Not flu…

Strep throat.

I had some fever-dream insights about toddler tantrums that I'll try to get up soon.

This prednisone is going to make me blow up like a marshmallow, isn't it?

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  1. i had prednisone for Bells Palsy (can’t remember the dosage) and the puffiness wasn’t the worst. It was the EXTREME LETHARGY. It wasn’t until years later when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy that I could finally compare it to something!Sorry Mox! 🙁

  2. Oh, crap, lethargy? He gave me 7 days’ worth, but I may only take them for a day or two until I’m over the hump. While complying fully with the antibiotic prescription, of course.And thanks for the sympathy.

  3. Waitaminute – they prescribed prednisone for strep throat? What kind of crazy doctors do you have down there?In all seriousness, if you absolutely must take it, the puffiness only happens if you’re on it for a prolonged period of time. I doubt the treatment duration for strep throat could be longer than a week or two, but I’m not a doctor.
    If you DO want to avoid the puffiness, though, eat lots of foods high in potassium (bananas!) and avoid sodium — the prednisone makes your body retain sodium, which then increases your body’s water retention, which makes you puffy.
    Feel free to bug me (you know how to find me) if you want more deets. And good luck!

  4. It must be really going around. The little monkey had that for 5 days before we got him on antibiotics. UGH. I hope the rest of us don’t get it. Hope you feel better soon!!Marta 🙂

  5. I was on prednisone years ago and I remember being sweaty and ravenous. Fooooood! I just ate and ate and that’s probably why I blew up. heh Course, I was on a drip in a hospital for 4 days and then tapered off for a week so I am sure it was a much higher dosaget than you’re on.

  6. Moxie! After your antibiotics, check out a health food store and get yourself some *probiotics*. I’m not talking yogurt, but an actual supplement. Strep sucks sucks SUCKS, and I’m sorry you got it.Take good care.

  7. So so sorry. Strep is SO painful!I was on prednisone for mono when i was in junior high and would eat and entire recipe of pancakes. made me starving!! And I remember the worst part was the withdrawal – felt like I had cotton in my mouth for several days.
    If I remember right, it was for the pain associated with the swelling. It seems that once the antibiotics kick in you wouldn’t need to use it anymore.

  8. Had it in August at the cottage and waited far too long to see the doctor. I kept hoping it’d get better. I was prescribed only penicillin which started working after the first pill. No steroids.

  9. Poor Moxie!Strep throat is no fun at all. At ALL. I do hope that you’ll feel better soon. Once the antibiotics begin to win the battle you’ll soon feel relief.
    On the Prednisone do remember that with penicillin it’s one of the great Nobel winning wonders of the medical world. Yes,there are side effects but used in the short term it’s a marvel for inflammation and pain. It’s one of the drugs doctors would take to a desert island if marooned there. I got told that in the ER by the consultant.
    I’m so not a doctor and don’t play one on TV but it’s one great and powerful drug.
    When our 18 month old had the anaphylactic shock her eczema flared hours later all over. Literally. She was beside herself with the misery and exhaustion. Horrendous suffering.
    The Prednisone rolled the tide of redness back very fast, like a miracle, and although she was terribly lethargic and sleepy for the 72 hours she was on it that did help her rest and sleep and heal. No nasty after effects at all.
    She didn’t eat on it though. I think she was too traumatised by the allergic reaction while eating to really want to. I had strep throat a lot as a child and I didn’t feel like eating at all.
    Just wanted to say that if you need the Prednisone just take it. You won’t puff up and it might just help you get rest and heal.

  10. strep hurts! sorry! I took a short course of prednisone years ago and it made me feel JUMPY. All tense like a racehorse about to jump out of my skin – it was so weird!

  11. So sorry you have strep! Get well soon.My tolerance for discomfort after having babies is to the point where I got strep a couple of years ago (but didn’t know I had strep), and thought I’d eventually get better. After a month of being very tired and feeling as if I’d never gotten over the sore throat I had, I went to the doctor, who scoffed at the suggestion that I had strep. He took a culture anyway and 5 minutes after I got back to the office he called and confirmed the diagnosis.

  12. Careful with the prednisone – it isn’t something to stop abruptly. As Neil said above, a short course shouldn’t cause too much puffiness. (I’ve had it for asthma and family-members have had it for various skin issues. Works great on inflammation.)

  13. yep, what paula said – if you start it, then take & finish it as prescribed. it shouldn’t be a big deal to stop with such a short course, but it could be, and it’s not worth the risk to quit except as prescribed.sorry you feel like crapola, moxie!

  14. I love prednisone! It fixes what hurts, gives you a little kick of energy… and as long as you’re not on a high dose for a long time you won’t get puffy or eat the whole fridge or anything…

  15. Our Rottweiler mix dog has to take prednisone a couple of times a year for his allergies and it works wonders. However, it makes him crazy thirsty and also a little more grumpy than usual. Our beagle gives him a wide berth during those times.+1 on the not stopping quickly – there is a tapering off thing that the prescription does.
    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  16. Oh, your throat must have been awfully swollen if your doc gave you prednisone. As other’s have said (just confirming here, as an MD) — if you are only on it for a few days (which is what I usually prescribe for someone with a horrible strep) it won’t do much to your physique ;).And yes, it’s up there with my list of wonder drugs. Not that it doesn’t have side effects — every medicine does! — but when used in the right way it’s amazing.
    Feel better soon, dear Moxie!!

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