What makes your life easier?

Hello! It's my birthday! I'm 37 today.

I'm on a work trip, and because of the weather in New York City yesterday and today, my flight home was cancelled last night. And then this morning. So I'm back at the airport (from a night in a lovely-but-generic hotel) waiting to see if the afternoon flight to LGA actually leaves.

I realized last night that my mobile phone is a miracle of technology. It allowed me to:

* find out that my flight was cancelled initially

* contact my kids' dad after I got rebooked so he'd know what was up, and then contact him every time something else happened to prevent me from getting back to the city

* contact our babysitters to let them know what was going on

* find a hotel to stay in last night (and find my reward membership number so I could get priority service)

* talk to a friend who made me laugh after I got to the hotel

* recieve calls/texts/FB messages wishing me Happy Birthday

* receive the robo-call that my flight this morning was cancelled

* rebook for this afternoon

* talk to my boss and coworkers today, and keep in touch with clients

Think about the isolation and helplessness I'd have been in if I hadn't had a phone, or if phone technology didn't exist. Business travel would be scary tedium. Those aren't pillows.

So, tell me, is there something in your life that you think is a miracle? That makes it possible for you to stay sane and connected in your daily life? Maybe something that makes your life easier with kids, or helps you feel like yourself in the middle of chaos, or just something that makes things easier?

And have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. happy birthday moxie!i think your website is a miracle. it lifts me up and connects me and makes me feel happy to be part of beautiful generous people
    hooray for the internets!

  2. Your website and others like it. I seldom comment, but read all the time. I don’t think I could have survived this long without knowing that I am not alone in this parenting gig, and that other people are in the trenches every day struggling to do the right thing. So thank you, Moxie and others.

  3. Happy Birthday, Moxie!Wow, sometimes when I’m able to step back, I realize we live in a time of the miraculous. Can’t pick just one. If I base it on the thing that puts the “Vice” in “device”, I’ll say computer. . .:)

  4. Ha, back when Mr. C and I were dating we used to joke that our relationship could never work without the technology of the day (voicemail and basic cell phones we’re talking here).I kinda gotta agree on a modern phone, but also, um Facebook. Couple months ago when I was stuck in San Diego and a flash flood had completely broken SF transportation, FB enabled me to find friends who could back up Mr. C in getting to Mouse’s school, and to have way way more comfort than I otherwise could have while stuck in an airport hundreds of miles from my possibly stranded child. Yay modernity.

  5. Something in my life that I think is a miracle? My DH & our two kids. And the fact that I met DH again so randomly, and we dated for awhile, and then got married – against all odds. I think it is a miracle that anyone can find someone great. And a miracle that egg and sperm can meet.Makes me stay sane and connected in my daily life? A subscription to “The Week” magazine.
    Makes my life easier with kids? Our wonderful babysitter, who indulges DS’s manic 2-year-old loves & hates with aplomb!
    Just something that makes things easier? A sense of humor!
    Happy Birthday, Moxie!!!!!!

  6. 1. Happy Birthday!2. May you get home today if you aren’t already.
    3. I’m sure that it’s been said, but the internet/email is my miracle in that it allows me, stay-at-home/work-at-home to remain connected to the world.

  7. Happy birthday! Wishing you a good start to the year and a few moments to feel great about yourself and whatever you’re planning for this year.I love my phone too. And my computer. Both of these things have given me the opportunity to be part of communities that are really important to me.

  8. Happy Birthday, Moxie! DVD player for the car, maybe? This is how my parents who live two hours away can keep my two year old on Thursdays and Fridays. (She spends the night there Thursday night.)

  9. Happy Birthday, Moxie!E-mail & digital photography are my miracles of choice. E-mail allows me to stay in touch with so many people so far & near, including my 90-year-old Grandma. And seriously, how cool is it that I can almost instantaneously show people all around the world just how cute & amazing my kids are?!

  10. Happy Birthday Moxie! Hope you made it home safely. As for cool modern inventions — none to add other than ones already mentioned. Although when we first started using email, it was all text with crazy/weird/long email addresses (compuserve, anyone?), not the fancy emails we send now with stationery, photos/videos, emoticons, chat… anyway, hope you have a great birthday weekend!

  11. Happy Birthday Moxie :DThe interwebs.
    Whenever there is a crisis there is information and community available somewhere online if you search.
    Like “Ask Movie”, obviously, but also many other areas of my life (medical dramas, work, social life) have benefited from the wonderful interwebs. It is scary to think where I would be without it.

  12. My husband’s unconditional love and my silly kids. Other unnecessaryy car, my computer, Weight Watchers Giant Cookie’s & Chocolate Ice Cream Bars–who knew 2 points could be so good!HB, Mox. I am still a relative newbie here, but I think I speak for everyone when I say, we love ya!

  13. I gotta say, DVR. Sad but true. It seems a bit backwards, but it actually helps me to watch less TV and be a bit better at managing my time and not staying up so late. Also nice to have on-demand toddler distraction tools, all queued up.And happy birthday Moxie! Safe travels.

  14. Happy birthday to you!!The neighbor moms make my life better.
    My friends make my life better.
    My awesome (!) new stove makes my life better.
    My car that has sliding doors (okay, it’s almost a van) makes my life better.
    My new stroller (it’s a jogging stroller/regular stroller in one) and new stroller board (attach to the back so the toddler can hitch a ride) make my life better.
    My electric toothbrush makes my life better.
    My new rainboots make my life better.
    Skype makes my life better.
    Trader Joe’s makes my life better.
    An occasional spa treatment makes my life better.
    My new workout video makes my life better (even if I barely have the motivation or time to do it).
    But most importantly my dear husband and kids make my life better.

  15. Happy Birthday Moxie! I hope you make it home soon and safe.My number one miracle in my life that makes me saner is my husband.
    Other miracles that don’t necessarily make me saner but surely much happier:
    -My kids
    -Reproductive technology/medication
    -On Demand
    -Other supportive parents like you all!

  16. Aside from the basics and generic marvels of modern invention (roof over my head, car, cell phones, internet, elevators, dishwashers, tampons, etc, etc), in my own life and particular circumstances I’m especially grateful for my Ergo baby carrier, very involved and very good Grandparents on both sides, a very involved and very amazing husband, and the luxury of eating out more often than I should.

  17. Happy Birthday! I hope you got home!My computer and Internet have been a lifesaver this week. I have been home sick all week, unable to focus enough to work or even read. But because of email I have been able to at least connect with friends and not feel too isolated. I am so grateful for that this week.

  18. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy BIRTHDAY dear Moxie, Happy Birthday to you!!!!Thank you so much for being here and making all our lives better… my life has been so enriched by this site and the fabulous people here these past 5 or 6 years (whoa, I can’t believe it!).
    Makes my life easier:
    • iPhone (love it so much)
    • netflix/online video
    • electric kettle
    • dishwasher!!! (*this might be the best on*)
    • ATMs
    • email and interwebs, of course
    • heated seats in my car
    • x@nax & z0loft (even though I hate it that it’s true)
    • my beautiful wonderful daughter (except when she’s making it harder…)
    Really, too many things to list. Why do I ever complain??

  19. and here i was thinking of you as an older sister, but it turns out i’m a few weeks older. happy birthday to the Feb. bdays!what makes my life easier? having a fully involved father to my baby and the internet, in no particular order. 😉

  20. My husband makes everything easier, for me. It goes without saying that his love does it, but he’s crazy supportive and encouraging and helpful. He goes *way* beyond the call of duty in helping with our boys and always tries to put me first. I’m so spoiled forever because of him.Also? My netbook. I love the constant ability to access the internet and my files (recipes, gardening, sewing/knitting patterns, finances, etc) and information (the world) and my husband (icq) from anywhere in the house, at any time. It’s a sanity-saver.

  21. Happy Birthday Moxie!Switching from a blackberry to an iphone. It’s ridiculous how much easier it is to use and how much happier that has made me.

  22. Happy Birthday Moxie!!!I hope the day gets better for you and you can enjoy your family when you get home.
    Things that get me through, 1. Dear Husband taking the child from 6 a.m to 8 everyday since I’m up nursing him all night long. 2. Our Tempurpedic Mattress, which helps me sleep better the little sleep I get. 3. Baked goods, if I can’t sleep goodies help. 4. Internet for A. research B. being connected to folks C. RETAIL THERAPY!!!
    5. Play dates

  23. Happy Birthday Moxie,And Many, Many Returns of the Day!
    My better and other half, also known as dear husband.
    The internet for sure.
    But also definitely, the kindness of strangers.All my life. Wouldn’t have survived my childhood without it.
    I got stuck in Glasgow yesterday due to flooding and mudslides, and the easy ” slow travel” train-trip for me and my two year old turned into over-crowded replacement trains that got stuck
    and a very long trip home.
    We’d gone for a few days, she and I so I could practice travel with the severely allergic child. Epipen and avoiding all dairy, eggs, peanuts and peppers and brought food and listsof places found on the internet to go to.
    Kind of a nervous trip for me, but it had gone well. So far. Until we got to the station for our train to London and I saw CANCELLED.
    We were pointed to another station in Glasgow for a local train to Edinburgh where we could catch another London train.
    When we arrived at the train it was mobbed by angry passengers with sharp elbows who pushed the stroller out of the way.
    But very nice but dour looking Scots in the last carriage made sure we got on with the stroller by manipulating the door lock so it couldn’t shut for long enough. The driver could see us clearly but he was late departing.
    There were at least 500 people on a train built for one hundred and fifty or so, and then we got stuck at flooded parts of the track and the trip took more than twice as long.
    There was pushing and jostling of her stroller which scared her and made her cry.The same helpers stood around to shield her and one explained that he too was feeling claustrophobic on the train which helped cool the situation.
    We missed the suggested connections we were told to get on but one of our kind Samaritans worked for an engineering firm contracted by Scotrail and found an alternative later service at Edinburgh in a timetable of all trains that he carried.
    It was going to be terribly overcrowded and our seat reservations were now void. But our friend the engineer rang the station manager who dispatched a train guard who found us two seats and helped to get us on board.
    Tempers frayed a lot after Newcastle as people had to stand in large numbers and the train staff hid and didn’t check tickets or come round with the refreshment trolley.
    On the way up my daughter and I walked up and down the train ten times and chatted with all the staff and some of the friendly passengers. Most passengers not unreasonably were not charmed. The contrast now couldn’t be greater.
    The toddler sensed it and stayed in her seat voluntarily the whole time. I couldn’t have explained, but she could feel the situation perfectly well.
    I bought my two year old a ticket so she’d have a seat and we were en route for ten hours and still had more than six to go at this point. She is too big and active to sit on my lap for that time.
    A very angry lady made an attempt on her seat next to me, trying to force her way in but a big gruff engineer from Durham sitting on the bench next to us told her to leave off and leave the little person alone. She was seated down and that was all right. He was travelling with two others who chimed in to say aye and the angry lady moved on.
    The northern British accent is very reassuring and they use very old terms so it sounds poetic. We waved as the group got off at Darlington.
    It was a crush of people using suitcases as weapons to get off the train when we finally arrived at King’s Cross in London, but a nice young couple helped get the stroller and bags off the train safely. Those trains have steps, so are very hard to manage with luggage and a toddler.
    The internet nor phone no matter how singing and dancing couldn’t have helped us get home in this situation. Let alone comfortably.
    But the kindness of strangers did and it was a lovely experience.

  24. Addendum to a very long post, the lady and other angry standing passengers didn’t go all the way down south. Only a minority went to London, so everyone had a seat an hour or so later from this incident.

  25. Happy Birthday Moxie!It’s a miracle that my DH is here, and on top, here with me. As I’ve written before, he had a heart transplant at 30 – the miracle of modern medicine.
    And, I’m convinced it was destiny that we be together, and a miracle that it actually finally happened. My family almost moved to his hometown when I was 10. He moved to my hometown, and lived 5 minutes away from my parents house when he was 18 and I was 13 (we never met…I think). After we had been dating for a year or two, we were at a party, when a couple showed up – we had each dated one person in the couple. Eeek! And the guy had the same 1st name as my DH. It’s like we were circling around trying to find each other and finally, it fell into place.
    A trip to the spa helps me feel like myself in the middle of chaos.
    My DS makes it easy to leave work at work.
    Happy weekend, everyone.
    @Wilhelmina, Wow! What a tale. What would we do without kind strangers? Glad to hear you and your daughter made it home OK.

  26. A) Happy birthday (still is, here in my time zone)!!B) I’m grateful for these people who make my life easier: my husband, who always gets up early in the mornings with our early riser (I am SUCH a bear in the mornings); and our babysitter, who gives me much-needed mornings to myself twice a week. I would cry if she ever wasn’t available! I’m also grateful for this stuff that makes my life easier: the interwebs (esp. Facebook which enables me to do my job – youth group director!), my mobile phone, my laptop (5 years old and still working great!) and the PSP. I seriously cannot fall asleep anymore without playing a round or two of this one game. Which brings me back around to being thankful for my husband, because he reminded me that I’m a gamer chick. 🙂
    @Hush – amen!
    @all the PPs who mentioned prescription drugs that help them out/make their lives easier – I am really honored that you shared that with me/us. It takes a *very* strong woman to admit that she needs help, and I am really impressed with all of you!

  27. Happy birthday Moxie – a few days late!Today is my son’s birthday.
    Ah Pisces. You’re such a loving challenge to your parents!
    You are brilliant, intuitive and loving.
    You are articulate with your feelings about life.
    You help guide others to find what they believe in!
    And I am honored that both of you are in my life.
    The miracles in my life today are: my new web designer- who reads this site, I LOVE YOU! And my new marketing coach who doesn’t read this site! You both are transforming me and my business almost as much as my pisces did all those years ago!

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