Battle for Terra movie contest

The movie Battle for Terra is coming out this Friday. It's an animated film about an alien world that humans invade when our own planet is destroyed by our excesses. The movie is really only for ages 10 or 12 and up because of some complex themes (and decisions characters have to make that I didn't want my 7-year-old to think about), but it's beautifully designed and the story is a twist on the classic "alien invasion" theme.

They're running a contest for 3rd to 8th graders with a grand prize of a California community service adventure on the website here. It looks like a very cool prize, so if you have older kids who are interested in animated action movies and conservation, check out the movie and the contest.

4 thoughts on “Battle for Terra movie contest”

  1. It’s always nice to see money being given to a good cause by the very wealthy. No doubt cynics will say it’s for tax purposes rather than him doing it out the goodness of his heart, but does it matter as long as the kids get the benefit? I don’t think it does.

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