Q&I hope one of you has an A: Australian formula vs. US formula

S, who just moved from the USA to OZ, writes:

"quick question (and you can send this out to anyone who might know the
answer)… what is a formula that is similar to Enfamil that is sold in
Australia… we're having some issues with the one she is on here…
we're trying S-26… and Enfamil was the only one that didn't give her
tummy problems… it's really going to be impossible to ship in… so
any ideas?

Baby is 4.5 months old and weighs about 14lbs and is about 25 inches long…"

I have no idea. I'm hoping someone out there knows.

If not, is there anyone who knows what make Enfamil special/different, so that
maybe S can piece it together with what she's got over there?

Thank you!

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  1. I don’t think Mead Johnson makes formula for the Australian market, but they do for the UK and China, where shipping might be more affordable.Personally, I would experiment with other Aussie brands (my niece was on S-26 after weaning) or transition your baby slowly from Enfamil to a local brand. I can’t imagine the expense of shipping would be worth it.

  2. When my daughter tried similac she had the most astoundingly horrible gas you have ever encountered! It made her cry. A lactation expert told us to try Enfamil. She said the difference was that one formula had more casein and the other formula had more whey in it.I think that Similac had more casein and enfamil had more whey, but six years have passed so I am a bit foggy on the detail.
    So you could check with an american pediatrician or see if it says on the label of the formula you used to use to see if whey or casein predominates and then look for something similar, perhaps asking an Australian pediatrician once you determine which componant you are looking for…
    Failing that just keep trying different ones…

  3. To piggyback off of Clarissa’s comment, if it is a casein/whey issue (which it could be), anything in soy, whey, comfort protein, hydrolyzed whey, etc will improve the situation.Nestle Good Start in US and Nestle NAN HA 1 Gold in Australia are both whey-based and generally easier to digest.
    Heinz Nurture says that it is whey-dominant, but I don’t know whether it is casein free then.
    Also, goat’s milk based formula will have casein but it will be the same form of casein as human milk, and hence, easier to digest (although probably 3x more expensive than soy or cow-milk based whey formula).

  4. This may well be as useful as a chocolate teapot, as I know nothing about formula in OZ.I also never used formula myself, but I have been offered, as in had it strongly promoted, Nutramigen which is a Mead Johnson product for my daughter as she is severely allergic to dairy and severe eczema in the UK where I reside.
    I had a look at the UK site for Mead Johnson and they make six formulations of specialist formula that can only be had on prescription from the NHS. The regular brands are not available here in the UK.
    Enfamil US has a whey dominant formula as in 60/40 whey-casein, but the special bit is that the proteins are partially broken down making it easier to digest.
    Nutramigen has the proteins broken down much more drastically. My good friend used it for her dairy allergic daughter with eczema and it was well digested and accepted by the baby although it absolutely smells awful to adults.
    Australia has a health system not unlike the UK’s so it might be worth looking if any formula can be had on prescription there as Nutramigen and the other five special formulas might be available that way.
    Enfamil is available in China/Hong Kong so shipping from there might be possible.
    Also if all else fails it is possible to get most US things drugstore from the Medshop Express site and they ship to most places.
    At big expense though, not cheap.
    I do not have shares in them but I do spend a fortune having them send me Aquaphor ointment in big tubs. It’s the emollient that works for my daughter and I’d swim over to get it.It’s hard to describe what eczema can be like when it’s not controlled in babies and toddlers. Priceless!
    It is so superior in duration of the moisture barrier that my daughter’s dermatologist hopes to persuade Eucerin to offer it here.
    But meanwhile I get it online and the same source sells Enfamil.
    It might be worth getting a supply to tide over for the switch-over.
    There ought to be a formula in OZ that also has partially broken down proteins for sure so a replacement should be available.

  5. Oh wow! I’m so glad you have readers who have tackled my unique problem here! I appreciate all the feedback!I think Clarissa who was talking about the casein/whey issue is probably right… Baby had horrible gas on Similac as well… it’s been musical chairs with the formula here, so we’re just trying to find which one she’ll tolerate at all.
    Thanks again for all your help!

  6. I’m not a formula feeding mum so I don’t know personally. However, do you know about the network of Maternal Child Health Centres throughout the country. Depending on which state your in, they are called slightly different things. Call the local maternity ward at the public hospital and ask them who to contact or look under state government or local government in the yellow pages. (In NSW it is the regional health service that runs the network, in the ACT it is the Territory Govt and in Victoria it is your local council.)The nurses there will be able to help you, as they have helped thousands of mothers and babies. I think there are 27 different brands so you might need some help.
    Generally, the child health nurses do all the development checks, vaccinations etc rather than the doctors, and better still, they are FREE!
    I’ve done the same as you: bought a young infant from USA to Oz, and frankly, society in OZ is a whole lot more friendly to its young families. Talk to your child health nurse about playgroups, mothers groups, depression support groups and anything else that you need.
    Also, if you need a playgroup / mothers group, then the Australian Breastfeeding Association runs lots of local coffee mornings etc. I know you are formula feeding, but we have plenty of bottle feeding mothers come and they are always very welcome. Mothers are mothers are mothers.
    Good luck and welcome to Australia! Hope you enjoy your warm Christmas! (And Father Christmas has his sleigh pulled by kangaroos down here!)

  7. Hi. Australian mum here.My reflux/projectile vomiting daughter was bottle fed and could only tolerate Nestle NAN HA 1 Gold. Then NAN HA Gold 2 after 6 months of age. Make sure it’s the “gold” one. It’s available at supermarkets. Apparently the protein is broken down and easier to digest. And it’s got Omega 3 & 6 and bifidus.
    I tried S26 and Karicare Gold and found was very thick and sweet. and not well tolerated.
    NAN HA Gold is no where near as sweet as other formulas.
    Feel free to contact me if you need any other info! i live just north of Sydney if you happen to have moved to that area. hope you like it here and are coping with the idea of a hot Christmas!
    my email is: feecleverly at hotmail dot com

  8. I answered on the original thread, but I found that my kids liked KariCare here. The S-26 is a gluggy and thick formula compared to Enfamil (which is kind of sweet). All chemists carry the KariCare brand.

  9. Can you ask moms at the American Association in your city? Or what about looking for Australian mothers’ groups in your area? Great way to meet people in a new place and you’re bound to find someone who’s been in your shoes vis-a-vis formula issues.Good luck!

  10. Writing from Australia. Was wondering if you might try the Holle Organic Goats Milk formula? Another organic brand is Bellamy’s – I have heard they are better than S-26. I do know that you can obtain formula for a MUCH cheaper price if it is subscribed by your doctor – so if the one you decide to go with is on the prescriptions list, you might be able to save some money. Tummy problems say dairy issues to me, which is why I suggested the goats milk option. Talk your your Maternal & Child Health Care Nurse, and http://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/ can be very useful as well. Good luck and welcome!

  11. I moved the other way, Australia to USA, with a 7 month old. She was on Heinz Nurture in Oz ( having tried S-26 and not liked it). We tried a couple of US brands until we settled on Enfamil, it smelled, tasted and was digested most closely with the Heinz. So hopefully it will work in reverse for you. Enjoy Australia – we left 2 years ago and I really, really miss it.

  12. If you live in Australia go for the Holle goat milk formula would be my advise…I am living in Canada and we have nothing like it here, so I am shipping it in from OZ!! Expensive yes, but definitely worth the health and well-being of a little one’s digestive system. Think of it as an short-term investment.

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  14. hi, i was wondering if you have figured out where to get enfamil from? I am also have the similar concern and would like to continue with enfamil without the huge shipping cost? have you tried getting it from china or HK like someone recommended?thank you!

  15. Hi, i have bought loads(!!!) from singapore airport as i just moved from USA to Oz and used to use enfamil.I currently have;
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