Contest: Free tickets to Thomas Live in NYC April 17

(Q&A below, so scroll down.)

The awesome people at PBS Sprout are offering a 4-pack of tickets to see the Thomas Live show at the Beacon Theater in NYC on April 17! To enter, post a memorable moment with your kid(s) in the comments section, and make sure you put your real email address in the "Email" box (you can hide it so only I can see it by putting "" in the "URL" field) so I can contact you if you win. I'll do a random (or as close to random as I can manage with my almost-4-year-old helping) drawing on Tuesday and post the winner Tuesday night.

(Long Island people, scroll down for the show in Uniondale.)

8 thoughts on “Contest: Free tickets to Thomas Live in NYC April 17”

  1. There are so many memorable moments but I think the best one was the first time my daughter really called me Mama. We had difficulties conceiving and finally hearing that was the best thing ever.

  2. Well…the first time my 2 year old used the word love it was” I love Thomas, I love Henry , I love Mama..” He is absolutely obsessed. We dont let him watch the show anymore but he spends a lot of time on the floor and our house looks like a mini train yard.

  3. I’m tempted to put the time that I let my daughter roll off my bed – BAD memorable, but memorable! – because so many of my memorable moments are seemingly teeny insignificant things that are engraved onto my soul. But to pick something more concrete, I took my daughter to the circus a few weeks ago. She’s only 20 months old, and it was Cirque to Soleil, so I had serious reservations about bringing her in the first place – we were really going for my mother-in-law – and I was so worried that she’d be scared or bored or fidgety. Instead, she was enchanted. She sat through the show with barely a peep, mouth hanging open in amazement, moving her arms to mimic the acrobats. And at the end she applauded like she meant it. While she watched the show, I mostly couldn’t tear my eyes off her; I was so delighted by how much she loved it. She won’t remember, of course, but I certainly will.

  4. Hm, one moment that springs to memory is a trip to the Prospect Park Zoo’s small farm section. My daughter stood with her face about a foot from the cow. The cow, as is its wont, moo-ed loudly. My daughter was completely terrified, and refused to go anywhere near the cow again.

  5. my memorable moment was just this morning: i was taking my son to preschool. i don’t normally take him, so it was nice for both of us getting to spend the extra time together. he pointed out all the trees that were starting to bloom (“look! forsythia!”), the buds coming out of the ground, the sun shining, people walking their dogs–all the signs of a new day beginning. then out of nowhere he said, “this is a good day, mommy.”it was.

  6. The most memorable to date? Standing on our back porch in the rain during the summer months. My son would stand there with his face up trying to see the source of the rain and he would laugh and laugh! My daughter kept ducking each time a drop hit her head, she looked like a spastic bobble head doll :o)

  7. The most recent memorable moment happened last mont with my three year old son. I was getting him dressed for school one morning when he knocked his clothes off the bed and onto the floor. So I said to him, “you know Samuel, I don’t know about you, those are the clothes you are going to wear to school…” He then replied to me, “well I don’t know about you either” I had to bite my cheeks not to burst out laughing in front of him 🙂

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