Product Review: Batter Blaster

If you're like me, you get a Million Dollar Idea every couple of hours or so. Anything from a Monkey Ranch to train monkeys to replace dropped pacifiers in the middle of the night, to very elaborate public toilets in NYC, to a full-body parent suit that would keep us dry and comfortable when pushing a stoller no matter what the weather, to any number of baby gadgets which I'd tell you about except I still harbor plans to manufacture them and sell the in the One Step Ahead catalog (aka SkyMall for Parents).

So I admire people who come up with a Million Dollar Idea and then actually act on that idea. Like the guy who thought, "I could make pancake batter out of organic ingredients, then put it in a Cheez Whiz can, so people could make one pancake or waffle at a time."

And if you're doing something that brilliantly goofy, you might as well call it Batter Blaster.

It's a completely bulletproof idea. Kids like pancakes, but adults don't always have time to mix up a batch. (Apparently it's also marketed to empty nesters or single people who only want a few pancakes at a time.) The mixes cut out some steps, but aren't that delicious, plus they contain a bunch of added preservatives and crap. Batter Blaster is made of organic ingredients and very few preservatives, so technically it's probably healthier than anything you could whip up yourself (unless you buy all organic cooking flours and sugars, etc.).

Confession: I don't like pancakes or waffles. (Although I love French toast. Go figure.) So this is perfect for me. My kids can have pancakes whenever they want, but I don't have to mix up a batch and then feel guilty for not wanting to eat any myself. I tried it out on the kids, and they both gave thumbs up on the flavor. I'm not sure it's better than my mom's recipe, but since I rarely make my mom's pancake recipe because I don't like pancakes, the kids are coming out ahead with the Batter Blaster any way you look at it.

The kids had fun spraying it into the pan themselves. And all I had to clean was the pan. No mixing bowl and measuring cups.

As far as I can tell, there are only two negative things about Batter Blaster. One is that it's on the pricey side: Around $4.80 for one can that makes 24 pancakes. (Although still way cheaper than going out for pancakes.) The other is that it's made of actual food and not chemicals, so it only lasts so long in your fridge before it goes bad. That means you can't stockpile cans of it in your emergency kit. So no pancakes In Case of Emergency.

But if you're willing to pay the money to have good, easy pancakes in the next few days, Batter Blaster is one of those iedas that makes you annoyed you didn't think of it yourself.

The thing I think would make Batter Blaster truly amazing is if they'd make a gluten-free version. Think about the awesomeness of being able to make gluten-free pancakes or waffles by the piece. One GF person in a house of gluten-eaters could still have pancakes! But maybe I shouldn't have given away that particular Million Dollar Idea…

(The Batter Blaster people sent me a can to test out, but I got no compensation except the actual batter.)

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  1. I’m with you Moxie. I have a plethura of ideas I’m just waiting to unleash on the One Step Ahead crowd! I have two ideas that I actually think could do very well (doesn’t everyone who has an idea think that), but I don’t think I have the knowledge, err, patience, to do anything about it.I’m looking forward to seeing your creations the next time I get that wonderland of a catalog in my mailbox! =)
    And pancakes from an easy cheese can, now that’s something.

  2. I make my kids pancakes nearly everyday. From a box mix. I don’t like pancakes, and after some trial and error, I’m now pretty good at mixing just enough mix for 4-5 pancakes. (or 2 or 7 or however hungry we are) And I have found if you add chocolate chip, any of the mixes taste good–even to me. (What I don’t like about pancakes is heresy–the taste of homemade pancakes and I abhor syrup). I also add oat or wheat bran to up the fiber count.I am notoriously bad at letting things go bad in my fridge, so that would worry me if the lifespan is short. But it does sound convenient if you don’t want to go the box route.

  3. Dear Moxie,It’s okay to like french toast but not like pancakes or waffles. Just because they both usually involve syrup does not mean they are the same food.
    P.S. For the record, I like waffles and french toast, but I don’t like pancakes. Too squishy. My daughter is also not a big fan of pancakes (she’s got food texture issues), but she’s intrigued by them. What I’ve done with her is kind of split the difference between making pancakes the regular box way and doing the Batter Blaster thing. I make a batch (my husband eats them) and put a portion of the batter into a squeezy bottle with the top cut wide. I let my daughter make designs onto the electric griddle, and because the lines are narrow, the ratio of crunchy edge to soft middle is much more tolerable for her.
    But I gotta say this for the Batter Blaster thing: right now I have gestational diabetes and the only breakfast I can eat while keeping my blood sugar in line is eggs. I’m so tired of eggs and toast. If I could make *just one* pancake to eat with my eggs (even without syrup!), I’d be so happy. So very, very happy.

  4. We saw a demo/sample of this at our local warehouse club store. Dude – all of the early elementary school aged kids crowded around, asked for seconds and begged their moms to buy it. Tempting. They were selling it in bundles of 5 whip-cream cans, I think. I couldn’t tell if we’d be able to use it up before it went bad.Also was sort of amazing – how much spending influence kids who aren’t tying their shoes that well have.

  5. Will have to try this – my kids love pancakes and I hate to make them. Partly cause I use a sourdough starter mix that takes a bit of thinking ahead (but they are really good!). Also, it always seems to take a panful or two for me to get the heat just right. Have found that a good way to deal with this is to make LOTS of pancakes at one time and freeze the extras. Then I can just throw a few in the toaster oven when they want them. Works well for french toast too!

  6. Ooh, cool idea. I love pancakes but rarely have the patience to mix up a batch when my husband and daughter between them will eat maybe 2 pancakes. The frozen pancakes just aren’t as good.Had to laugh at the One Step Ahead line. We get ideas too, only they aren’t so brilliant. During the Newborn Fog era, my husband declared that he was going to invent a special swaddling blanket that babies couldn’t break out of. He was so disappointed when I told him it had already been invented.

  7. When I make pancakes, I put the left-overs in the freezer and then for weekday breakfasts there is nothing my toddler loves more than getting to put his pancake in the toaster. I refuse to buy the ones they sell in the freezer section they just dont taste like pancakes!

  8. My hubby brought home a 3-pack of this from Costco last week, after reading a different online review that was glowing with praise, and it makes great waffles, just as good as any mix I’ve tried.For me, regular pancakes and french toast are just OK, and I can leave belgian waffles, but old-fashioned thin waffles with real butter and just a touch of syrup are delicious and Swedish pancakes with butter and cinnamon sugar are heaven. This is a direct result of my childhood, of course.

  9. During the Newborn Fog era, my husband declared that he was going to invent a special swaddling blanket that babies couldn’t break out of.ha! Bad Cohen’s brilliant idea for those early weeks was the baby-washer seat: insert your baby, dirty bum-side down, into the contraption, and it would wash, dry, lotion, and re-diaper the baby’s bottom. It would give a little “ding!” to wake you up when it was time to take the baby back out.

  10. Let me tell you about newborn fog inventions. Baby 2 is a Spitter, baby 1 never, ever spat up. So a few days in, after changing her shirt the 9th time of the morning, I’m thinking “wouldn’t it be great if someone invented some sort of protective garment. You know, something that wraps around her neck and shoulders, so that when she spits up I could just change that part.” I kid you not. You have to be VERY short on sleep to forget that bibs exist.

  11. My girls love to make and eat pancakes and we have fun doing it from scratch but this sounds like a fun treat—sortof like when I sometimes get pre-made cookie dough for an easy afternoon project.Sounds like clean-up would be easy too!

  12. Karen, I was thinking of testing the Batter Blaster on Norwegian waffles, but my Norwegian waffle-maker is still buried while I reassemble things at my apartment. I may try it out closer to Christmas-time and report back.

  13. I’m with amberjee — not a fan of things that spray out of cans. This reminds of that cheese-in-a-spray-can stuff. So for all the organic ingredients and what have you, I wouldn’t buy this. Besides the cost (I always have the ingredients for pancakes and they probably cost $2!), I don’t think we’d use the whole can before the expiry date.
    Shortly after my daughter was born I read about an engineer dad who invented this electronic device to keep track of a newborn’s schedule. The time of the last feeding, diaper change, etc. was entered and the device made various noises when it was time for the next feeding, diaper change, etc. Good idea, but seriously, what mother of a newborn has the time and the focus to learn how to use a new electronic gadget?! Definitely not me (and I’m an engineer).

  14. We aren’t really convenience food people, so I can’t imagine using this, but the name Batter Blaster is cracking me up. Sounds like some sort of baseball rocketship.Caroline: Mimi Smartypants wrote something once about needing to invent some like a box on wheels that you pull with a string (forgetting of course that wagons exist), so we always mention that when we (or rather I) have moments were I have brillant ideas for something that is already a very common invention. Like bibs, or pins (you know, like very temporary stitches that you can remove easily).

  15. The electronic gadget thing is the Itzbeen timer (available at Target). Julia at uncommonmisconception reviewed it here:
    I just used Excel and made a chart for poop, nap, feeding (duration and side) and printed it. I filled it out until I weaned. One night in sleep deprivation phase, I wrote down that Chuckles nursed on the starboard side from 1:9Y until 3:0924 am. Right. OK, then. Moving along.

  16. Oh, and I do not like my frozen pancakes reheated in the toaster. It makes them all dry and crunchy. I like them reheated in the microwave with the syrup already on them so it gets warmed too.And waffles must be light and crispy. Frozen Belgian waffles reheat nicely in the toaster.
    Oh, and I can make almost anything except I religiously burn grilled cheese and French toast. And I don’t mean you see the face of Jesus in the burn pattern.

  17. Let me just say that I love gadgets, but that Itzbeen thing is the most pointless item I’ve ever seen. Aren’t you supposed to feed on demand and not according to a schedule? And what breast you fed on last?! Dude, it’s the one that’s not gigantic and full. And are you really going to wait to change a horrible poopy diaper because the timer says you just changed a diaper 15 minutes ago? I guess the timer for meds is useful, but it’s not worth buying an electronic gadget when you could just write that on a piece of paper.Oh, and I also “invented” bibs during the spit-up phase. Also some kind of maternal tool belt to hold spit-up cloth, pacifier, etc. (If you really wanted that, you could just use a regular tool belt.) And a glue that could stick down a pacifier, which I’m sure would never get FDA-approved.

  18. @Amy – My mom’s recipe for pancakes only has 2 Tbsp of sugar for a batch that makes a dozen or so pancakes. Very easy to leave it out. I know the white flour has a high glycemic index, but I’ve made my mom’s recipe with ww flour and it’s just a tasty. Here it is if you are interested!2 c flour
    2 tbsp sugar
    1 tbsp baking powder
    1 egg
    2 tbsp vegetable oil
    2 c milk
    Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Make a well. Break egg into well and add oil. Mix up egg and oil in well. Add milk. Mix. Leave the lumps!! Cook in a oiled fry pan or (better yet!) on a griddle.
    I’ve also made this egg-free (added an extra tbsp of oil) and dairy-free (substitute your favourite milk).

  19. I make pancakes from scratch for the Sprout every once in a while, and put the leftovers in the fridge after they have cooled on a baking rack- he’ll eat them cold the next day! He doesn’t like butter or syrup on them, so that helps. We like the buttermilk griddle cakes recipe in the Fannie Farmer cookbook, but I use 2 tsp of sugar instead of 2 Tbsp.If I needed convenience pancakes, I’d buy a bag of mix from Arrowhead Mills. The ingredients are essentially the same as homemade, but with more whole grains. I usually hate mixes and never buy them, but a friend brought some of these mixes when we stayed at a cabin with them Labor Day weekend, and they were yummy. I think some are just-add-liquid and maybe some oil, so you could make a few at a time if you wanted.

  20. No problem, carabeth. I use some cake decorating squeeze bottles. I cut the tip just a little bigger, thin the batter a bit, and with that, I can make legible pancake letters 1.5″ tall. (What can I say? My daughter likes me to make her a bunch of letters so she can spell stuff on her plate.) The biggest trick is remembering to “write” them in the pan backwards so the prettiest side is what you have when they’re done.@Brooke,
    I just bought some whole wheat pastry flour for some cupcakes. I was looking for cake flour, but could only find pastry. Anyway, I agree with you on the cake thing. The cupcakes were grainy and I didn’t care for the texture. Pancakes or muffins would be okay, maybe.

  21. i’ve found that in most recipes you can almost always split the amount of flour into half white and half whole wheat and most husbands and toddlers cant tell the difference!

  22. Whole wheat pastry flour (instead of just plain whole wheat flour) is a very good substitute for all purpose flour. It bakes the same, so I use that most of the time- waffles, pancakes, muffins are all fine, I like them better in fact. Cakes I’m not sure I would try. Cookies I can do half and half.

  23. Oddly enough pastry flour is the opposite of cake flour.Pastry flour has a lot of protein, and cake flour has only a very little, so even if they are both white flour, they can’t be used interchangeably.
    I seriously keep way too many kinds of flour on hand. Also, sorry about the drift from pancakes in a can to complicated ways to make things from scratch.

  24. Saw the batter Blaster three-pack at Costco the afternoon this was posted, so I knew I had to try it.I can report back that the pancakes are OK — not great, but definitely edible and great for if you are in a hurry in the morning. They tasted much better piping hot, not so great when they cooled off a little. I also found them very easy to burn, so keep an eye on them.
    My 2.5-year-old ate them, so they passed the test that mattered most. They’re good until the end of October, so we better get eating. I also plan to try them as waffles this week.

  25. I am a sucker for new products so of course I bought this when I saw it at my local Walmart. The pancakes taste wonderful but I just can’t get the hang of cooking and flipping them 🙁 The batter seems to cook very fast on the bottom but leaves the batter on top still liquid so it is impossible to flip them and not squish the pancake all up but leaving them to cook longer makes for one burned side. Help! If you have tips I would appreciate it.

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