My cat ran away

Alex Rodriguez, the god cat, ran away last night, and I think he’s too freaked out and scared to find his way back.

I’m going to have to regroup a little before I can post anything later today.

Talk about what you’d like to in the comments. Your pets, mystery trips to Argentina, etc.

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  1. My lazy, 100% indoor cat got out a month or so ago. We thought she was a goner, but she just showed up in the front yard. The vet said they tend to stick close to home, so I think you’ll find Alex.

  2. I hope you find him soon, that is so traumatic!I’m trying to figure out what to do on the pet front in our new house. We abandoned (not really; I found a safe new home for) our 3 cats before we moved, and I’d like to get at least 1 or 2 of them back. I also really really want a dog, and P has been asking for a bunny.
    That’s too many animals, right? It’s expensive to have animals and I take the responsibility seriously (I feel AWFUL about passing the cats on, even though it seems to be a fine solution for everyone involved, and we can get them back). But I think it’s a valuable thing for a kid to grow up with pets, from the responsibility perspective and also the unconditional love and companionship side. And I could use some unconditional love and companionship myself. And there is a mouse in this new house, so I need a cat, stat!
    That whole thing about the South Carolina governor in Argentina is wild, huh?? I feel more and more like I’m living in a B movie.

  3. maybe he didn’t so much run away as decide to go on vacation without telling you? don’t lose hope. post around your neighborhood (if you live in that kind of place) and try to poke around and see if he could’ve gone in a door that closed behind him and gotten stuck somewhere (not sure how much this applies where you live, though). my cat has done this on several occasions and i’ve heard many stories of cats finding their way home after a day or two or even weeks.

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I too would be a wreck if our cat ran away. In fact, she did once, and wound up hiding in the crawlspace under the house, so like Shannon says, they do tend to stick close to home. Think like a cat: “where is a safe, enclosed space where I can hide until my humans come and find me?” and keep looking.

  5. I have two stupid cats, and live on the 9th floor. One of them has gone off the balcony TWICE (And gone through the screen to be able to do it) and is *just fine.* – I’m sure you’ll find him soon enough.

  6. Catherine…think like a cat! Let’s see, who feeds me, is it warm, I think I’ll meow really loudly while everyone is asleep, I need to vomit…on my human mom, my nails are all scratchy…this sweater feels nice, oh no! the small person is rolling toward me…maybe i should rush him.Or maybe that’s just my cat.
    I wouldn’t mind a vacation to Argentina, but I don’t want to have an affair with that guy, so I got nothing.

  7. I do hope Alex Rodriguez finds his way home. There is hope.My cat got out of my apartment when he was a little guy and ended up in my neighbor’s apartment (my neighbor didn’t close his door all the way). He was in his bed and chasing his feet and totally freaking my neighbor’s cat out.

  8. My cat always shows up just after I have made posters, paid for copies, spent a day taping them up around town. He’s usually waiting on the step as soon as I get back from that. Jerk. But I love him.

  9. Before we were married, my DH had the responsibility of watching my cat while I was in Italy for a month. All was well until the day before I returned – she disappeared. He searched frantically until he had to leave for the airport. When I got home (not a little upset), she was waiting on the stoop, the brat!I think she just wanted to get him in trouble.
    I really hope Alex makes his way home soon.

  10. Our 12 year old cat spends all of our 2 year old’s waking hours under the bed. She was the center of the universe for 10 years. I’m hoping that she’ll come out from under the bed someday.

  11. I know that this is a typo (and funnier since I am reading this after I know he has turned up), but “Alex Rodriguez, the god cat,” made me snorfle.

  12. Our missing cat story – I moved to London ahead of my husband and he came to visit me in London (we were waiting for house to close). Upon his return to our house in Brooklyn on a rainy night, he discovered our much loved cat was missing. He searched and searched in the rain, despite being tired and hungry and just wanting to go to bed. It was absolutely pouring and David figured the cat was dead. He called our friend (who used the basement as a workshop) and found out that yes, the friend had left the basement door open and therefore yes, the cat probably escaped 10 hours ago. Just as David picked up the phone to call me and give me the bad news, he heard a sad, faint meow coming from the backyard. Kitty had returned – absolutely soaked, but alive and well. David said he had never been so relieved in his life. : )

  13. This is heartbreaking. My cat poca ran away 2 days ago and no sign of her, me being 17, i love her and allow her to do whatever she wants, she loved me and always allowed me to rub her belly of head, she was a spoilt kitty she is the only person i have loved so much and the only person who i felt happy with, but now not having her around makes me feel lonely and depressed again.

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