Sprained foot/ankle

Walk-in clinic walkin walk in Inwood Washington Heights 10034

Clinic of Dr. Franklin Ward, 692 204th Street west of Broadway, south side. 212.942.3369

I sprained my foot/ankle Tuesday, just by walking around in my rain
boots all day. By the time I picked the kids up from their dad's on Tuesday night, my
foot and ankle were in a lot of pain. I couldn't get it looked at,
though, because I had to leave for a work trip first thing after
dropping off the kids on Wednesday morning. Flying/driving all day Wednesday, then presenting in heels all day Thursday. Then I got stranded in North
Carolina (not even close to where my work trip was) Thursday night, and
by the time I got back on Friday it was too late. So I was cranky and
worried, and couldn't find anyplace that wasn't the ER up in my
neighborhood. (I'm putting in all the search terms I used up at the top of this post so someone else can find some helpful information on the web instead of a whole lot of nothing, like I did.)

Fortunately, a friend knew about Dr. Ward, and she showed up on
Saturday morning and took me there. Dr. Ward is super old-timey, like
that doctor in the Norman Rockwell painting. He assessed my foot and
ankle, asked me how it happened, how it felt, saw no swelling or
bruising, asked about the type and level of pain, and told me what I'd
suspected: sprain. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory, said he didn't
know how single moms did it, told me I was charming, and sent
my friend and me on our way to brunch with her husband and super-genius daughter.

It was the best experience with health care I've had since my second
baby was born, and I'd totally go back. I'm posting this so if anyone
else is looking for a walk-in clinic up here in Upstate Manhattan,
they'll find Dr. Ward. His office was super old-school, but clean and
efficient and fast. His helpers speak Spanish. They take some
insurance, but not mine, so it cost me $60 cash. I was in and out in less
than 90 minutes on a Saturday. Rock on, Dr. Ward.

14 thoughts on “Sprained foot/ankle”

  1. What a great idea – somebody should make a central clearinghouse of that kind of place. It would be really great for people like me with no insurance.

  2. So glad that worked out Moxie! I had a similarly great experience recently at a clinic in the North Mission in SF. I was seen on 2 hours notice, got checked out by the doctor and a quick lab test run and got reassurance and a helpful recommendation. (This was for one of those minor but alarming symptoms that you need to get checked out right away.) I didn’t have to fill out a million forms, or wait more than 10 minutes, or get interviewed by the nurse before the doctor arrived, or anything. So much better, from an experience perspective, than going to my usual doctor. We really ought to have clinics like this in every neighborhood.

  3. Excellent. Glad you got taken care of, and I’m sure somebody in your neck o’ the woods will be very thankful for the keywords and Dr. Ward’s contact info.

  4. I’m glad you got some help!In Toronto we actually do have clinics like this in many neighborhoods. And since nearly everyone has the same insurance, there is no paperwork and no cost. Walk in, wait (sometimes a while), and see a doctor. I can get meds for a UTI or minor bacterial infection without even taking my clothes off.

  5. Hmm. Thinking about it, there is some paperwork. Show insurance card, write down name and address. But not much more.And I apologize for rubbing it in. I wish all Americans had the insurance I have!

  6. Wish I’d known you were stuck in NC – that’s where I live – would have totally taken you out for dinner or something! Drat!

  7. Thank you for this. I was just worrying about how I could get more readers and feedback on my blog. I think that I am on the right track, and this post gave me some more food for thought.You look awesome and there are some pretty scary chicks in the lineup! I love it all costumes, smack talking,protective gear, trashy names, sounds like a damn good time to me!Thanks!

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  9. Anna’s story reminds me so much of my stouaiitn. I was fortunate in that my city has free new mom groups at the breastfeeding center they have NO activities on the weekend except an infant massage class (WTH?). LLLi is equally unhelpful with their 4 pm meetings. However, I went to one LLLi meeting while pregnant by leaving work early, and a couple of the breastfeeding center group meetings while I was on my all too brief mat leave, and through that, I met up with some other moms who work less than I do. Together we’ve formed a mailing list and we occasionally get together sometimes evenings and weekends, sometimes during the work day and I miss those. Beyond that, my breastfeeding support has been almost entirely from folks on Twitter. Thank goodness for keyword searching and hashtags!

  10. I put up a sheet in the quiet room , the reserved room for nuinrsg mothers to express milk in my building. I suggested adding our email addresses so that we could contact each other to discuss schedule changes etc and also to support each other. We ended up getting together for lunch a couple of times so far, and we have used our combined might to make many great changes to our little room including a bulletin board to put up pictures of our babies and information about the benefits of breastfeeding to keep us motivated!

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