Seattle, Monday, October 27

My flight's supposed to come in around 4 pm. So I don't know what's reasonable for a meeting time (where the airport is relative to anywhere else).

And where should we meet? Someplace kid-friendly. I know you all have those bridge problems that will be worse during rush hour. So you tell me. I don't have to be anywhere until the next morning, so can go anywhere.

23 thoughts on “Seattle, Monday, October 27”

  1. Another one is the Hi-Life in Ballard:'s ( is less kid-friendly, but one of my favorite places to take people from out of town — it’s so Seattle, but not touristy. And the food is good, of course! They also have a big parking lot, which is convenient.
    Moxie, the airport is about 30-45 minutes from downtown Seattle, depending on traffic. And you’ll be hitting the road right about rush hour, of course! Depending on where we decide to go, I would say we should plan on dinner around 6pm, unless we end up down near the airport.

  2. I cannot believe that I will be out of town that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But Vios is a great restaurant and very kid friendly. If I was available, that would be my vote.

  3. I second the Hi-Life or Chinooks, only because they’re near my DH’s office so he can take the kiddos home for me. ;)I still can’t believe Moxie will be in Seattle. Pinch me now!

  4. WOW – Moxie in Seattle! Oh my goodness, I am swooning. I usually just lurk here, I confess, because my kid is 11 and has different issues than are usually discussed. However I’d love to have dinner with the Seattle Moxie contingent if possible. Love both Chinook’s and the Hi-Life.

  5. Haven’t been to Vios, but it gets my vote for kid friendly – I’ve heard good things… Must remember to have hubby check the calendar for the 27th!! 5:30 should be easy to make from the airport, but anybody working might find 6:00 better, though that’s late for us, DD is in bed by 6:30 these days.

  6. I’m coming from Queen Anne, without the babe, who is also down at 6:30. Looking forward to it!It seems like we have a large-ish crowd. Is this an issue with any of the restaurants gaining momentum in the polls on this post?

  7. Ok, I no longer live in Seattle so I am bummed to be missing this! (We moved to Melbourne last month.) I wanted to point out FWIW that Magnolia and Ballard are not the easiest neighborhoods to get to. Montlake is a lot more accessible. Or Cap Hill (Vios). Or, Madrona Ale House. And of those are an easy bus or cab ride from downtown. Wish I could be there. Moxie, when are you coming to Oz?! 😉

  8. I probably will not have a car, but cabbing is no big deal and I can go anywhere. I came in to the ATL meetup with a story about the extremely loquacious cabdriver I had who brought me to the restaurant there who not only had no idea where the street was, but also could not follow the GPS very well. I did hear all about his journey from Africa to Houston to Atlanta, and about the breakup of his marriage, though.I’m always prepared for interesting cab rides.

  9. I’d be up for Chinook’s, Vios, or Hi-Life, and I think 6 or later would be realistic for getting from the airport. Moxie, do we need to take into account where you’re staying/going _after_ dinner? Looking forward to meeting you!

  10. I am so looking forward to this! I think 6 is more realistic for me. Vios is a good suggestion, as is Hi Life. Chinook’s is pretty noisy, IMO, and not all that comfy for lingering.Lisa has a good point about Ballard being a bit awkward to get to. I live there, but I realize it’s not the easiest plavce to get to, esp at rush hour. Vios is a good compromise for that reason.

  11. Yay!The 27th is a Monday – a night a lot of restaurants are often shut down. Any place we decide to meet, we need to be certain will be open.
    Vios and Serendipity both sound good.

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  13. I highly recomend Serendipity and Vios..My son loves Serendipity’s kids food and even eats the veggies .. no problem on it, he likes Serendipity’s veggies..
    Vios is a very friendly kids’ anvironment.. entertaining for them..

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