Daylight Savings Time check-in

So. How did the switch to Daylight Savings time go for you? Please put your observational data, including anything you did to ease the transition and whether it worked or not, in the comments. Don't forget to put your child's age, and anything else relevant (normal bedtimes and waking times, how many times your kid normally wakes up, etc.)

My data:

8-year-old: Did not want to go to sleep at the normal bedtime for 4-5 days. Woke up an hour later than usual for the first 2 days. No other symptoms. (Bedtime at 8:30, wakes on his own any time between 6:30 and 7, no night wakings.)

Almost-5-year-old: Did not want to go to sleep at the normal bedtime for 7-8 days. Woke upan hour later than usual for the first 4 days. No other symptoms.
(Bedtime at 8:30, wakes on his own around 7. No night wakings.)

37-year-old: Could not fall asleep before 1 for the first 4-5 days. Could not, for the life of me, wake up when my alarm went off at 6:15 for the first week, and still struggling with it, although I can fall asleep at night now. 

Please participate so we can see if particular ages are more susceptible to the spring change vs. the fall change. Thank you!

58 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time check-in”

  1. This round was surprisingly easy on us, and I wish I knew why (maybe our early spring?). Fall 2008 I posted on Facebook that whoever invented DSL should be the one reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom at 4:45 AM, so I think falling back is harder than springing forward.3-year-old was up a bit later than normal (like 8:30 instead of 7:30-8-ish) but had no real trouble getting up at 7am.
    6-month-old (who doesn’t sleep through the night yet) is blissfully unaware.
    Adults are still so damn tired, we can sleep at any time and always have trouble getting out of bed.
    I think that having more daylight after work/school for dinner and playing outside, coupled with a warm snap, really made it easier.

  2. 3 year old fought “new” bedtime for ~5 days but woke up at 6:30 like clockwork. Literally. Didn’t seem to affect his wake up time at all. Me, on the other hand went to bed later and couldn’t drag my a$$ outta bed for the life of me in the morning.Maybe DST affects moms more than kids?

  3. 3.1 year old, non-napper.Bedtimes: No problem going to sleep at the normal time. We had been making a half-assed attempt to have her go to bed incrementally earlier throughout the week before the change, but not consistently enough. I think the night before she went to bed at or maybe even later than her normal bedtime. But bedtime is usually fluid for us anyway (8 pm +/- 30 minutes any given night), and since she started refusing to nap it’s never an issue falling asleep.
    Waking: Even though she’d actually been waking up 1-1.5 hours earlier than usual the week before the change, the first few mornings after the change she slept an hour LATER than usual (so 2 hours later, by her body clock, than the week previous). Actually, she got up around 5 am, crawled into bed with us, and then we all overslept, resulting in scrambling to get out the door in the morning and hysterics over missed portions of the (usually very leisurely) morning routine.
    I love having it be light later, but I’m dreading a couple months from now when it will be bright outside at her bedtime.

  4. 2 year old – No problems going to sleep or waking (Bedtime at 7:30pm, wakes 7-7:30am, no night wakings).That said, the week before the change she was waking up an hour early every day (6am on Saturday sucked) and going to bed every night tripping over her feet because she was so exhausted!
    My bff’s kid (also 2yo), stayed/stays up until 10:30pm, is up again from 2-3am and then gets up at 7am cranky as heck. She still hasn’t figured out how to get him adjusted.

  5. changing the clocks tonight–i’m actually kind of excited because my son might sleep until a normal hour (close to 7) instead of crawling in with us at 5 (when it’s getting light already).and my daughter doesn’t have anywhere to be tomorrow, so she COULD sleep as late as she wants. naturally i’m betting on 6 am for her, which is really 5 so she’ll be a basket case by the late afternoon.

  6. Almost 4-year old was awake but peaceful at the new bedtime for a few days, 18 month old threw a royal fit over it all, but this was going on anyways since she’s 18 months. Shitty timing on the time change this year for us!Since she’s not sleeping, I’m not sleeping. What time change? I can’t remember my name half the time 😉

  7. We were right in the middle of an epic bedtime battle with the 2.5yo when the change happened and therefore, it didn’t really effect us. We’re still battling. Lately she’s going to bed in our bed (asleep around 10PM finally) and we’re moving her to her bed after she falls asleep. She sleeps until 7-8AM. It’s not ideal, but it’s working in that we’re obeying the Golden Rule, “Everyone must sleep.” (learned this from Moxie).No difference with the baby either. She’s almost 4 months and she sleeps at least 8 hours straight a night, so we can’t complain.

  8. 14 month old: Went to bed at the usual time (5:30), talked in his crib for about an hour before falling asleep. Took regular naps. Woke up about an hour later (6:30 AM). No night wakings. This lasted about a week – ended JUST in time for Saturday to roll around, thus denying me the pleasure of being able to stay in bed an hour later.4.5 year old: Went to bed at the usual time (8:00), no night wakings, but got up at least 4-5 times telling me he “just wasn’t tired yet”. Same as his little brother, he had to be woken out of a dead sleep all week long in the morning (6:30 AM), but of course by Saturday, he was fully adjusted.
    I’ve said it before, but this is one of those paradoxes of parenthood….pre-kids the fall-back was wonderful – an extra hour of sleep! Who wouldn’t want that? I can tell you right now, young children don’t want it, that’s who. The fall-back is now my dreaded time change, since it means my kids wake up a full hour earlier and I’m sorry, but if the clock says 4:30 AM, that’s just wrong.
    As for me, I am pretty much as exhausted as I was before the time change. Which is pretty freaking exhausted.

  9. My kids started waking up earlier a few days before all on their own(little heathens).8 month old – normally wakes up @7:30 bedtime 7:00/7:30
    naps at 9 and 2.
    2.5 year old – same wake up and bedtime as baby. Naps at 2 as well
    they were both okay with the new regime after about three days. We were
    lucky this time. Fall was a real PITA though

  10. 27 month old is still having trouble falling asleep at her normal time (7:30-ish), I think because a) it’s still light out; and b) it’s even more light out at dinner time and so we are more inclined to head outside for a few minutes, take a walk, and generally be more flexible with the evening. So, my husband and I are wanting the best of both worlds – we want the flexible evening but the firm bedtime. Not really working, but not a huge problem either, as she doesn’t seem to have much trouble continuing to wake up at 6:45 on day care days, and 7:00 on home days. Her naps are a totally different story, and they (or the lack of them) are making me want to hang myself. Don’t think it’s got anything to do with DLS, though.I think that we’re going to have room darkening shades installed in her room – that’ll at least address the bright, bright bedroom issue, which is only going to get more pronounced, of course. Might help with naps, too? PLEASE? She naps for 1.5 hours at daycare, but not at all at home.

  11. My three-year-old has given up her nap but still sort of needs it (can’t let her have it, though, or she’s up until midnight) and that worked in our favor in terms of bedtime. We just spent a couple of days really making sure she was worn out and she went to bed easily at her normal time. She did sleep in a bit more, but I just went ahead and let her, since we were on our mission to wear her out during the day and sleeping in meant less of her begging to be allowed to take a nap at 4pm.And my three-month-old is a three-month-old, so it didn’t really affect us with her.

  12. My kids aren’t getting up at any particular time (DH is laid off so they have nowhere to go), but they were wide awake an hour early the first few mornings (my kiddos are 4.75 years and 2.5 years old). They seem to be back in the swing of falling asleep sometime between 8:30 and 9:00 and waking up “for good” around 7:30. They both rarely sleep straight through the night, although the oldest is getting better at it. The naps have been wacky–the oldest often doesn’t nap but about twice a week, but he does rest and the youngest was napping in the afternoon, but seems to have switched to an earlier nap time during the DST switch. All the nap info is from what I can gather from my DH since I am usually at work when they are napping.I, OTOH, can not get back into a good sleep pattern. I go to bed really late, wake several times in the night, have bizarre nightmares, and can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning. I often lie in bed for hours trying to sleep and can not! I can’t think of anything else that could be causing this sleep issue (actually, this post is what made me connect the dots–I was completley adrift before it) so I am hoping when the spring madness lifts, I’ll go back to sleeping better than a baby!
    Let’s abolish DST!! 🙂

  13. 20 month old, used to be great sleeper (7:30p-7a), now fights going to bed tooth and nail and also, as a special bonus, wakes up during the night. FUN. Dear Daylight Saving Time: SUCK IT.

  14. The nearly 3-year old has been struggling with naptime, but that may be a function of her age and being nearly ready to give up the nap entirely.The 6 month old has been having sleep issues of his own. We’re in the midst of a sleep training run, hoping for the best. (This said as he fusses his way into an afternoon nap, as we speak.)
    Oh, and we’re all screwed up, but that probably has more to do with Mr. Baby than anything else.

  15. We traveled to a time zone two hours ahead of our own shortly after the time shift, so we had the pleasure of a) grandparents who got up with our 18-month-old son and b) more sleep! I highly recommend this method to all who are able to travel during daylight savings switches (reverse and go to a time zone “behind” yours during Fall-Back).Seriously, though – the vacation was exhausting and I still haven’t caught up with myself. It doesn’t help that I recently lost my job and have no idea how to structure my days without it. I don’t know what day it is, let alone date. Time seems to have lost meaning temporarily. I know I’ll get out of this funk someday, hopefully sooner than later.

  16. Boy was 18 months at time change. Slept from 8-8:30 until 8:00am. He slept in very late the first couple of days, and has been going to bed 7:30pm and waking at 7:30 am since. A couple of night wakings, but I think they were more due to the 18 month developmental leap than anything else.

  17. I just posted (18 month boy), and I forgot to add that naptime hasn’t been affected very much. Still 12:30-2:00 most days, give or take 30 minutes.

  18. 9 month old: we woke him up 7 on Sunday which is his usual time, even though it felt like 6. Proceeded to keep him right on schedule for the rest of the day and he went to bed at his usual time. Added bonus! For some reason it solved his afternoon nap issue and he stopped waking up half an hour after we put him down. Back to a 2 hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.So for us it was relatively painless despite feeling like I lost about 2 hours of sleep rather than just waiting for him to wake up later than normal.

  19. I have a 3.5-year-old and a 20-month-old. Right now, I definitely prefer “spring forward.” Even though we technically lose an hour of sleep that first night, there is something wonderful about being able about not being woken up by the kids until the clock says 7-7:30am–even if it’s just for one day. My husband and I are both night owls, so it’s been hell for us to have to be up at 6am (or even earlier!) almost every day.In terms of adjustment, neither child had any nap or bedtime problems. I think the later sunrise helps our 3yo sleep a tiny bit longer, and I love having more daylight. The adults'(ages 33 and 35) biorhythms are always screwed up because of my husband’s crazy work schedule, anyway, so one hour doesn’t make any difference.
    Fall back, on the other hand, I cannot stand since having children.

  20. My 3.5 year old is still one of those “sleep begets sleep” kids, so it has been hellish. Our bedtime routine is such that we get her in bed no later than 7pm, but she is always welcome to read (“read”) quietly to herself until she is ready to sleep. Well, having the sun still up for so long after our goodnights is making her stay up at least an hour later than she usually does. And since she’s not getting enough sleep, she’s waking up earlier too. This morning it was 5:15am. Thank God for Curious George dvds. LOL.The 4-week old is a better sleeper than my preschooler. Go figure!

  21. 8 mo: in the midst of teething and learning a new skill (crawling), has been pretty tired this week. He’s not slept as long at night (gets up for the day at 7:30, after the change, got up at 9 or so last week. Wrong direction, kiddo). We’ve been blessed with only 3 night wakings, however, except last night. Mom was gassy. Probably had a lot to do with it.Mom and dad: exhausted. Can’t go to bed before 11 for some reason, and that early wakeup hurts badly.

  22. 14 month old boy:Before DST, was going to bed at 7 pm, waking up randomly once per night to eat (growth spurt), waking up for the day at 6 am.
    After DST, bedtime at 7:30 pm (sings to himself for 30 minutes before falling asleep in crib), no night wakings (hallelujah! I hope I am not jinxing it by telling the internet), wakes up at 7 am. So overall, things are better. Thanks, DST!
    Naps seem about the same, 1 per day, midday.

  23. 3.25 years old. She’s just in the stage of giving up her nap, but not really ready to, so on Saturday we let her nap and then stay up really late. On Sunday we kept her up right through naptime and put her to bed early. Somehow that worked perfectly and now we’re exactly back on track where we were.Me on the other hand…having brutal insomnia which may or may not be related to DST and/or getting incredibly sick last week.

  24. My 6 yo had almost no reaction to the time change. I was braced, hard, for a huge struggle because last year it was unending, and her schedule was off by way more than an hour, but this year, barely a hiccup. Whoopee!My (40yo) sleep patterns have been so disrupted for the past month that I have no useful data to add. I didn’t sleep, practically literally, for almost a month and then I got ambien (Thank God for ambien) and now I have a blackout every night, but at least I’m sleeping.

  25. Hard to say whether our sleep has been affected by time change or the weird stomach bug followed by chest cold that has ravaged our household recently.Just incase it was time related, here are my data points.
    5 year old. A little trouble getting to sleep the first 2 nights, but since she was overtired anyway, she adjusted. School mornings were a struggle for about a week.
    1.5 year old is used to going to bed quite early–like 6:30, so we tried 7 for a few nights and the only noticeable change is that he’s sleep a little more in the am, which is glorious since it’s not 5:30 anymore!

  26. A few days BEFORE daylight savings my two (1.5 and almost 5 years) started waking up one hour earlier. Oh, how we laughed! It was apparently the onset of a cold for the both of them so then they were all tired and were all for going to sleep earlier and, well, waking up in the morning have never been a challenge for them. So I guess the time change were extraordinarily easy.

  27. Two boys, 5yrs and 3yrsNormal bedtime is 7, so we kept them up to 7:30 on Friday and they were up at their usual early hour of 6:30. Saturday we kept them up til 8 and they slept til 8:30 (w0000t!). Sunday we kept them up til 7:30 and everything’s been fine since then. We also had fabulous weather and spent the whole weekend outside so being in fresh air and getting tired helped, I’m sure.

  28. Almost 6-year-old: up an hour after normal bedtime for a couple days. Had to be pried out of bed with a spatula for approx. 1 week. Normally just has to be poked. (Goes to bed betw. 9:30 & 10, wakes on own or is gently poked at 8.)38-year-old. Still tired. Hate getting up in the dark. DST should go back in April where it belongs.

  29. 3.5 year old and the 20 month old – did much better than expected, both slept in for one day and went right back to their normal bed time/wake up time routine. I was expecting the 20 month old to not do well since he is not the best sleeper to begin with.37 year old-was sick sick sick so I was tired regardless and really happy the sleep in day was a sick day for me.

  30. 2.75 year old twin girls: no major issues. Whined a bit to go to bed “early” for 1-2 nights but it didn’t seem to affect their sleep. (We start bathtime 7pm +/- 10 minutes, aim for lights out by 8. We wake them up at 6am on weekdays, and let them sleep as late as they want on weekends, when they usually start griping about 7:15.)41 year old mom was miffed to lose an hour of her 42nd birthday (harumpfh — not sure I like this earlier DST!) and had a tough time falling asleep for a couple nights. Not an option to sleep in even though I wanted to — had to get the girls up and DH and I had to get to work. (We head to bed 10-10:15pm and read for a bit before sleep. DH gets up at 5:15, I get up at 5:40.)

  31. Our 11 month old chose the start of DST to complete that transition from being a multiple-nap-a-day kind of girl to just-one-nap,-thank-you, which might have had something to do with changes in the quality of the light, thanks to DST, or might just have had to do with her age. Sadly, she still thinks that if she wakes up after 15 minutes of sleep, that means that she has had a nap and is now ready to be wide-awake for the rest of the day. Sigh . . .As for bedtime, she pushed her already late bedtime of 9pm back to 10 or 11pm for the first several nights. She still hasn’t gone back to waking up at 7:30 and sleeps until 8:30 or 9:00 every morning.
    The adults in the house haven’t been getting to bed before 1 (although this is mostly a function of still having lots of kinks to work out in our daily schedule since my husband’s new job is a long commute – we’re having adult dinner at around 10 or 11 every night, so going to bed at 11:30 just isn’t going to happen) and have been having a hard time getting out of bed in the am (although both of us having colds hasn’t helped).
    So those are our household’s data points – not sure how much they’re worth, given all the other factors affecting them, heh.

  32. i was shocked that not a thing was different. i was expecting something…. and it turned out to be exactly the same pre and post DLS.14 mo. old. bedtime 6:30 – give or take 15 minutes – one waking to eat/cuddle sometime between 4-5:30 final wake up 6:30-7am.
    naps unaffected too – same times 9:30/1:30. other than she’s already having “issues” with the afternoon nap, but not quite ready to switch to one nap. sigh.

  33. The 10 and 7.5 years olds handled it well. A few nights of going to bed about an hour later than normal, but nothing too drastic. Actually seemed to wake up easier than pre DST. Go figure… they like getting up in the dark (clearly, they are not my REAL children… but aliens deposited into the hospital nursery when no one was looking).Nearly three year old also handled the transition well in terms of going to bed at night… but the naps are totally screwed up. I think this is a combination of trying to give up naps and being off due to DST. And I’d like to put him to bed earlier if he’s going to give up naps, but it’s full sun at 7pm around here.
    Mom? Meh… I’m a night owl anyway, but have been up about an hour later than normal each night… *still*. Mornings are killing me.

  34. 6 and 4 year old woke up at normal time Sunday and slowly over the week (thankfully it was spring break so I could take advantage) got up earlier until they adjusted back to normal waking time.10 month old went to bed at normal times and was also sleeping in. The sleeping in messed up nap time a lot and he would often take a short morning nap or miss it entirely. We are still rather shaken up on the morning nap but it may be that he is also possibly giving it up.
    Me? I loved the sleeping in and I tried to keep my normal bed time but found myself staying up later.

  35. I honestly have no idea. My sister and I took 4 of our 5 kids (one was on vacation with his dad) for a little getaway about that time. We left on Saturday to head to east TN. We live in Middle. Sooo, we lost one hour that night due to time change and also one hour that night due to changing from the central to eastern time zone. We stayed there Saturday and Sunday night. We stayed up late and got up early because we were at an indoor waterpark. We were also on spring break. By the time we got back home to our normal time zone we were just so exhausted from all the swimming and late nights/early mornings and the 4 hour drive that we just crashed. Then we were out of school the rest of the week so we didn’t really have a bed routine anyway. My son that didn’t go with us was headed up to Vermont that weekend so he also lost the hour due to time zone change and daylight savings time change. We all seemed fine by the time school went back this past Monday. The kids are 10, 9, and 6 for me and she has twin 8 year olds. I’m 31. She’s 36. I think it was the worst on her.

  36. 3 yo had been pushing his bedtime back 45 min or so before the change (from 8:30ish to 9:15is), so after the change he wasn’t going to be until almost 10pm…still doing it too!!! First week he had a very rough time waking up at 6:30 but the last week or so he has been doing it ok, sometimes on his own. He usually wakes up once in the night to go to the bathroom and goes right back to bed. Naps during the day 1-2 hrs.

  37. 4 year old and 10 month old girls. Both woke up an hour later on the Sunday morning, put the baby down for nap in the morning a little earlier than she would have liked to get her back on track. To bed at night at the normal time for both, both slept in again the first morning. Back to normal wake-up the next morning. No extra night wakings.I’m a night owl, and caught myself staying up WAY too late. Not enough hours in the day, but I’m back to a “normal” midnight sleep, most nights.

  38. We’re changing on Saturday night. But, it has been a week or so that the kids have been up earlier than usual. Like even an hour some mornings. Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my kids ( both Jan babies)go thru soem kind of growth spurt about 2 months after their birthday and so this has happened for 3 years now ( with my son that is, this is the first I’ve noticed with DD). BUT, hubby who is far more intuitive than me ( but spends far less time with the kids too), things it’s due to Spring. Maybe our bodies sense that there is more daylight and hence wake earlier, even if we can’t see that it is light out ( impossible seeing we have super duper shutters that don’t let even a ray of light in).

  39. We’re changing on Saturday night. But, it has been a week or so that the kids have been up earlier than usual. Like even an hour some mornings. Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my kids ( both Jan babies)go thru soem kind of growth spurt about 2 months after their birthday and so this has happened for 3 years now ( with my son that is, this is the first I’ve noticed with DD). BUT, hubby who is far more intuitive than me ( but spends far less time with the kids too), things it’s due to Spring. Maybe our bodies sense that there is more daylight and hence wake earlier, even if we can’t see that it is light out ( impossible seeing we have super duper shutters that don’t let even a ray of light in).

  40. My one and three year olds came through this pretty easily…we put both to bed 1 hour later the first night, the next night 30 mins later and the third night the regular time. They were both waking an hour later for about a week. Now its back to early wakings for both of them (both to bed around 7 or 7:15pm and they both wake up around 6 or 6:30am). Sigh. While its too early for me, it could definitely be worse.

  41. Did the usual “phase-in” strategy for the kids. First night they went to bed at 8:30 instead of the usual 8:00 pm; second night they went to bed at 8:00 pm. Kids slept a bit later the first few days; no discernable effects remain.So the kids did just fine.
    As for me (36)? CHRIST ALMIGHTY. It took me about ten freaking days to not feel like I was waking up in the middle of the night! I guess I’m getting old…

  42. Two girls, one 5 months old at time of change, other almost 3 years old. 5 month old is a relatively good sleeper. 3 year old was a pretty bad sleeper until she turned 2, at which point she started sleeping through the night.The 3 year old is in the process of giving up her naps, and no longer naps on weekends (she still naps at day care). On the nights she doesn’t nap, bedtime is quick and painless. On the nights she naps, bedtime takes 30-60 minutes of me being there to “snuggle her to sleep” (i.e., get my hair pulled while she falls asleep).
    Since the time change fell on a weekend and she can’t tell time yet, we were able to move her bedtime to accommodate and our biggest problem was that she was sleeping a little too late for a few days the following week.
    The 5 month old transitioned relatively easily to the new time, too- it just took a couple of nights. I remember the time changes during the older kid’s first years as hell on earth because she was hard to move to a new time. So I was prepared for something awful and got a non-event instead.
    The 37 year old mommy and 35 year old daddy are too used to having their sleep disrupted right now for this time change to have registered as more than a blip in our long term sleep deficit….
    So the only thing that really sucked was having a “short” day on Sunday, and trying to fit in the promised trip to the park plus the necessary grocery shopping.

  43. tried to transition 10 month old a few days prior with bedtime just a few minutes earlier. Overall, it didn’t seem to matter. Bedtime seemed fine (played a little longer in crib prior to falling asleep) but woke up about an hour later for a few days. Also had some night wakings (think this had more to do with teething/ear infection combo at the same time).31 year old still struggling with waking up at normal time. After about a week, falling asleep at regular time has worked out!

  44. It was AWESOME. I did nothing to prepare my 19 month-old.He was formerly going down at 8 and up for the day at 6 or 6:30… now he is going down at 8:30 and up for the day at 7:30 or 8… So we are actually getting more sleep now, but that could also be because we are once again co-sleeping.

  45. We haven’t noticed any real changes. Nobody went to sleep at a predictable time before, and things have definitely stayed the same! Ugh!

  46. 5 year-old: tried to prepare him by skipping the afternoon nap on Sunday and then putting him to bed early, but no luck. Has been off for two weeks, having trouble going to sleep and then having trouble waking up. It’s only been the past day or two that he’s been back to schedule.I should mention a complicating factor: both my husband and I traveled for work in the past two weeks, and our son had a stomach bug.

  47. almost 2YO: stayed on the “old” time for a few days, which worked out since visiting Gma was staying with her for the week. However, the later bedtime was brutal on the 33 YO working mom who had to take over dog-walking responsibilities. Ugh. Dog can’t read time either.Anyways, we’ve figured out that she lives by her stomach, so just adjusting meal times helped shift her sleep schedule back to what the clock says – Bed by 8 pm, she’s up a little before 6 am, nap 1:30-3:30.

  48. We were fortunate to have gorgeous (read mid 70 degree temperatures) in Northern California the last two weeks so we spent a lot of time outdoors during the day to tire our 2yr old out. Come evening, we resorted to our old tricks that we used when she was an infant: bedtime was same as normal but we darkened the house pretty good-closing the blinds, lights off, tv off, soothing music on. Bedtime was the normal time w/no more of a fuss than usual but she did sleep almost a good hour later for about a week. It was rather nice to tell you the truth. Now me on the other hand (another 37 yr old)…that’s another story.

  49. 14 month old-was sleeping 7pm-7:30/8am. Still is.2.5 year old-was napping two plus hours during the day and sleeping 7:45/8pm to 6am. DST came along and he would not go to bed before 9:30pm! I am not a very good mother past 8pm I learned, so now he is a non napper and sleeping 7:15/7:30pm-7am-or later! First time EVER he’s slept to the 7 o’clock hour. Loving it. And the days haven’t been bad with out the naps. I’m just a little more wiped out at 7:30 each night.
    I have not been sleeping that well lately. Awake lots at night for no reason and going too bed late. And still waking up at 6am. But loving a cup of coffee in peace before the kids are up.

  50. 6 month old – weird sleep things around DST, waking once (she usually never wakes), for a few nights, went to bed earlier, and woke up an hour earlier. After a few days, though, we were able to put her to bed at 7pm as usual, and she sleeps through till 7am. (Which was the original schedule, but kept getting earlier just before DST, poss because we’re in Seattle and it was very bright out early in the morning.)So I’m a fan of DST right now!

  51. Before the time change, our 22 month old would go to sleep at about 8:00pm and wake up at 5:30am. The first week of the time change, she went to bed at 7:45/8:00 pm and would sleep in until 7:30 am or later…and our little morning person was uncharacteristically cranky to find herself awake.We’ve now moved her bedtime back to 7:30pm and she seems to be waking up a little earlier every day. We had our cheerful morning toddler back again today – she woke up singing in her crib and announced “I’m happy” at the breakfast table. Of course that comes with a wake up time of 5:45am – some things you just can’t win.

  52. 9 month old had wonky sleep for a week before and a week after DST due to illness – bedtime anywhere from 7pm to 10pm instead of the usual 8pm. After the change it seemed that we had settled back into an 8pm bedtime and 7am wakeup but now I’m not sure what’s going on b/c two nights in a row he just didn’t sleep before 9pm but is getting up at the usual time. Does he no longer need that much sleep? I don’t mind if he’s up till 9 as it gives us a more relaxed evening after day care if we’re not hurrying to get him fed and in bed in 1 1/2 hours (we get home from day care around 6:30). As long as he’s able to get up in the morning it’s all good.

  53. Its hard to know if its DLS or just the 18 mth shake up. We are not sleeping more than 2 hours at a stretch currently cue 3 molars and 2 eyeteeth!!I had a hard time with it probably because I’m just not sleeping anyway. My monkey has been having later nap times and later bed time but I think its just a normal adjustment to growing up a bit.
    Wish I had more to report!
    BTW, I read the archives on the Eyeteeth support group and it was such a help. Thanks Moxie, I always have something to turn too!!!

  54. Boy 5/2months, Girl 3/3 months. Both nappers.Didn’t do anything to prepare them for change. However, kids have started to wake up earlier recent ly, which helped this morning. Kids woke up a little before 8.00 (7.00 old time), napped 1 hour/1.5 hours at their usual nap time, and were in bed slightly later than usual (8.20pm). At the moment of typing (8.40) they are still awake, but in bed.

  55. The almost 2 year old usually wakes up at 7 am. For about a week prior to DST, he began waking up closer and closer to 6 am, and also getting sleepy before his normal 7 pm bedtime. Moving to DST meant that his body clock was again matched to the real clock and we’re back to a 7pm-7am (give or take 20-30 minutes on either end) sleep time.

  56. My son was 12 months when DST ended in the fall, and after that point he started regularly getting up very early 6am range on average, 5 something was also not uncommon). He had sometimes slept until 7-8am before, and I found it particularly annoying in the winter months when it’s dark, cold, and nothing is going on!When DST finally began again this spring, he was 16 months. He never even was aware there was a time change because we left him on the old time and never adjusted him because we enjoyed him doing everything an hour later than before (and he now gets up around 7-8am again most of the time). We’d love for DST to just last all year.

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