Atlanta meetup this Thursday!

We're on for 6 pm at the Candler Park Flying Biscuit. First address here. We're under the name Moxie.

I'll be the one in the glasses. (Heh.)

There's a park down the street (Candler Park, go figure) that would be a good place to run kids around before dinner, I hear.

(I hope 6 pm is decent for people. I thought it would be before bedtime for people who are bringing kids, but that people coming from work could get there.)

19 thoughts on “Atlanta meetup this Thursday!”

  1. I may be there, depending on how how the pediatrician appointment goes and how late naptime runs. Will have my 9 month old in tow if I make it.I hope I get to meet you all!

  2. I’m going to try to make it. It’s tough because of where I live and where I work, but I’d like to come. I’ll have my 17 month old.

  3. Yay. I am so looking forward to meeting Moxie and my cyber-tribe IRL. I’ll be bringing my 2.75 year old and possibly by MIL (mother in law) who’s a peach, takes care of my daughter during the day and would love to connect with all of you too. Dot: picture of hellion’s work—LOL.

  4. @jesse – Yeah, and if it ever happens to you, don’t try vacuuming, that just made it worse!If anyone’s going to try to come down early for playground time, let me know. I was thinking of taking the boy down to the park prior to dinner to let him work off some steam.

  5. It turns out I will be working just in the morning Thursday so I’ll probably be at the park beforehand with a very curly-headed blond girl. Oh, and Moxie, if you need a ride or any Atlanta-based assistance with the meet-up or otherwise, please let me know.

  6. I may or may not be there, but would like to if I can–it depends on how I feel after fasting (it’s Yom Kippur). But the kids need to eat either way, so we’ll see! If I am there, I’ll be the short brunette in need of new highlights with the blond almost-5-year-old and Ethiopian almost-2-year-old.

  7. If it’s raining, I’ll definitely make it (my typical Atlanta devotion to ALTA tennis would prohibit me if it’s sunny:-)). I’m fairly new to the Moxie world, so I would rather it rained so I can meet you all, especially the Decaturites!

  8. I think that parents need to share with their sons after the job, so this is the best place in order to share with their children before go bed. Nice place in Atlanta.

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