @Cloud, Totally get where you’re coming from. I’m always doing these assessments too (sleep deprivation vs. issue to discuss?). Hang in there. Just the fact that the two of you are committed to working it out goes a long way I think in resolving whatever needs to be resolved. I really wish there was some way for the person not having all of the sleep deprivation to really understand what it’s like. Especially the build up of it being for years, not just a day or two, here or there.
    @Jac, Ditto what @cloud said. Hang in there. Big hugs to you from over here.

  50. My challenges this week are:1. packing and selling stuff before our move on Aug 10 (including figuring out what to ship to and what to put in storage for our one year sabbatical in asia)
    2. my 2 yr 9 moth old who doesn’t want to go to bed (have y’all read that poem “go the f*ck to sleep?” that’s the story of my life. every. night.)
    3. my 4 month old who has hit her sleep regression. actually she is so advanced she hit it at 12 weeks.
    4. being supportive of my poor husband who is being stretched in all different directions with work responsibilities, family responsibilties, and our social responsibilities.
    5. trying to work on my own project so that i can give an academic paper in italy at the end of the summer.

  51. Sending good sleep vibes to you all! No matter what the issue, a lack of sleep makes it a lot harder to manage.

  52. My husband is in freakin’ SOUTH AFRICA since last Wednesday. I’m so glad he’s had this opportunity, but with 3 young boys and PPD that continues to haunt me semi-regularly, it has felt at times like an overwhelming task. That being said, my parents have had the baby for a handful of days, which has helped a LOT.The other (more serious) stresser is, after T left for South Africa, my Mom found out she has to have an endoscopy on her stomach because she’s lost almost 30 pounds over the past few months, for no apparent reason. It’s probable that it is a bad bacterial infection (she has NO other symptoms), but it’s still freaking scary and pretty much my worst nightmare … my Mom getting sick and finding out about it while my husband is on another freakin’ continent.

  53. @ A., and everyone with sick kids, moms, partners, selves – sending you so much support and healing wishes. I can imagine how scary it must be. Just be good, really really really good to yourselves, as good as you can be, and try to let some of the worry go (for A., ditto what @ SarcastiCarrie said – don’t worry about bonding. Just keep yourself in the best mental and physical place possible. And be gentle on yourself…)Take big, brave breaths, and ask for lots of help. Thinking of you!

  54. @Moxie – I am delighted to hear about your move and what sounds like it will soon me a great new house for your family!I live in Vermont and honestly when I read about parenting in NYC I literally get a case of the vapors. The tiny apartment up X flights of stairs, navigating public transportation 5 times a day, the crowds, the expense, etc. I know millions of parents do it but as a country girl, it’s all but unimaginable.
    Ann Arbor is gorgeous. I believe this will be a wonderful transition for you. Onward and upward!

  55. My 3 year old Evil Knievel had a bike accident and smashed his teeth. All of his top teeth are loose and 5 bottom teeth are in totally new locations all over his mouth. It looks like his jaw folded in. After 4 hours in the ER…apparently there’s nothing to be done except get used to the new inbred-meth-smile.Worst, he can’t suck his thumb at night. Therefore, he won’t sleep.

  56. Six weeks pregnant with #2 and nauseous all. day. long.House painters taped off our windows with plastic yesterday, which seems to make my nausea worse. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Increased claustrophobia during the first trimester? I’ve never been claustrophobic before. Could be the smell of the plastic and paint that’s making it worse? I do seem to be smelling everything bad under the sun these days.

  57. Anna, my mom developed claustrophobia when she was pregnant with my youngest sister. I do think that the smell must be contributing, too — I was sensitive to every smell when I was pregnant, and fresh air definitely helped combat the nausea. Try to spend as much time outside the house as you can, and remember that carbs are your friend for staving off nausea!

  58. @Cloud, thanks for the good wishes.Thought I should update about our cardiology appointment since it’s not really fair to leave a cliffhanger like that out there. The test confirmed that there’s something odd about the site where he had his surgery. They think it’s just a little wrinkle in the GoreTex patch they used (yes, my 7-week-old son is the bionic man) but are going to do an MRI to confirm. So the question of more surgery is still hanging there, and now we have to wait two more weeks for the MRI (with a full anesthetic) to get more answers. I’m grateful that it’s not an emergency but still pretty scared.

  59. We just completed a major road trip with my 10 month old. Hours of driving, followed by hours at the aquarium, more driving, unfamiliar house and family, more driving, photo shoot with all her cousins, more driving, first swim in a big pool, more driving, mall shopping, more driving, a trip to the water park, more driving, more driving, more unfamiliar people and places, more driving and HOME! And she. did. amazing. I have never been prouder both of my parenting skills (I anticipated a whole lot of needs, staved off some major meltdowns, and lost sleep to make sure we timed things right) or of my daughter’s ability to adapt to new and uncomfortable situations. So hang in there everybody! It might not be as bad as you think 🙂

  60. wow Ann Arbor! I had no idea. Ann Arbor is a great town, we live just outside in the equally cool city of Ypsilanti!. Good luck on your move.

  61. I have to comment in the Fiesta – I *nearly* bought one a few years ago because it was just fun to drive. A great little car. However, I ended up buying a Honda Jazz for its tardis-like interior. It is amazing what can be packed into that car – it is the go-to vehicle for any trip to ikea.As for challenges, well – it’s mostly toddler-sleep stuff, pretty run of the mill really.

  62. As a mawrter living in A2, just wanted to say welcome! It is such a great place to study, work and live. wishing you all the best in this transition.

  63. Super late to this thread (been doing some moving of my own… Ann Arbor is fabulous. I miss it dearly. Would move back in a heartbeat, but I haven’t been able to convince my husband to do it, sigh.

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