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So this is straight from the Hilarious Awesomeness File: Long-time reader Karie thought my new holiday Candletime was a great idea. And since she's a Partylite consultant (they sell, you know, candles and other decor) she asked if she could be the Official Sponsor of Candletime. So take a look at the contest she's offering Ask Moxie readers, whether they celebrate Candletime or not.;):

Get a head start on your holiday gift shopping and home decorating.
Everyone loves candles!
PartyLite features fabulous candles and platinum-quality accessories.
You can check them out at

Everyone who places an order before November 21 gets into a drawing for a  $100 PartyLite gift certificate.

To be entered without ordering, go to Go to the Contact Me section and include the comment
“Ask Moxie gift certificate”

Sorry, orders and prizes can only be shipped to US street addresses.

Have fun and happy shopping!

8 thoughts on “Candletime Sponsor”

  1. Thanks Moxie !This will be fun!
    When money is tight, you don’t want to wait until the last minute to buy gifts. If you are rushed, you will spend more and get less-than-perfect gifts.
    An added bonus, we have internet sale specials on the website. Everyone loves a sale !

  2. Official Sponsor of Candletime caught my eye, since I’m looking around for official sponsors of all things whimsical, eclectic, fanciful and public domain. If you have no objection, I’d like to invite Karie to register as the Official Sponsor of Candletime.

  3. I think we forget sometimes not all web users are tech savvy beyond clicking a link, using a Search, posting a message and opening their email. They don’t need to be if they aren’t building websites generally.

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