47 thoughts on “Small check-in”

  1. So, so scary! I bike to work and pick my daughter up from the sitter’s on my bike. The roads I use are quiet, but stories like this send a shiver down my spine nonetheless. I’m so glad she’s okay!!

  2. How scary!! When I lived in NYC I had two very close calls on my bike. In both cases my bike was not operative after the accident. What amazed me most was the total lack of concern from both the drivers (who basically left as soon as possible while I was still in shock) and all passersby. I hope your babysitter is OK and was at least was able to get a license plate number.

  3. I live in a “bike friendly” city (Davis, CA) and we still see problems like this. I hope your sitter was wearing a helmet. It offers some protection, but a little is better than none. Also, reflective gear and a handy cell phone go a long way.Did she get the license plate? Perhaps she can report it. Or place it on your blog to humiliate the creep?

  4. We were just talking about stuff like this earlier here at work. About how we’re seeing a rise in bike-and-car accidents because of so many more bikes on the road, and cars being uninformed or unwilling about how to share the road. I think socially there should be an agressive “share the road” campaign happening NOW. As gas prices go up, I’m really afraid we’re going to see more and more of these kinds of accidents.I hope she’s okay. That’s so scary.

  5. Scary & not good. I hope she’s OK. Similar thing happened to my SO:http://tinmansthoughts.wordpress.com/2007/06/20/busted/
    Except the guy that hit him was a city worker. His bike was replaced by the city. And, actually, he has to go to court tonight about the whole thing that happened over a year ago.
    Look people, look! Geez. Actually, they’ve been ticketing here (Montreal) more (both motorists & cyclists who are not obeying the law). Apparently this has helped decrease bike accidents & deaths. Now if they could only do something about the damn pot holes.

  6. Ooops…hit ‘post’ too fast.Hope your babysitter has a speedy recovery (both physical & mental). Sending good vibes her way.

  7. Double oops. That ‘look people, look’ was intended for the motorist. Not your babysitter.Brain is a bit slow today.

  8. AMEN what Rudy said. I just saw something the other day about a woman who was killed by a hit and run driver on her bike riding it to work:http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080926/COL27/809260362/1081And then I saw the ghost bike the next day. It made me so sad for that woman’s family.
    With gas prices going up, and here in my neck of the woods a truly crappy economy, I am seeing more and more bikes on the road. Honestly, both bikers and drivers seem to be clueless about how to share. I know I am–I just try to drive slow and give them as much room as I can.
    I hope your sitter is OK, Moxie, and not too shaken up.

  9. Yikes! Hope she’s ok and not badly injured. I was in a hit and run this summer and the whiplash on top of the emotional stress of it was awful. I hope she does well with her recovery. I hate jerky drivers.

  10. so scary moxie. life is so fragile (handle with prayer)and not to hijax the check in but my best mom friend is giving me the cold shoulder. ugh. I have no idea why and i hate not seeing her and seeing our two girls play together.

  11. I hope she will be ok.I am hijacking the check in a bit to add my whine: my doctor’s decided to refer me to that specialist no one likes to hear about: the oncologist. Kind of sucks. Just for a biopsy though, so far.

  12. Oh, Shandra, keep us posted.Also, the reference to a fancy car (I mean, would it be better to be nearly run over by a beater?) has me thinking about CJ doing “The Jackal” on The West Wing.

  13. Good vibes for a speedy and calm recovery.I live in NY and was crossing the street with my baby in the stroller the other day. I got side swiped in the same scenario. If the driver of the enormous hateful SUV (why do people insist on driving these unsafe monsters?) had been going a fraction slower or misjudged the turn, I wouldn’t be making this post. What’s worse is having narrowly escaped death a loud mouthed woman shouted at me for being a bad mother and not looking.
    New York. Huh.

  14. A few years ago I was completely stopped at a stop sign and a 12 year old on a bike decided he could get across the street before I moved my car. I didn’t see him and bumped him going 2-3 miles an hour. It was a horrible experience for all involved.Moxie I hope she is okay.

  15. NBC Nightly News covered severe food allergies yesterday!!! Uhh, sorry, WAY ot, but if you go to http://www.hulu.com and search “allergies” you can see the clips. Im watching them now. Pretty sad to see these 2 little girls show you their epi pens and explain that they normally dont touch other people b/c they dont know what those ppl have eaten.Hope your babysitter is okay now!

  16. hope she’s ok!i hate driving in the city.
    i also hate that my bean won’t sleep for longer than what, 37 minutes if not attached to my breast? i know this too shall pass but right now, that’s of little comfort!!
    shandra- good healthy thoughts to you…

  17. Having some good thoughts for your sitter right now. I cannot imagine potentially losing our sitter (never mind how sucky for ANYONE to get hit like that).I didn’t learn to ride a bike til I was 12 (waaay overprotective mother), and never really got comfortable on it, so the idea of Miss G learning and riding around by herself someday totally terrifies me.

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