Bad decision genes

A couple of days ago, my younger one was complaining that his stomach hurt. We'd gone out for dinner, and he'd been unhappy that we were going, which is unusual. Once we got there he ate, but then when it was time for bed he started saying his tummy hurt.

There was a warning sound in my head, and yet, for some reason I heard myself saying, "Oh, you poor big guy. Do you want to sleep in my bed?"

He did (of course, because Mom's bed with Mom always makes you feel better when you're sick). But then, two hours later, I woke up as he was projectile vomiting all over me, the bed, the pillows, and the wall.

I'll spare you the details of the cleanup, as I know we've all been there.

Now why, when I knew exactly what was going to happen, did I still offer to let him sleep in my bed?

Today's discussion topic is twofold:

1) Have you ever done anything kid-related that you knew was a baaaaad idea at the time but you still did?

2) Will we (as humans and parents, specifically) ever stop being stupid? Why or why not?