San Francisco Moxie Moms meetup

San Francisco Bay Area Meetup

Sunday October 5, 9 AM-1 PM
Blue Playground in Golden Gate Park (enter off Fulton @ 9th Ave.)

We'll have a blanket on the lawn next to the play structures. If
you're looking for me, I'm pale and brown-haired, probably in pigtails,
and will be accompanied by a small blond child in glasses. – Lisa

Moxie is NOT going to be there, unfortunately. If only I could go…

38 thoughts on “San Francisco Moxie Moms meetup”

  1. I am already very homesick for San Francisco (moved back to Norway two years ago after living there 3.5 years) – this doesn’t help!Wish I could be there!

  2. Just to clarify: Blue Playground is NOT the main GG Park playground.It’s much smaller, much more enclosed (essential for those with toddlers prone to making a break for it). Best accessed either from Fulton at 9th or through a tunnel from the concourse.
    (Charisse, good suggestion re Yerba Buena, too – but I thought it’d be harder to keep track of kids while connecting w/parents in such an area… hope that’s OK.)

  3. Are you guys actually going to be there 4 whole hours? B/c I’m probably going to aim for the latter half of the morning so we can head to another SF event later in the day. I live down on the San Mateo coast, so it doesn’t make sense to shlep in twice.

  4. I’ll go to Norway! I’m just a bit south in Denmark.@Inki– I lived in SF for over 10 years. Miss it terribly, though I won’t be moving back.
    Let’s get a Scandinavian/former SF meetup! Too exclusive?…

  5. How about not-quite-yet Moxie Moms? Mr Baby is due 11/27, but I’d love to meet the local posters on this excellent blog!

  6. @Lisa, no problem, we’ll still come by–it’s an easy N Judah shot for us. Is anybody else bringing a 4+ year old? There is some good running around for bigger kids nearby in the bandshell area and the arboretum too.

  7. @ Charisse, yes, mine’s 4 and a half (but very small). I think we live very near each other, actually. I’m right down the hill from UCSF. Are you Cole Valley?@ pennifer, I’m certainly not going to be able to stay 4 hours – I’d guess I’d be there around 10, for maybe 2 hours.
    @ eccentriclibertarian, yes! Come!!

  8. Mine tolerates anyone who will play in the dirt and look for bugs and flowers with her.And 10 – 1 sounds good. No point in going to the trouble and then passing like ships in the night.

  9. Bummer, I am going to be out of town that weekend for a wedding. I am down the peninsula a ways but always need a good excuse to go to the city. Maybe next time…

  10. @Caroline, yep, we’re very nearby. :)@eccentriclibrarian, by all means come!
    We’ll need to head out for 1pm swimming so maybe we’ll bring along some picnicables (or visit the hot dog guy across the street).

  11. OK, 10-1 it is.Sharon and Dana, i’m sorry we’ll miss you – and everyone else, looking forward to meeting you all.
    We’ll bring snacks and such as well.
    Bugs and flowers, yay!

  12. Oops, spoke too soon! Now I am on bed rest for the duration.Hopefully this (Bay Area get-together) will happen again next year!

  13. I’m sorry I didn’t make it after all. I badly twisted my ankle, so I couldn’t hobble around well enough to make it. Rats!

  14. i like this part of the post:”We’ll have a blanket on the lawn next to the play structures. If you’re looking for me, I’m pale and brown-haired, probably in pigtails, and will be accompanied by a small blond child in glasses. – Lisa” is very good

  15. a moms meeting? wow that’s gonna be a real meet full with knowledge about how to rise children, inclusive men would assist to take some advices and help their wifes.

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