Awesomeness: Sleep blog from Isabela Granic

Isabela Granic wrote me yesterday to thank me for the review, and to tell me that she's started a blog to talk about the developmental stuff behind the sleep stuck spots. Here's what she said:

"Hi everyone,
I can't tell you how surreal and fantastic it feels to have Moxie review our book. I've been a LOOOONG-time reader and love this site and all the fabulous people that are part of it.

Just so you know, I have tentatively started a blog to discuss the developmental issues raised in Bed Timing, to put up some of the research studies that the book is based on, and to provide a space where people could ask specific questions about their own sleep-teaching/training issues. I have been incredibly inspired by Moxie and the ethos she has developed through this site and I'm in no way capable of providing her level of wisdom. That's not something I'm even shooting for. What I CAN provide, I think, is some developmental theory and studies that might help us think about sleep issues. Because I am still quite passionate about cognitive and emotional development as it applies to children's sleep, it
just basically felt wrong stopping the discussion when the book was finished.

Also, if you're not sure you want to invest in another sleep book, you can browse through the contents of the book (link is on the blog) and see if you think it's worth your while. "

Cool, huh? Please pop on over and read the posts she's got up already (I particularly like the one about hating the term "sleep training" but having gotten over it.) And if you've read my stuff on sleep regressions and thought, "Yeah, but WHY?" go ask her, because she knows.

Also, I'm just going to say that not only did I tell everyone so (about the 4 months and the 9 months and the 18 months, etc.), but my mom has been saying for years that 6 months is a great time to switch your sleeping arrangement. So she's been telling everyone so, too. 😉 I bet your mom or grandma will read the book and start nodding her head in vindication, too.

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38 thoughts on “Awesomeness: Sleep blog from Isabela Granic”

  1. With all due respect (I mean this – I think you and your mom are excellent resources), but switching sleep situations at 6 months has not worked for us. Maybe this is a case of “My Baby Is A Weirdo”, but I’ve been trying for about 6 weeks (he’s 6.5 months now) to get him from sleeping in the bouncy, swing, or my arms for the last third of the night to sleeping in his crib (where he sleeps the first two-thirds), and we’ve made no discernible improvement. I’ve given in to the fact that he just needs help staying asleep after 3:30 a.m., so I guess there’s that “improvement”.I suppose I ought to enter the book giveaway, hm? 🙂

  2. My 2 cents worth:I tried the same method for all three of my kids at 5.5 months. It worked for the first, and not for the next two. There is just so much going on for these little babies. They have different temperaments, their digestive systems react differently, and they are processing so much.
    I agree to wait until they seem like they are not at an emotionally intense point and to find a time when they seem calmer.
    It is also helpful to focus on the process as much the result. Yes, you are so tired! It is harder on the family when baby is waking up. Work to take care of yourself when you can. Focus on getting to know your baby too. Get to know his/her temperament. What helps him relax? Investigate and listen first before starting the sleep training.

  3. So, can we talk more about the 6 month sleep switch? Bug is over her 4 motnh sleep shakeup, and she’s outgrown her bassinette, and I’m finally feeling confident enough in our bond (being a WOHM has been hard in that respecrt for me) that I feel like I can wean her off of most night feedings, and she’s at an appropriate weight to wean at night, etc etc.But isn’t she about to hit a Wonder Week? Isn’t that kind of a crap time to start any new Sleep Learning/ Training/ Changes?
    Help! We really want to get moving with the sleep thing, but I don’t know if her nighttime fussiness is because we’re messing with her sleep or if its a Wonder Week thing or what. Oh, if only I had slept enough to have full brain function today…

  4. Huh. We did successfully transition from the moses basket to the crib at about 6 months- Pumpkin was getting too big for the basket.@textureamy- our daughter went in and out of phases where she needed to be held for the last hour or two of sleep. The first couple of times this happened, I worried about setting bad habits, but she always dropped the wake up that led to the cuddle session on her own.
    @Megan- My daughter has never been an easy sleeper, so take what follows with a grain of salt: if I remember properly, we were down to 2-3 night feedings at 6 months. Then we hit a really rough period at about 8 months where we were up A LOT . Then we had her almost all the way nightweaned at 10 months (she would not give up her last night feeding without Hubby sitting in there and holding her for hours, which didn’t seem worth it). FWIW, the method we used was to delay when I’d go in and nurse, and that worked better for us than the “dilute the bottle” or “decrease the amount” methods. We stayed at 1 feeding for a long time because changing it was harder than just nursing her quickly. I finally nightweaned her completely at about 21 months, and it was a piece of cake.
    I’m not saying your baby will do the same thing- I know people who successfully nightweaned before 1 year (and was insanely jealous of them). But I will tell you what I have learned from my 2 years of interrupted sleep: we could never really force a change. Pumpkin changes her sleep when she is ready to. All we can do is try not to mess things up even more, and to try to follow her lead. For instance, 2 weeks before I nightweaned with literally less than 1 minute of crying involved, I tried to nightwean and it was a disaster of screaming and tears. Pumpkin wasn’t ready. Anytime we tried to move things faster than Pumpkin was ready to have them move, we just ended up getting even less sleep. So Hubby and I decided when Pumpkin was about 1 year old to just follow Pumpkin’s lead, and spend our energies on something we could control, which was figuring out how to make our lives work with the sleep situation we had.
    All of that was a long-winded way of saying that you may or may not have an easy time of making changes now. Probably the best thing to do is to figure out one thing you want to try to change and work out a plan to try to change it. But if that plan seems to be going all wobbly- just ditch it for a week or two and try again later.
    I am also a WOHM, and yeah, it SUCKS to get up and go to work after a night of crap sleep (although I think it sucks worse to get up and try to take care of a demanding baby after a night of crap sleep). But that didn’t change the hand we were dealt as far as my daughter’s sleep. That is why Hubby and I developed strategies for minimizing our pain.
    And it will end eventually- last night I slept from 10 p.m. – 5 a.m. uninterrupted. And thought it was a bad night, because Pumpkin wouldn’t go back to sleep like she usually does when we brought her into our bed at 5. A year ago, I would have thought 10-5 uninterrupted was a miracle.

  5. This is me reading the comments here and from yesterday: scrunched up face with a thought balloon over my head that is filled with the noise of static. And my mouth is hanging open slightly.I am amazed by how I absolutely cannot remember any of the details around their sleep! I think I’m vaguely aware that they each moved into a crib at roughly 7 months. But that could be way off. Who knows? What I’m mostly aware of is both my girls do exhibit the behavior around co-sleeping that’s been discussed here before–getting into bed with us between the ages of 2 and 4. But that’s all I got.

  6. We did the switch from the cosleeper in our bedroom to the crib in the nursery at 6 months. However, my daughter’s 4 month regression lasted until 9 months, so 6 months wasn’t really a “better” time to do it than others for us. It was more that we figured if she wasn’t sleeping well in the cosleeper, then she could just not sleep well in the nursery and at least we wouldn’t have to sneak around our bedroom at night anymore.As always, I just took what Moxie (and her mom) said with a “YMMV” attached. Our mileage has been 2 years of mostly crappy sleep.
    @Rudyinparis – You give me hope that I will someday forget how bad the sleep has been!

  7. @ rudyinparis – I was thinking the same thing – That I know it was hard and sucky and crazy making but I’m losing the specifics on the timing of it all! Never thought that would happen. I know 4 months sucked because it was part of the overall lack of sleep until about 8 months and then 9 months it went to hell and he was super sick and we switched pediatricians. And then he started going to bed okay at about a year and sometime around 16 months he started to sleep through the night on a regular basis and be able to put himself back to sleep if he woke and I learned that lots of times he wasn’t awake anyway because it was a night terror. But the details of his first year are really starting to fade.

  8. I’m generally opposed to sleep training, most particularly any of the CIO methods, but I was particularly disturbed to read in a review of the book, posted on the bed timing blog, that the authors think one of the acceptable windows in which to sleep train is 2.5-4 months! That is beyond appalling….

  9. I don’t know, Theresa, if I could have found a “sleep training” method that worked for us back when Pumpkin was about 8 months old and we were up 5-6 times a night, I would have done it. If I had thought that 2-3 nights of some crying would have meant we could all sleep for more than a couple hours at a stretch, I might have tried that, too. I had some good reasons to suspect those methods would have made our sleep situation worse, rather than better, so we stuck to the no-cry methods.Sleep deprivation on the scale that some parents experience is a pretty shattering experience. I don’t begrudge anyone a method that helps end that. I certainly wasn’t the best mother I could be when I was scraping by on 4 hours of sleep a night, and I had an engaged partner who shared the nighttime duties and an extended family who were willing and able to help us get some sleep occasionally. I can’t imagine getting through that period if I had been doing it all on my own.
    If there are parents who know that they can’t take the sleep deprivation for 6 months or however long it is to the next window, and they have a healthy 3 month old baby who is physically able to go through the night without eating (and we know these babies exist, because we know that some babies start sleeping through the night on their own when they are that little)- then why not try some gentle sleep training at that point? I suspect the training would be aiming for the 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep that the books all call “sleeping through the night” at that age.
    Of course, I don’t think that all babies CAN be trained. Either that, or I suck as a sleep trainer. I also don’t think that all babies are physically capable of sleeping long stretches at 3 months. I personally would have been uncomfortable with anything but the most gentle methods at 3 months. But I’m not going to say anything against parents who find a method that works for them as long as that method respects the baby’s developmental needs and capabilities.

  10. @Theresa, the idea of CIO may not leave me all warm & fuzzy, but what, just what, if there is a way to make it happen like magic for some family (such as many of my respected internet friends on this site), resulting in less crying and more sleep for everyone net-net, with absolutely no long-term ill-effects? Holy hell, that would be very, very helpful info. Since there are several, very different definitions of “sleep training” and “CIO” out there, I’m going to reserve judgment until I’ve actually read the book. I’m pregnant with #2 and one of my goals is to be a lot more open-minded this time around. Exploring divergent opinions is often a good thing, no?

  11. @theresa: I’m one of the authors of Bed Timing. Cloud and Hush exactly resonate with my take on the whole 2.5-4 month window. It’s the one I’m least comfortable with. Apart from the developmental psychology perspective on why this is a reasonably safe window for some people, there were several reasons why we included it as one of the possible stages to sleep-train:1. There are DESPERATE mothers who either need or want to go back to work by the time their kid is 3 months. These mothers often have no choice but to try SOMETHING. Our major point is that if you feel you have to do something, don’t try at 4 months and earlier than 2.5 months probably isn’t wise either.
    2. In the book, we make it VERY clear that whatever method is used during this period, it shouldn’t result in letting the baby cry for more than 5-10 min MAX (I don’t know about your baby, but mine cried more than that if they were in their carseat and I stopped at a red light). This is the only age at which we’re careful to dissuade parents from picking any method that will involve prolonged distress, because the baby isn’t capable of regulating that distress by herself; she needs mom and/or dad to bring her back down.
    3. What Cloud and Hush said.
    4. We have heard remarkably consistent reports from parents who did GENTLY sleep train (i.e., NOT CIO methods, more like “no-cry sleep solutions”) at this window with great success. Even though I PERSONALLY wasn’t comfortable doing any kind of sleep training with my boys at that age, I felt we had to still provide the developmental information and let parents make the decisions for themselves.
    5. Finally, I’m not thrilled with that particular review of the book, to tell you the truth. In large part because I was sure that it provided a very skewed picture of our general approach.

  12. Thanks, I appreciate the clarification! FWIW, I was back at work when my child was 12 weeks, and he is, and always has been, a very difficult sleeper – we still have multiple, though thankfully, lessening, nightwakings, at a year, so I do understand the desperation of sleep deprivation, way too clearly! But I do think that there are other ways to deal with that sleep deprivation without using CIO methods, particularly at such a young age…But again, very much looking forward to reading you book, which should arrive this week!

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    ( space ) Just what are the output deadlines with respect to built up ‘tokens’?
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    Any longer.
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    b) telephone number
    chemical) own & details
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