Seattle on Monday?

It looks like people like 6.

And either Vios or Serendipity, both of which are open on Mondays.

Which one?

How many are definitely in, and will you have your kids?

Do we need a reservation?

19 thoughts on “Seattle on Monday?”

  1. This year-long lurker will be there! Seredipity would be first choice for me, Vios works too. My kiddo will be with me, tossing food off his high chair.

  2. I’m in. Might have my 20-month-old, depending on whether or not my husband can leave work early. I’m an East-Sider, so I’m not familiar with either restaurant. From what I can tell online, Vios looks a little bit easier for me to get to. Anyone from Seattle proper want to give me some tips on getting to dinner from 520? Thanks!

  3. We’d love to come. Serendipity works best for us, but to meet Moxie, I’ll schlep to Capitol Hill. I’ll be bringing my 3.5 year old!

  4. I’ll hopefully be there.Don’t have a preference between the two restaurants.
    I’ll have my 19 month old, and possibly my husband, with me…

  5. I’m in. No baby. No preference for restaurant.Ah, making decisions by committee. And on the internet, no less….

  6. I’ll be there. Not 100% sure if I’ll have my 21-month old with me (hopefully not). Serendipity is closer for me, but I’ll go to Vios as well. Reservations might be a good idea.

  7. I’m planning on being there too without my 18-month year old (thank you Papa!). I’m open to the restaurant, but agree we should make reservations.

  8. Another frequent lurker delurking to say, I’m in! It’ll just be me coming–and also from the Eastside, so no real preference on the restaurant.

  9. I’ll probably be there, probably with both kids (4 and almost-3). I’ve never been to either of those places, but assuming they both have some sort of kid area, I vote for the one that’s less expensive. (Is that crass? 🙂 So be it.)

  10. I would like to go to Seattle some day because it is one of my favorite cities in the States. However, Monday isn’t my favorite day, then I won’t arrive there that day he he he.

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