Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Even those of you not in the US who don't really care and don't get the day off.

(Look down at the previous post for vents if you're having a bad day, and down at the post before that for talk about gifts, handmade gifts, and venting about commercialism.)

Today I am really thankful that I

  • am healthy
  • have an awesome job with a company that makes video games that teach math to kids. Some days my whole job is showing people how to jetpack. Love. (If your 3-8th grader is bored this weekend, download and register for the tournament and play for free at www.DimensionU.com. They might not even catch on that they're doing math. Muahahahaha.)
  • have two healthy, bright, silly kids
  • am no longer married to their dad, but get along with him well enough that we can write a blog together
  • am spending Thanksgiving with two lovely friends who are a great model of what committed love really is (even though they can't legally get married yet in NY)
  • have been writing this blog for FIVE YEARS this week! Thank you for being here with me!

Now you.


21 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. I am grateful that I finally took steps to deal with my PMDD and for modern medicine, which will help me and my family get relief.I am grateful for my husband, who works so hard so I can stay home with our son.
    I’m so grateful for my little boy, he is the absolute light of my life.
    I’m grateful for this community.
    I’m grateful for wonderful friends who will share our Thanksgiving this year–having the amazing community of friends I do makes living across the country from family so much easier.

  2. I’m thankful for-my family, especially my two beautiful little girls.
    -a solid roof over our heads and a nice warm fire in the wood stove.
    -my new sewing machine.
    -teaching children to make stuff.
    I’m very thankful that we don’t have to go anywhere in this horrible weather!

  3. I am thankful for modern medicine that allowed me to have my two beautiful girls, and that is helping my Dad fight cancer right now. I am thankful for my wonderful husband, and the life we have built together in this city. I am thankful for family and friends, old and new. I am thankful for being able to work part-time and feeling financially secure enough. I am thankful for technology that lets us skype with my parents in Germany on a regular basis.

  4. Happy 5th Anniversary Moxie!Well, we had Thanksgiving back in October. But I am definitely thankful today that I still have my job. Most of our department was laid off this morning, including my boss.
    And I am thankful for my immediate family, my extended family, my friends, and all of you here who have saved my sanity more than once. 2010 has not been a great year on many fronts, but I’m still amazed how much joy my son brings into my life. Even the worst seems bearable with him around.
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US. Hope you are all surrounded by good food and loved ones.

  5. I am thankful for my radiant child and that my complaints are largely trivial in the grand scheme of things.I’m quite thankful to have met such a lovely community in this blog; reading the thoughtful posts and interesting comments is a light in my life. Thanks, Moxie!

  6. I am most thankful for my husband, who is a true partner in raising our child. And for the fact that he didn’t yell at me when I lost it this morning, and just gave me a hug and said “I know it’s hard.”I am also thankful for being able to work part-time and being financially secure while spending lots of time with the babe.
    I am thankful for my husband’s shiny new job which he LOVES. It’s the first time in years I’ve seen him excited about a job. It makes a huge difference.
    And of course, thankful for BabyT. She is my sunshine.

  7. I’m thankful for so much. What a great opportunity to focus on the good! The bad seems so overwhelmingly huge sometimes.I’m thankful for:
    – My healthy, curious, funny, super-smart 13-month-old, who startled the ped yesterday by rocking her doll and saying “Aw, baby” as clear as day. She may be up coutless times a night and walking isn’t anywhere in sight, but she amazes us with her lightening-quick smarts and her thirst for knowledge.
    – My husband, who may drive me nuts, but loves baby and me and lets us know it every day.
    – My family, who are always there for us and never, ever complain.
    – My friends, who help me get through this mother stuff and make me feel human. Good lord, where would I be without them???
    – Being able to stay at home with baby, with a little freelance on the side.
    – Our home, and the things in it that help keep us warm, happy, entertained, comfortable, and together.
    – And all you women out there, on this site and others, who help me feel like I’m doing a good job and can get through the rough times. You’ve been a source of comfort and consolence. I’ve a spot in my heart for the collective lot of you.

  8. Happy 5th Anniversary!Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
    I am thankful that my 2.5 year old DS is finally talking and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It feels great to finally have a family holiday again. He was radiant, happy and had a wonderful time. We were so scared for so long that he would not talk and all his cranky behavior were signs something else was wrong. It is amazing to see this wonderful boy emerging.
    So thankful this year. :o)

  9. Thankful for this miraculous past week in which our 4.75 y.o. daughter initiated and went to time out/time away all by herself for the first time since two years of trying to use time out for her explosiveness. We REALLY are seeing the 5 years light at the end of the tunnel!Thankful for our new and truly loving friends in our new city. And to think, I didn’t want to reach out, “AGAIN.”
    Thankful for a husband who is funny, forgiving, creative, and as much a mommy as a daddy.
    Thankful for our warm home and the choices we have in life.
    thankful for the loving people here on moxie, you make the world go round!

  10. I’m thankful that my nearly-5YO son doesn’t actually have whooping cough! There was an outbreak at his preschool and despite being vaccinated, he was showing symptoms. So I am devoutly thankful his lab results came back negative for pertussis.I’m also thankful for my silly, smart, always-laughing 5YO and my sweet, loving, absent-minded, and supportive husband. The wolf may be at our door, but we have each other, and that makes all the difference.

  11. I am hoping to be thankful for a speedy recovery on my husband’s part. He seems to have picked up a stomach bug, and we’re set to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow (cuz Thursday is just a work day in Denmark).I have my 10.5 kg. (23 lb.) turkey, and it needs to be eaten. Well, it needs to be cut and half, and one half roasted and eaten, the other in the freezer for Christmas.
    I am thankful to have friends (one is even American) to share our holiday with, and to have a fun tree-lighting ceremony to go to with my 4-y.o. tonight.
    Happy anniversary, Moxie! I thank you and this very good and christian (with a small c) group for the collective wisdom, sweetness, sympathy and hilarity. Such a unique find.

  12. What a whirlwind year this has been for my family. Oh, the things that I have learned. After 8 years of being in one place, having an amazing job, amazing friends, a beautiful home, we have leapt back into the military life. Or rather, we have been reminded that we were a part of it.I am INCREDIBLY thankful for all of the men and women I see around me daily now, serving this great country. Missing their friends and families, especially around the holidays. I am grateful that we still have a voluntary force, that there are youth who still feel the call of patriotism in their soul. Frankly, I am humbled by them.
    And having finished an amazing book this week by Xinran, I am so incredibly grateful that a woman in China cared enough about my daughter to place her on the street, so that she would end up in an orphanage, instead of immediately killing her when she was born, as is most often the case, because of her gender. Every moment of every day, I am grateful to her.

  13. I have had one of the most wonderful Thanksgivings ever after a pre-Thanksgiving week of nerves and tears and yuck. I am thankful for my friends who are my family, my family who are my friends, for hot chocolate and fresh baked cookies, for the sound of laughter in my house and a Florida State win.

  14. Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary, Moxie! Keep up the great work. Your site continues to inspire and inform.I am thankful for:
    –My wonderful husband who works his tail off to give us a comfortable home, opportunities for fun extracurricular adventures, and some financial freedom to allow me to take my time finding the perfect new job.
    –My 2yo son’s great new daycare situation. He started for the first time 5 weeks ago and he loves it already!
    –My sweetie-pie DS who brightens my day, gives great hugs, and sleeps like a champ (when he’s not sick).
    –My mom for staying with me until my husband returns from overseas. She cooks dinner and takes sleep shifts so I can be “off duty” every other night. Does it get any better?!
    –My new Montana town. What a warm and welcoming place, with so many fun and free activities for toddlers that it’s sometimes hard to choose what to do. Let it snow!

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