Let’s push ourselves upstream

Have you ever noticed how stressed out everyone gets in August?

People just get tense and on edge. Ready to judge in a heartbeat, ready to be defensive instantly. Online, in real life. I've been hearing about nothing but meanness and hurt feelings for the last week.

I had a post all ready to go this morning, but then stepped back and it just seemed too aggressive to me. Like August Stress is getting to me, too, and I was looking to scold or start a fight. The second-to-last thing I need right now is for someone to be mean to me, and the last thing I need is to be mean to anyone else. So I clicked "Delete" on the whole post.

I feel like we should all do some kind of affirmations right now, to calm our nerves, make it all feel less high-stakes, give ourselves and each other the benefit of the doubt.

What would help you feel that relaxed-but-happy feeling of being in the zone right now?

Where's your happy place and how do you get there?

What kind thing could you do for yourself?

What kind thing could you do for someone else?

54 thoughts on “Let’s push ourselves upstream”

  1. 1. Relaxed and happy? Some encouragement that my new website and visualized Empire might work out.2. My happy place is planning and working on my new Empire with a clear mind.
    3. Really, though, I need a nice run.
    4. I can remember to smile at you, because I’ve got nothing against you, and you have nothing against me, we’re just walking here together.

  2. 1. Well, considering my baby just pretty much weaned himself just a bit before I was ready (are we ever ready?), I could use some sympathy and back patting.2. My happy place is the beach. Or anywhere playing with my kids. Or in bed with my husband. Heh.
    3. I should find time to do yoga. That would be kind to myself.
    4. I will be kind to my husband who just got tasked with being a proposal manager for a proposal due next Monday. I will be kind by taking over probably 90% or more of the childcare/cooking/grocery shopping/etc. for this week with grace and no pressure or resentment of him. I can do this!

  3. Relaxed and happy right now would be simple: I’d like to be able to have the tech support person on the other end of the phone stop transferring me around and believe me when I say, “No, you didn’t install a router at my house.”Yes I am grumpy.
    Happy place? The bed that is calling to my 26-week pregnant self.
    Kind thing to do for myself … the nap counts, right?
    A kind thing to do for someone else, hmmm … I guess I could refrain from getting angry at the above mentioned techie person, who probably gets yelled at entirely too often.
    I’m sure there are better answers for all of the above, perhaps they will come to me when I am not talking to tech support!

  4. You are so right about August. It seems like the heat just makes people desperate.Recently turned up Taj Majal and danced like no one was watching, with only two little ones staring up and trying to dance with me. It does relieve some stress 🙂

  5. I got myself to yoga this morning and it did me a world of good. I need to keep it up once school starts.I’m good at thinking up kind things for others, but not good at following through.

  6. August as the old saying goes is a Wicked Month. AKA the Silly Season here for silly dust-ups where people take umbrage and strange news stories.DH is changing jobs and has resigned and it’s not sure where he goes next- one thing looks like it’s falling through, the other in the beginning stages, so that’s kind of stressful.
    Then we went out with the wee one on Sunday evening and got burgled.That’s burglarized for US readers. Very August, it’s statistically the most likely. We got off lightly as he got in by breaking a window after climbing a very tall fence but there were no keys in the place and the door was secured with all the locks and dead-bolts.
    So he lined up the stuff he was going to take and then found that climbing with it between his teeth wasn’t a great idea. Thank goodness he did not find the unconventional place where the passports etc were.
    He turned everything upside down and inside out to find the keys, everything. Wore gloves, police got good trainer prints from the mud from the flower bed below. Apparently fancy trainers have distinctive mark. Hmm. Sure.
    That’s way off on a tangent, sorry, but I’ve been kind of stressed since. DH had to travel on business this week so had to leave straight after ( the continuous travel is why he’s changing jobs) so it’s sleepless me and the little one home alone.
    The happy and relaxed place for me right now is my little girl who’s singing to herself and playing as usual and happy to be hugged. And having to keep the meals and all her routine going. Being with her in the park is really a great, great place.
    Also putting everything back in all the cupboards and cleaning up! Very therapeutic. DD thought that was huge fun!
    I bought a portable alarm you set and then run like crazy out of the room before the siren goes off in front of that window and that helps at night.
    * thing for myself : hot bath with bubbles. Really it has gone much colder here in Britain and the nights are cool. And I feel cold too. DD visits me and drops her ducks in( place is child proofed all the way and she’s happy for half an hour as long as she can find me. Then warm pyamas and a hot water bottle.
    Crazy as it sounds it helps my friends , or they say it does, to know what the guy did and didn’t. Like don’t hide stuff under the bed, in drawers, in the mattress, the hamper, under furniture, behind pictures or in the wardrobe ( closet) or freezer.And that it takes only 20 minutes, tops. And to know it’s not the worst thing.
    And it’s made me get off my behind to give away good quality toys and clothes that were outgrown. And some of my scented soap collection. Very surprised burglar I’m sure. We have a woman’s shelter nearby that could really use them an they’ve gone there.
    Sorry to hijack this kind post Moxie, but this was another thing I could do for myself……

  7. Kind thing: I will make my husband go to the gym, and will do our daughter’s bedtime routine on one of “his” nights so that he can go. This sort of sounds like tough love, but he’s always happier and more relaxed after he goes. Without some nudging, he tends to put his work and domestic duties first, and not take care of himself.

  8. Well I have just gotten back from a week’s holiday and are about to head home for a month. YEAH!!! So am feeling pretty happy and relaxed right now actually.Kind thing for me? Totally superficial but get a damn haircut and dye job!
    Kind thing for someone else? Not always think the worst of my MIL

  9. @Wilhelmina – I’m so sorry about your house getting broken into! I’m glad you guys weren’t home at the time and that he couldn’t get out with much stuff. That still must suck to deal with!

  10. @Wilhelmina, sounds awful, but I really enjoyed your account of it. Oh and I didn’t need the translation :)@caramama, weaning is always sad. But I know in your case it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never do it again, right?

  11. I will book myself a massage on a regular basis, now that I have work benefits to cover it.I will stop beating myself up about the 25 pounds I have gained back after losing them last year.
    I will only wear the clothes that are comfortable and LOOK GOOD ON ME even if I only have 3 outfits in my closet that fit that criteria right now.

  12. @paola – Depends if you ask me or if you ask my husband. Sigh. This may be it, which is why I’m extra sad. Hope you have a great vacay and that your flight goes smooth!

  13. Thanks @paola and @Caramama. Paola enjoy that month at home ! Caramama,so sorry that your baby is weaning before you were ready. As you say when are we ready?I hope it’s not too abrupt a process. I shall DD in later years how her stopping cold turkey affected me.Ouch.(-; But as my dear friend said it is why you do the hard thing and nurse and do the demand feeding.
    You feed on demand and when the demand stops, that’s the end. When that comes sooner than you’d hoped that is sad, but it is the end destination you always worked towards.
    So well done and be kind to yourself !I’d slap your back but it might smart in the front, ahem.

  14. I am actually more relaxed today than in a long time. We are making friends! Who live four doors away! And have kids roughly the age of ours!Taking yesterday to just chill and not stress about everything that needed to get done helped. Also, it is cool today!

  15. My husband got a new job this year, which necessitated that we move from my most beloved Durham NC to the metro DC area. I haven’t found a job yet, but I haven’t really been looking too hard. I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old, and I am really confused about what I want in the short term. My husband is working extra hard at work, which leaves me alone a lot. This is not what I bargained for, or signed up for. I had never thought that I would be a SAHM for any length of time.I was getting really resentful and angry that I had to do so much of the housework and baby work and toddler work suddenly. I was very pissy last week, and I found that the irritation I was spewing at my husband was just feeding itself, and instead of making me feel better just made me feel worse. So, to make myself feel better, I am attempting an attitude adjustment. I am trying to be kind, caring, and understanding of DH’s new schedule and the demands of his job, while at the same time remembering to ask for what I need, so that the resentment doesn’t consume us.

  16. We just transferred to a new location (from such a lovely one! where we had friends! where other moms also nursed their 2 year olds!) because of my job. I keep rethinking the decision and imagining our whole family elsewhere, where there were other offers, places I once visited, places where neighbors don’t try to avoid eye contact. (We are in the midwest! Where is the friendliness? Please?!?) I am pissy and weepy, and so is my darling daughter–but that’s because she is going to full time day care for the first time.I’m with @eep: trying very very very hard to make an attitude adjustment to all these changes, to be grateful that husband and I are employed in our professions, to be joyful about my lovely family, and to quit whining. Negativity feeds itself, and it is really hard to break out of.
    Here is to giving it my very best for me and the family. Thanks for reminding me to be kind. . .

  17. Hm, I need this very much today. Feeling the pissiness, though it did not occur to me that it had anything to do with August.What would help you feel that relaxed-but-happy feeling of being in the zone right now?
    Yoga every day and starting maternity leave right about…. NOW.
    Where’s your happy place and how do you get there?
    What kind thing could you do for yourself?
    Yoga once a week and ask DH to take more morning duty.
    What kind thing could you do for someone else?
    I need to show DH some more appreciation and DS some more tolerance for the turmoil that being almost 3 seems to bring him.

  18. 1. Getting this house done. As in landscaping. Finish furnishing it. Make it into a home.2. My happy place is in a good cup of coffee or glass of wine, in good company on a deck or patio and close to nature. I get there by going to my parents cabin at the lake. Or taking a holiday during the long winter months here.
    3. I could book myself regular massages. I really should. I always say that, but then never do. 🙁
    4. Come up with a meaningful volunteering activity that I can do with my three year old, not only to do a good thing for others but also to teach her about giving back.
    All that said, I really don’t find August to be that way. I love August. Its the second month of our short 2 month summer. I live fairly far north… June is still spring and September is autumn. I love July and August!

  19. I think August is stressful because it is the month where we’re all preparing ourselves for September transitions, or trying to. I just accepted tonight that my son will not be ready to start nursery school in two weeks. And just accepting that fact, and trusting my gut about it, has helped me immensely — even though we don’t have the details of child care worked out for the next six weeks, I’m suddenly seeing the possibilities! So that’s the start of getting back to my happy place.I’m sort of reassured that I’m not the only one who’s on edge this month. Tomorrow I’ll be taking the written portion of my French driver’s license exam (eek!). Our home computer just decided to break, as did the faucet on the shower, which will now only spit out cold water. And the hot water is completely turned off in our building for the next three days anyway because August is the month for all routine, annoying maintenance in Paris.
    My happy place would be a hot bath. Ha. At least I’ll be alert for my test tomorrow after taking a cold shower in the morning, right?
    Did I mention the pregnancy hormones are suddenly making me all weepy and unable to deal with stress at the moment?
    Anyway, I’m going to start doing my prenatal exercise videos again, because they do help me feel better.
    I need to appreciate my husband even more for everything he’s doing to keep me sane. Perhaps by anticipating meal planning a bit better this week, and pushing him out the door for a pre-dinner run instead of sending him off to the grocery store.

  20. 1. Getting my son back from his vacation at Grandma and Grandpas! He had a blast and it was good for both he and his sister to be gone, but I missed the little bugger!!2. The beach is definitely my happy place. No question! I usually look at vacation photos and am transported there.
    3. A pedicure or a scrapbook night with my BFF.
    4. A smile and a compliment goes a long way. Need to try to do more of both.

  21. Can I just say how much I love you, AskMoxie, for addressing this? I’m a teacher and a parent of a toddler and I’m expecting baby #2 next month, and — man, oh man — do I feel the stress.My thoughts…
    What would help you feel that relaxed-but-happy feeling of being in the zone right now?
    Trusting the universe that everything will work out in the best way for everyone.
    Where’s your happy place and how do you get there?
    My happy place is the feeling I get after a long run. I can’t quite do that right now, so I need to just accept it and try to get the feeling from a good workout.
    What kind thing could you do for yourself?
    See above. Also, I could stop with the self-judging.
    What kind thing could you do for someone else?
    Random acts of kindness.

  22. August is killing me. I love the weather and my son’s birthday and the freedom before school/work starts again, but financially it is our worst month and we are really screwed money-wise right now. Ugh.Happy place is outdoors- fresh air and sunshine, so we did lots of free outdoor activities this past weekend- hiking, visiting a farm, canoeing. It helped a little.
    Kind thing for me? Haircut and highlights I’m getting tomorrow. Will have to charge them on card I really shouldn’t use, but hey. I can’t go back to work looking like I do!
    Kind things for someone else? Taking care of dinner a few nights so my husband can go for a bike ride, smiles at strangers and cashiers and such, good driving deeds (letting people pull out in front of me and whatnot)
    Thank you for once again having ESP!

  23. Well, it’s winter in Australia so I can’t blame my pissiness yesterday on anything more than a come down to ‘real life’ after a few days of fun. Oh and my baby spewed into the clean laundry basket. Don’t ask.Still in less than a week I’ll be in New Zealand and my happy place right now is thinking about how good it is going to be ditch the baby with her grandma for half a day so I can get on some skis and be up the mountain in cold sunshine! And my kind thing will be to let my husband go skiing for a full day, maybe even a few days – without me pulling jealous faces. Because I know he’s looking forward to getting on his home mountain after too long!

  24. Came on here to look up 3yo’s and wonky naps and found yet another kind and astute post, Moxie!@parisienne mais presque-I just cancelled my son’s enrollment in nursery school this afternoon because he’s not ready either!
    @caramama-It is so very sad when they wean. I’m so sorry!
    @AmeiliaV-Midwesterners can be so stoic and reserved! But don’t give up! You will prevail!
    @Wilhelmina-How awful to get burgled!! I’m so sorry! Also, very glad you weren’t home when it happened. Getting the alarm and sorting through everything is a great way to get your power back after a violation like that. I’m so sorry.
    No stress here. August is good here in San Diego as it’s finally above 63 degrees (fahrenheit). I am making you all virtual mojitos and wishing you deep breaths and clarity!

  25. Happy Place? Not this year. I become the camp counselor on Monday for 2 solid weeks. Then we head to Disney since it is a quiet week and we only miss 1 day of school – that sucked away all my money and the park maps are giving me nightmares! So, I go to my fantasy place, where the husband is almost too handsome to look at and he can’t spend his bollions on me faster enough. Have I revealed too much?www.gaynycdad.com

  26. You nailed it! I thought it was just me…I am stuck in limbo here until we move overseas next month, and an old and dear friend, who has been promising to come visit this summer, just e-mailed me to say she didn’t think they could manage it due to the fact that they wanted to redo the garage. So,to be clear, you don’t want to visit my daughter and I because you need to drywall and paint the space where you park your vehicles???? Jeez, that makes me feel GREAT. And, I miss my husband. I love my daughter but right now I have her 24/7 with absolutely no relief. Having a mango mojito and trying to get happy tonight!

  27. 1A- DS’ daily meltdown tantrums suddenly curing themselves. I’m assuming this is part of the 26/27 month sleep-regression-develompental-phase-thingy. It is trying my every nerve. The toy throwing, the absolute refusal to brush teeth, the bending books backwards so the spines break, the mystery things that start meltdowns out of nowhere, the not sleeping through the night anymore. Argh. I lost it last Thursday (mostly on DH) and took the morning off from work as a mental health 1/2 day, just so I could take a damn shower in peace. I did some chores as well, put dinner in the slow cooker, canceled my dinner plans out with a friend, bought a bottle of wine and emailed DH that we could sit down with a glass of wine and come up with ways for everyone to get their needs met during the tantrum phase. Luckily it all worked to bring things back to zero.1B – Finishing off my insurance claim for the burglary of my purse and its’ entire contents. Double argh. I keep putting it off because a)it will be hard to find documentation for most of the stuff I need to claim and b) I think it just reminds me of the whole thing and I just don’t want to deal with it/think about it.
    2- A long, hot shower with a few drops of eucalyptus oil on the sponge that hangs in the shower, and no interruptions – i.e. DS coming in and opening the shower door/crying outside the bathroom etc. Feels like the spa.
    3- Daily sun salutations
    4- Following my loosing it last Thursday, I thought that the greatest gift DH and I could give each other would be to ask the other person how we can help them when said person is not having a good day/moment/etc. Even if they’re snapping at the other person. I think compassion in the heat of the moment could help interrupt the downward spiral of a bad situation, call the other person’s behaviour to attention in a kind way, and solve the current issue at hand. Am trying to put it into practice.
    Depsite all of the above, I am relatively un-stressed because I finally made headway on the creative project I’ve been working on for work. Breakthrough – yeah! Huge relief. I can see the way. And, we’re going on vacation next week – a little family road trip to NYC. Looking forward to a change of scenery and pace before the summer ends. I love fall and August is a nice lead in as the weather here in August is much more tolerable than in July. The only thing that stresses me about August is coming to terms with my ‘to do’ list for the summer and how little time I have left to do the things I really want to do this year!
    @Wilhelmina, So sorry to hear about your burglary. I hope the nerves are starting to ease a bit.

  28. 1. Maybe some alone time with my boyfriend?2. On my yoga mat, or after some alone time with my boyfriend 😉
    3. Yoga.
    4. Hug my son instead of lose my temper at him. Which is rare but today I had a mad mommy moment.

  29. To get the kids fully settled into the back to school routine. My 4 yr old loves preschool but is unhappy about giving up his carefree summer and is really ticked off that the nanny is here for 1.5 hours with the baby before he gets home from preschool. I work from home but only have the nanny for 30 hours per week so its a bit of a juggling act to get everyone fed, dressed and off to school and not lose too much work time. Thank goodness, 11 yr old stepson is an angel and gets dressed/eats with no nagging.And my work is insanely busy right now. I worked close to 50 hours last week and will probably do so again this week.
    I did take the time to get a pedicure and have my hair cut/colored this weekend.
    And I was kind to my husband and happily consented to him leaving me alone with the kids so he could go to a concert with his buddy. But I got to have my hot bubble bath with a glass of red wine whilst he was out. Ah, relaxes me every time.
    (((HUGSS)) caramama…but rest assured that you have given me hope that I won’t be nursing forever. My little guy is a little over a month younger than yours and he loooves nursing. I was despairing this weekend that weaning is going to be so traumatic (I really want to be done by 18 months). But you have given me hope and maybe he’ll just wean himself.

  30. Ditto the crappy finances. It seems like everybody in my family is struggling with money right now. And i bought lunch today anyway *sigh*.Wine sounds like a great idea. And an episode of “Rizzoli and Isles”…

  31. So many have mentioned yoga as a kind thing to do for themselves. Just thought I’d post a great site, in case some haven’t heard of it.Yogaglo.com – yoga classes streaming on your computer from an LA yoga studio. It has really made my life so much better. I do it every morning during my little guy’s nap. The classes are really great – 2 week free trial, and after that it is $15 a month. So worth it for my sanity! Not sure about the rest of you, but if I had to get my butt out of the house to go to a class, and get some kind of babysitting, it would never happen.

  32. My month of summer vacation ends this week and just the thought of returning to the grind had me on edge yesterday. Kinda hard to feel much sympathy for someone who starts a sentence with “my month of vacation…” though.I have to do life maintenance stuff this week pay bills, renew insurance policies, register for classes, schedule physicals, etc. Guess that’ll help transition back to real life in a productive way.
    @Wilhelmina – very sorry about the burglary! it does put into perspective stuff and its importance but that feeling of having your personal space violated can be really disconcerting. hope you are feeling okay.

  33. @Jessica, Thanks for the link. Way cool! I think DH & I could get into this in the evenings after DS goes to bed. We both miss yoga, but as you point out, getting out of the house (esp. during the week after a very long day) never happens. Especially in the winter which will be upon us soon enough.

  34. So there *is* a 26/27 month developmental leap? Oh good, it’s not just the heat getting to me. I mean, it’s that too – and being 22w pregnant is making me extra warm this time… but L and her BFF (5 weeks older) have both been insane monkeys recently, and it’s getting to us.About all I can think of to do (that we have resources for right now) I’ve done.. including telling the adults around me about what’s making me grumpy. A massage would be lovely, tho. 🙂

  35. I feel like I’ve been really self-absorbed lately. I had a bbq last year where I collected school supplies for kids whose parents were struggling with homelessness. I put a ton of work into it and had very little response.I think I’ll try again this year. There are so many stores that have 50 cent and one dollar deals. I know money is tight for most of us, but a few dollars will really make a difference to these families.
    I think I could stop beating myself up about accidentally getting pregnant when it would have otherwise not been a great idea. It happened, and I need to try harder to be happy about it. Hopefully when I start feeling movement. I need to just get past it now that the morning sickness has ebbed a little bit and go back to being me.

  36. @sweetcoalminer, your BBQ for the school supplies is very kind indeed. Morning sickness is no fun, even if you desperately wanted to get pregnant, so must be harder when it’s accidental. Pregnancy is huge under all circumstances too, so give yourself time. I hope you’ll feel happier when you feel better once you’re over the sickness and the baby starts movingThanks @ libbyllama, @mom2boy and @the Milliner for the kind words about the burglary aftermath. The nerves are easing and I’m sleeping better, thanks.
    Really we were so lucky if that doesn’t sound insane. I’ve heard stories about robberies and bag snatchings and burglaries when you’re home that make me realise just how lightly we got off.
    Sorry about the purse @ the milliner, hope you get your claim done. Not a fun thing to happen.
    And there sure is a developmental leap that’s not delightful at 26/27 months. Tantrums out of nowhere, sleep upheavals, attacks on books. It does pass, honestly.
    And put the books away if you can. DD tore up her favourite lift the pages book at that point and would have gone on to do a lot more damage had I not locked her books away. I moved our more precious books higher up. She wouldn’t let me read a story to her, would literally whack the book as I read it. Now she’s back to happily lifting the flaps carefully and hands me stories to read………

  37. Thanks @Katie B. & @Wilhelmina for chiming in on the 26/27 month leap. It does help to know you’re not alone.And it’s also good to know my kid isn’t the only one who attacks books! He loves books! …Maybe that’s the problem? Anyhow, all of the ‘nice’ books are safe and sound. I’ve let it go for a few of his other books. I figure if I’m still pissed about it later, I’ll re-buy the book when he’s not Mr. Destructo.

  38. August likely brings feelings of anger and frustration for at least two reasons:1) The heat
    2) It’s nearing the end of summer
    Both are a bummer unless you’re living it up at the beach or constantly traveling to better climates.
    I usually find a hobby to keep me preoccupied from harsh feelings. It helps relieve stress and get my mind off things I shouldn’t be dwelling on.

  39. Where’s your happy place and how do you get there?My current happy place is walking a trail that runs behind our house. It is flanked by lush green trees and the 5 miles I walk make me so relaxed and happy. Sometimes I push my son and sometimes I go alone. Either way, I am happy!
    What kind thing could you do for yourself?
    Regular exercise is what I could do for myself and now I would love to add yoga once a week. Maybe it’ll work out for me this year!
    What kind thing could you do for someone else?
    My mom just visited and our previously broken relationship seems to be improving. I am realizing that she was raised in a really disfunctional family (which I knew), but I guess I didn’t realize to what extent. So, what I could do for her is to listen to her more, to call more, to stay in closer touch. She is a lonely person who is so desperate to be loved. I am her only child and I think I’m the key to her feeling more loved.

  40. Is there a 19/20-month regression too? Please say yes? :)My thoughts:
    1. A good workout. Or a good night’s sleep. Either would give me my in-the-zone feeling.
    2. My happy place… there are many of them. Pre-kid, it was curling up in bed for hours and just *reading*. Post-kid? It was nursing for a while. But a la caramama, little bear gave that up at 14 mos (without my consent, hah). Now it is being outside with LB and letting go of all of the “if/then/what/how” thoughts and just BEING with her… (Of course, both pre- and post-kid, cuddling with my dear husband also makes me happy.)
    3. Kind thing for myself = going to bed!! And working out tomorrow! (Easier said than done.) On a bigger scheme, I could also give myself a break about my career trajectory, and let myself just enjoy where I am/be proud of what I’m already doing.
    4. Kind thing for others = give my husband a night out, without giving him any grief about it. (I’m getting better at this.)
    Thanks, Moxie!!

  41. Hi iv been lurking on your site on and of for several years but this post is interesting in that were i live we dont have that august stress in fact in august we are all tired getting ready for final exam prep time or the last streatch of the year. We get stressed like this come November when exams are beggining and the heat is really turning up and the end of the is around the corner but you have to get through so much just to get there and the christmas break and everything that goes with it is there. A lot of us wish that our school year didnt work out like it does our end of year coincides with the summer mahem and the christmas new year quickly bleeding into the new school year in early Jan. I think it must be awsome to break your year up like you guys do – consider us jelous!! 😉

  42. So on a weekend with plenty of great movies to choose from, I chose the most macho of them all. I could have watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which is getting nice reviews as an all around fun movie. Re-watching The Other Guys or Inception was another solid option — Will Ferrell movies are always funnier the second, third or fourth time around, and Inception … I haven’t had a ridsssfaadfe like that since the Matrix came out ten years ago. But no movie out this past weekend was more macho than The Expendables.

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