Contest: Free tickets to Thomas Live in Uniondale June 20

(Q&A below, so scroll down.)

The awesome people at PBS Sproutare offering a 4-pack of tickets to see the Thomas Live show in Uniondale on June 20! To enter, post a memorable moment
with your kid(s) in the comments section, and make sure you put your
real email address in the "Email" box (you can hide it so only I can
see it by putting "" in the "URL" field) so I can contact
you if you win. I'll do a random (or as close to random as I can manage
with my almost-4-year-old helping) drawing on Tuesday and post the
winner Tuesday night.

(NYC people, scroll up for the show on April 17.)

11 thoughts on “Contest: Free tickets to Thomas Live in Uniondale June 20”

  1. hey girl-this event is for folks on long island, not upstate- uniondale is a code word for nassau veterans memorial coliseum- but how would anyone ever know that unless they lived here?
    anyway, does the memorable moment have to be thomas-related? cause i’d have to think about that. or just any type of moment? warm and fuzzy? horrifying but funny now? help me narrow it down!

  2. my son just discovered Thomas (he’s almost 2, and has been loyal to Sesame Street so far) and turned to his father in wonder, “Trains? on DEET?? (his word for Sesame Street)” His father said, “sure, trains on deet,” and little guy replied in perfect Keanu-speak, “WHOA.”I wish I had a non-tv related story, but it’s been a LONG week (here on Monday).

  3. well, i’ll just narrow it down to this past month- the bean has learned to commando-crawl and loves to move!move!move!- which, i know, is normal for a 9month old, i know. but even though he’s our second born, this is a whole new world for us- (the pnut was so delayed in moving), anyway, we just realized we need to put up babygates and outlet covers and move the food and water for the cats, etc. etc. since the little guy is adept at finding us wherever we are- that smile when he comes seal-slapping around a corner to a room where we are? unbelievable.and not to be outdone, my little pnut is writing her own name and starting to read short words! which is so cool! but even more cool than that, this new literacy has extended to numbers- we were shoe shopping for her for new sneakers the other night, and she would find a style she liked, and search through til she found her size- “this is a seven, mommy, it’s too small for me!” awesome.

  4. As a big baseball fan, I’ll never forget the day I showed my older son how to catch a ball. (He was 2 1/2.) A very close second-place memory — last month, when I overheard him teaching his younger brother how to catch.

  5. Simon, bus, bike, walk, yes to all if you don’t have a car and on food stamps. Forage if you can and must. This isn’t an elite kind of discussion. None of us would want to be on food stamps because you could indeed be in a dire situation. The discussion here has been about how to eat nutritiously and well on a low budget.

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