Q&A: pooping only in diaper

Jillian writes:

"N (boy) is 3 years old and toilet trained for pee and 'diaper trained'for poo. That is, he can control when he poos, but refuses to do it in
the toilet. He holds it until he's in bed for nap or the night (the
only time he gets a diaper) and then lets loose. I've tried every form
of incentive and they don't work. He's done it a couple of times in the
toilet for chocolate, a cupcake AND 'toilet fairy' stickers (yes, all
at once!) but he's back to doing it in the diaper. He has a
fearful reaction to the idea of sitting on the toilet for poo combined
with that 3-year old need for control. I can't even make him do it in
the diaper in the bathroom – he has to be in his bedroom. I'm not
pushing the issue because I don't want him to get constipated but
changing a 3 year old's poopy diaper is getting old fast. Quite
frankly, it's gross.

Would love to hear from anyone who's been there, done that."

I have no idea. I wish I did, but as I say every time we have a potty learning question, both my boys trained themselves, and I was just kind of the facilitator (and my babysitter B, too, with the second one). So I really have no secrets or much to offer on this.

So I'm tossing it out to the readers, and hoping someone's been through this and has some words of advice for Jillian. I agree that it seems counterproductive to try to force it. Would it help to have N shadow another kid who poops in the toilet so he'd be encourage by peer pressure? It sounds like rewards aren't working. Anything else anyone can suggest?

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  1. Same issue as the question. The more frustrated I got, the less willing he was to try. Finally I gave up, told him to let me know when he needed to poop so I could get a pull-up on him. When I gave in on the control issue, it was a short time (a few weeks) before he was going in the potty himself. Don’t know why but it was not an argument I was willing to wrestle him with. I really just didn’t care enough (I was pregnant with my second and having kidney stone issues daiy)

  2. I really hope people will weigh in on this one! One of my twins did the diaper pooping for a while, then just figured it out, and now she’s fine. The other one (about to turn 3), went from running around the house doing it in the diaper to completely holding it. Now she goes every 3-4 days, is terribly constipated and uncomfortable, and it seems to be getting worse. I tried the M&Ms, but she didn’t care. Now that it hurts to go poop, she really doesn’t want to go at all. I tried giving her Miralax every day for a week, thinking it would soften her poop and move things along, but it sure didn’t work on her. She’s still terribly constipated.

  3. My daughter gave up diapers all at once, but was afraid to poop in the potty for several WEEKS afterwards. Although she’d poop on the potty, it was every 4-5 days (instead of mostly every day, as she had done before) and accompanied by much crying and carrying on–not, thankfully, because she was constipated, just scared. We had a lot of discussions about pooping meaning that your body was working properly, how it was good, etc. Finally what did it for her was that another toddler friend had those flushable wipes that she used. It seemed ridiculous that THAT, of all things, would be the tipping point, but there’s a 3 year old for you.What I am trying to say is: be reassuring, be encouraging, but he’ll have to come around on his own. Maybe you’ll find some external motivator (a swimming experience that doesn’t allow diapers, etc.?). If he has the physical control, then clearly it’s a head game. Don’t get sucked in (too much).

  4. I’ve heard this from numerous friends and every time, it worked itself out.I will note that one friend’s went all the way to about four and a half, but he got it.
    Pardon the pun: this, too, shall pass.

  5. If you’re down with the “let and go and just wait” approach, may I suggest getting a potty chair and putting it in his bedroom? Basically, break it down into two stages. If it’s the bathroom that upsets him so much, let him poop somewhere else until he gets used to pooping in the potty and not in his diaper. Then work on getting him to use the real toilet.

  6. My son did that same thing at that age, and I just kind of let it go until he was ready. I think the bigger deal you make the potty thing, the more some kids will try to fight it. I just offered it (and special treats) and didn’t make a big deal out of it if he didn’t choose to do it. I think his dad (we have separate households) had some success with putting a big, coveted toy (Thomas the Tank Engine) atop the toilet tank; the kiddo did get the toy when he pooped in the potty, but getting the toy didn’t necessarily inspire consistency. Eventually the kiddo decided he was a “big boy” and started pooping in the potty more. Sitting on the toilet was scary for him, since he felt he might fall in, and his toilet seat adapter never fit right and therefore always wobbled. When he got bigger and felt bigger, he just started pooping in the potty more frequently and got M&Ms – his favorite – as a reward. Oh, and he didn’t get M&Ms for anything else during this process, so he was a bit more motivated to use the potty. I know this is a rambling reply (my son woke me with a bad dream and now I’m the one awake), but I think your kid will eventually grow into the potty idea if you minimize pressure and keep some incentives around. 🙂

  7. I just stopped putting my child in diapers at night and for naps. There were maybe 2 or 3 messes, but after that she figured it out.

  8. My oldest did exactly this – was potty trained for pee pretty fast (by age 3), but only pooped in a diaper (would ask for a diaper, then hide in the closet!) for at least 6 months after that. Since we’d had some bad episodes of constipation from deliberate withholding, we decided that if she was happily and healthily pooping in a diaper every day, we were okay with that. In a resigned sort of way.The long winter break when she was 3.5 turned the corner for us – she was home a lot (we both WOH, so she had been in day care, in panties) and it turned out she needed to poop about mid-day. When she was in daycare she’d been holding it back until she could go home and get a diaper and poop in the closet, but with the break we got her adjusted to pooping on the toilet when the urge first struck. Note: PRAISE TO THE SKIES when that poop in the potty happens. When daycare started up again she took to waiting to poop until she was home in the evenings, but would go on the potty. She didn’t poop in any toilet other than in our house until she was well past four (this made travel a real issue!), and still (at 5.5) prefers to poop at home if at all possible.
    We’ve had well more than our share of poop accidents in panties – including this year – when she gets stressed, she poops in her pants, oh joy – and let me tell you, if you think changing 3 year old diapers is gross, you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve dealt with poopy panties on a 5 year old.

  9. I don’t have any ideas, but a friend of mine is going through this, too–her son is the same age and holds poops for his nap diaper. She’s also having the problem of them being complete blow-outs because of the holding-it-in.The potty chair in the bedroom sounds like a pretty good idea, right before naptime and maybe let him have some alone time on it so he doesn’t feel pressured.
    On a side note, I’ve been working on having a happy face on when I change the Pea’s dirty diapers. I realized that I don’t want him to associate poop with “YUCK!” (even though it is).

  10. This was totally my son. He pee trained at 2.5 all on his own and then would request a pull-up for poop. No incentives/bribery worked as for him it seemed to be more of an issue with the physiology of pooping while sitting.We tried various times not buying diapers, making him change himself, etc. but he would just withhold until he was in severe pain and I would give in. Finally we set a date of past his 5th birthday (thus the change yourself aspect) there would be no pull-ups.
    This time before he started withholding we loaded him up on poop friendly food and then we gave him a little bit of a laxative (epson salts in water) and as he did NOT want to poop in his underwear, the urgency of needing to poop got him to use the potty. As he needed to do this a couple of times that day he was able to sit and get his body used to pooping that way. We had no further issues.
    Obviously, 5 is rather extreme and I would definitely NOT do any sort of laxative with a 3 year old. (I still feel rather guilty.) But I would work on feeding fiber heavy foods in hopes of short-circuiting the thought process involved in pooping.
    (My 2.5 year old had no issues.)

  11. Oh wow, I could have written this too, and I’m so glad to see how common it is. I have no advice either, just more data points: my son will say “I NEED A DIAPER!!!” (and sometimes, “I don’t want to poop in the potty,” “When I’m bigger,” and “but I LIKE cold wipes!”). He waits til bedtime, and has to hold my hands while I stand up. Once a few weeks ago he really really had to poo, and I was just stepping out of the shower in my parents’ apartment. I told him he could either go now in the potty or wait until I got some clothes on, and he waited, wimpering,until the second the diaper and jeans were back on.This is a kid who showed no interest in the potty for about 7 months, and then trained himself (daycare helps) in a couple of days. He’s a month past his third birthday, and I’m going to wait it out. I will ask him, each time, if he wants the potty, and then let it go when he refuses. My feeling is that it helps him to know that we respect his decision and trust him.
    @Lee, wow, 4 1/2.
    @Jenarow, sorry about the kidney stones – ouch. Hope they, too, passed. 🙂

  12. Mine did this too for months after training. He got it in the end after I eased off grumbling, and instead said ‘Never mind, when you are bigger you’ll get it/ everyone works it out eventually’ So not over-praise , just confidence that he would get there. In the end I took a nappy off after he’d pooed a bit (& when I knew there was more), got him to sit on the potty while I very slowly fetched another nappy, and lo and behold, poo came before the nappy arrived. Sneaky. He still demanded a whole row of Thomas stickers. Good luck.

  13. i had to let it go, too- pnut is pretty much trained now, and yes, she did it when she was ready, when she wanted to, etc etc etc- and not a minute earlier. changing poopy diapers sucked for both parties, and we let her know that we weren’t enjoying it, either, and when she was ready to use the potty it would be much easier to clean up. eventually, she figured it out. she’s 3.5 now and it’s only been the past few months.we used a lot of “your body will tell you when it’s time” (thanks hedra!) and then when she would sit there, my sister suggested giving her a book to read (out loud) and that the poops would come out to hear the story (dear lord). we also used jellybeans as rewards, one for #1, 2 for #2, and that was somewhat of an incentive.
    but to be honest, i really think the biggest incentive for her was peer pressure- there is an older, not super nice girl in her class (she is with 3 and 4 year olds) who is adept at smelling blood in the water and calling kids out for, well, anything- and would call the pnut a baby for wearing a pullup to school (she was wearing big girl undies at home, pullup to school and at night/nap) and pnut was so hurt by the teasing- first, of course we dealt w/ the teasing at school, but it was also an opportunity to teach her that big kids wear big kid underpants all the time. which to me, a sensitive person who suffered the cruelties of other kids when *i* was a kid, seemed a horrible way to learn a lesson, but…
    i know charisse will fill you in on the poop present idea, thank god we didn’t have to get that far. it’s hard, but maybe it’s ok to just wait a little longer til he’s ready…good luck!

  14. well peeing in the potty was easy for us… but poop, well she would hold it for over 12 hours… and then only diaper time would she poop… so I kept the diaper off, and just wanted to see what she’d do, she started being a little upset, I told her to sit on the potty. She did a little (lots of praising her). She used to go once or twice a day, that dropped…SO one day, she was peeing on the potty and then found she needed to do #2 as well…and she was about to stand up and scream for a diaper, and I just sat there next to hear, just kept telling her it’s okay to poop in the potty, and it might feel weird at first, but the bum stays cleaner going poop in the potty. I didn’t give her a chance or space to move out and demand the diaper… but I didn’t hold her down either… she was just scared of the sensation I think…
    and after that she started doing her regular routine,and we just finally got her onto the regular potty after using a stand along kid’s potty and then a kids toilet seat on the regular potty.
    It really helped when she saw other kids go potty and that it wasn’t a bad experience for them… she adjusted.. but she was 3years and about 3 months old before everything clicked…
    still haven’t gotten night time training…I’m not even worried about it yet…

  15. well peeing in the potty was easy for us… but poop, well she would hold it for over 12 hours… and then only diaper time would she poop… so I kept the diaper off, and just wanted to see what she’d do, she started being a little upset, I told her to sit on the potty. She did a little (lots of praising her). She used to go once or twice a day, that dropped…SO one day, she was peeing on the potty and then found she needed to do #2 as well…and she was about to stand up and scream for a diaper, and I just sat there next to hear, just kept telling her it’s okay to poop in the potty, and it might feel weird at first, but the bum stays cleaner going poop in the potty. I didn’t give her a chance or space to move out and demand the diaper… but I didn’t hold her down either… she was just scared of the sensation I think…
    and after that she started doing her regular routine,and we just finally got her onto the regular potty after using a stand along kid’s potty and then a kids toilet seat on the regular potty.
    It really helped when she saw other kids go potty and that it wasn’t a bad experience for them… she adjusted.. but she was 3years and about 3 months old before everything clicked…
    still haven’t gotten night time training…I’m not even worried about it yet…

  16. You described the situation we just went through with our daughter. I thought it would never end and, yes, it was so gross to change naptime and bedtime diapers for a child over the age of three. We tried rewards of all shapes and sizes. It never worked. We fought with her and tried to convince her to use the potty (we knew she could). It never worked. It was SO frustrating. She’s so smart and verbal and we knew she totally understood what we wanted and needed her to do. But she had us on this one. She had to make up her own mind.Although this is probably what you want to hear, it just took time. She was 3 1/2 when she just suddenly, for seemingly no particular reason, started using the potty for #2 on her own. Friends told me that was what it would take–she would have to decide to do it herself. In our case they were right. We had to wait it out and let her decide. The upside is that since she decided to use only the potty for #2, she’s never had an accident.
    Good luck! I know it’s tough.

  17. No time to read all of the replies, may repeat…1) For the ones who have a negative/pain experience in their history, it takes a good while on a stool softening protocol (either fruit-based or meds-based) to get them past the fear clench. Sometimes months. Work on the fear first, the potty behavior second. You can’t really do the potty stuff effectively WITH the fear in place.
    2) for the avoidance/shame/hiding/location-specific pooping… Mr B was a hide-to-poop kid, in part because his poop was so bad. Acid burn diarrhea much of the time (result of fructose malabsorption and a passion for fructose-rich foods, including wheat). Sigh. I did my usual research, and the main recommendation is to PRAISE ALL POOP. No matter where, how, or when, the more confident and pleased and satisfied they are with having pooped at all, the easier it is for them to choose to go along with pooping *where* you would like them to. We had poop parties, sang songs about poop, praised his pooping and the poop. It worked. Even though he still had urgency and potential burns, he just *on his own* transitioned to the potty. I chose not to be bothered by the gross, stink, or age issues, as an intentional act. The less I was bothered, the easier he was about moving to the potty.
    Kids who hide to poop in particular tend to potty train around 4 1/2 years old (eep) UNLESS the shame/fear/guilt/anger issue is managed for them (they can’t manage the emotional process until around 4 or so, on their own – they need help with the emotions if they’re ‘stuck’ in those feelings by around 3 or so).
    In general, potty behavior is self-motivated. You can definitely take their own self-motivating behavior and use it to your advantage, if you can figure out what it is. Some kids really do respond to rewards/bribes, some to curiosity (the poop-presents thing, did anyone mention that?), some are motivated by other things. I think Mr B was motivated by simplicity – it became simpler to poop in the potty, and he could get on with his life more quickly if he did. Mr G was motivated by not liking a teacher (and therefore not wanting her involved too much – it was potty or her changing his pullup, and that was a NO GO for him, so he trained in one day just because she pinched his chubby little face, once, all Italian-gradma-style.) I don’t even remember Miss M and Miss R, other than they messed around with the idea forever, started being interested early, interest went back and forth, one of them trained first by a long margin (R? I really don’t recall), but it was relatively painless on all parts. :shrug:

  18. I was about to suggest the potty chair in the bedroom, too, but I see that a few people beat me to it! My son was so much more comfortable using one of those than a regular toilet for a while–he could put his feet on the floor, he didn’t have to climb up, and he didn’t have far to run once he realized that he had to go NOW.You could also have him change his own diaper/pullup–take it off, wipe himself, get a new one, put it on (if it’s a pullup). In other words, remove just about every advantage to wearing a diaper there is. It sounds like you don’t want to force the issue by going cold turkey on the diapers (and I agree not to make it a power struggle), but that doesn’t mean you have to make using diapers super convenient for him!
    Or you could have a long-term goal for him once he’s poop trained. It could be that you take him out to dinner at a place he picks, an all-day outing for big boys (amusement park, science center), or even a small party with friends. Something that you can plan quickly, for some time in the indefinite future–like after he’s pooped in the toilet for a week, or ten times (even nonconsecutive), or something where he gets in the habit of using the toilet before he gets the reward. But no pressure on when that has to be.
    Good luck. I’ve been there, and now at almost 5 he poops, wipes himself, and usually remembers to flush! He also seems to have inherited the man gene that requires him to bellow “I HAVE TO POOP” and disappear into the bathroom for at least 15 minutes.

  19. We are *exactly* in this position with our daughter, who will be 4 in May.Hedra, what you said about praising all poop (!) seems the most promising of everything recommended here, for our situation, i.e. the only thing we haven’t already tried ad nauseum. What / where did you read about this angle?

  20. This does resolve on its own. Sometimes offering to have the child sit on the potty with the diaper on helps a lot. Also naked time generally is extremely effective at all levels of potty training. It really helps them listen to their body and manage how to react when they feel the sensation coming on.I will also chime in with (and this may be misunderstood so I hope I don’t offend anyone) there is an advantage to doing potty learning earlier rather than later if possible and often times your kids will give you a window to do it. The common wisdom these days seems to be that kids will do it own their own and that means not even suggesting or introducing potty until they have initiated it. And I think that kids can generally be taught earlier than they are these days (and again, not all). My daughter was interested in using the potty right after she turned 2. However she didn’t fully train (daytime) for months after that simply because her daycare teachers didn’t want to deal with it. Once she switched rooms to teachers who wanted the kids trained, she was done. Little kids generally need help with this but it’s easier to have them trained when they’re little and other changes are also happening somewhat regularly. My son also trained when he was just over 2 and the biggest issues we’ve had have been the same ones with my daughter – when there is inconsistency, i.e. pullups half the time, it cause confusion and backsliding. My overall point is that at 3 you are now dealing with a whole other set of behaviors that have become entrenched and the need for control has really set in. Sometimes it’s easier to bite the bullet and do this sooner rather than later if you are seeing any evidence from your child that they are interested. Again, just my .02 but it may help others who are reading this with littler ones.

  21. A friend’s kid did this. She didn’t put a diaper on him and made him clean up his own poop. Then he decided the potty was nicer.Easier said than done!

  22. No help, just sympathy—if it makes you feel any better, it seems like everyone I know with boys has had a hard time training them. So it seem to be going around :-), and you’re not alone!

  23. Not sure if this will help… but my nephew was always terrified of falling into the potty when he had to poop. The magic solution was to have him sit backwards. That way he could hold on to the tank and he felt more secure.

  24. Just a thought … and this is not meant to be judgmental to Jillian because she is where she is … but I wonder if there has developed more resistance to potty training by kids because we wait so much longer now?In my limited experience with potty training, when I started young (barely 2) there were a lot of accidents, but no resistance … a 2 year old was more malleable than a 3 year old.
    I guess you choose your poison (the families I know where they waited until 3 to potty train had very few accidents, whereas we had TONS in the beginning). And you never know which kids are going to be resistant. Just a thought …

  25. This is exactly how my son was potty trained. At 3 years 7 mos I told him I wasn’t buying anymore diapers and that once the ones in his closet were gone he was going to have to poop in the potty.It was a gamble that worked. DS carefully monitored the diapers and when the last one was used I told him it was the last one. It had taken almost two months since he was only using one/day. At the same time he was in a preschool that didn’t allow diapers so he’d really practiced controll by then:)
    The next day, due to some benign neglect, playdate distractions, he pooped in the potty, no muss, no fuss and has ever since.
    I totally let him “own” it and it worked, I think you are doing fine and just need to keep watching and waiting. I know changing poop diapers stinks, but I prefer the gentle method and it sounds like you do too. Your boy will be pooping on the potty soon enough and you’ll be shocked to suddenly have no diapers:)

  26. ACK< I forgot the M&M part.I bribed him for each poop. For a while. I had tried the toy thing, but he thought it was a one time transaction. I finally figured he required regular "payment". So I did. It only lasted the length of one pack of mini packs of MMs, but it was worth it! He has totally forgotten that he was ever "paid to poop" and hasn't asked for it in at least two months.

  27. My older one did this and it drove me crazy. She would even ASK for a diaper to poop in (if I didn’t give her one, she waited until bedtime).What finally solved it for us was an idea I got here.
    We went to the dollar store and bought about 15 little things that we figured the Munchkin would like. I wrapped them up in tissue paper with ribbon — just like a present. Then I put them all in a basket and put the basket in the bathroom.
    We told her that any time she pooped on the potty, she could choose and open one present.
    She had her pants down before I could finish my sentence. She wasn’t able to produce anything then, but about 45 minutes later she squeezed out the tiniest of turds and was delighted by the present.
    For awhile, I’m sure she was deliberately controlling it (pooping just a tiny bit at a time, in order to get more “events” out of one need) but we just went with it. We were totally consistent with the present basket — it went to grandma’s to the babysitter’s, when we were out and about running errands (it stayed in the trunk 🙂 — we’re not totally crazy).
    After awhile, when she had established a habit, we went from one present per poop to a sticker-per-poop with a present at the end of a row on a chart, and we gradually phased it out.
    I was skeptical about this method because I’d tried bribes before and gotten nowhere (I’d tried everything from no-comment to, in not my finest parenting moment, shouting in her face and telling her we weren’t leaving the bathroom until she pooped on the damn potty.) but this worked, and it was immediate.
    I’m sure if you leave it alone, it’ll EVENTUALLY sort itself out, but I do have one friend whose little boy continued to poop in his underpants clear up until kindergarten. I was just not willing to take that kind of chance.
    Good luck!

  28. Going through this with 3.1 ds. He has resisted every step of potty training but ends up proud of himself once he is cajoled through the process of mastering a new skill. Right now we’re working on the pooping and it’s exactly like Jillian’s situation, except sometimes there is no nap diaper because there is no nap.My husband believes in the Colin Powell doctrine of going in with overwhelming force (bribery) and so we started giving matchbox cars for every poop, and this lasted for about two cars. Right now we are trying a method where he got a really great prize for a poop (and he’ll try really hard with the right incentive) but the toy is only visiting. The toy stays as long as poops keep going in the potty. This feels just on the line of being too punitive, but I think we’re selling it in a gentle way, and three days into it, it’s semi-successful. He has pooped in a diaper but then shortly afterward will poop a bit more in the potty. We’ll see….

  29. @caro, developmental pediatrics and developmental psychology journals. :)@Jan, thanks for outlining the poop presents thing – that’s one that I encountered here but didn’t need. It does a good job of engaging a natural motivator – CURIOSITY!
    Also, on the early vs late – it’s not wrong to go for early, definitely! There are many windows of opportunity, not just one. Me and my sibs were all trained gently and without fuss by 22 months – but, my mom had three factors in her favor: 1) it was warm enough in So Cal to let us run about naked or bare bottomed year-round, 2) she had a lifestyle that allowed for doing this 24/7 (not childcare/work), and 3) she didn’t care if there were messes to clean up, it was all part of the progress. Oh, and add in UNCOMFORTABLE CLOTH DIAPERS (not the comfy ones that everyone gets nowadays).
    She tried the same with my kids, and even having them for the summer, no go. The biggest differences are weather and the comfort of the non-pottying option, we think. I know I certainly couldn’t wait to get out of those dang plastic covers with the ouchy elastic, and I hated the way the cloth diapers felt (bulk-wise). It was blessed freedom to not have diapers on… having to put them on to go places was probably not fun (I don’t remember that part, but I do remember being pissed off once when we were out because of the bulk messing with my movement and balance).

  30. We watched “Once Upon A Potty” on You Tube for three consecutive nights – worked like a charm once my 2.5 year old saw how the whole poo poo in the potty was supposed to work. Kandoo wipes helped too, made her feel special. I would get rid of the diapers, but that’s just me. Maybe the food rewards don’t help b/c if he is constipated more food just causes cramps?

  31. Oh, man. I just remembered one of the motivations for one of my kids. Heh. Access to her parts was soooo much easier with panties. Access to Favorite Toys as a motivating factor? Snort!

  32. Hey, we’re going through this now, too.He’s in daycare and evidently immune to peer pressure. Also, just putting him on the potty won’t work, because he will arch his back if we try it. Imagine the cleanup after that.
    Once again, I turn to the path of wait-it-out parenting.
    I will say that I am ignoring the whole “Don’t show distaste” talk about inducing shame in one’s bodily function. I’ve gotten pretty blunt about saying that poop is gross and I don’t enjoy cleaning it up, so I will be happy when he poops in the potty. And now when he sits to pee, he announces that he’s going to try to poop, too.
    Then after dinner, he leaves the room. “Do you need to poop?” “Yes.” “Want to try on the potty?” “No.”

  33. Same *exact* situation in our house. We tried EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING (read: every single suggestion above).We applied other personality traits to our DS. He has some confident issues, and it really was about “failure” to him. Why try something if I’m just going to fail? So we had to back off in a major way about “accidents,” and build up his confidence (e.g., “I know you can do it. I know it’s hard, but you can do it, and I will help you.”)
    As a result of his fear of failure, he started holding it, which would make for huge, hard bms. Jillian — are his stools hard? What we figured out was going on was that he had been holding for so long that his colon was stretched, so he never even felt the urge to go! We did Mirlax (at the advice of 2 different pediatricians) to loosen the stools, shrink the colon, and re-establish the urge and healthy patterns and habits. It took about two months on a daily dose of the Mirlax, but now he goes at 1:00 on.the.dot everyday. He still doesn’t go on his own, but when we discovered he was going every day at 1:00, and his bms were finally soft and fluffy, we sat him on the toilet (even though he cried) and he did it. Once he had some success of going at the same time, and it not hurting, and getting his confidence, something clicked. It took about two or three weeks of it, but now he goes every day at 1:00 (with us reminding him) and has only had two “accidents” in two weeks. Believe me, that’s a far cry from where we were a month ago, which was pooping two or three times a day in his underpants.
    BTW, he’ll be 4 in March. We started the potty training a year ago. He has been “pee” trained for almost a year.
    The other thing that we did was gave him control of other things so that the poop issue got the backseat as far as “control” goes. He has three little chores that he does, with a chart. The chores have nothing at all to do with the potty. So he gets stickers on his “responsibility chart” and we let him be in control of that. Psychologically, we have noticed that that has helped to build up his confidence, too.

  34. I’m not there yet since my little boy is only 18 months old. But we’ve already had issues with him holding in his poop. He’s had some problems with constipation in the past (too much banana & oatmeal daily) and has had some pretty painful bowel movements. Now he’s scared to go so he just holds it in. He poops only every 3-4 days even though it’s soft and easy for him to pass. If this continues, it seems that it will make potty training much harder in the future. Is there anything I can be doing now to make him more comfortable / less scared of pooping?

  35. we strangely had no problem with poop, but tons of trouble getting him to pee in the potty – lots of deliberate accidents.hershey kisses worked for us as “rewards” – with M&Ms he wanted the whole package, with the kisses he was able to unwrap it, etc.
    good luck!

  36. oh this was us. Bean pee trained at 2.5 w/maybe one accident the first day of undies. I brought the Baby Bjorn potty in the car w/us & would rush him out there because he wouldn’t pee in public restrooms.Pooping on the other hand became more & more ritualized, I need to poop! followed by dipe or Pullup. then he HAD to have the proper set of trucks then standing in corner of room.
    I praised all poop, tried diaper on potty chair, naked time, tried potty in his special corner. Finally at 3.2, I said, no problem pooping in Pull up, no problem pooping w/trucks, but everyone poops in the bathroom. You can have diaper or pull up, trucks, but we do it in bathroom.
    He chose the potty w/no diaper which really surprised me. I also introduced concept of The Poop Fairy, who would bring him a present after pooping (I didn’t have room for a basket of wrapped stuff in tiny BR.) Initially he was really stressed out, but I sat on the bathroom floor next to his potty chair & read 5 or 6 books. sometimes he’d need to take a break until the next urge to go & we’d rush in & read more books. he’d eventually go, and be so thrilled. we’d call his dad & grandma & make a to-do.
    I made the mistake having the Poop fairy arrive the following morning the first day so he was up at the crack of dawn! learned my lesson & she tended to sneak in shortly after he pooped. it was fun trying to sneak the gift in. we used playdoh & stickers as gifts. eventually switched from gift every poop, to gift after a week-10 days of stickers on calendar, to a bigger ‘graduation’ gift.
    he’s only pooped once on a public toilet & this was after 2 days of being on the go & him holding it (and it was THE nastiest public restroom ever!) but he’s still so proud. we’re now trying to transition to pooping on the big toilet.
    he’s still only pooping at home which is difficult, at times I worry a lot about it, other times, I just go with it.
    good luck!

  37. Ah yes, I am in this boat, too. Just turned 3 boy, very persistant, sensitive personality. I do feel that we missed our window of sorts…last summer he was running around naked at the beach and peeing enthusiastically on every bush. Fast forward to colder weather, and the potty learning seems much more about his control.He did pee learn very quickly (will have a dry diaper and pee every time when he’s with us), in about 2 weeks. He has adamantly refused underwear, pull-ups, and peeing on the toilet at daycare. He has *taken a stand*. I know from experience that he is FAR more persistant than I am and will carry this to the ends of the earth if I push it.
    So now we just encourage every little effort (last night he pooped in his diaper, but then agreed to sit on the potty afterwards, OK, *small* progress) and he tells us he’ll poop on the potty and pee on the potty at daycare “when he’s a big boy”. Clearly, he has his own timetable.
    I feel like it’s his body, and I can’t, and wouldn’t want to, force him to do something with it he doesn’t want to.
    Bribes (candy, stickers, wrapped up matchbox cars) worked a bit in the beginning, but the consistency in the pee thing only happened when he became proud of his efforts. So I suppose the same thing will have to happen with the poo.
    I think what’s suprised my husband and I the most about parenting is that everything is just a series of stages. You get them through the sleep issue stage, and you’re feeling confident, and then something else happens. We’re just in the toilet stage now. I’m sure once that’s figured out, it’ll be something else. At least it’s never dull around here!

  38. I also feel like the transition from standing to poop (in a diaper) to sitting down on a toilet is a difficult one for our son. He pees standing up, and likes to move around as he poops, so I think the thought of sitting to poop seems super foreign to him. Haven’t yet figured out how to work that one out…

  39. My best friend had this issue with her daughter from the time she was pee-trained (about 2.5) until she was almost FOUR! She refused, under all circumstances, to poop in the toilet.She would tell her parents she needed a diaper, poop in it, and then asked to be changed. And if the diaper was withheld she would also hold her poop and make herself sick.
    Her mom and dad went through various stages of frustration with this – and tried everything from rewards to “big girl” talk, princess panties, etc.
    About 6 weeks before her 4th birthday her Dad left the marriage. Two days later she told her mom she was a big girl and didn’t need a diaper anymore. She was just done.

  40. oh thank you Jan, I’m not sure I want to be forever known as the “poop presents” lady 😉 –but it did come through with a huge success for us in a very similar situation. I think hedra is right that curiosity is a key factor, and then having the curiosity rewarded by something great (and really, great to a 3-year-old can be quite inexpensive). Let me add on a couple of key points from the Pantley book where I found the idea, for anybody thinking of trying it:-she suggests (and we did) placing the bowl of presents and then SAYING NOTHING, so already engaging the curiosity that way
    -then, when the kid inevitably asks what the deal is, you give a minimal answer–just “those are your poop presents” and change the subject
    -wait –it might take a few days–for the kid to ask “what’s a poop present?” and then, again, “oh, you get one whenever you poop in the potty” and change the subject
    -then, wait for the uptake from the kid–in Mouse’s case, it was about a week from placement of bowl to first potty poop, but she never looked back from there
    -Pantley suggests that many kids will be happy to have you wrap up the same set of presents and do it again (we didn’t, we just kept winding down the coolness level until we got the kind of tiny plastic animals that you get 20 in a bag for $2)
    This method doesn’t work for everybody, of course, but it was like magic for us after trying several other kinds of rewards without success.
    Hang in there!

  41. We had this problem with my daughter until she was just over 3. Totally dry day and night and had been for a long time but insited on pooing in a naoppy. She would wear panties all day then insist on a nappy – sorry diaper – would go and get them from the cupboard. We started off by putting a diaper in a potty and persuading her to do the poo on that in the potty. Once she did that regularly we encouraged her to put some toilet paper in the loo and then do the poo on that. It took a few weeks of that until she was fine without toilet paper in there. It still took some months to persuade her to go to loos outside the house for a poo but one day she just decided it wasn’t worth trying to hang on and she was fine to poo wherever.

  42. The key thing to listen to is the fearful of going poop part. The fact that he’s at least going in a diaper is a good thing. Talk to your pediatrician about more ideas but you do NOT want a child to become so afraid that they withhold period, because it causes so much stress and pain it can take a lot of time (and sometimes even counseling to overcome it). My eldest son has been on Miralax for almost 4 years now, and a family friend has been on Miralax going on 5 years. Both were so terrified of pooping that it led to serious withholding that can in turn lead to physical complications.My pediatrician’s recommendation was to give them the diaper and see if they will sit on the potty (with the lid closed) to go. And gradually encourage them from there. Since he’s comfortable going in his room I’d put a potty chair in there first to see if he’ll sit on it with diaper on and then gradually move it to the bathroom.
    Potty training with my oldest son was a nightmare- we tried every bribe and praise in the book but there was nothing we could do to help him overcome his fear until we got him on medication (miralax) and gradually encouraged him to go in the toilet. His training process took years (quite frankly we still have to encourage him to go and he’s almost 7), and most parents have no idea of just how difficult it can be to overcome a significant potty fear.
    My second son fully potty trained himself before the age of 2 (I give him credit because I learned how really difficult it can be with a nonresponsive child) and we are so greatful to have not been put through the nightmare again. Best wishes and just remember to stay patient- you are not alone and eventually he *will* get it!

  43. I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments, but I WILL soon because we are in almost the exact situation! My 3-year-old has amazing control of both bladder and bowels and can go diaper-less for 6 hours or more but then asks for a diaper and refuses to go on the potty. We might have had a breakthrough two days ago though! She has had a nasty diaper rash off and on for weeks. Two days ago I told her (for the hundredth time, I’m sure) the only way to make her bottom feel better was to go on the potty. So after lunch, when she’d been diaper free for about 5 hours, I put the potty on the floor in front of the TV. She sat there for an hour watching PBS, and at the end she’d peed and pooped!!! She’s doing better at using the potty now, both in the bathroom and the TV room. My friend says I should write a book, “Once upon a potty in front of a TV.”

  44. I did not read all the comments, so my apologies if this is a repeat. But my sister had this trouble with my nephew – who is now 12 – and she cut a hole in his diaper and had him sit on the toilet while wearing it. It’s a technique she learned as a special needs teacher!

  45. Cutting the hole in the diaper may be the most brilliant idea I have ever heard! I am not sure I could get my son to sit on the potty long enough (even in a diaper, and heck we haven’t even had one successful pee in the potty). This is definitely going into my “possible” file for the future!

  46. Oh ugh, we are so in the thick of this here. My son is almost 3.5, and he’s been doing OK — not great, but pretty well — with the pee but refusing to poop (anywhere, not just in the toilet). I know he has inherited my anal-retentive (god, I never thought I’d be using that phrase in the literal sense) perfectionism, and I think I laid it on too thick at first about keeping his undies dry and clean.Meanwhile, his preschool hasn’t helped matters AT ALL. I’ve been trying desperately to convince him that it’s not the end of the world if he has an accident, and the teachers acted all proud when he first showed up in underwear, but a few days ago he had 3 poop accidents, and the director called me and not very nicely informed me that I had to take him home. He was SO upset at being sent home (and to make matters worse, they made ME go get him out of his favorite room and tell him why he had to go home), and now I feel like we’ve been set back 6 months in the whole training thing. How the @*&$ am I supposed to train a kid who’s prone to withholding if he’s not allowed to have accidents at school? Or explain to him that he’s allowed to have 1 accident, but not 2?
    At the moment we’re back to diapers at preschool (which of course makes him feel humiliated and angry) and underwear at home, but that’s ridiculously inconsistent. I am so angry and frustrated, and any advice would be so very, very welcome (oh, and FYI — preschool doesn’t allow pull-ups, which would at least allow him to preserve a shred of dignity).

  47. My son just turned 2, and a few of his close-in-age friends (mostly girls, but even a couple of boys) are already at least partially potty trained. And I see from the comments here that this is not entirely uncommon in the wider world, either.This blows my mind. My son has a BIG language delay and some very minor motor delays, so I realize that my experience of a 2 year old is not necessarily like everyone else’s experience of a 2 year old. But still. I look at my son, and I see a child who just learned a week ago how to shake his head “yes” or “no.” How would he ever tell me that he needs to go potty? He is utterly oblivious to the presence of poop in his diaper. His language skills aren’t quite at the point where he understands bribes yet. And he never, never, never sits still – potty or anywhere else. I’m so envious that people can do it at this age, but HOW?

  48. My son did the exact same thing. He would also start pooping in his underwear when I refused to buy more diapers. I then stopped putting anything on him altogether. He went around the house naked and I told him when he felt like he had to poop or pee that he could YELL, “I HAVE TO GO POO POO/PEE PEE. Then he would run to the toilet and out it came. It took several days of no clothes at all for him to get down pooping every day in the potty, but it worked.

  49. The thing that helped my poop-aversive daughter was books. We gave her a stack of some new books in a basket beside the toilet. She would sit there and “read” until the poop came out. It distracted her from the job at hand and gave her something to look forward to on the potty. She ended up being completely trained (poop & pee) at 3 yrs, 2 mos.

  50. @N, my sympathy is totally with your son. Their shame-based reaction is just HORRID! Aside from finding him a nice Montessori school ASAP (where accidents are considered a real and sane and not-to-be-beaten-with part of the learning discovery process), I’d just make sure he knows that you’re as outraged and humiliated by their treatment of him as he is. It’s a respect issue, and it is a developmental psychology issue – if you make him MORE scared, he’ll be worse, not better, dammit!Any chance you can see a developmental psychologist or pediatric psychologist? Not because I think your son ‘needs help’ – but because I think you could use an expert in your corner regarding the school. Plus, I found that the psychologist that helped us with Miss M (who didn’t much have potty issues, but a lot of anxiety otherwise) gave us some great ideas of strategies to help build up the emotional strategies for these kinds of situations – including preparatory strategies, in-there-in-the-moment strategies, and exit strategies. Having all three, and a variety of each of them, has been a huge huge huge benefit for Miss M. Granted, she has a dietary tie-in (gut fermentation imablances her body chemistry so far that it makes the anxiety very severe just from diet errors), but even on the best diet for her (low FODMAPs diet, you can look it up online), she still has needed the strategies… and she’s gone from being well inside the anxiety diagnosis (waaaaaay inside) to ‘are you SURE she has been diagnosed with anxiety?’ (slyly making fish faces at the NP who was holding her head still in the ER while they stapled a gash back together – anxious? HER?). Anyway, it took more than a year of working the strategies to get to her current level of skill, but – well, who doesn’t need good skills for handling emotionally stressful situations? No reason to not learn and apply them now! (I can’t recall now if it was Your Anxious Child or Helping Your Anxious Child that the psych recommended, but I actually really liked both books.)
    Anyway, I still want to march into your son’s school and read them the riot act… ARGH. If you can swing a Montessori school… seriously, totally different attitude. Grrrrr.
    @stacy, the parents don’t do it at that age, the kid does. If they’re totally ready for it. Some kids really are, but you have to help by catching that window just right, I think, for most of them. So there were perfect conditions present with me and my sibs, we all trained early – except my eldest brother, who had hydrocephaly with the attendant delays. He wasn’t really expected to train, ever. My mom figured we were all really smart, training ourselves (with a lot of support from her), but the next generation down seems just as smart, and… um, no. Still working on one at 4 1/2, who has a very slow trigger on his awareness of urgency – his reaction time is always late, no early warning at all. Bulking him up a lot (banana city!) is the only thing that has really helped. So, sometimes it’s one route, sometimes another, and in the end, kids grow up and they get it, and you’re working on some other stage or phase or issue, and this one is all in the past.

  51. @N: get a new preschool pronto. We go to a Reggio philosophy preschool and potty training and accidents were no big deal. Several 3.5 year olds are still working on it in my dtr’s classroom, and no one is shamed about it. I feel badly for your son (and you). Good luck

  52. @N – I agree with hedra & Badger about looking into other preschool options. Your mama instincts are right on – the current place just doesn’t sound very progressive, or like they’ve ever even studied the basics of normal developmental psych! If their policies put their own convenience so far ahead of a child’s emotional well-being, then I say move on.

  53. I read about half the responses — lots of good stuff! I have this to contribute:– Kids vary substantially, even with the same parents. I have three boys who PT at ages 4.5 (ugh), 1y11m, and 2y6m. The eldest has had ongoing issues with nighttime bedwetting and poop “accidents” — so his late PT is no accident (ha ha). The middle boy just announced one evening, “I don’t wear diapers anymore; I wear underwear now.” And he was right. Zero accidents. The third boy, I worked pretty hard with over the course of several months. Lots of in-progress accidents, but eventually we were good to go. My point is just that kids vary, so even if you’re doing the “right” stuff you may not get the same results as other people.
    For your situation, I would try adding a potty to his bedroom. Let him sit on it in his diaper if he likes. (I had a friend whose daughter wore a diaper for years, but mom gradually cut away the bottom so the poop fell through into the potty!) I would also reward ALL potty-sitting, even if there’s no poop — this worked with my 3rd. I would say, “you don’t have to poop, but if you sit, I can give you a candy.” He liked Hershey’s kisses and tootsie rolls best — the unwrapping was a big deal.

  54. stacy @ 4:45, i’m so totally with you – son just turned 2, very language delayed, has no notion whatever about pee or poop coming out & their presence in his diaper. heck, he’s only been walking a month. the two differences – he will sit still, and i don’t have any friends with babies. well, one, but he’s 5 & she lives 2 1/2 hours away…but i’m filing this stuff away for future need, so thanks, moxites!

  55. I just remembered one more strategy that I read about somewhere, and we were about to try it if we didn’t have luck with the Miralax….I read that some kids just can’t poop sitting down. They’re so used so standing up, or lying flat, that sitting is just too strange for them. So what’s recommended is to put newspaper down on the bathroom floor beside the toilet and let them stand and poop onto the newspaper. Easy to clean up, associating poop with the bathroom, and at least the anxiety levels are kept down (if the anxiety is sitting on the toilet).
    I know this sounds kind of like puppy training, but well, whatever works!
    I already posted how we dealt with our DS, and we’re still in the process, but I just want to reiterate that sometimes the physical and the psychological are so intertwined that it’s tough to figure out what’s really going on. It helped that we pretty much gave up on the psychological and just focused on the physical problems of constipation and colon distention. The psychological seemed to follow suit once we got the physical stuff managed.

  56. While we’re on the subject (sort of), can anyone suggest an environmentally friendly way to clean out the potty? I want it to be clean but would rather not use a lot of bleach or antibacterial stuff, esp since I’m pregnant. My 2.5-y-o son only occasionally uses the potty but seems on the verge of using it more. For pee I confess I’ve just rinsed it out (pee is sterile, after all), but for poop? Can I just use the Ecover cleaner I have for the big toilet? Or should I really be using antibac cleaner? I will if you guys say so. 🙂

  57. We just went through this exact thing. My daughter would go to her “pooping window” and demand a diaper to poop in. This went on for about 6 months–from the time she was 2.5 until the morning she turned 3. On the morning she turned three, she announced that “big girls poop in the potty and now that I’m 3, I’m a big girl.” So, I don’t have any advice per se, other than he’ll at some point decide that he doesn’t want to do that anymore. She’s never gone back.

  58. Thanks so much for the support — this week has been really rough, and I truly appreciate it. Unfortunately, while I would love to drop this preschool like a hot potato, I’ve missed the cut-off for applying to others (and it’s quite competitive around here), plus we have full financial aid at this one, and I’m a dead-broke, unemployed single mom.Hedra, your suggestion of seeing a psychologist for help dealing with the preschool is great; at the moment, I feel like if I try to talk to the preschool director I’ll either burst into tears or unleash one of my signature vicious tongue-lashings, neither of which would really help matters in the long run. Meanwhile my son now says he wants to go back to diapers, but he still refuses to poop — talk about the worst of both worlds. Poor kid, my heart just breaks for him…

  59. A related question if anyone has the time to answer – my son is just 16 months old so this is not an issue for us yet – but is there a good guide to potty training? I read the remark about starting early – but I am not sure how to start (when we do start). Is there a recommended book to read?

  60. @stacy: Right there with you. My son was severely language delayed at 2. Add some motor delays, uncoordination, and some quirky sensory issues (i.e. he becomes ballistic if you try to make him take clothes off…the first time he walked around barefoot I cried). There was no chance of early training with him. We had to wait until he could communicate. Which is great, because now he can tell me he needs to poop and that there’s no chance he’ll be doing it in the toilet today! Que sera sera, I guess.

  61. Our boy is now 4 and change and has only recently decided to poop in the potty and backslides if he’s distracted or upset. In the spirit of the captain of a ship kicking holes in the lifeboats to motivate the crew, we switched completely over to big boy underwear, which resulted in handwashing a LOT of poopy underwear.There is no elegant way around this.
    I tell you this in the spirit of “You are not alone”, – not trying to scare or dishearten you. I think it’s just a matter of he’ll poop like a big boy when he feels like it and not a moment before.
    Sorry and rueful, knowing, half-smiles,

  62. My 2.5 yr old has been in ‘big boy undies’ for about a month but still waits for nap/bedtime nappy for his poo, so this is really timely for me too. I was going to just let it run it’s course but some of the strategies here might really work for DS (curiosity will be a great hook for him).Stacy, I think that it’s important to remember that different kids are ready for different things at different times. You don’t mention whether it is an all round language delay but if his receptive language is up to it you might want to start ‘commentating’ when you go so that he gets the idea. It will all happen eventually.

  63. Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions. Especially the reminder to keep it positive and relaxed even when frustrated (‘praise all poo’) and take a close look at what motivates my son generally before picking an approach.When I look at how he acts in daily life, it’s clear to me that he’s a kid who is self-motivated, prizes his independence and is repelled by any obvious attempt to lead him where he doesn’t want to go. Typical 3-year old boy and then some. If he’s into it, he follows. If not, see you later. Looking at it this way, I should have seen the failure of the obvious potty pressuring tactics/incentives coming.
    The poo-present-bowl thing with the aloof introduction (most important part for him) seems to best fit his profile. Shadowing does too since it’s basically just letting him look and draw his own conclusions about being a big boy and what that means. We have some cool 6 year old (male) cousins who may be willing to invite Noah into the bathroom with them (after parental permission, explanations and lots of bribery, of course). Apparently Mom-poo is not nearly cool enough.
    Thanks for helping me think out loud and letting me match my kid with the strategies. It sounds like the advice will help a lot of us out there.

  64. @stacy – As I said, N is a really independent kid and his pee-training (at 2.5) really didn’t involve any language/communication at all. We kept him naked and made a low potty available to him. Once he made the connection between the feeling of peeing and seeing it come out he just started running to the potty to sit. He never said anything to us. Our communication to him was basically “Oh look! Pee!” and then took him to sit on the potty.Of course, I don’t know your situation, but I’m hoping this gives some comfort that there are other ways besides requiring him to say “Mommy! I have to pee!”.

  65. For those commenters who were asking about books to read on early(er) potty learning (i.e., not potty learning from birth, usually called Elimination Communication, but earlier than is usually done today in North America and Britain) I recommend Jill M. Lekovic’s “Diaper-Free Before 3”:http://www.diaperfreebefore3.com/excerpt.html
    She can be a little intimidating (if I remember correctly her chapter on “later” potty learning covers starting after 6-9 months, which could freak many people out, I know), but her methods are gentle, respectful (of child and parent) and quite Montessori in many respects (going back to Hedra’s comments above). She also has chapters on potty learning for learning-disabled children. Oh, and she’s a scientist, and has definitely done her research, for those of you (us!) who like that kind of thing.

  66. I had the exact same issue with my now 4 year old son. It took from age 2 to age 3 to get him to pee in the toilet and another 6 months to get him to consistently poop in the potty. It’s definitely a control issue with him-he will go days without pooping if we don’t remind him to go. When he was finally ready to poop in the potty (after we tried everything-bribes, lectures (what were we thinking on that one?!), ultimatums (again-not a good idea!)…what finally worked was letting it go (on my husband’s and my part) and not talking about it. But the real key was having a potty chair. I think the idea of being able to sit down on a kid-sized potty and put his feet on the ground was less scary that sitting on the big black hole of the adult toilet with his legs dangling off.Believe me we thought our son would be the only 14 year old that still didn’t poop in the potty but today he is a 4 year old that does poop in the potty. Sometimes every other day…yay! My point being-your son will poop in the potty. He will. And i highly recommend a potty chair. Good luck! My fingers and my toes are crossed for you!

  67. Everything I have read says that the potty needs to be viewed as a normal thing. This means you should buy the potty MONTHS before you plan to try and train your child. When you (the parent) use the potty invite your child into the room, bring a book or toy for them to entertain themselves. They may take that opportunity to mimic you and sit on their own potty. Encourage it! Not only are they learning by observing but they are also learning that using the potty is a normal part of Mommy and Daddy’s day too.If you can build it into your routine for example: after meals we wash our hands and sit on the potty they won’t see it as “interrupting” their play, instead it’s just part of the day.
    This method works especially well for kids who do not respond to rewards. But like everything when you introduce change kids need time to adapt to that change.

  68. My daughter did this (only pooping in diaper during naps or at night) for several weeks while we were potty training her at 2-1/2 yrs. I’m still not quite sure what her objection was to pooping on the potty, but what fixed it for us was “poop presents”. My daughter was *really* into unwrapping presents, so we wrapped a bunch of little gifty things up in pretty wrapping paper and put them in a clearly visible (but unreachable) place. She saw them immediately and asked what they were, and we explained that they were poop presents, and that she could open one each time she pooped on the potty. She held out for 3 days, but she obviously really wanted to open a present, and eventually she started pooping on the potty so she could get a present. We kept the presents coming for about 2 weeks, then discontinued them and she was fine.

  69. My guy is 3.7, a Miralax and constipation kid who still can’t get to the potty on time for poop (pee is fine). He explains that the poop surprises him; that he doesn’t feel it coming and that is why he misses the potty. It’s been a source of shame/esteem for him and we’ve been taking Hedra’s approach lately of praising all poop no matter how surprising or nasty the mess (he also has acid reflux – those who know need no further explanation). I’m seriously hoping that fairly soon he’ll just fall into a groove and get it but because he’s so serious and sensitive I’m just letting him learn at his own pace. I do believe every child is different and only trial and error will show you the best way to handle individual situations. Good luck.

  70. I just read someone else’s comment, and…YES, FLUSHABLE WIPES! I totally forgot about those. My son went through a time when the flushable wipes were more comfortable than dry tissue on his bum. Definitely try the flushable wipes; there are several brands that come in cute containers for kids. Fun and practical. 🙂

  71. For the constipated kids, I know this may seem counter-intuitive, but try cutting out ALL fruit, fruit juice, and fruit-sweeteners (fructose, high fructose corn syrup, honey, concentrated pear/peach/apple juice) for 4 days. I swore that there was no way that Miss R could be reacting to fructose by constipating, but I was WRONG. For some kids, excess fructose (more than they can digest readily, which means about half of what most kids consume daily in the US) leads to constipation. ESPECIALLY notable with the reflux-plus-constipation route (oh, the puking through the nose when straining… so sucks!) – cutting out the fruit entirely (wheat in addition for my kids, it has a lot of fructose and fructans), going to white rice, white potatoes, and rice noodles and froz concentrated OJ and plain sugar or cane juice sweeteners, ALL the difference. We have not had ONE stool hard enough to cause puking since we made the switch.Age 1-3 years has the lowest tolerance of fructose, by the way – it gets better after that. So it is worth a trial, four days and you WILL know – stools will soften on day four if the problem (or a contributing problem) is excess fructose in the diet.

  72. And, I totally assumed y’all were using flushable wipes. I mean, fer cryin’ out loud, MY ENTIRE FAMILY uses them, from Great-grandma on down.Dry toilet paper is completely inadequate for poops no matter who is doing the pooping.

  73. ah, but we have a weird hybrid septic/city system and the pumps can’t handle them, so they have to be put in the trashcan…beware!

  74. My oldest daughter did this for more than two years. She was potty trained shortly after her second birthday, but simply refused to poop in the potty until a couple of months after her fourth birthday. We tried everything. Bribes, food, toys… didn’t work. We took away the pull ups and she held it for EIGHT days. (Miralax had to be involved to work that out) We followed our pediatrician’s suggestions. We researched online. Nothing.So with some reluctance we just decided to give in. She wore panties all the time and would go fetch a pull up when she had to poop. She would do her business in the bathroom and come get us to help clean up.
    Then one day, shortly after our second daughter was born we were at a party. I didn’t particularly want to be there, but my oldest was playing with friends and having a ball. She comes running up to me and said “Mama, I have to poop, I need a pull up.” I say, “I don’t have any pull ups, so we’re going to have to go home.” “But I don’t want to go home.” “Do you want to try sitting on the potty?” (knowing it won’t work) She says ‘sure,’ hops on the potty, does her business and never looked back. Seriously never an issue again.
    I have no idea what happened, what clicked. What I will say is, save yourself the frustration if the usual tricks won’t work. He’ll figure it out when he’s ready. And chances are he won’t walk down the aisle wearing a pull up.

  75. I’m a big fan of the Toddler 411 book, and it suggests a several-week process. A week of sitting on a potty chair in the diaper, then a week where you’ve cut a hole in the diaper, then without the diaper, etc. I’m sure I’m not exactly right on this, but you get the idea.

  76. I don’t have any firsthand experience with this, but I was just reading a potty training book that suggested if your child can only poop in a diaper to lay a diaper on the bathroom floor and let them poop while standing over it to help with the transition to pooping in the bathroom. I think the author also mentioned that some kids get used to pooping standing up and really have a hard time with the leap to doing it sitting down.

  77. Same issues with lil’sis! Husband recommended just trying to make the responsibility hers and no longer giving her the option of wearing a diaper. It was a nearly instant transition. She just started going into the toilet during quiet time (she doesn’t nap).We got stuck on the nighttime diaper thing though and would continue putting her in diapers for bed, which were always soaked in the morning. One day we decided to see what would happen if we kept her in panties. We explained the significance and the drill of going to the toilet if she felt it, etc.
    I kid you not, she didn’t even need to go that night. We were on the fence about it and wondered if it were luck, so we went back to diapers for a couple days, again sopping wet nightly. Back to panties, dry as a bone. One day we just stopped using the nighttime diapers and the rest is history.
    Miraculously, she has only had one accident in her bed in the last 4 months of night training. I’m sure we are set to have more, but we’re happy.

  78. I had the delight of my daughter teaching herself at 2.2 years. it was all over in a matter of 48 hours… BUT a month or two later she had 6 weeks of shockingly bad viral gastro (on and off). and we have never got back there. In fact it is now worse as she now refuses to do wees in the toilet or potty. Always rushing to gat a diaper. I am going to re-read all the comments but to be honest I am despairing. I try to say to her it is her choice and when she is ready but it is usually after I have put her on the toilet and it has ended in tears. Sigh…

  79. Had the same problem with our DD. We were planning on waiting it out until she was ready to poop in the potty.Finally, at 4.5yo we forced the issue. (Removal of one her favorite privileges until she met the responsibility of pooping in the potty.)
    Within a week, she was pooping in the potty and we’ve never looked back!

  80. End the battle and put him in old fashioned cloth diapers and rubber pants! He’ll be good and uncomfortable and after suffering a sore diaper rash bottom from being wet and messy, he’ll quickly learn how to stay dry and clean. Did it with my kids and they learned real fast.

  81. Good Lord…So many passive parents! Remember that YOU are the parent and the ADULT here my friends! My now 22 year-old daughter was quite resistant to poop in the toilet at age two. I gave her an ultimatum: you either poop in the toilet, or you pick it out of your diaper and put it in the toilet yourself. After doing this once, she was finished going in her diaper. Please don’t be afraid to be firm. I assure you it won’t ruin your child’s fragile psyche… Here’s a rule of thumb I like to use when helping others-(which I have often done with this topic)- if your child can tell you he or she needs to be changed, it is absolutely time to be potty trained.

  82. Christine – We used diapers at night by the undwerear that has plastic on the outside during the day. They worked well, didn’t leak and if there was an accident, in the laundry the went. No biggy. This worked great my first was trained at 18 mos, second at 20 months and last one at 25 months. However boys are more difficult. (remind me of this when Alexander is big enough. lol) Pull-ups have too few in the package compared to diapers. However if you decide to use them look for coupons online and if you or someone else gets Parents Magazine there are always $2.00 off coupons in there. Best of luck!!!

  83. I have two boys, and so far – the “leak n learn” method as woerkd! My little guy has been peeing in the potty since I wrote the first comment on November 16!! I’m so proud of him. The only problem…poo! He’s still unsure and scared of using the potty for poo. So, we’re still workin’ on it!

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  85. Matthew us currently hianvg the same issues, but has become constipated because he knows pooping in his pants is a no no. Anyway, we give him half a cap of Myrilex everyday. This softens everything up and makes it to where holding it isn’t a choice. Potty training is tough business Good luck

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  87. Here are some tips, use what works.I use a crate* to potty train with, but only for potty training and then I break it down and store it. I put bktlneas and a small food and water dish in the crate. Dogs don’t potty where they eat and sleep. When they are first little, I only expect them to hold their potty for 4 hours, and then 6 hours, then 8 hours and so on. So when they are first little, I set a timer or alarm clock to wake myself up at night to take them *out. I only allow my puppy in the bedroom* or the living room, only one room at a time. They have to graduate to more space. If I allow them to have full run of the house, it will overwhelm them. I take them out the same door each time. I tie a dinner bell to the door handle. Do not use a jingle bell as they could get their toe caught in it. So when they are little, I ring the bell for them, and then open the door to go *outside to potty. When they get bigger, I take their paw and whack the bell and open the door to go potty. Eventually getting to the place where the puppy will ring the bell and let me know when they need to go potty. Dogs want to please you, so it is your job to let them know what behaviors please you and what doesn’t. So when my puppy goes potty, I give her a treat*, and clap, and make a fuss and praise her. So she learns that going potty outside makes me happy. If she has an accident make a disgust sound like “tsst” and take her out right away. I never yell* or spank* my puppies. Take them out when they first wake up, after they eat or drink, before nap, finish romping, when their activities change, or when they are sniffing around. Some puppies go pee right away, but may not go poop until 10 minutes later, so wait for the poop. I have a little play time here, because sometimes I think they are done, and they are not. Puppies train at their own pace. While I may have a puppy that hasn’t had an accident in several weeks, I don’t let my guard down. I don’t expect my puppies to be “fully potty trained” until one-year-old. If they have a setback, shake it off, and start over. I only have my puppies in the crate when I am not watching them. When I am sleeping, cooking, ironing, doing chores, basically when I am not watching her. All other times, she is out of the crate practicing being a “big girl.” This is the time I train her how to behave in the house. So we are practicing “no barking”, no biting”, “no jumping”, and “don’t eat the furniture.” I also have to practice “playing inside” so she doesn’t knock over things. You must keep the puppy in sight when they are little because they don’t know the difference between newspaper and carpet, and you don’t want them sneaking off and getting into trouble. Some puppies can sleep through the night around 3-months-old, but their bladder is grown around 6-months-old.REVISIONS:*I use a crate to train with. It is the method I prefer, compared to other methods I have tried. While personally, the crate traumatizes me, (it looks like a doggie jail), my puppies do better in the crate. They like it, I guess for the den like feeling, but I noticed that if they are in the crate, while I am doing chores, they are o.k., because the crate allows them to see me and be re-assured. The crate can also be a comfort when stored in the basement for dogs who live in areas where thunderstorms and tornados are an issue. It is a safe secure place for them. However, use the method that works best for you ..a laundry basket, a cardboard box, a woof-woof house, child gates whatever works for you.*Outside, pee pad, litter box, whichever method you are using. When the puppy is first little, keep the pee pad, litter box near the food and water dish, so the puppy can eat and drink, and then go potty. You can move it away as they get older. The pee pad has a scent that smells and initiates potty. Sometimes a pee pad makes a sound that scares some puppies, so you might want to use a litter box if that happens. The pee pad allows a puppy to walk around, but a litter box keeps the puppy in one place. *Bedrooms, I use the bedroom and living room for training, because it works for me. Choose rooms that work for you, but watch for rooms that are damp, or drafty. While my puppies sleep in the bedroom during training, once they are trained, I let them sleep where they want to. They don’t have to sleep in the bedroom forever.*Treats. While I use treats for training, you don’t have to. I like Charlee Bears for training (a little cracker for a little mouth,) I use them for training, but once they are trained, I cut back on them. Although I use them to give them pills too. I used different treats for different things. We use one bone at bedtime to let the dogs know it is time to go to bed. We use a big rawhide for when we go on long trips, so they have a bone to amuse them, and they will be expected to hold their potty. When they get the rawhide, they will not eat their food and water, until we get home from our trip. (dogs are funny) Do what works best for you.*Some puppies will go potty in the same spot each time. Some puppies have to be told to go potty. A command like “go out” for pee, or “go finish” for poop, might work for you, keep saying “go finish” until the puppy poops. This is a good thing to train if you travel with your dogs. By using commands, the puppy won’t get confused when you are visiting someone, on vacation with you, or when you get to a new home. The command will tell them what you want them to do in an unfamiliar place. You might also want to use a leash method, so the puppy doesn’t sneak off, or for strange places.*Yelling. It is not a good idea to “yell” or “spank” your puppy and then take them outside when they have an accident. They may get confused and think that going outside is punishment. While you want to correct them, if you are extreme, they may not want to go outside again. Shake it off, and resume your schedule. You have to keep it real. Puppies train at their own pace, but a puppy can only hold their potty for a few hours. A guide would be 1 hour for each month of age, plus 1 hour, so a three-month-old puppy should only be expected to hold their potty for 4 hours at most. *Sometimes it seems like you take your puppy out 5 million times a day. You can sit on a bench, or folding chair, or a 5 gallon bucket turned upside down to stay in the shade. I use an umbrella for shade too. You can always tape your favorite tv shows. In the winter I microwave a gel pack heating pad, (sold at walmart in the pharmacy, made by Kaz, (I think.) I put the heating pad under my jacket so I won’t freeze to death. In the summer, I freeze bottles of water, so we can grab one real fast on our way out the door. I have a mini back pack by the door I can just grab with doggie treats, a flash light, a rubber band for my hair when the wind is bad, etc. Do what works for you.*Time lines. Keep it real. Puppies train at their own pace, so while your last 2 dogs may have trained faster, this puppy might take longer. Training is all about routines, and repeating yourself. It is about rewarding good behaviors, and correcting bad ones. If you have a setback, shake it off, and keep going. Good luck.Source: These tips, tricks, and ideas were contributed from many brilliant minds. Thanks for your help!References :

  88. The key to house trinnaig or any type of trinnaig for a pup/dog is consistency, diligence, patience and always being done with positive reinforcement.The pup needs to be on a schedule if he is to be trained properly. He needs to be on a schedule.He needs to be taken outside first thing in the morning when he wakes upHe needs to be taken out hourlyHe needs to be taken out after play timeHe needs to be taken out after napsHe needs to be taken out 10-15 minutes after mealsHe needs to be taken out just before you crate him at night.You need to learn his signs for when he needs to be taken out.Every time you take him out to eliminate, bring a special treat. As soon as he goes to the bathroom, praise him, tell him he is a good boy and give him a treat.Do not give a treat unless he eliminates outside. He will soon realize that toileting outside is a good thing that rewards him with something tasty. I suggest using small pieces of sting cheese.Good luckADD:::: If you do decide to enroll in puppy kindergarten and obedience classes, (which I highly recommend) don’t go to petsmart or petco. The so called trainers they have are nothing more than every day people who were shown a video and the are given the title of a trainer . Look in your area for local trinnaig facilities as a boxer needs more trinnaig than what the people at pet stores can offer.

  89. At twelve weeks old your puppy will need to be taken to the denasgited toilet area every three to four hours.The most obvious times are when you get her out of the crate {if she is crate trained} or after she has eaten a meal.Take her to her *busy spot*, stay with her simply wait for her to urinate/defecate. When she does give toilet command such as *get busy* praise her.Do not allow her back inside until she used the appropriate area.

  90. I really never stggurled with PT with my older kids but when my 3rd one was ready it seemed to take forever. She was a little on the defiant side. After 2 episodes of finding poopy in her room .I did what you are probably NOT supposed to do .I popped her butt. After that little ordeal, I’m happy to say that she never did that again. I also did Sonic ice cream treats. I had to bribe with this because she needed much more motivation than stickers provided. (Sonic was just down the road at the time too.) I spent quite a bit of $$ on potty snacks gummy bears. Eventually she caught on and I’m happy to say that PT days are long gone. You’ll get there. If you don’t see some results after finding a plan and sticking to it a couple of weeks, I’d recommend a visit with your pediatrician.

  91. take him all the time to dog park or any park or just on a walk!! and he will pea or poop outside and also when he dose it in the hose scraem at him!!! and when he asks to go outside give him a little treat and he will like it and start doing it all the time!! but he might forget it once in a while so still scraem at him!! it might take a month or weeks!! i don’t know!!! hope it helps!!thanks

  92. It’s interesting to read about your potty tinnairg experiences! Here are some little-known facts about potty tinnairg to consider: When the disposable diaper was introduced in 1961, 95% of all babies in the US were potty trained by 18 months. Today the AVERAGE age of potty tinnairg is 37 months. Parents are told to “wait until their child is ready” to potty train. This advice originated from well-known pediatricians who were paid consultants to the diaper companies.So parents wait and babies wearing disposable diapers and pull-up aren’t feeling any discomfort, so peeing and pooping in a diaper becomes a habit – and one that is hard to change as a child grows older (while parents wait).The truth is that it’s actually EASIER to potty train a baby under the age of 2. Why? Babies are more cooperative at this age, and they like to imitate. Once a child turns two, they naturally move toward asserting their own will. But the diaper companies don’t want you to know this. However, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies are ready to start potty tinnairg soon after they turn 1. The challenge in doing that is babies at that age can’t tell you when they need to go. But if you teach them the sign for “potty” they overcome this communication barrier. Not only is potty tinnairg before 2 easier for parents, it’s better for babies’ self-esteem and it good for the environment. You can get more information at http://www.PottyTrainWithBabySigns.com. Who knows, maybe in 2009, BOTH of your daughters will become completely potty trained!

  93. If by potty training you mean to train your dog to “go” oditsue, I would suggest a few things.-take the dog oditsue often, every 2-3 hours at first (a pup can only hold it for as many hours as his age in months- so a 3 month old pup can hol dit 3 hours)-crate training is a great tool to assist in “potty training”-always reward him when he goes oditsue-never punish him if you find a mess-if you catch him in the act, a firm “NO! . .Potty OUTSIDE!” and quickly take him out to finish.-don’t use newspapers or puppy pads as it may confuse the pup-expect to clean up a lot of accidentsYou will have a long road ahead of you, many interrupted nights. But with patience and consistency you will reap teh rewards of your (and your dogs) hard work.References :

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  98. I don’t think the double eitsalc is a make it or break it deal, what I prefer is the suede cloth inner and the PUL over the TPU. Just specify to her when ordering that you want the suede cloth inners, and you should receive the older styles. I’m sure they come in snaps and velcro, but when I ordered them months ago I only ordered velcro. My more recent order had been since they updated their line with TPU and microfleece inners.

  99. Thanks for this review. I have been lnkioog into these and love your thorough review. I have been on the website pricing what I want and yes you can order a variety of colors styles as long as you order at least 10 total, you get free shipping on your total order! Best deal I’ve found! And this is the best review I’ve seen for them. The only thing is I would love to see one on your son to see how they fit! Thanks again!Sarah

  100. I didn’t buy the Kawaii’s until my son was 8 months old. My sitesr is due to have a baby in less than 2 weeks so I can try it out on her when she arrives and let you know! I would suggest to use snaps on a newborn vs the velcro because my snap diapers are smaller when closed and no longer fit my 24 lb baby boy. There is no way they go up to 30+ lbs! However my velcro diapers still fit him fine.

  101. Hi Serene, thanks for the comnemt you’re right about the slow stock and we’re sorry about that. We’ve got more diaper covers on the way from New Zealand right now and they should arrive in the next few weeks. But get in touch with me directly on and I might be able to arrange a special delivery for you we would hate to lose you!

  102. Katie – My vote is for waste of money! I used them with Anna Kate and to me, all it did was allow her to wet/soil them and then sneak into her room and change into a dry/clean one. IMO, there are no ceqnosuences with PU’s. Keep the diaper on until you have the time to truly potty train. The best thing we ever did was let AK run around naked. She was potty trained pretty quick and girls are more difficult than boys.

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