Oddity: I’m on TV tomorrow

But in only seven cities in the US. I'm still kind of baffled as to how this happened, but my kids' dad and I ended up talking about our co-parenting blog on the test run of The Huckabee Show on Fox. Tomorrow, September 1. 10 am in Boston and Minneapolis, 11 am in Tampa, Noon in NYC and Detroit, and 1 pm in Dallas and Atlanta. The show was completley apolitical, so no fur of any kind flying in any direction. If they put the clip up on the show website I'll link to it Thursday.


27 thoughts on “Oddity: I’m on TV tomorrow”

  1. “Moxie on Fox” is certainly not something I ever thought I’d see in this lifetime! Heh heh!! Seriously though, this really is awesome news and I hope I get to see the web version soon.

  2. That’s..odd. Mike Huckabee has some really, truly appalling political views*, so it’s hard for me to get that excited about him having a good guest or two on his show. And REALLY hard for me to get excited that he has a bigger audience for his views, political or not. It legitimizes him.Also, a prior show with women debating formula or breastfeeding? Can we tune in for next week’s edition of work or stay home?
    *gay marriage akin to legalizing incest for starters.

  3. That’s so awesome! I won’t be able to see it out here in CA, but my mom will definitely be able to view it in FL and she’s a fan, too. Very cool for both you and your ex-husband. Congrats!

  4. Uh. Love the idea of your being on TV. Dislike the idea of your smarts/poise lending credence to the horrid Huckabee, despite the apolitical nature of this episode.

  5. Exciting! I don’t have TV, so I’ll have to hope for a clip.Like earlier commenters, I am not a fan of Mike Huckabee’s social conservatism, but I still think that it’s great that you’re going to be on his show. If you had turned it down on account of politics, well, that would have seemed to me like a pointless stand of the sort that only increases political divides. There are some things– like how to navigate co-parenting when divorced– that lots of people would like to hear your take on and that we should all be able to talk about without so much rancour. And, hey, maybe some shared discourse with those FOX news types can help when we try to talk about the rest.

  6. If a prominent person had called black men rapists and said they shouldn’t be allowed certain rights in our society (say the right to be around children) and suggested we would be better off if they just all went back to Africa, would we call it politics? Or would we say that is beyond what will tolerate in polite society?There is a point at which someone’s rhetoric isn’t about political things about which reasonable people can disagree (say tax rates and seatbelt laws) but rather is hateful and vile and contributes to a society which oppresses people.
    And giving this person a national megaphone for other “non-political” issues legitimizes him. It says that he isn’t a whackaloon hatemonger* who shouldn’t be listened to but rather a civil person with much to contribute who has a legitimate opposing view. The things he and others like him have said hurt my family by their very utterance. To chalk it up to just a difference of politics is absurd.
    *and seriously, he has equated homosexuality with both pedophilia and necrophilia. This is NOT THE SAME as saying you think one-man-one-woman marriage is a tradition not to be messed with.

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