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Meredith wrote asking for experiences with the Mirena IUD:

"I've been reading all the stuff the Mirena people put out about it, and I know the listed side effects, etc. I guess I'm just looking for experiences from women who have gotten one. Was it uncomfortable to have in all the time? Does it affect your periods? What about mood swings? And I think it's a dealbreaker for me if it lowers my sex drive or makes my skin worse."

So if you've had or have the Mirena IUD in, can you give your experience with all those aspects? Thanks.

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  1. I’ve had one in for almost 5 years. I don’t notice it in at all. It’s changed my periods for the better in that I never have them – some light spotting once a month – that’s it. I can’t say that I’ve noticed any change in mood – my mood seems to be much more affected by whether or not I exercise. I didn’t notice any change in sex drive but my skin did get a bit worse – mostly on my back and chest. Nothing that was horrendous though – I notice it probably because I’m looking for it.I think it’s wonderful and exactly what I wanted. The pill was not enjoyable for me, hated diaphragms, condoms just seem crazy after being married 12 years and just as inconvenient as a diaphragm – honestly best birth control I’ve ever been on.

  2. LOVE IT! I know everyone’s experience is different, but this is mine. For about 3-6 months before I got it, I was having the worst periods of my life. They lasted 7 days and were so heavy that I would bleed through tampons and pads all the time, even if I changed them extremely frequently. It was awful. My doctor suggested the Mirena IUD to help control the bleeding and since I said I wasn’t planning to get pregnant again. Getting it in was uncomfortable – pretty bad cramping that day – but since then, I don’t even notice it. It has strings that hang down so it’s easy for doctors to check it and eventually remove it, but I can’t feel or reach my strings at all. My doctor cut them relatively short. My periods are almost non-existent. They last 2 days and are very, very light. I haven’t noticed any hormonally-related side effects, and if anything, my sex drive is stronger than before. That could be b/c when my period was awful, I didn’t feel like having anyone touch me.So, I’m a big vote FOR the Mirena IUD, if you’re looking for long-term birth control (lasts 5 years) and/or help with an out of control period.

  3. I got my fist Mirena IUD right after my daughter because I had terrible hyperemesis and we were of the mind that we didn’t want to do THAT ever again. We weren’t ready to make a permanent change but wanted something long term. Ha! Two months with my daughter and I wanted 10 more kids so I got it out less then a year later. Because I breast fed for much of that time, my body/hormones were all wonky anyway so I’m not sure how much the IUD affected things. I do know that I’ve never been able to take birth control pills because no matter how I tried to adjust the different hormone levels they would make me sick to my stomach and rageful. I didn’t experience either symptom on my IUD.After my son (again with the puking) who was also colicky we realize we probably want more kids but not for a long long time. The IUD (which I’ve had about a year) has been the best solution for us. It didn’t hurt at all when inserted and I haven’t felt it since. I still get my periods but it’s mostly just one regular flow day followed by spotting on and off for about a week. My sex drive and skin have not been affected. It truly is brainless birth control. I don’t even remember it’s there and I NEVER get nervous about pregnancy as there is no room for error on my part.

  4. I have a Mirena–it’s totally no think birth control. OK for nursing. No remembering anything ever!Any issues with sex drive, mood swings, etc. would have to be colored by the fact that I haven’t slept in YEARS. I don’t think the IUD is a factor–but I tolerated regular birth control pills with no problem. (The hormones with the Mirena are very low-dose, from what I understand, because they are being delivered directly to the site.)
    My periods are very light. It doesn’t seem to interfere with ovulation, so any irregularity (and I have it!) is due to my body. It is normal for your cycle to sometimes be long on the IUD; I once had a 42 day one and my OB said it was totally ok. Now I seem to be on a spate of 24-25 days, which I have to imagine is also normal. But again, extremely light bleeding.
    It gets 2 thumbs up from me.

  5. Ditto, ditto, ditto. LOVE it. The insertion wasn’t fun, but was a breeze compared to, say, pregnancy in general. And easily taken care of with a few Advil.

  6. A friend of mine had the Mirena and refers to it as the monster – it made her nuts. She had pretty much every one of the side effects from bloating, to loss of sex drive to dizzy spells. Here is what she said about it:”I really and honestly thought I was losing my mind. Not only was I forgetful, but I was not the same person. I flew off the handle over stupid crap, I felt depressed, I had no energy, I had no motivation, there were even times I thought my marriage was in trouble. It was crazy! I was crazy!”
    She wrote a lot about it on her blog:

  7. I’ve had one for almost two years. YES, you can breastfeed. NO, you can’t feel it all the time. At first I could feel the strings, but they “soften up” over time, and now I don’t feel them. Same goes for my husband – he could feel the strings during sex for a month or two, but now he can’t.I’ve always gotten terrible acne and migraines with my PMS, but since I had the Mirena and was breastfeeding, I had NEITHER until I weaned my daughter. Now that she’s weaned, I’m experiencing a breakout and frequent migraines, but she’s only been weaned a month, and I’m hoping that once my hormones settle down, they’ll stop again. I also don’t get a real period – I get some spotting, or none at all, which is really, really nice.
    Because I’m not getting a period, for the most part, I’m not getting mood swings, and I’m not getting acne. I have noticed less of a change in my sex drive than I had on the pill (orthotricyclen).
    The insertion was NO BIG DEAL – I’d read online about women who thought it was worse than childbirth, so I was prepared for anything. When the doc was done I said, “That’s it??” I spotted for a couple days. The only side effect I noticed was that I got really dizzy and woozy when I sat up after the procedure – I sat up too quickly. Apparently that’s common, because the blood rushes to your cervix when you mess with it, so sit up slowly.
    The Mirena is the best birth control I’ve ever used. I used to think my husband would get a vasectomy when we were done having kids, but I’m just going to keep getting new Mirenas every 5 years – that way I don’t have to take care of him after the V!!! Hahhaa… And the Mirena is totally reversible, where the V isn’t always… Great for people like me, who are prone to mind changing.

  8. I got one to treat PCOS symptoms. Because I battle depression and couldn’t take the pill (due to its effect on my mood), or progesterone pills, and I couldn’t use progesterone cream (severe cramping), my doc recommended the Mirena. It hurt like hell going in, and it did take a while before I was able to forget about it, but I don’t feel it now (have had it about 2 years), and I don’t have a period anymore, and only occasional cramping. For my needs, it’s been a good choice. Can’t tell that it’s affected my mood negatively (and, believe me, I would notice), nor has it negatively impacted my sex drive. Of course, I take antidepressants, so they have enough of an effect on my sex drive…

  9. I just wanted to add that, of course, everyone’s body will react differently to what is essentially a foreign body + low-dose hormone. YMMV.I’ve seen other “polls” (as it were) about forms of post-partum birth control, and overall the Mirena gets good marks.

  10. I just got a Mirena in November. It was a huge pain to get it in. On the first try, my cervix wouldn’t dilate enough to get the tube in. My doctor said this is very rare, and the attempt was pretty uncomfortable. She then prescribed cytotec (blech), and I used that before a second appointment, during which we achieved successful insertion! I would describe the experience as painful – about on par with 2 or 3 good labor contractions.Since then, though, I have had no problems and am happy with my decision. If anything, my skin seems a bit more clear. I’ve had a little spotting, but that’s likely to do with just getting Mirena – I don’t think my cycles have returned, as I’m still nursing my 7 month-old around the clock.
    I found the prospect of totally brainless, error-proof, and reversible birth control appealing.

  11. I had mine put in at 8w post-partum and kept it for a year. I was breastfeeding the whole time and between the two, never got a period. Insertion was no biggie, just mild discomfort, although I did spot for a couple weeks afterward.I had it taken out for two reasons. One was b/c we knew we wanted another child and after infertility with #1, I wanted to start a bit earlier than planned. But it also killed my libido (which I also noticed on the Pill, so probably any hormonal BC will do that to me).
    I loved not having to think about it at all, and would definitely reccomend it, but the libido issue might be too much for you.

  12. I got one at my 6-week postpartum. My daughter will be nine months in mid-January, so I’ve had it about 7 months.Overall, I think it is good birth control. I breastfeed and never noticed any problems with supply.
    The insertion was nothing. I had a moment of dizziness but it honestly barely registered as compared to labor. I had a couple of days of bleeding, fairly heavy bleeding then nothing for 5 months. Now I have some on and off spotting about 10 days per month, perhaps more, perhaps less. But nothing that would require a pad or tampon.
    My sex drive is low-ish but has been since the pregnancy. A low sex drive can also be attributed to breastfeeding (I am still breastfeeding and pumping; will continue pumping until she is a year).
    I noticed my skin was more oily in the beginning but it seems to have evened out. Nothing that some pore-refining cleanser couldn’t handle.
    One thing: Make sure your ob or midwife or NP does insertions regularly. My practice (University of Maryland Midwives) does a couple of day and so are very facile with the process. If you have a provider who does a one a month, you want to ask if there is someone else in the practice who does insertions regularly.
    Also, if the hormones are unappealing, there is always the Paraguard to consider.

  13. I’ve had two Mirenas. When I got my first one, I had about six weeks of spotting — some of it pretty heavy — but after that I didn’t have a period again until I had it removed because I wanted another baby. However, I had to have it out by hysteroscopy because the strings had withdrawn into my body… oops.I had a second one placed after the baby was born, but due to a really unfortunate and exceedingly rare series of events which included a car accident and an unusually soft postpartum/lactating uterus… the thing perforated and I had to have laparoscopy to retrieve it from a spot just below my ribcage. (Everyone else in the car, including the newborn, was totally fine.)
    Still, I loved the Mirena to little pieces, and I’d get one in a second if my doctor and I hadn’t come to the conclusion that they are not right for my body. My bad experiences are *extremely unusual.* 🙂

  14. I had the Paraguard, not the Mirena, but loved it. My periods were long and heavy, but not really much longer and heavier than when I was not on any hormonal BC, and only a couple of days longer than when I was on the pill. I didn’t feel it going in or coming out, and if I hadn’t regularly checked the strings, wouldn’t have even known it was there. (Aside from possibly feeling the strings, you *shouldn’t* feel the IUD itself, if it is properly inserted.)It’s a great method.

  15. I love it. I had a lot of bleeding in the beginning – a period that lasted for about 7 weeks. But from then on, no problems at all. It’s been, by far, the best birth control method I’ve ever used. I’ve had no skin problems or mood swings at all.

  16. I had mine put in at 7 weeks postpartum. It wasn’t the best feeling going in, but I don’t think it was that much more uncomfortable than a pap smear. I used it for 20 mos, including 13 mos. of breastfeeding, and I loved it. Other than some cramping and spotting at the beginning I had no side effects.I had it taken out this past July and got pregnant (planned) in August, so I had the immediate return to fertility they promised.
    I loved my Mirena, and it is the BC I will use after this baby is born. As another data point, I have a friend who can’t use the pill because it gives her migraines, and she LOVES her Mirena, too.

  17. I hate my Mirena and can’t wait to have it removed (we’re keeping it because we’re still undecided on a prospective #3). When it was inserted it hurt like a bastard (should have taken some ibuprophen beforehand) but that passed fairly quickly. I bled, heavily, for 4m straight. That then transitioned to spotting for another 6m. My “period” would happen every 4-6wks and would be 1-2wks of spotting on-a-day, off-a-day. Now, at 15m post-insertion, I spot on my “period” for 3-4 days. I’ve had cramps, but they’re usually short and manageable (though some, near the beginning, made me think I’d been stabbed and was dying).For me, the worst part has been the “officially unreported” side-effects. Weight gain (20lbs), mood-swings, loss of sex drive (a huge thing, for me), brain fog, aches and pains, facial hair. I want it out so badly but for right now it has to stay put.
    I’ve been on various other hormonal birth controls (pill and mini-pill) and never had problems like this.
    I wish more information was around about the “off” side-effects. I’ve gone to message boards but often they seem like hysterical women feeding their own fears and rallying to riot.
    I’m really glad it’s worked so well for so many other women, but please know that it’s not perfect. One thing I will say is leave the strings long! My dr said that normally they’re cut but she likes to leave them long and thank goodness she did because hubby can’t even feel them though they’re easy to find for me. My dr’s strings, she said, were always “poking” her husband.

  18. I know a number of women with the Mirena–no problems, they love it. I had mine taken out after 3 or 4 months, as my body cramped and bled more days than not with it in. I don’t know if that’s because I’m super-sensitive and was a bit worried about it to begin with (I didn’t make up the blood, though), or if my body just didn’t like the foreign body-ness. If it helps to factor in the data points that may or may not relate, the progesterone-only pill (the mini-pill) made me crazy, and my mom had a similarly bad experience with an old-school, 1970’s, IUD. Maybe it’s our genes, maybe I’m too progesterone-sensitive, or maybe my mind jinxed my body. In any case, I am the ONLY person I know who Mirena didn’t work for. (Thanks, ikate, for the post about someone else who didn’t have a good time with it, too. I feel a little less crazy today.)

  19. I just had my Mirena taken out after having it for a little more than a year because we will be trying for another child in the next six months. Love, love, loved, it. I had it put in during my 6-week postpartum visit and didn’t find the insertion all that painful, just uncomfortable. Bled for six weeks after insertion but after that never got my period (big plus for me, at least).It killed my libido though. Since I was totally sleep deprived and exhausted, I didn’t attribute my low sex drive to the IUD. My low libido continued after I started to get some sleep and, now that I have it out and it has gone into overdrive, I feel confident that the IUD was the cause.
    I’m not sure if I will get one after our next (and probably final) child. I really loved many aspects of it (no periods, not having to ever think about) but I’ve yet to determine if those outweigh the only drawback (low libido).

  20. Am I the only one (irrationally, to some extent, I’ll admit) terrified of hormonal BC? I get such awful anxiety-ridden PMS that I don’t think I would fare well. My one stint with BC was the patch when I first got married. I hated it so much, I stopped after 3-4 months. I was extremely paranoid, bloated all the time, etc. I’m convinced long term use would throw me into a terrible depression. (Especially since I feel like I’m teetering on the edge of that every month.)Of course, this was more relevant to last week’s discussion, but this brings up another whole side to that for me. Thanks for the venting room, as always.

  21. I’ve had one for several months. I had it inserted 8 weeks postpartum. I like it very much. I can’t even feel that it’s there. I’ve had some spotting but no real periods. I don’t believe it’s had any effect on my moods. I can’t comment on sex drive b/c mine is low due to postpartum hormones and lack of sleep. I don’t believe Mirena has made that worse. The only minor problem is that I think it made my postpartum hair loss worse. I lost WAY more hair than I did after my first baby but the hair loss is finally stopping (phew!). All in all I’m very happy with it.

  22. I had Mirena put in after the birth of my second child. I remember the insertion being extremely uncomfortable and feeling poorly for the rest of the day. I started spotting soon after and seem to be bleeding slightly on most days (though usually so slightly that it doesn’t even spot). I have been coping with more acne on my forehead, but didn’t know until reading this thread that it could be related to the Mirena. Overall, I’m happy that I have it. No chance of forgetting to take a pill, and for me, no cramping or mood swings. I am still breastfeeding, and so I’m curious to see what happens with the bleeding after I stop. Something to consider: I invested in reusable menstrual pads because buying disposable liners to use every day for a tiny amount of spotting seemed expensive and bad for the environment. Now, after using the reusable ones, I’ll never go back to disposable. Washable cotton is much more comfortable!

  23. I got one 6 months after d#2 was born, and that was 3 years ago. It’s been great. No side effects that I can tell, and no periods. Libido seems fine – my libido seems most affected by whether I’ve been getting enough sleep (same for my moods, energy, forgetfulness, etc.). My skin is fine.

  24. I’m going on two years with my Mirena and it works amazing for me. I didn’t have much a period to begin with on a tri-phasil pill and now, I haven’t had a period in more than a year. I haven’t noticed any sex drive issues but part of that I have to chalk up to having a child who goes to bed at 7:30pm and then we don’t see/hear her until the next morning. One thing is that recently, my face has started breaking out a bit (which is odd since I was never one for acne) and I wonder if it’s related to the hormones. No biggie though, I’m a huge fan. Oh, and I haven’t gained strange amoungs of weight (which was the one “side effect” that worried me when I read testimonies on the interweb).

  25. I liked my Mirena a lot and am considering getting it again, but after four years it partially expelled and got stuck in my cervix. Apparently my cervix was cramping around it, and I knew that something didn’t seem *right* down there, but since I couldn’t feel it (it wasn’t protruding out of my cervix and into the vagina at all, just stuck on the uterine side) I didn’t really know what was happening until my doctor saw it and pulled it out.I don’t think that’s common, but it gives me pause in terms of getting another one.
    Also, I never found the strings. I think my doc left them long and they kind of curled up and around my cervix…but I couldn’t feel them and my husband couldn’t either. In a way, that’s a good thing, but not for the easily paranoid (me) when combined with light-to-no periods and a strong desire not to be pregnant.

  26. I had mine for a few months. I had an odd side effect – it made me really itchy. I had spotting for about 3 months, but that went away about the time I had it removed. Also, I was breastfeeding, so I never had my period. If it hadn’t been for the itching, I would have kept it in.

  27. I am looking at the mirena too since we want some kind of BC that is to borrow a phrase “set it and forget it”. We got pregnant with our first while on BC and the 2nd one was a surprise too so my husband is pretty stressed out about the whole sitch. I am most worried about the side-effects that Kelly has mentioned- weight gain, facial hair etc.. I ma superficial. When I was on BC i held onto an extra 10pounds consistently and had some skin pigmentation issues (after a few years).My question to Mirena users who have been previous BC users. Are the side-effects of Mirena similar to, less than, or more than the same for you when you were on BC?

  28. I want to weigh in for IUD (yay!) even without hormones. I had a Paraguard T for four years before we decided to get pregnant and then I had one put back in at my 6w post-partum check up (post-Cesarean) and have had that in for just under two years. I love the fact that it is SO reliable and non-hormonal.If you have a medical issue for which the hormones would be helpful, then I think the Mirena is great. If not, then for me, the option to have something non-hormonal is excellent. Though my periods are often accompanied by painful cramps, that has been true since adolescence. I’ve always had issues with heavy flow so I wasn’t perturbed with that as a possible side effect, but I can’t say as I have ever really noticed a difference.
    As for insertion, it was easier the second time around, I assume because it was post-pregnancy. But as painful as the first time as, it was still TOTALLY worth it. Not only for the reliability, but also not having to think about bc every day or every time we had sex or both.
    I can’t recommend the use of IUDs for women with whom their medical history is compatible enough. We have come a long way from the bad old days of the PID-triggering Dalcon shield. I wish more people knew how much work has gone into making them so, so, so much safer and better.

  29. This isn’t the question that was asked, but I have a non-hormonal IUD…what used to be referred to as the copper T I believe…and I wanted to put in a plug for it, especially if you are at all worried about possible hormonal side effects. My experience has been wonderful. Insertion was mildly uncomfortable. I rated it a 1 or a 2 on a 1-10 pain scale. I had it done three months after childbirth. My period came back a few months later, and I had and continue to have absolutely no pain with my periods at all. I suppose that is more likely an effect of childbirth than the IUD, but whatever it is, it is striking, and almost a problem, as I don’t even have the mild crampiness that before would warn me that I should wear a tampon that day. My periods are the same heaviness they always were (i.e., not very heavy). I have experienced no side effects whatsoever, no discomfort after the the five minute insertion, and it’s mistake-proof. The whole experience has made me sort of upset that IUDs are used so comparatively rarely in this country, as it is such a more desirable means of birth control than anything I have tried before (a few different pills, the diaphragm, condoms)….

  30. Echoing other posters in saying that the Mirena has totally worked for me. I got it inserted at 7w post partum- it was a little uncomfortable but nothing too bad. Had a little spotting that day and nothing else until now (kiddo is now nearly 16 months old). We are still nursing but we’re down to 2-3 times a day.Haven’t noticed anything re: mood swings, libido, etc. that can’t be attributed to new motherhood and lack of sleep!

  31. I got my Mirena 8w postpartum. It didn’t hurt at all going in – but then I was still recoving from the birth of my son.I breastfed with it, no problems. I didn’t notice any difference in my sex dive. My periods were very light, minimal cramping.
    One side effect I did have was *A LOT* of vaginal discharge. I ended up wearing a pantyliner everyday the year I had the Mirena in.
    I got it out in early September. I waited through a cycle then we started trying to have another baby. We got pregnant the first month we started trying!
    I think I’ll try the copper IUD next time, just to avoid the vaginal discharge problem. It was almost too much to handle. Ugh

  32. I have it and LOVE IT. I got pregnant with baby 2 when baby 1 was nine months. I started talking to my ob about birth control options before I gave birth. I was terrified about having another one so close together. I’m not terribly good at remembering to take the pill or other means (hello baby 2). The insertion was pretty uncomfortable, but I also had a valium ’cause I am a huge wuss. I’ve still not gotten a period, but have had some light spotting. Hubby and are both pleased and don’t think we’ll have to go to the big V if we decide we’re truly done.

  33. I would like to add that the insertion does depend on the doctor’s experience. I got both around 8 weeks pp. My first doc actually used a numbing agent but the insertion was still uncomfortable- like a pap. My second doc had the magic touch- I had no idea he had even started and it was in(without using a numbing agent.) He also does yearly checks to make sure nothing has migrated elsewhere in my body.

  34. Like doublejen, Sarah, and EM, I have a non-hormonal IUD (Paraguard) that was inserted 10 weeks postpartum and I love it. When I was considering my options, Mirena was strongly pushed to me–it’s very heavily marketed–but I’m happy I made the choice I did. Basically I was more comfortable with the potential side effects of the copper T (cramping, heavy periods) than of the Mirena (breakthrough bleeding, bloating, mood swings). YMMV, but as someone who had very heavy periods and bad cramps from menarche until I went on the pill, things now are no where near the level they were in my teens–my period last 4-5 days, 2 of them are heavy-ish (but a Super tampon takes care of it, don’t need a super plus) and those two nights I usually take a couple advil at bedtime. For completely no-fuss, out of sight out of mind BC, I’ll take it.Oh, and I also liked that the Copper T is slightly cheaper and good for 10 years rather than 5 for the Mirena (which is a consideration if you’re done having kids but not if you’re inbetween).

  35. I got an IUD 8 weeks after the birth of #2.Insertion was uncomfortable, but not exactly painful. I breastfed for 15 months with no problems whatsoever. I haven’t gotten pregnant, so I guess it’s worked.
    Now for the downside.
    I’ve gained 35 lbs, have had skin problems that didn’t exist before, and worst of all, ended up on antidepressants for a year of the time since I had it put it. Also, bleeeding was very heavy for me about 2 months after insertion – heavier than one of my typical periods, then a constant light flow for another 4 months. I experienced spotting quite frequently for a year after I had it put it.
    I don’t know if the first set of symptoms I mentioned are 100% caused by the Mirena, but it sure seems to make sense since they say that 5-10% of women experience those symptoms.
    I just had mine taken out because we’re trying for #3, and and quite relieved. I’m interested in seeing if these symptoms clear up now that it’s out.

  36. I love my Mirena. It’s been such a wonderful surprise for me. The birth control aspect is awesome, and well worth the money. 5 years with no worries. Love it. But, what it has done to my period has been even better, if that’s possible. I used to spend 5 days every 24 days (yes, that means only 19 days without my period)with both pads and tampons hoping I could make it through a day without embarrassing stains on my pants. I would wear black everyday, just in case. Then, I got the Mirena. I spotted lightly for the first 5-6 months. It was everyday, but still better than what I had been dealing with. Then, poof, it stopped. Now, I spot lightly a few says a month, and haven’t needed anything more than a liner in over two years. And no cramping either. It’s really changed the quality of my life.

  37. I loved, loved, loved my mirena. For various reasons, I have been on every method of birth control out there: (Pills, patch, depo (EVIL!), condoms). It was BY FAR the best one. I felt completely secure that it was working, unlike other methods. I had some very minor spotting the first month and after that I didn’t get a period until it was removed. After it was removed, my periods went back to normal. Neither my husband or I ever felt it (except when I would check my strings once a month like they recommend). My zits and sex drive were like normal.

  38. I had a horrible response to birth control pills (mood swings, weight gain, etc.) which led me to steer clear of hormones in general. However the Mirena was absolutely wonderful and I removed it last year to TTC and was pregnant within 2 months with no issues.I second the making sure your doctor regularly does Mirenas – the first doctor I went to left me in awful pain and was unsuccessful in getting it inserted (which resulted in me leaving IUD free and getting pregnant within 2 weeks). My second Mirena was by my wonderful OB at my 6 week postpartum visit, I sat on the table waiting for her to be done when she’d already inserted it (100% pain/cramp free). It lightened my periods considerably (and seemed to eliminate the PMS bloating I’ve always experience) and had no impact on sex drive. I highly recommend the IUD and will be returning to Mirena after I have this baby.

  39. I forgot to say in my previous comment. I have not had kids, so it hurt a lot to get inserted. However, my best friend had hers inserted 6 weeks post-partum and she hardly felt it.I did gain some weight while on it, but I realized looking back, I couldn’t blame it on the Mirena, I had other stuff going on in my life and wasn’t watching what I ate as carefully as normal.

  40. Hey, I’ll chime in on the Mirena lovefest! I’m on my second one; I actually got my first Mirena before it was FDA-approved (I ordered it from Canada and brought it to my GYN). I had such a horrible experience with BCP that I went into full research overdrive to find “the perfect birth control” for me. At the time, I had a devil of a time even finding a dr. that would insert an IUD in me because I hadn’t had kids – pretty much I had to find a gynecologist under 30.Anyways, I’m now on year 8 with a Mirena, and I love it. I haven’t had a period at all in…7 years? I will occasionally get PMS symptoms, which is confusing because I never get a period (I had always had extremely irregular periods and rare PMS, but now there’s no “a ha!” moment after a day or two of inexplicable mood swings).
    I couldn’t really speak to the low libido, bloating and bad skin side effects, as I’ve always struggled with those – I would definitely say they haven’t gotten worse, and may have gotten better. It’s hard to average over the course of 8 years what changes are the IUD and what are normal personal changes.
    One side effect I’ve noticed is that after sex, I will often have light spotting the next day – my doc says that over time, the uterine line gets a bit thinner and anything “vigorous” happening will lead to a little shedding.
    The insertion is a bitch, though, and probably worse for those who haven’t given birth. My first go, it almost didn’t make it in. My second, I learned that I really needed to have taken the afternoon off (easier, but still felt very sorry for myself afterward).

  41. I had Mirena inserted eight weeks postpartum and had it removed about eight months postpartum. I hated it. The insertion didn’t hurt too badly considering my cervix was still pretty pliable from L&D. I bled and had cramps almost everyday from insertion to removal though. I’ve met lots of women who loved it (and you have lots of examples above) but it was not for me. For me, it wound up being more of a pain in the butt than taking bc pills everyday. I never knew if I was having a period because I was bleeding all the time. My ob/gyn said that everyday bleeding was considered normal for the first four months after insertion, but when it never stopped and the cramping got worse, I decided it just wasn’t worth it. Good luck in your decision!

  42. I’ve had my Mirena for 3 weeks and am very very happy with it so far. Insertion was a total BREEZE — I didn’t feel a thing except the speculum! I started bleeding a week ago but it is beginning to lighten. I’m EBF-ing and have seen zero effect on supply (DS is 14 weeks). Postpartum weight loss has continued at a normal rate. I’m experiencing what I would call normal, but erratic, postpartum moods & emotions. My libido is normal for just having 2 under 2 but I overcome it by sheer force of will. I can live with that even if it is the Mirena’s fault, but I doubt that it is.I had to take antidepressants with the pill (related? probably.) and triptans + ergots for migraines. None of those symptoms with Mirena so far. This experience is FAR superior to the pill.
    Highly recommended!!

  43. My understanding is that IUD’s are medically indicated only for women who are finished having children. IUDs increase the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), as bacteria can migrate up the string and into the uterus, which can lead to infertility, along with some very serious health complications.Thankfully, DH plans to get a vasectomy when we’re done having kids. But if we ever get divorced, I’d definitely consider a non-hormonal IUD, though I’d always be on the lookout for any signs of PID.
    @Diane – you’re not the only one who is afraid of hormonal BC. Me, too! FWIW, I’m the only woman I know in my 30s who has never been on the pill. I’m currently a diaphragm + spermicide & rhythm method user. I always added condoms to that mix before I became monogamous with DH.

  44. I have the Paraguard and love it for many of the reasons discussed… I skimmed the comments and didn’t notice one thing (maybe missed it) that I should mention is that I’ve struggled with yeast infections while having it–I’ve pretty much had a yeast infection the whole time and it took a TON of digging for me to find info that linked it to the IUD. It can be a cause. Not always, but sometimes, and I think I’m one of those cases. Also, I have very heavy periods with it, but possibly I would anyway–I was on the pill for years and years and then the pregnancies… so who knows? I found the insertion and removal (I had it removed, obviously to get pregant with Younger and then had another put in at the 6 week postpartum appointment) to be unpleasant–some cramping, and the thought of the process was unpleasant for me, but it wasn’t painful, per se.I particularly recommend the Paraguard b/c of the hormone-free aspect, which was what sold me on it.

  45. Have it. Love it. Breastfed with it.Don’t have periods with it!
    I used it between kids and it took me three months to get knocked up again.

  46. I chose to have the Mirena inserted after needing a birth control option that wasn’t daily, and had no/little hormones (they make me crazy and I hate messing with my body that way), and was assured by my ob/gyn that Mirena fit the bill. I have since found out that the level of progestin in Mirena is twice the levels one would get taking the mini-pill daily.I just had my Mirena removed after 9 months and switched to the copper Paraguard. It is like someone pushed the “go” button on my libido and it’s lovely.
    I’ve done a lot of research on the Mirena in the past few months after my hair just kept falling out, and I kept being anxious and moody, and I kept having unexplained back pains, and I kept having zero. fucking. sex drive. It’s amazing what I found after a couple of differently worded google searches (as opposed to just typing in “Mirena”). Soooo many women reporting the same side effects as me. It’s been nice to not feel like a total nut job.
    I also read somewhere that the reported side effects are listed differently in Canada than they are here in the U.S., and they include more of what I was experiencing. I haven’t confirmed this, but found it interesting.
    I know a lot of women that love the Mirena, I just was not one of them. So far the Paraguard is awesome. Mirena made me bleed almost every day, and two days after I had it removed it was like someone turned the fountain off finally. Woot!
    There’s a similar thread with a lot of great comments on urbanmamas.com, by the way. It was one of the first that I found when I started researching what I thought could be side effects and it had a lot of great pros and cons info.

  47. I’m wondering the same thing. I’m hesitant to put something in my vagina that I might not like. (It seems like a good caution to live by in general.)

  48. Secondhand report: Hurts like the dickens upon removal (and can ‘get lost’, whatever that means except extra ouch), kills sex drive.

  49. After experiencing a month long nightmare with Yaz (raging mood swings, headaches, palpitations…) and reading online about other women’s similar experiences with Mirena, I’ve decided to go with the non-hormonal (copper) IUD. I’ve always struggled with acne and a low sex drive so I don’t want to take the chance of finding out Mirena is not for me. In regards to the heavier flow, my cycle went from light before my two kids to HEAVY so I don’t think I have much to lose there.In addition to the side effects, I also read horror stories about the IUD actually perforating the uterus and traveling through the body. I discussed this concern with my midwife and she put my mind at ease by saying that is only possible during insertion if the provider does not have experience in putting one in.
    As far as the pain, my midwife is directing me to schedule insertion for the first day or two of my period (any day now). She says your cervix is open during your menstrual cycle, therefore minimizing the pain during insertion. She gave me a prescription for an antibiotic to take before hand and told me to take ibuprofen before I come in.
    BTW-I was on different BCPs for years without any (real) problems….until Yaz.

  50. Couldn’t get it out fast enough. If you are sensitive to any other forms of hormonal birth control, just don’t even consider it. Supposedly the hormones “act locally,” but that was not the case for me.Within 4 to 5 days, I started to experience increasing mood swings. At 10-11 days, I experienced a full-blown panic attack. Once I had it out, I started to feel better almost immediately, but at the 2-week point experienced what I’ve heard called the “Mirena Crash” — worsening depressive/anxiety sypmtoms. Supposedly if you wait it out, your system will return to normal. Since I had a 3-month old, we couldn’t afford to wait, and my husband literally begged me to go to the doctor.
    I’m still on Effexor. All of this happened in June. It was horrendous.
    Now, I know many people use Mirena with fabulous success. But, if you’re someone who has had sensistivity in the past to hormonal forms of b/c (the pill, etc.), be warned. The “this stays local” line is utter bullsh*t. We actually even found a (Canadian) doctor insert for Mirena that said that patients with past depressive episodes will be at much increased risk for a repeat. Wish I’d known that before I put it in.

  51. Another happy Paragard-user here. Periods were heavy the first several months but returned to normal-for-me thereafter. Minor discomfort during insertion, none during removal, got pregnant again the month after. Definitely getting another one after kid #2. I never thought I’d be openly enthusiastic about a contraceptive method, but I love the reversibility, the lack of hormones, and the ease of it.

  52. Reading all of the Paragard comments, I’m half-tempted to go that route. It’s been long enough since my Mirena nightmare, I *might* actually be willing to consider doing something again.Then again, I’m almost 100% sure I’m done, and am also seriously considering tubal ligation. Not to threadjack, but anyone have experience with how difficult recovery is from a tubal?

  53. I have never considered an IUD before, mainly because I was fine on BCPs prior to kids and just never thought about what else was out there.Now, I’m so intrigued! I’m sure I’m done after this pregnancy (which will be child #2), but hubby says I shouldn’t decide for sure until it’s been a few years (like 4 or 5 years) after this one is born just in case, since prior to this pregnancy I always wanted 3.
    This sounds like a great solution! At least worth a try. I’ll look into the different IUDs. Thanks everyone for putting your knowledge out there!

  54. I have a Paraguard (non-hormonal IUD) and love it! Having been on the pill for 12 years, I had no idea what it was doing to my sex drive until I went off it to get pregnant. After that, I said “never again” to hormonal birth control. With the Paraguard, my periods are about the same as they were before I went on the pill– heavier and longer than with the pill. My skin was a little pimply, but I’ve been able to clear it up with diet and herbs.I love that I don’t have to think about bc. I love that it’s non-hormonal. I will definitely get another IUD after the next kid.
    Good luck!

  55. I had the Mirena inserted at 8 weeks postpartum. Until that time, I had been enjoying my newborn daughter and my new life as a mother immensely. Pretty shortly after I had the Mirena put in, I started to experience awful anxiety and depression. I also never gained back my sex drive from after the birth. I felt like I was losing my mind! I also bled non stop and never knew if I was having a period or just bleeding from the IUD. I had it removed at around 8 months and saw a marked change in my mood and sex drive. I have decided that I just can’t take hormonal BC. Condoms work well for us right now.

  56. @Allison – My friend just had a tubal ligation done at the same time as she delivered her 3rd baby via (planned) C-section. Her recovery SUCKED, but it was hard to tell if that was due to the c-section, or to the tubal ligation, or to having it done all at once – who knows. Her stitches came open (dr did not use Dermabond), she wasn’t given antibiotics soon enough after the surgery, she had to be re-admitted to the hospital… in short, it was awful. I’ve heard about tubal implants as an alternative to tubal ligation, but I don’t know what they entail. Hopefully a trusted dr can advise you.Is there any reason why your DH couldn’t get a vasectomy? It’s cheaper, more effective, less painful, and a MUCH easier recovery. It costs only a few hundred bucks (vs. thousands for tubal ligation), & it’s a local anesthetic (vs. general anesthesia). My friend’s hubby’s vasectomy took all of 20 minutes, and they gave him local anesthetic that didn’t involve any needles! Definitely worth checking out.

  57. I know everyone’s experience is different, and I really honestly wish mine was as good as a lot of the commentors’ on here! Alas, here’s what it did for me:I got the Mirena IUD over 5 years ago before I had any children because my partner and I were moving to the 2nd/3rd world and access to oral contraception was limited and getting pregnant was certainly not an option.
    The good:
    – Insertion was uncomfortable, though now that I can compare it with childbirth, it was really nothing! Removal was a breeeeze.
    – I had some prolonged spotting at first and then had absolutely NO periods. For years.
    The bad:
    – ACNE. I have NEVER had acne. Ever in my life, even in my teens and after a month or so on Mirena my back, butt and sometimes face were covered in spots.
    – weight gain! I put on a good 10 pounds in the first few months of Mirena and I felt like I was just going to keep on gaining until I doubled in size. After some lifestyle changes I was able to lose some of it, but I was definitely at least 5-7 pounds heavier the entire time and after it was removed, the weight came off immediately.
    – irritability, moodiness whatever. I just didn’t feel or look like myself and it made me miserable.
    No notable effects on sex drive, though being fat and pimply certainly didn’t make me feel like a sex kitten and my husband finally put his foot down and insisted we remove the thing because he was tired of listening to me whine about being a porker.
    Do note that I have never been happy with any pill or patch due to nausea, mood swings, bloating, irritability, etc. So I might just be cursed.
    Good luck!

  58. I also have Paraguard, and chose it because it’s hormone-free. Mine HURT HURT HURT going in- I required some ‘special’ procedure to open up my cervix and it was brutal. Since then periods are a little longer, but absolutely no cramping, so on balance I love the thing.

  59. My best friend had the Mirena and had a terrible time having it removed (they had to ultrasound to find it because the string was missing, and then the removal nearly sent her to the emergency room).My midwife, who is one of my mother’s closest friends and has many many years of experience with ob/gyn care, says that she hates the Mirena. She says that unless a patient has unusually heavy periods every month, she strongly prefers the Paraguard, which is much easier to insert and remove, for starters.

  60. After my so was born I opted for the regular no-hormone IUD. I didn’t want to mess around with my hormones. The insertion was no fun whatsoever, and my periods were noticeably heavier for a few months after, but now its great.

  61. I had it for about a year after my having my son. I wanted birth control I didn’t have to think about and was okay to nurse while using. Plus my sister had it and liked it. I thought it was awesome, until I had it taken out (not becaue I didn’t like it, but because I wanted to get pregnant again) and realized it was making me moody, have hot flashes and night sweats. I’ve heard of others having these same symptoms. As for flow, I had an annoyingly light period for about 6 months and then almost none.

  62. I have my Mirena for about one year now and I love it…I have had no real problems or side effects (I would love to blame my low libido and weight gain on this, but I also have to be honest…I am pretty sure those are MY problems!).I do have more discharge and while my periods are lighter they do tend to be longer, which can be annoying.
    But in general I am happy with it and plan to keep it in another year or so…then hopefully have it removed so we can have another baby!

  63. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Mirena. I had two – one about eight weeks postpartum, and then another one a year ago.Insertion was not bad – taking ibuprofen beforehand will help a lot. I did have some skin issues for the first month after insertion, but it settled down pretty quickly and was never a problem again. No mood swings. If properly inserted, you won’t feel it all. (In fact, if you are feeling it, that’s a sign that something isn’t right) As for periods, yes, it affects them – I didn’t have any the entire time I had my Mirena in, and it was bliss.
    Now in the interest of full disclosure, I had my inserted to control symptoms of endometriosis and adenomyosis. My body freaked out after 18 months with the first IUD, and I had it removed; had the second one inserted in August of last year but because of my health issues were spiraling out of control my body rejected the IUD after a year. Now, this won’t apply to most people, as my case was pretty extreme, but I did want to explain why I had two and for such short times.
    I loved this IUD!

  64. @CarrieAnne; I’m glad to know I”m not the only one with horrid side effects from Yaz.Mirena was really pushed on me after the birth of my son, but I didn’t do it because I was afraid of the hormonal side effects. I don’t react well to BC pills, and I often feel like I”m the only one. Are there any good resources out there for people like me who want some sort of good birth control but when they take the pill they become severely depressed and have the acne of a 17 year old?

  65. I had a copper IUD for 5 years that gave me bad cramps and increased bleeding and a longer period every month. I switched to a Mirena for a year and the cramping stopped and the bleeding decreased to almost nothing for a couple of days during my periods. No in-between bleeding for me and no other side effects that I really noticed. I couldn’t use the pill (past stroke/TIA. OB/GYN said that the localized hormones and the type of hormone used would be fine) and condoms kept breaking (!) or falling off (!) so we needed a stress-free alternative. The Mirena worked better for me than the copper IUD. I had it removed and had a baby a year and a half ago and I asked my OB to have another one inserted at my 6 week appt, but she suggested against it claiming it may disrupt breastfeeding. Previous posters say otherwise, though.Insertion was painful, crampy, like a pap smear with a hefty kick, removal was a bit less painful, but I’m a weiner with a very low pain tolerance. We conceived the next month after it was removed–hello fertile myrtle!
    We snipped the strings short so they wouldn’t poke my husband (ow!) and all was good.
    We’re pregnant again but I think I will probably get the Mirena again after baby #2…just in case we want to go for a baby #3!
    Good luck with your decision…it looks like there are a lot of good and bad experiences out there to sift through.

  66. Btw, in response to one comment above–it’s not true that the IUD isn’t medically indicated unless you are done having children. That was always my vague impression as well; I thought that it posed fairly significant threats to your fertility. But that’s not right. The reason that many don’t recommend it until after you have had a child is because insertion is significantly more difficult prior to that, not because you might never have a chance to have another one. Although my understanding is that in other countries, lots of childless women get IUDs. I just felt the need to chime in because, as I said in my earlier comment, it actually makes me sort of angry how underused the IUD is in this country. And again, my experience is all with the Paraguard, which I am very high on. Hormonal birth control is contraindicated for me because I have a genetic tendency toward blood clots, but even if it weren’t, I really don’t see why someone would pick Mirena over the nonhormonal option (though no periods at all is somewhat attractive, I admit).

  67. I love mine! I’ve had it about ten months. Like many others have said, insertion was no big deal (this may have been because I had recently given birth) and I have had very few side effects. Some spotting and now I have very easy (and short) periods. Best birth control ever.

  68. I too have been struggling with this decision. My children are both in middle school and although we talk about it occasionally, I think we are finished having children. I am 36 years old and I have been on the BC pill for about 17 years (except during pregnacy & nursing). I have dealt with weight gain, headaches, low libido and anxiety/depression.Hubby & I have talked about the V (he is willing), but my periods have always been very heavy, even on BC they are 5-7 days. I’d hate to go back to how they were before the pill if I’m not on any hormones. I’d maybe try Mirena, but I’m concerned I’ll be worse with that than the Pill. Maybe the copper IUD would be better and the heavy bleeding would be a trade-off for the other symptoms.
    Does anyone have any knowledge of side effects of going off hormonal BC after many years? I ALWAYS get a headache for the first 3 days of my period & I attribute it to hormone withdrawal. Would Mirena be better? Any advice? Thanks!!

  69. Just wanted to add, all of the OB-GYNs at the clinic I go to (6 or so) use the copper paragard IUD by choice. I wish I’d considered it earlier (pre-baby) rather than use BC pills, which really messed with my moods.

  70. I had the Mirena inserted about 6 months after the birth of my daughter (she’s 21 months now), and I think it’s been good. Hard to tell, though, because I am still breastfeeding. I don’t really have a regular period, just some spotting from time to time. My sex drive isn’t what it was when I was pregnant (yeehaw!) but it’s not what it was when I was on Prozac back in the day either (nonexistent). I had severe difficulties with birth control pills because of the mood swings and depression, but I haven’t noticed either (that weren’t obviously circumstantial) with the Mirena. I will say this, though…Progestin gives me heart palpitations. It runs in my family. I had mild palpitations for about a year, and was at the end of the year before I talked with my sister and realized that we had the same problem. My docs just kept saying it was nothing, not to worry about it, so I let it go. Now that I’ve had it for a while, the palpitations have stopped. Weird, huh?

  71. Oh, and the reason why OBs generally don’t advise IUDs for women who haven’t given birth is because the insertion can hurt if you haven’t ever had your cervix soften and ripen before. It didn’t hurt me at all when I had it done. It was no more uncomfortable than a speculum. Blech.

  72. Hey, just wanted to pop in about IUDs being contraindicated for women who want more children – not true! hasn’t been true for more than twenty years!it is definitely true that women with an existing STD at the time of insertion _may_ have a greater risk of PID (which is why it’s not ideal for women in nonmonogamous relationships in general), and why they recommend having a full STD panel done before insertion.
    Here’s a nice little IUD overview from the Canadian Medical Association:

  73. I got Mirena about 10 weeks after my son was born. It’s not at all uncomfortable, but the insertion itself was a little uncomfortable — in line with a pap for me. I’m still breastfeeding a year later, and between that and Mirena, I don’t have a real period, though I do have something of a cycle. It is a *lot* less intense than it used to be, which I am pleased about because I used to have a b8tch of a cycle. I haven’t had any problems with migraines since I’ve been on it, either, and that was the main thing keeping me away from hormonal birth control for about ten years.It is, however, expensive. I mean, if your insurance actually steps up to the plate, it shouldn’t be an issue — and if you average it out over five years, it’s not really expensive. But if, like AETNA, your insurance decides to lead you along and screw you over, it’s very unpleasant.
    I have to admit I’m intrigued that so many people love paragaurd. I had wanted to try that at first, but heard from my midwife that it was awful and she had to remove most of the ones she inserted. Hm. I’m wondering if that was exaggerated now.

  74. I have had two Mirenas — both before trying to conceive and then a couple of months after having my son. I would never hesitate to recommend it to anyone, as it has been wonderful! The insertion both times was a little uncomfortable, but definitely worth it. Both times I’ve had them, I rarely had a period, and if I did it was extremely light, sometimes no more than spotting. I am still breastfeeding my 23 month old son, so I don’t know if things will eventually be different once he weans.Definitely no change to my sex drive, and no problems with mood issues. I’ve had some periods of bad skin while on the Mirena, but I can not be certain that it is related because I also have had breakouts while using other methods of birth control.
    I know several other women who have the Mirena and love it. I know there are some horror stories out there, but I haven’t met anyone yet who has had a problem.

  75. I had a copper iud in between my first child and second pregnancy and also loved it. I have never got on with the pill so wasn’t desperate about trying the mirena and was happy to take heavier peiods over hormones so the copper iud seemed like the best option. i really loved it, slightly painful insertion and slightly heavier periods but no pains and no other side effects whatosever. I was concerned it might effect my fertility but i had it taken out in July and was pregnant a month later. I will definitely be having another one fitted after this baby prior to hopefully having another. I don’t know whether there is a cost difference as here in the UK they are both free. I think if i hadn’t had such bad experiences with the pill i would consider the mirena as the no period thing seems very attractive. i have 2 friends who have mirenas and they love them.

  76. Just had to put in another good word for the Mirena. I had mine inserted a year postpartum (around the time I stopped breastfeeding) and so I haven’t had a period in 4+ yrs! love that so much. Haven’t noticed any weird side effects. It’s so nice not to worry at all about birth control. One weird thing for me was that the strings completely disappeared (I freaked and went back in, and they did an ultrasound and everything was perfectly in place).But I recommend it to everyone i know who’s looking for birth control options.

  77. @EM & NannyLady – I stand corrected! If you’re certain you’re in a monogamous relationship, everything should be fine. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  78. I had the Paragard (non-hormonal copper IUD) and hated, hated, hated it. I had it taken out within six or eight months. My periods were crampier and I bled a lot more. And they don’t really seem to know how it works, but I didn’t really like what I heard (IIRC it has to do with release of copper).I am more picky than most people, I think. I don’t want to take hormonal birth control because 1) it kills my libido and 2) I am suspicious of altering my body chemistry to do something it didn’t evolve to do over the long term. So looks like it’s condoms and maybe other barrier methods for us until we’re at the point where we’re ready to do something more permanent.
    I was looking up info on the Paragard as I wrote this response and read that it can be used as emergency contraception if it is inserted within 5 days of unprotected sex. Interesting! (http://contraception.about.com/od/iud/a/paragard.htm)

  79. My experience was similar to Summer’s. I had the Mirena inserted 8 weeks post partum. No problems initially. No periods at all – probably due to nursing – and worry free sex. My hair started to fall out about one year after Mirena was inserted but it took a long time for me to connect it to the IUD. After weaning my dd at 27 months I began to experience radical, intense mood swings and was a bit anxious. I didn’t really have these symptoms while I was nursing and they started to surface once I started the weaning process. I also had NO sex drive but I thought that was due to nursing and running around after a 2 year old all day. My OB and general practioner both thought it was all in my head but I insisted that the IUD be removed b/c I suspected my issues were due to the hormones being released. I was correct (the IUD was the only “alien” thing in my body – I’m not on any medication.)In addition, I started to spot bleed for days before and after my period. The day after the IUD was removed I felt as if a 10 ton weight had been lifted off of my brain. I no longer experience spot bleeding and my hair has stopped falling out. And yes, my libido is returning. I feel like a totally different person.
    IMO, if you have any issues with hormones at all and the pill has been a problem for you, don’t get the Mirena. For me it wasn’t really worth it.

  80. I asked my SIL about Mirena, who is both a well-respected OB/GYN and a feminist. Her response was an analogy of the Opthomologist who does hundreds of LASIK surgeries a week, yet still wears glasses. She’d recommend Mirena to her patients but would never encourage anyone in her family to get it because she doesn’t feel there is sufficient data as to its long term safety. I think these comments also bear that out.

  81. got it last week at 7 wks post-partum. $870 cash in advance since Anthem-BC/BS pays zilch on it.no pain & w/ PCOS wanted something to thin the lining.
    if looking for long-term permanent BC, check ouy ESSURE procedure. It’s less-invasive than a tubal ligation.

  82. my understanding re: STIs is that the infection risk is at the time of insertion. bacteria can not “travel” up the string into your uterus. old design dalkon shield yes. string was bacteria friendly. new designs no.no cite for this but I trained at planned parenthood years ago and that’s what I recall.
    also, you should be able to feel your strings after each period, as a way of making sure the IUD hasn’t shifted. your sexual partner will not probably feel them (unless he or she is waaaaay up in your business)
    have not yet had my own inserted but am intending on copper because my body doesn’t like hormonal bc. and a vasectomy too, for good measure.

  83. I have had mine for several months. I’m still BF my 16 month old son. I like the IUD- no side effects. I had one period shortly after getting the IUD and then six weeks of spotting. The initial insertion sucked so, so, so much ass I don’t even want to talk about it. I was uncomfortable- to say the least- for the next several hours. Lots of cramping. I never mind the gyn, so this was a surprise.I wish I would have chosen the Nova T.. I still don’t know how my doctor convinced me to go with hormonal bc. Next time!

  84. I’ve had Mirena for going on 8 months now. I was experiencing unpleasant side effects with the pill (even after trying several) and thought it’d be a good alternative.My periods have pretty much vanished, though it took 6 months for that to happen. I still get a little crampy and experience break outs once a month but there is no bleeding.
    The insertion for me was extremely painful. The first try wasn’t successful due to two things…I have a tilted uterus and an my cervix isn’t straight. A second attempt was successful but I was given something to relax the cervix. In spite of that the pain was so bad I thought I was going to pass out. I sucked it up for the possibility of not having to deal with a period!
    I’ve heard some crazy stories of women trying to remove them themselves or having their husbands do it. I’ve also heard of the Mirena causing scarring from it moving or rubbing against the cervix. Anyone else heard anything similar? It was second-hand info and I couldn’t find anything concrete to substantiate it.

  85. I realize the question was about Mirena, but I wonder why no one has brought up the NuvaRing. It seems to me to have some of the same (mostly) mild side effects listed with the Mirena, but without any of the pain of insertion or extra bleeding. For me there is some loss of libido, though that has ameliorated somewhat in the 3 months I’ve used it, some increased intensity in moods, but it’s really easy to deal with. It is damned expensive at $60/month and you do have to remember to take it out after 3 weeks and replace it a week, but that’s pretty easy. I’m not totally sure I’m pleased with it (I’m 47 and this is the first hormonal BC I’ve used), but reading all these accounts of the Mirena, I’d have to say try the NuvaRing first. No painful insertion, no months of bleeding.

  86. I have the Mirena and have been relatively happy with it. I had it inserted 12 weeks postpartum so insertion wasn’t too bad- slightly more uncomfortable than a pap but that’s about it. I will note that mine was inserted by a midwife that inserts them frequently. I’m also still nursing and haven’t had supply issues. I’ve been on plenty of other bc methods- the pill, mini pill, nuva ring, diaphragm, condoms none without one issue or another and this one is by far the easiest. It did take a little while for the strings to soften up for me and so occasionally I would feel it but now it’s fine. I haven’t had a real period yet (could also be due to nursing) but have had some spotting and mucus discharge off and on for several weeks after insertion. It seems to have leveled off now and only the occasional day of spotting. My biggest problem was with the cost as my insurance didn’t cover it or the insertion fee from my midwife. I guess it works out to be about the same cost as other forms of bc over the same period of time but paying it all at once was tough.

  87. I had the copper T IUD for 8 years. I really, really liked it. Insertion was uncomfortable, but after that I never really thought about it. My periods (normally very light) were slightly heavier. During the first couple of years, my partner thought he might have felt the string, but never mentioned it after that.I see no reason to complicate the perfection of the IUD by adding hormones. My experience with barrier and hormone-based contraception was unsatisfying, but the IUD was awesome.
    Notable mention: if you are *at all* at risk of STDs, use barriers–especially if you have an IUD.
    One interesting statistic is how many healthcare providers use the Paraguard. I was a midwife for 10 years, and every midwife, nurse, nurse practitioner and MD I knew who was using contraception had an IUD.

  88. I had the Paraguard for a year after the birth of my son. I loved not thinking about BC and don’t think it affected by weight, sex drive, etc.However, I HATED the heavy periods as I’d always been blessed with a light, short period. And even after seeing my OB/GYN again to “trim” the strings, my DH could still feel them during sex. So, we opted to take it out.

  89. LOVE the Mirena. I got one at 8 weeks postpartum and still am breastfeeding with it. I have a history of serious depression and past experiences with hormonal birth control have been disastrous, so I figured the Mirena was not an option. But my doctor told me that the Mirena does not release hormones into your bloodstream, so I went for it. I see and certainly believe that others have had terrible side effects that seem to be from the hormones, but I will tell you that I haven’t had a moment of it, thank goodness. It took 30 seconds to insert, no discomfort after the dizziness that others have reported, I never feel it, I have had no cramping, no sexual side effects. Best of all, I now have not had my period for almost 18 months. The only side effect is slightly increased vaginal lubrication, which is not exactly a bad thing. Although reading these comments, I am wondering if I have had related weight gain. I think it is more likely that the weight gain is due to having had a hard time giving up the eat-anything-you-want-and-gain-just-the-right-amount-of-weight experience I had during pregnancy. Bliss.

  90. I’ve got mine about 6 wks postpartum so I’ve had it going on 9 months. It was a little uncomfortable when it was inserted but no more than a typical exam. I had a light spotting the 1st few days. I am still breastfeeding and haven’t really had a period, just the occasionally spotting. I love it so far, it’s great for no think BC. No problems with cramping, weight gain or skin issues.

  91. I’m so glad to hear so many have had good experiences with Mirena. It was my number once choice for BC, but my doc refused because I’m under 35 and have not had children yet. I begged her for a year before I would be leaving for a 7 year PhD program and she still refused. Good lord I wish I would have gone and found another doctor. I had it timed to get an IUD a full year before leaving my cushy job with full health insurance in case of complications or bad side effects. Now I’m back in school, I had to switch my BC pill brand to one that is covered by my student health ins., but it gives me really bad PMS, and now I have 7 years of this hormonal hell to look forward to!I know many of you commentors are moms – have non-moms had any issues getting an IUD?

  92. Glad to hear it’s worked well for so many! I’m a bit jealous, actually.I was all set to love the Mirena, but apparently I’m a less-than ideal candidate for an IUD.
    At 6wks post-partum, my OB (after consulting the directions multiple times- red flag much?) completed the insertion and warned me of spotting and cramping for a few days. I was unconcerned when I had both symptoms, but the cramps felt more muscular than menstrual. Three days later, I was supposed to fly with my newborn to visit family, but the cramps had gotten worse and a call to my OB resulted in a “come on in and we’ll check it out.”
    Here’s where it gets weird: No one can find that little IUD anywhere in the right vicinity. “Did it fall out?” Um, no. Two or three OBs come in to try to find it. They mention the possibility of “wandering,” which is pretty freaky on its own, but when their ultrasound can’t find it either, they packed me off to the hospital for x-rays.
    The x-rays show that cute little IUD is just hanging out by my liver, loitering like a surly teenager. Surgery it is! No further damage done.
    In the end, my OB says she must have *punctured* my uterus during insertion. (The same insertion during which she had the nurse hold the directions so she could read them while operating the apparatus with both hands.) She told me my uterus must be upside-down and congratulated me on my “high pain threshold.” Aw, gee…

  93. Its like having sex with a porcupine. My wife went back and the doc even ‘trimmed’ the strings. Guess what, it hurts even worse. It is coming out tomorrow. What a waste of money.

  94. aj. I just got my miren out last weak and the doctor said that he reccomended to have at least one to two normal periods before trying for another baby. Well i have not had a period at all for the whole 2 1/2 yrs. that i had my iud in and still nothing. im wondering if we ended up getting pregnant before a period if that would be bad, if their would be problems with the pregnancy? Help i am getting allready a little nervouse and inpatient!!

  95. Didn’t work for me -OR- my Husband!It’s been a little over a month since I’ve had it in and now it has to come out tomorrow. (Not looking forward to it)!
    My Husband gets poked constantly during intercourse. The strings are not the problem, it’s the end of the strings. They are like a sharp thick needle. (I think it is the angle the strings are cut after insertion, but I could be wrong).
    At my IUD one month post procedure last week, my doctor cut the strings shorter……BIG Mistake! The strings (wire) are now flush with my cervix so I’m sure you can imagine the pain during intercourse when hitting this ‘sharp stick’.
    As for me, orgasm is out of the question! I’m almost there and then have to stop because of the pain in my uterus when contracting….No fun and not worth it!
    Insertion was the worst pain ever AND the first attempt was unsuccessful!
    FYI – Having two kids (w/ epidural) was a breeze.
    My doctor gave me four locals in my cervix. Each shot felt like a bee sting. After that, she tried to put the instrument in to measure my uterus but couldn’t get past the back door. Even though I was on my period, (which is recommended) the back door of my cervix was closed tight. (The ‘front door’ of the cervix being in the back of the vagina and the ‘back door’ being the opening to the uterus). I could not help but to let out a few screams…it hurt so bad!
    She took the bloody tool out and showed me how much further she needed to go in order to insert, but my cervix was not cooperating. So….I was to come back in a month for a second try.
    Insertion appointment:
    Prescribed Valium and Darvocet…1 hour before procedure.
    Another round of bee-stings…Ouch! Insertion went quickly but EXTREMELY painful! I was doubled over and the tears were flowing. It took me about 1/2 hour to collect myself. Cramps for a few days afterward. Spotting since insertion.
    For tomorrow…..I have my pain killers but still very nervous.
    …….After a ton of money thrown out the window and many painful experiences, its back to ‘THE PILL’. I tried to talk my Husband into getting snipped, but no chance. Lucky me! 🙂

  96. I just got my mirena taken out today.. omg i wish it worked like so many of you.. i was the devil with it in.. my boyfriend is SO amazing and if it wasn’t for his loyalty and love for me, we wouldn’t be together.. i was a total C-Word… Anxiety attacks, foggy, bloated, cranky, started getting really tired lately, lethargic.. omg.. so horrible.. i gained 4 pounds and had craving for nasty greasy food that i never eat.. EW!!! i’m so happy to be myself again!! 🙂

  97. I’ve had a Mirena for about 4 months. I got it at my 6 week post-partum checkup. Insertion didn’t hurt at all, and it hasn’t affected my breastfeeding but I’m still not thrilled with it. I bled constantly for the first month and a half. Now I spot off and on, and always after sex. It’s really hard to tell if it’s had an effect on my mood or sex drive, since I have a 5 month old baby and she DEFINITELY has an effect on my mood and sex drive! I do feel kind of depressed, in a chemical way which is what makes me think it might be the Mirena. I’ve never had any luck with hormonal birth control but I thought that there was such a low dose in the IUD it might work. I’m not crazy like I would be on the pill, but I’m not happy either.I guess I say, proceed with caution if you are thinking about getting one. We dont want more kids for a few more years, but I still might get it out before then just because I’m just not sure it isn’t messing with me.
    Plus all my hair is falling out. But that could be a post-pregnancy thing too.

  98. I have had 2 Mirena’s. My first one i had put in 5 years ago after our daughter was born. I just had my second one taken out 2 months ago and had that one in for 10 months because we want to try for our second child. I had really no problems while having them in and really liked the mirena. I only had my monthly cycle the first couple months after having them put in and then nothing the rest of the time. I had some crumping here in there but other then that it was a great. Never noticed mood swings or anything out of the normal. I have had this second one out for 2 months and just tried this month to conceive so we will see what happens. Since i had mine in longer then most i am thinking it may take longer to get pregnant. I hope it doesn’t though.

  99. I am so glad to see that so many have had a good experiences with the mirena, me… not so much.I had it inserted roughly 3 years ago (my youngest was 4 at the time and I was and still am in a committed monogamous relationship) and since then I have gained about 30 pounds that I cannot get rid of(despite a very healthy diet from a nutritionist AND working with a personal trainer), very moody, tender and lumpy breasts (it hurts to even sleep on my stomach) mostly around my “period” (as I only have very light spotting, but I can still tell when it is)bad acne, fine peach fuzzy hair over my face, chest, and back along with course dark hairs on and under my chin. But, the biggest issue I have had were/are the ovarian cysts. I have never had them before the mirena, and within the first year had one on each ovary and had to go to the ER. Since I know what they are now (and don’t want another $3000.00 hospital bill) when I get them it is dibilitating, but I can wait it out with pain killers at home till they rupture or go away.
    Even with all this I was hesitant to have it removed, but after reading this site (and a few others) I think it is time. I really wish it would have worked, but apparently my body just doesn’t agree with it…

  100. Hi all- I’m going on 10 months with Mirena. I’ve never had kids but an IUD is my last resort before barrier methods because of blood clotting concerns. With Mirena, I’ve had horrible acne, lower sex drive, and a couple weeks of extremely light periods only to begin my next period 2 weeks later.I will be getting the Mirena out this month but my Dr recommended getting Paragard at the same time as Mirena is removed. Insertion with Mirena was completely awful but I’m hoping it will be easier the next time around. Has anyone else done this at this same time? I really want this to work out!!

  101. hey all..im a 17year old in SA and i got the MIRENA under sedation, after my period pains got really bad and i had my period up to 3 times a month. the doctor keeps phoning to let me know about my 6 weeks check up but i am very scared and i feel like i am not going unless i feel some kind of internal pain.Can any1 please email me and tell my exactly how the doctor does the check up? im NOT going if she is going to insert anything into me..my email is princess_sunette@yahoo.com. thanks

  102. Hi SunetteHow has it been so far? Im also in SA and am going for my first mirena tomorrow and Im so nervous!
    Hope this forum hasnt died!!!

  103. I’ve been using the Mirena for 2yrs now. I’ve been experiencing a lot of strange “things” for months now. It wasn’t until I took time to research what’s been going on and believe it or not, the Mirena always seems to pop up. For months I’ve had the lowest of energy. I do work, but I get a great deal of sleep and feel wonderful when I wake, but by lunch I am toast. I crave so many things, it’s unbelieveable. Junk food and lots of it. I am really a healthy person not CRAZY overweight, could shed a few..no past depression but recenctly, again w/in the last 6mths, I’ve been terribly moody, short tempered, low, low sex drive…I fight that like crazy. 10lbs weight gain.Just a month ago, I went to my ob with SEVERE bleeding (clots and all, sorry tmi) and it was thought that I was having a miscarriage. I’ve had one before and this was so scary. I had never bled so much. I spotted this whole time and then WHAM! My doc said that the Mirena had thinned out my uterus so much that it had exposed blood vessels. WHAT!!! I could have bled to death.
    To me, its not worth it. I’ve got three children and we are complete. My husband wants this out of me and has offered to have a vacectomy. I know that it’s great not having a period, but I have had the following:
    bleeding, severe
    mood swings from hell
    cravings of junk food
    low low energy (blood levels were checked and ok’d)
    low sex drive
    tender breasts
    sore nipples
    stuffy nose
    I’m going this Friday to have this removed and I hope that I will be back to normal. Thanks for letting me share. Dawn ♥

  104. Ive had my mirena for almost 3 months and am still bleeding at some point everyday i am very discouraged i can not take estrogen birth control because it gives me migranes and the with the mini pill i spotted all the time tooif i was ready not to have anymore kids i would just get my tubes tied but im not sure as im only 27 and am not ready to make that decision i thought this would be a good solution my doc said to give it another 4 months i dont think im ready for this to last another 4 months my doc told me that there are really no more options so im not really sure what to do now
    i guess ill just wait it out for another couple months and see if it gets any better
    (fingers crossed)

  105. BY far the best BC I’ve ever been on.I’m a naturally forgetful person when it comes to pill regimes, so this was perfeeect.
    I also happened to have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome AND Endomitriosis…
    This like IUD has been a life saver. No more crippling cramps, no periods, just peace!

  106. I got mirena about 3 years ago. I switched insurance companies and my BC was going to be $80/month which is ridiculous. I called them and the insurance company suggested Mirena. After LOTS of internet research and talking to my doctor I decided to get it. They do have to dilate your cervix and the procedure was less than comfortable. The next day I had a LOT of cramping, but nothing some tylenol PM couldn’t take care of. I had spotting for approx 1 month. After that, I think I’ve had 3 or 4 periods total, and they only lasted at most 12 hours each. Never needed more than a pantyliner. I’ve had no mood issues, no acne, no problems whatsoever with it other than after having sex for the first time, my boyfriends penis hit it repeatedly and when we were done he had little prick marks in the head of his penis and it was bleeding a little. Turns out there is a little copper wire on it and it was poking him. I went back to the doctor and had her trim it down, and ever since then, its been amazing. Best birth control ever. I’ve done pills, patches, rings, EVERYTHING. This one is my absolute favorite!

  107. I’ve had my Mirena in since January. I have serious mood swings, acne, facial hair, 30 lb weight gain, zero sex drive,hot all the time and possible symtoms of “the change”…. granted im only 28. I thought it would have been caused by my body getting back to normal after my son was born (1yr prior) but realizing more and more that its the IUD. Im having mine removed next Thursday. I really hope I dont have “The Crash.” I would NEVER recommed getting this IUD if your body is sensitve to hormones!

  108. No real pain during insertion. A lot of discomfort, but I also reacted very strangely. I actually passed out and had a seizure like episode. This did not affect the outcome. I have had it for almost 2.5 months now. The first month, I had a really long period, but my doctor stopped it with a different birth control pill which I took twice a day for 5 days. Since then, I have had very light spotting for maybe 3 days a month (not even worth wearing a panty liner). I seem to have an increase in discharge, but it is non offensive in odor or appearance. Overall, aside from insertion, it has been great so far. Looking forward to it only getting better. I had it inserted 4 months post partum because other forms of birth control seemed to not work as effectively as they are quoted. I got pregnant on while on depo-provera.Highly recommend!

  109. I am no longer able to take the pill due to severe mirgrains. My doctor recommended the mirena iud which I hadinserted about a month ago and it was the worst inner pain I have ever had. I was told that it can be can painful if you have not had children. My uterus also measured 7 cm. My doctor said having her’s inserted was more painful than having children (she told me once she was done inserting it).That evening I was bloated so much that my loose “comfy pants” were uncomfortable on my pelvis and the next day I had to stay home from work because I could not get normal pants done up. After a few days the bloating went down and the cramps subsided. I called my doctor and had an ultrasound and everything was fine and in the right place even though I could not feel the strings. However my husband says that he can feel the strings.
    I have been spotting some after intercourse, usually brown, but recently I had bright red flow during intercourse after orgasm enough that my husband could see it (from behind) and freaked out slightly. He was afraid that he had hurt me or moved the iud out of place. I did have a sharp pain early on during intercourse that went away a second later and did not happen again. I cramped a bit afterwards and had some spotting. The sudden bright red flow was strange and new. Anyone have any ideas?
    I am 26 and still had mild acne and I use some higher end products that my beauty consultant recommended and my ance was much improved . This all changed when I got the iud. My acne is much worse on may face and back and more like cysts. I never used to break out on my cheeks, just mostly my chin and occasionally my forehead but now it is all over, chin, cheeks, jaw, neck, nose, back, chest, you name it! I am pissed off. What is the point of having the iud when you feel like a gremlin and don’t want to have sex?!? I have changed my products slightly in hope that this will help. I was told also that it may settle down after a few months, once my body is used to the hormones.

  110. “I’ve been reading all the stuff the Mirena people put out about it, and I know the listed side effects, etc. I guess I’m just looking for experiences from women who have gotten one. Was it uncomfortable to have in all the time? Does it affect your periods? What about mood swings? And I think it’s a dealbreaker for me if it lowers my sex drive or makes my skin worse.”

  111. still love every scrap I have left in my stash and ever project I’ve done with it! Thanksfor sharing.
    People are always telling you what to do, but what’s right for them may not be right for
    you.I really wish I would of thought of that!

  112. I had IUD for 6 years,I’m 44. I had 4 years to check with my doctors what is wrong with me.Every time i see a doctor i get a pain killer and a antidepressant.

  113. I had IUD for 6 years,I’m 44. I had 4 years to check with my doctors what is wrong with me.Every time i see a doctor i get a pain killer and a antidepressant.

  114. I had IUD for 6 years,I’m 44. I had 4 years to check with my doctors what is wrong with me.Every time i see a doctor i get a pain killer and a antidepressant.

  115. Like many noted here, I love and have had a wonderful experience with Mirena. My five years are up and I’m wondering if anyone has used Mirena as long term birth control? The hubby and I are not ready to do anything permanent and I like that it regulates my period (which were absolutely horrible).

  116. I have to say these comments are really encouraging. After looking up other Mirena comments online, I was definitely questioning my decision for insertion.I got my Mirena about a month ago. I have had light spotting each day since my insertion. I was really worried about the side effects, but aside from the spotting I am loving it! I am going to wait it out and see if the spotting lessens before I would have it removed.

  117. I would imagine it’s the hormone issues that are causing the anxiety. I have some “Overcoming Anxiety” CDs I can copy (I think) if you’d like. They really help me talk myself down when I get worked up. LMK and I’ll send them along.Meanwhile, I hope things get better. It makes sense that you’ll be fragile for a while. http://fitnessandweightloss.us/

  118. OK, I’ll tell you my experience with the IUD, which I got in the 1970s. I did not want to take the pill so opted for this. Big msikate. I bled much more and had a claustrophobic feeling all the time. To make matters worse, I did get pregnant after a couple of years and the day I went to have it out, I had a miscarriage. NEVER AGAIN. Hope this helps you out and please remember, this was my experience.

  119. We nee to sit and chat.A mirena user here too. Pill made me pshcyo, cannot have depo as didn’t work for my mother, not getting anything with needles anyway so no implanon. Condoms, lets face it, when you’re in a committed relationship (or, err not) you can feel them. Even the “invisible” ones. And if i wanted to have sex with rubber i’d use a dildo. So mirena was my only choice. I waited for my period to return post baby, 6 months later it still hadn’t (thank you breastfeeding!) and Mr Black was getting pushy by then for me to get it, so i just went in and got it. I bled for 6 months straight, and regular-heavy, non of this light spotting crap they promised. It was awful. I was gearing up to get it pulled out come the 7th month when it stopped and i thought ok, now i will give this a go. Periods every 6 weeks from then onwards, light-regular and usually only 3 days. I cramp like a bitch. Holy hell! I never got much period pain but this wakes me from my sleep! And i PMS like crazy also. Something i NEVER had before either. But right now, a year and a half after insertion, i haven’t had my period since February. Liking that. It’s really my only option, i refuse to go on the pill again, and i had given a few different types a whirl, so it sorta leaves me in the lurch. They won’t give Mr Black the snip, not when he’s only 26. And i want more kids anyway so i’m not keen on pushing permanent measures.

  120. I haven’t used any implants but I loved it when I got to swctih to the patch. Super easy bc that doesn’t require getting something injected into your body. :)For those of you that do NFP: have you had children? How did you keep your temps straight after having a baby and being up half the night for the first two months?

  121. I tried the depo shot when i was not pregnant and hated it. I ganied weight, lost my *** drive completely, and had weird, irregular spotting the whole time. Plus the soreness at the injection site almost never went away.I know you want short term, but have you considered Implanon? It is a small matchstick size implant that goes in your arm and releases progestin only form of birth control. It lasts for 3 years and has significantly less hormones than regular BC which is best for breastfeeding mothers.I am going for mine in a couple weeks! Yay! It can be removed at any time.You can take the minipill but that is about your only other option. It must be taken all 28 days (or constantly) and at the exact time every day. It is a little more strict than regular BC. I can’t even remember to take a regular pill so the Implanon is my choice. Ewwwie on the Mirena!

  122. The one that suits my wants/needs the best is the mini-pill.Condoms- no thanks. I mrriaed my man, we’ve never been with anyone else, and i refuse to suffer them!!!Shots/implants- have the risk of lasting longer than i’d want them to, which would be bad, especially been as i had trouble TTC.pill with both hormones- has a higher effect on ****** milk supply than the mini pill.My only worry with the mini pill is that it can still affect BF a little, and that i have to take it the same time each day. And i’m already taking 3 things just for my pregnancy. i have 5 tablets a day as it is. But, i don’t think my body would cope with getting pregnant again so soon. And i want time to enjoy my bubba, so the mini pill will work the best for me i think.

  123. I was on BCP for years and switched to Nuvaring for about a year beofre we started to try. I really liked it. I had elevated liver enzymes and ended up being induced so my doctor won’t write a Rx for anything but the mini pill. She suggested an IUD but we plan to try for #2 relatively soon so that didn’t make a lot of sense to go that route. DH will probably have a vasectomy when we are done with our family.

  124. Lexie was born only year after Charlie was born, so you can gather quite atcuracely that she was a happy accident. I was fully breastfeeding Charlie AND was taking the mini pill when I conceived Lexie.My OB didn’t make it to Lexie’s birth, but made it in time to deliver the placenta – and the VERY first thing I asked him when he came into the birthing suite was “Can you please give my lovely husband a referral for a vasectomy?”The lovely husband obliged. He tells me that the wait for the procedure was longer than the procedure itself. He had it done on a Friday and played cricket on the Saturday. Easy as, apparently.He also tells me that it sent his already high libido through the roof. And mine matched too – relief, I daresay, at the threat of another pregnancy being removed!

  125. Watching with interest too, as I’m about to have anheotr babe but want this one to be our last. We’re not ready for the permanency of the snip, or indeed the tubal ligation my doc offered during my c/s.I’ve had implanon before – also a low dose hormone emitting device and I also had ZERO libido, put on copious weight and bled consistently. If the mirena is anything like that for me, then no way. But really, what are the other options for a b/f mother, the mini pill is even more dangerous than going without as unreliable at taking it as I have been.Good luck, hopefully this works for you.

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