Laser hair removal?

Since the IUD question got such a great response, Melissa is wondering if you guys have opinions on laser hair removal:

"I thought I would ask if anyone in the NYC area has had a positiveexperience with laser hair removal.  I seriously want it for my upper
lip but am torn between one of these "laser spas" and a derm
office…any thoughts?"

I'm a waxer, although I'm going to try threading. But I'm sure some of you must have done the laser removal and have an opinion.

While we're at it, has anyone tried the $175 no!no! that's supposed to lessen the hairs that grow back the more you use it?

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  1. The No!No! gets wretched reviews on Some of them are pretty funny.I have wondered about the derm vs. spa thing too. Is the office dramatically more expensive than the spa? I would guess it comes down to the credentials of the people at the spa. Most (all?) states have licensing organizations where you can look up complaints. Allure magazine is constantly rating stuff like that in different cities, but they seem to always skew to NY, so you might search their website and find some stuff.

  2. I did some electrolosis as well a few years ago (tummy area). It wasn’t all that expensive, and rather effective, but it took SO long (hours) and still only covered a very small area of what I wanted done. I simply got sick of going back and it taking so long.I’m interested in this thread, so keep the info coming!
    Also, I just want to say, I don’t think it is fair to imply this is a silly topic. Obviously it is a problem of the privledged, but so are many, many of these questions here at AskMoxie. Moxie always encourages women to do something for themselves and whatever it takes to make yourself feel valued, and if this is what it takes, then I say go for it!!

  3. I’m so hoping this question gets good responses. I’ve been considering getting the laser hair removal for some unwanted hairs (thanks, Italian heritage!) for years. They are not too close together so I have to pluck, but SO annoying and it feels like it’s a constant battle.The only thing I know about it is from a guy friend who got it done on his back (in an office, I’m pretty sure). He said that afterwards there were noticeable red bumps for a while. So I’m guessing if you get it done on your face, you’d want to take some time for recovery before going out.

  4. I pluck. Every day of my life. I pluck and pluck and pluck. It’s a constant battle to keep the caterpillar over my left eye from marching toward the caterpillar over my right eye. I have waxed and the results are excellent (although it needs to be done every week to keep it nice, every other week to keep it presentable). However, waxing does not happen in my house, so is not currently in the running for favorite hair removal technique.I would be very nervous to have lasers near my eyes, but for the hairs on my chin that are becoming ever-more-numerous, I would do it.

  5. I don’t have anything to say, except !@#$% chin hairs! I saw an Oprah once where she listed chin hairs as something that happens in your 40s. I’ve had then since I was 16! Same with you, @caramama, Italian heritage. :)= (That is my attempt to draw a smiley with chin hairs.)

  6. I had laser hair removal done in a dermatologist’s office, and I didn’t think it was terribly expensive. I think it was about $100 an appointment, and she did below my belly button and my underarms. She had a “no hair regrowth guarantee” and with most people, it took about 3-4 appointments for the hair to be gone. Due to fertility treatments and pregnancy, I didn’t finish my appointments, so I have hair, but there is much less of it than before. One of these days I’ll go back and finish up the last few appointments. The catch is the laser hair removal only works on dark colored hair, so if it’s blond hair you’re looking to get rid of (I couldn’t be so lucky) then it won’t work.Also, Moxie, a friend of mine had the threading done and called me raving about how wonderful it was not long ago. She said it was quick and less painful than waxing or anything else she’d done on her eyebrows.

  7. I’ve had laser hair removal on my legs and bikini line. It was money well spent (I don’t remember how much it cost but it wasn’t a huge amount and if you are buying expensive razors, or wax or whatever other products you will probably save money in the long run). Some people only need 1 or 2 treatments…others need a lot more. I think I had about 3 or maybe 4.I shave still but very occasionally. Essentially what it got rid of was the darker and coarser hairs so now my legs never feel ‘stubbly’ and when I do shave, I’m just getting rid of soft, light, finer hair.
    I think the technology changes pretty fast. I had it done about 5 years ago. You had to do it when you weren’t tanned, it was a bit painful but not agonizing, and my legs were slightly irritated for about 2 days afterwards.
    Oh – and I went to a clinic-like place that wasn’t a derm. office and wasn’t a spa….something in between.
    It was a great decision for .

  8. I recommend electroylsis on upper lip would not take very long and wouldnt be too expensive. I had mine done only once several years ago and its still looking good. They should numb your lip with a topical cream and you dont feel it too much. If you get ice on the area straight away for as long as possible there will be no red bumps or rash. I also did tummy area and bikini and while the results were good it was painful and took a many many sessions (and cost alot).

  9. I was told that for eyebrows, since they can’t aim the laser perfectly, it’s not a good idea, you might end up with no eyebrow. But for other areas, the people I know who have had it say it’s great.I used to have mine waxed, I now have them threaded. As far as pain, it’s about the same, threading takes a little longer, so the pain is drawn out, but I had problems with senstivie skin and the wax irritated it. I don’t get that with threading and my redness goes away much quicker after threading.
    Also, around here, threading is much cheaper. I go to an Indian run salon, they specialize in threading, but do other things as well. I would not have it done in the middle of a mall, no matter how cheap it is.

  10. wow, i was just asking my husband the other day if i could get this for my bday! he was like, for what? (what a smart guy…haha)i am so sick of plucking, shaving(eek) and can’t wax, skin freaks out over it…i was going to call my derm and see what she charges for it…i need my upper lip done and a bunch of random hairs that decorate my chin and neck…like caramama and shannon i too am blessed with italian genes when it comes to my hair…sigh…
    p.s. i need to hijack for a second, am i the only one glued to the tv over the inauguration coverage? i can’t stop smiling! i can’t stop singing ‘it’s a new day!’ it’s like christmas and my birthday and winning the lottery all rolled into one! it’s amazing!

  11. great topic. . . i have this issue on upper lip and chin. i have been waxing/plucking for years, and have been holding off on both electrolysis and laser treatments for the following reasons:1) expense
    2) the multiple treatment issue. if I have to let the hair grow back in between treatments, I would not be able to go to work, or otherwise go out in public. ok, that’s a little dramatic, but it’s true that b/c of my fair skin and dark hair, any facial hair is very very noticeable on me. i don’t think i could handle letting stuff “grow in” in order to be zapped.
    how did some of you deal with this??

  12. @Shannon – “:)= (That is my attempt to draw a smiley with chin hairs.)” Bwahahaha! Hysterical!@tricia – I’ve been worried about the same thing (letting the dark hairs grow back in. My plan is either to do it (at least start it) while on maternity leave (if at all possible) or just to use makeup to cover the hairs. I find coverup and really good loose powder coverage can often minimize the noticeability. That’s my hope. I’d love to hear how someone actually has done it!
    @pnuts mama – I am working from home today and completely glued to my TV! I’m actually working from home because I live in the DC area and it would be ridiculous to attempt traffic today. I grew up in this area, and I’ve NEVER seen DC this packed with people (not when the Redskins won the Super Bowl and had a parade, not even for the Fourth of July). It’s simply amazing how everyone is coming together to see this historic event. And the security is incredible! I’m so pleased by it all. And very happy to be watching from home.

  13. I had my upper lip done with electrolysis done about 10 years ago and it was amazing. I would never do my eyebrows (too close to the eyes, scary!) or other parts of the body due to the expense/time but for the upper lip I couldn’t recommend it more. You are a litle red afterwards but that should go away in 20-30 minutes. I put a little concealer on and went out in public no problem. It definitely took several sessions, but the hair gets lighter and less obvious every time so you can see the progress. Now, ten years later, maybe ever 6 months a hair grows there and I pluck it.

  14. I had a bit of “sample” laser hair removal done a few years ago (maybe five?) on a spot on my inner calf. (I went in for a couple of free consultations at some offices–not dr.’s offices, not in a mall–where I filled out some paperwork and a technician looked at my skin. She seemed slightly worried that I had eczema.) I would have liked the area of my calves done, but it would have cost me too much money at the time. A woman I knew at the gym had laser hair removal on her buttocks (she was Sicilian!)–and she was very happy with the results. I’d recommend laser removal (if you have fair-ish skin and dark hair)–even with one treatment, the hair on the inner calf has NOT grown back AT ALL. I could probably afford having my chin and upper lip done now…hmm…@Tricia: You can shave–in fact, they recommend that you shave before a treatment–but you can’t pluck/wax/thread or otherwise get rid of hair at the root before going in.

  15. Ah, to never have to shave my underarms again- I will have to look into to this.@pnuts mama- I’m right there with you!
    @caramama- Wise decision! All the news coverage says DC is at capacity right now!

  16. Moxie read my mind as usual! I was about to look into getting a no!no! after reading a rave review of it in a parenting magazine of all places – so I was happy to learn here that there’s been negative feedback. So I’ll hold off for now. What I’m looking for is something PAIN FREE. I got a bikini wax once and for me it was this out of control, horrible pain, that really was not at all justified by the results. So I’ll be reading the comments about laser hair removal with some keen interest.Luckily, I’m not very hairy, but I’m also not very well groomed generally and tend to let things go! As in toenail polish left on for weeks too long, and leg hair you could pretty much dreadlock. I tweeze my brows daily, and also have to pluck the occasional errant whisker with my trusty Tweezerman tweezers – they truly are all that and a jelly doughnut & are able to get the teeniest hairs.
    Finally, I agree with Anon who said this this is definitely NOT a “silly topic” – it’s about one of the little things in a woman’s daily life that impacts our self-esteem and thus our overall happiness. So I’m hopeful the salty folk won’t come out to “play” today… 馃槈 And I’m also glued to my TV with much joy!

  17. I had all my hair removal treatment done several years ago but I recommend electrolysis for the face. Yes, it hurts a bit and you have to keep going back for treatments but for stray hairs it can’t be beat. I had some laser done on my legs and even though I have pale skin and dark hair, it just didn’t seem to remove very much hair. Even with several treatments. I went to a physician run clinic.

  18. I had bikini area lasered almost 6 years ago and in total, it cost about $500. But, I have only had random hairs grow back many years later. After years of trying everything else, I cannot recommend laser enough. It hurts, but about the same as waxing, IME.I went to a doctor’s office, but when I did it, it was just less common. There weren’t spas that did it near where I live.
    I’m now considering laser tattoo removal.
    To a pp, the way it is with laser is that you don’t grow the hair out. Before lasering, the nurse shaved everything, then lasered. Unlike waxing, which requires a quarter inch growth or something.

  19. I’ve been using Vaniqa cream on my upper lip for maybe a year. It does not completely get rid of hair, but it is way, way, less than I used to have. It does irritate my skin so I don’t use it twice a day as recommended. Still, I can live with the irritation (not noticeable) and I am much more pleased with the results than I was with bleaching, waxing or using a mini-epilady type thing. The cream is prescription and a small tube is $65-80, but I use it judiciously and the one tube has lasted me for about a year and there’s still plenty in it–should last quite a while longer.

  20. I had laser done on my bikini line and was happy, not thrilled, with the results. It didn’t hurt, rubber band snap is what the PA told me and it seemed pretty accurate. I wouldn’t do it on any noticeable area on my face because of the red bump issue (unless I could take a short vacation 馃檪 or work from home 馃檨 for a bit afterwards. There has been hair regrowth — pretty mild and I shave that. I did it in a Dermatologists office, I had a friend who did it in a spa type place and paid much less and was very happy with her experience. If I did it again I’d consider it (but check them out very carefully). You can shave between treatments, just not pluck, as a PP said. I do feel a bit silly for having spent what was, to me, a fair bit of money for something that really only I care about, but darn it, I care — it makes me feel better. And I guess that means it’s money well spent. (I might feel slightly less silly if I weren’t writing this while watching inauguration coverage — little picture, big picture.)

  21. I have had my upper lip lasered and could not be happier with the results. I only did the treatments once per year during the Pretty in Pink spa campaign that happens around the country every October (a list of spa treatments for $31). Therefore, I get a treatment “on the cheap,” at a reputable spa, and I am contributing to a worthy cause!I had the treatment done at a spa b/c I feel that the lasers for hair removal are pretty standard at this point (unlike for laser cosmetic skin treatment, for which I would go to a derm). I did not find it too painful– just like a rubberband snapping against the skin (and I have never had a bikini wax b/c I am afraid of the pain). Also, if you use numbing cream, it is even less painful.
    So, I did one treatment each year for three years and now I no longer have to wax my upper lip (I just have some fine hairs left). I would love to do my legs one day, but usually that area of the body isn’t included in the reduced fee treatments offered :(. I may do underarms starting next year. It’s too bad that they are unable to do eyebrows b/c waxing them is a PITA!

  22. before pregnancy I shaved my face weekly to remove the beard and mustache (ah, PCOS). now that I’m pregnant the hair growth has slowed down to pluckable levels. But shaving is so painless and quick (60 seconds with my husband’s electric razor) as compared to, well, everything else that I think I’ll stick with it. I can’t do laser hair removal due to dark skin, and electrolysis doesn’t seem worth the trouble considering the quantity of hair involved and the ease of shaving.

  23. I have had 3 laser treatments on my underarms. It’s not the most pleasant sensation while the lasering is happening – I’m told it’s because the hairs are jumping out of the follices! – but there’s no lingering pain. Hair regrowth has been slow and definitely more sparse each time, and I’m hopeful there will be close to no regrowth by the time I’m finished with 2 more treatments. It’s not cheap, but you might find a monthly special like I did. I’m too much of a chicken to try more delicate areas, but if you can bite your lips through the few minutes it takes, give it a try.

  24. I had electrolysis done on my upper lip and chin a few years back and I think I pluck more hairs there now than I did before the electrolysis. I wish I had the lasting experience others mentioned.(In a related note, please tell me I’m not the only one whose husband or s/o waits until you are in public and can’t do anything about it to mention a facial hair related issue? Sigh.)

  25. a related question, for anyone who might know: can you get laser hair removal while pregnant? I feel like it wouldn’t matter but people are so uptight about doing/giving anything to pregnant women, so I was wondering if there was some sort of policy on this. I have found the inability to see one’s own bikini line to be one of the more unexpected and interesting challenges of pregnancy. And of all the times for such a problem, when more people are going to be seeing my private areas than in all the rest of my life put together…

  26. I had two sessions of brazilian bikini laser hair removal. First didn’t hurt much, second….tolerable, but ouch!! As for the results (the important thing!) the hair isn’t gone, and isn’t even much sparser, but it did grow in much finer and softer and I only very, very rarely get ingrown hairs in that region now, which was the bane of my bikini-ing existence. I didn’t do more session, because although the hair there was on the dark side, I am fair, the hair on my arms/legs is pretty fair and a friend of mine was told by a dermatologist that laser hair removal only really works on dark hair/darker skinned people. (?) I didn’t want to throw good money after bad, so that was it for me.

  27. I did electrolysis once a week for 3-4 months in college (bikini line), and never noticed any reduction in hair. I started getting waxed while I was pregnant for the same reason anonymous todat cites – a complete inability to see that region of my anatomy. If I could get some kind of guarantee that the laser treatment would last, I would definitely go for it. It would be certainly cheaper in the long run!

  28. I think it was Nora Ephron that said something along the lines of, “the older i get, the more curly hairs I lose on my body and gain on my face”.I’ve had fair-to-middling results with laser, but i’ll also note that I’m not an ideal candidate since lots of my hairs are blonde (but still thick. argh)
    If anyone needs a terrific recommendation for an electrologist around Burlington, Vermont, let me know. She was the best.

  29. I had laser removal on my underarms a few years ago. Total waste of $600. It wasn’t super effective to begin with, but then when my hormones shifted (pregnancy and post pregnancy) the hair really has grown back. Just wax/shave/pluck.

  30. As someone who has had a consultation for laser but hasn’t done it yet, I was told that they would not do laser on me while pregnant b/c the hormones make the skin more photosensitive and at an increased risk for burning/scarring. I assumed that applied to breastfeeding as well, but did not ask. As soon as E is weaned, I am checking myself in! You know that scene in Shrek2 where Shrek and Fiona are both shaving in the mirror? Yeah. That’s my life. Not so much with the feminine feeling…

  31. :-)=I love that! Fantastic! Oh this has been such a huge issue my entire life. I’m torn between the need to just fit in and get rid of this damned hair and also the knowledge that this is part of who I am and that I shouldn’t have to conform to a norm that clearly doesn’t reflect my cultural heritage. I mean, I wouldn’t lighten my skin or change the colour of my eyes, so why is dark body hair such a major issue?
    Does anyone else suffer from these dilemmas?
    PS – For the record, I’m thoroughly inconsistent and have see-sawed over the years between letting it all hang out and spending a fortune on long, painful waxing sessions.

  32. I have very light hair, almost transparent, so I can’t do the whole laser hair removal thing. After 3 kids, my body is trying to grow a beard. :-)>Although the hair is light, blonde has a way of picking up the light and being shiny. Bummer. No woman wants shiny chin hair!!!
    I used to nair my legs in my younger days, but won’t do the chemicals anymore. I don’t know much about it, but figure it can’t be good for you. I am soooo tired of shaving, I hope someday the laser will work for light hair.

  33. I just called a spa that specializes in laser hair removal and other thing that is in my area. They said that if you aren’t using the numbing cream, you can do the treatments while breastfeeding. Also, you have to wait 2-3 months postpardum before you can do a treatment.I’m going to call around to other places also, because that one is really expensive.
    Thanks to everyone for the feedback on this! You’re inspiring me to final do something I’ve thought about for years (well, after 2-3 months postpardum).

  34. I am so late to the party, but I’m going to ask anyway. And yes, this is only halfway related.What do you do for a child with a lot of body hair? My 4.5 yo daughter has back hair, a lot of back hair. It’s soft but rather dark on her very fair skin. At this age, it’s no big deal, but I’m thinking about future social consequences.
    Any ideas?

  35. leave it alone until she asks. seriously. I wouldn’t have nearly the hair issues I have if my mom had just LEFT IT ALONE. I would have done something about it when I was ready, but I really resented being forced to get the upper lip threaded and advice to pluck when I honestly didn’t care.

  36. Amy – I would be really open with your daughter about your own hair removal (as she gets older – like between 8 and 10?) so she knows there’s nothing shameful/embarrasing about it and hopefully will feel comfortable asking for your help when her own hair starts to bother her. I grew up really ashamed of my body hair and never felt comfortable talking to my mom about it. I would have LOVED to know that my mom would be cool with getting me waxed or whatever when I was too young to take care if it myself. Also I have a friend of East Indian background who said one of the best things her parents ever did for her was pay for her facial electrolysis so she didn’t have to go through high school with all that hair. Just keep the dialogue open and light hearted is all I’m saying. she’s young now, but I remember by grade 6 being very aware of these issues.

  37. hmmm, so it took laser hair removal to bring me out of lurking. I had it, it was expensive, it took about a year, and it was life-changing worth it to me. Please go to a reputable doctor only. Burns can and do happen and they can be scarring. They really need to know what they’re doing.

  38. So I have to hop into this one as I am a dermatologist, so I have some knowledge (as opposed to parenting where I have NO knowledge despite being a mother of two with #3 on the way).Laser hair removal is not actually permanent hair _removal_ according to the FDA, but rather permanent hair _reduction_ (which is what you can figure out by reading the above testimonials). Electrolysis is approved to say permanent hair removal.
    Lasers are not standard, there are several different options still, each with benefits. Some also smooth out fine lines and wrinkles (for example on upper lip), others are more or less effective depending on skin type and hair color.
    Why does it need to be dark hair and pale skin? –> The laser targets the pigment difference between the skin and the hair and “cooks” what is darker, hopefully the hair. Blond or gray hairs on pale skin –> the laser doesn’t see a difference, not much happens, including not much pain (b/c the pain is related to “cooking” the hair). Dark hair on dark/tanned skin –> more likely to cause slight burns to the skin which can leave permanent marks, therefore different lasers are used which are less effective. Because electrolysis relies on the technician inserting a needle into the hair shaft to “cook” the hair it works on any color hair or skin.
    Re doctor office vs spa: I have seen a handful of patients over the course of my career who were permanently scarred when some bimbo at the salon used the wrong setting for the patient’s skin type on the laser. Lasers are relatively safe, but if you are the unlucky one who ends up with the permanent scarring because the technician did not know what they were doing it can be devastating. And unfortunately regulations are unbelievably lax, if existant at all. You can prove this to yourself by calling a spa and asking if they are hiring and what type of training you would need to work there. Some are great, others are not. And it’s not always the expensive ones that are great. Caveat emptor.
    That being said, I have had it done several times to my armpits and loved it. After several pregnancies some has grown back, I plan to resume treatment after delivery. There is no data saying laser treatment is not safe during pregnancy, but there is no data saying that it is safe, so I feel like this one little vanity thing can wait til after I deliver. I have no problem doing it while nursing, even exclusively nursing.
    Hope that info was helpful to someone. 馃檪

  39. I had really coarse and dark chin hair about 5 years ago until I tried laser and I have been in love with it since then. After getting about 2 treatments on my chin, I decided to laser my full face. After about 9 treatments on my face, i have been 80% hair free.Just recently I got laser done on my full legs, bikini and under arms. The results are amazing esp if you have dark hair). Unlike the face, I only required 6 treatments for removing body hair. I would not say that u can ever achieve 100% hair removal, but i hardly have any hair on my legs. I love it so much that now i am thinking of getting brazilian laser done as well. Lets see how that goes!
    It does not hurt much, i would say that threading your eyebrows is a lot more painful, so if you can tolerate that you can easily go through laser. For me, my skin does become quite red for 2-3 days (sometimes a week) after the treatment but after that its all good :).
    I have always considered myself extremely hairy (i am sure i had more hair on my legs than an average man) but thanks to Laser i have gained my confidence back and my skin feels smooth and silky.
    I don’t know about the different kinds of lasers out there, the one is used is lightsheer diode.

  40. I had really coarse and dark chin hair about 5 years ago until I tried laser and I have been in love with it since then. After getting about 2 treatments on my chin, I decided to laser my full face. After about 9 treatments on my face, i have been 80% hair free.Just recently I got laser done on my full legs, bikini and under arms. The results are amazing esp if you have dark hair). Unlike the face, I only required 6 treatments for removing body hair. I would not say that u can ever achieve 100% hair removal, but i hardly have any hair on my legs. I love it so much that now i am thinking of getting brazilian laser done as well. Lets see how that goes!
    It does not hurt much, i would say that threading your eyebrows is a lot more painful, so if you can tolerate that you can easily go through laser. For me, my skin does become quite red for 2-3 days (sometimes a week) after the treatment but after that its all good :).
    I have always considered myself extremely hairy (i am sure i had more hair on my legs than an average man) but thanks to Laser i have gained my confidence back and my skin feels smooth and silky.
    I don’t know about the different kinds of lasers out there, the one is used is lightsheer diode.

  41. I haven’t read all the posts but in answer to the growing hair in between treatments- you can shave the hair but you can’t wax or pluck.

  42. I had laser hair removal a year and a half ago on my cheeks, chin, upper lip, and sideburns. Suffering from PCOS I had a full on beard and gone into a deep depression, a woman should NEVER have to go through male patterned hair growth.I’m light skinned and dark haired, and after 3 sessions the hair wasn’t completely gone but the results were still amazing. It gave me some confidence back, and allowed me to feel normal.
    Now, after having my first baby I am starting to see an increase of hair in the areas I had lasered a while back but still nothing like it was before. Guess its time to go back!
    I say if you can afford to give it a try or are in a situation where you truly feel like a woolly she beast. Get it done. A lot of times you can get 1-2 years no interest financing, so that helps. Though its not permanent it sure beats any other hair removal method.

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  44. In my opinion laser hair removal is very expensive and also quite painful and also might have side effects. I use the no!no! hair removal device that is based on light and heat, not expensive (I also found in their website a promo code- nonoSALE that gave me a 77$ discount)and above all has great results. My arms and legs were never so smooth before and I am a woman with long, thick dark hair which is very difficult to remove. The instructions are so easy, the technique is so safe and my life seems much more beautiful now.Megan

  45. Hi everyone,I come back after my laser hair removal treatment with bodyclinic… 6 months ago… just one word it was awful! my first treatment was just for a tiny aera in my back… Everytime they finished their job I was with a lot of blood and blisters on my back, so painful , about the “service” each time we have different therapist so they don’t know extacly where they work on my body , some of these therapists take a shaver to clean my skin during a session… today I have more hair than the first day and I don’t want to try again with body clinic!
    But after that i tried skintologyny clinic which is located in manhattan wth ma friend sugguestion.they took good care of me.i bow for them for giving me such a good treatment .If ur suffering wth unwanted hair repoblem plz do visit this spa.for detials visit this links.
    For more details you can visit laser hair removal new york today.

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  47. Unwanted body hair is a problem for virtually every grown person, male or female. With most methods of hair removal, the process is often painful, long and not permanent. Thankfully, revitol hair removal cream is none of these. Forget the tweezers or the electrolysis bill. With its advanced hair inhibitor technology, revitol achieves results that most professional applications fall short of time and time again. Revitol Hair Removal Cream is a solution which promises to put a stop to the problem of unsightly hair and strange, and to do it painlessly, effectively and without the need for recourse to expensive and invasive treatments. Applies directly to the affected area – which can be anywhere on the body and left for up to seven minutes. It goes to work on weakening and removing the hair, and after the allotted time the solution and the hair can be wiped off with a towel. Revitol hair removal is extremely easy to implement, is quickly absorbed into the hair follicle where it begins to go to work and is easily washed off, add to this the safety factor and the gentle formula for sensitive skin, then you have a home hair removal system, available without the trouble of booking appointments. It is worth noting though, that revitol does contain ingredients that have a powerful effect on unwanted hair, so if you are at all unsure whether your skin is falling short, always start your session by applying revitol hair removal cream to only a small area of skin. You’ll know fairly quickly whether or not your skin is too sensitive. If you do not show signs of irritation, then you can go ahead and apply it to the rest of the area of skin you wish the hair to be removed from. The real strong points of revitol hair removal cream are as follows: It has been formulated to be safe on all major areas of the body where hair grows. It works quickly and doesn’t cause any discomfort unlike other creams. It’s gentle enough for use almost anywhere, including the face It has added pro vitamins and moisturizer to protect your skin throughout the process. Revitol hair removal cream works though its unique blend of bio-active extracts, these work to loosen the hair follicle and over time stop the hair from growing back. See why thousands have turned to revitol hair removal cream for their unwanted hair solution. buy revitol revitol hair removal cream

  48. Revitol Hair Removal Cream can be applied on areas of the body where hair grows, such as the chest, underarms, abdomen, legs, bikini line, face, upper lip, feet, and toes. It contains all-natural ingredients that allow it to painlessly remove unwanted body hair, while protecting the skin with antioxidants and vitamins. Revitol Hair Removal cream contains Vitamins A and E, Aloe Vera, and green tea extracts. It also has chamomile extract, calcium hydroxide, hydrolyzed milk protein, hydrolyzed yeast protein, and calendula officinalis. These ingredients are safe as they do not get into the blood stream. All ingredients are approved by the FDA.

  49. Hi, I have a question. How do you prepare for laser hair removal without the pre removal hair being noticable? I have to tweeze my chin mornings and night otherwise it is very noticable and I don’t want my job or boufriend seeing the hairs as I am letting the hairs grow in for the procedure. This is the only thing stopping me from doing this procedure. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!

  50. Bottomline there are only two FDA approved methods of hair removal for permanent reduction or removal results in the U.S. They are laser hair removal and electrolysis, everything else is a short term fix to a long term problem.

  51. My girlfriend use to wax and use different hair removal creams like Nair to remove unwanted hair, but she found an affordable laser hair removal clinic using I believe a Candela laser. Anyways, it was close by and I’d like to give them a shout out. They are located in Glendale, Ca and she definitely loves the fact that she had 3 treatments to her under arm hair and she no longer has to apply those creams on a weekly basis.

  52. I found an affordable laser hair removal clinic in Glendale, CA. There are a lot places here that have under-cut their prices, but this place was affordable before the price cuts and still delivers quality service with theirr hair removal and reduction lasers.

  53. Laser hair removal on the upper lip if perfectly safe and you provide you with long lasting result. If you have light coloured hair then you could be hair free for up to a year after 4 to 5 treatments. Darker hair types generally achieve better, longer lasting results.The no!no! system is an entry level product, hence the price, however there are better products available such as RIO or TRIA.
    Se for more info.

  54. The Hair Removal Journal recently released the results of a poll conducted on their website breaking down the age demographics of people actively searching for laser hair removal. With new technologies rapidly emerging, tedious or painful depilation methods, such as waxing or electrolysis can now be left behind for a better solution. . I really love checking out your website for the reason that the writers often give us well thought pieces of information.

  55. I would probably go with laser hair removal because it is a more convenient process. I’ve actually done it twice, and it helps a lot in keeping my mind at ease knowing that I don’t have any trouble with growing hair. Two thumbs up for laser treatment!

  56. Short-term side effects of laser hair reamovl may include swelling and redness, which typically subside in a few days. However, in rare circumstances, or if the procedure is performed incorrectly, patients face a number of dangers, such as burns and change in skin color. During your laser hair reamovl consultation, be sure to ask about the doctor鈥檚 credentials and training. The doctor should also be willing to thoroughly discuss the potential risks of laser hair reamovl with you to ensure that all your questions are answered.

  57. can anyone plesae tell me where this is done at? the place im going to now says its going to take 8-10 treatments and its $300 each treatment for the tattoo size i have and this video was done in ONE AND I REPEAT ONE TREATMENT! HELP!

  58. I would say that if your serious about gitnetg laser hair removal you should start looking into it and because your young its probably best to get it done now so that as you get older it wont get bf gets it done on his beard and its really helped with the rash and ingrown hairs. He goes to a place in Sydney call Nads Clinic and i know he did look into alott of other places but went with this one as it had the best value for money and hygeneSo look around, get some prices and even have a few consultations ( most clinics will have free consultations) . Then make the decision based on who you feel comfortable with, thats what i would reccomendHope this helps and good luck

  59. You could try an Epilady or similar proucdt. It’s a machine that yanks the hair out at the roots. And yeah, it hurts like heck. The upside is it takes 3-6 weeks for your hair to grow back, and when it does, it’s a lot finer and thinner, and if you use it enough, it weakens the hair follicle to the point that hair won’t grow. In my opinion, I’d rather wax than use one of these, but an Epilady is less expensive and less messy.

  60. Each health innruasce company is the same, however the benefit plans are determined by your employer not your innruasce carrier. For example CIGNA healtcare if you are employed with CHASE allow some cosmetic treatments that is deemed medically necessary. Such as a removal of a breast in regards to Cancer. Other employers may not allow this for their staff. Despite Micheal Moorse movie SICKO he did not mention that your benefits are determeind by the board of trustees at your place of work. Not by the Carrier, ie United Healthcare, Cigna, BlueCross Blue Shield. A company like BEHR STERNS covers everything for their employess. They are denied nothing. Another company to save money may not offer such perks. The reason why I know this is becuase I myself am a employer and I have staff that work for me. So check with both your Insurance carrier and your employer. Certian provisions in the contract may deny you treatment even if your plan booklet says its a covered benefit.

  61. when i went to get laser hair removal on my undrearms, they told me that i had to have shaven the area within twenty four hours of the procedure. where ever you’re getting it done you should ask if they think the laser hair removal will work on the short thin hairs you have under your sideburns because i heard it doesn’t work on hair that’s almost like peach fuzz.

  62. but if you are the unlucky one who ends up with the permanent scarring because the technician did not know what they were doing it can be devastating. And unfortunately regulations are unbelievably lax, if existant at all.

  63. I am on hormone replacement therapy and now have hair, not only on my upper lip, but under my lower lip and lots of thin light hair on my chin. I use a facial trimmer for the lip, as it seems to do the same as cream. The hairs seem to grow back so quickly. I am scared to do laser hair removal due to having to go to work etc. Has anyone else had hair growth after hormone therapy? Is laser the way to go?

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