The horror

There was a lot of projectile vomit in my life from about 8:30 pm to 3 am last night. So nothing I was going to do last night got done. And I have no idea what’s up in current events. And I have a lot of laundry to do. But at least the 4-year-old’s feeling better this morning.

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  1. The first (and only) time my 2.5 y/o vomited was right after a bath while I was stilling on the bathroom floor in front of her, drying her off. I got it full-force, right in the face. After she recovered a little, she says, “Big burp. On Mommy.”Sounds like you had a night of big burps. I hope it didn’t put you off anything wonderful y’all may have had for dinner.

  2. Here too – DS was in his high chair and just started puking an impossible amount of foul smelling liquid all over the place. No warning – just spew all over and over again. Then diarrhea – but we got to use the potty multiple times – bonus? And we were awake from 3-6 for no apparent reason other than to spend quality time together I guess. Parenting is a tough gig. Doubly so when you are doing it alone. Sorry you had such a rough night, Moxie!!!

  3. Hope that’s the end of it and he didn’t pass some sort of bug on. There’s sharing the love and then there’s sharing the love, if you know what I mean. And one of those kinds you don’t want, especially in the form of a puke bug. Amazing how we don’t even consider that when we’re snuggling them up when they feel bad.

  4. last time jameson did that was inauguration weekend. puke every 30 to 45 min for 13 hours, then 3 days of explosive diarrhea. and we were 5 hours from home. and the cable wasn’t working. and we ran out of clothes. and wipes. and diapers.good times.

  5. I’m sitting here waiting to hear the results of my husband’s dissertation defense after 8 LONG years of school. Absolutely no relevance to this discussion, but I have to distract myself and blathering about it on Ask Moxie seems like a better option than emptying the dishwasher and vacuuming the floors. Am lazy, SIGH.

  6. @wealtheow, fingers crossed! we just got the news that ep passed his ninth and final architecture licensing exam yesterday (Woo!), so the whole hanging in and waiting and waiting and waiting … erk. Worse on the PhD, probably, because you can’t just wait a few months and take it again. Not that I need to tell you that, I’m sure.Yeah. I’ll pace with you. Pace pace pace pace.
    Moxie, I hope the recovery goes easy on both of you. Man, puke and parenthood… such a delight, being a parent. Heh.

  7. Sorry Moxie. That sucks. Last time my 2.5yr old puked, I knew I had that mommy gene where you can handle that kind of stuff because I looked at it and said, “So you had hot dogs at daycare today?”, to which S replied, “Yeah.”Hope you guys are all done with it!

  8. That does not sound like a fun night at all. I hope he continues to feel better and that you all have a nice, relaxing Memorial Day weekend.@wealhtheow – Good luck to your hubby! I hope it goes well and he’s all done!

  9. Oh Moxie. So sorry. That’s the one parenting task that I deal very poorly with.@rkmama I like the image of punching puke square in the kisser!

  10. WOOT for Ep & Mr. wealhtheow both passing!!!!And to the Universe… could you please send some positive energy out to my girl, C, who has just found out that her happy marriage is in shambles because her hubby has been schtupping an engaged woman in various hotels while traveling on business since frickin’ February.

  11. @ hush – oh that just sucks for your friend!!! positive thoughts and energy for sure!Congrats to those passing/getting their hard earned degrees and licenses.

  12. @wealhtheow, congrats to him!! WOO!@hush, yikes, I’m so sorry for your friend and the other woman’s fiance’, both – strength to your friend in particular.

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