Philly meetup location?

Honestly, I have no idea. How can we figure this out so it's easier for most people? I'll be coming from the Main Line, but will have no kids in tow so it's no big deal.

Maybe have everyone who's coming post their first and second choice of location? Does that make sense?

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  1. I live in Center City. My preferences are1. Anywhere in Center City (Rittenhouse, Franklin Square, something like that)
    2. Anywhere else.
    But I do have a car so we could come anywhere.

  2. We’ll be coming by car. So,1. Anywhere that parking is easy (center city gets iffy on that).
    2. Um. I’ll ask ep. Maybe ‘some place off the Media line’ if that lines up with the same direction you’re traveling (though NOT if it doesn’t – no point going all the way into CC and then back out another line!). Just, we have connections on the line that goes to Media.
    The kids will be disappointed your kids won’t be there… but, hey, maybe next time.
    If you’re coming from the main line, is that by transit? If so, if we knew what route, we might be able to figure out a reasonable place for you to stop…

  3. I will go wherever, I will be driving (I’d have to drive further just to get to mass transit), so parking would be nice, but I’m not afraid of walking aways if necessary.Everyone gets mad at me for being indecisive.. so there you have it.

  4. Ditto, Hedra.I’m coming by car from the same area and would appreciate reasonable parking options.
    I don’t really know many locations in Philly, so I’m no help there.

  5. off topic here, but…Moxie, I’d like to suggest a meetup in San Francisco. I’m blog-free – could you post this so we can organize in the comments?
    I’m thinking 10 AM on Sat. October 11.
    Maybe Sunnyside Playground, GG Park Blue Playground, or similar area (enclosed, with lawn area right next to play area so kids could roam safely while parents chat…)?

  6. We’d vote for center city! We just had a meetup at Seger playground that was awesome, there was a birthday party there even. It’s about a 20 minute walk from City Hall and near public transit. We don’t have a car, so Smith is difficult for us. Hope to see everyone soon!

  7. @LisaI’d love to do a meetup too, but can’t make that weekend (relatives in town). How about the 25th, at your suggested location. (Gotta look that up). Moxie, pretty please, can we have a separate post under which we can organize? (And can we teleport you here, too?)

  8. Re: San Francisco meetup, I’m up for it. If the inlaws are here, that’s an even better time for me to have a break. I know there are other Bay Area mommies who would like to do participate in something like this.

  9. gah, I hadn’t had my coffee before checking my iCal – was looking at wrong month.I think I meant Oct. 4 or 5… or Nov. 1 or 2.
    How are either of those for you guys?

  10. Any date is good for me, seriously. I’d like to know ahead of time to post this info to my moms’ groups. Is there a structure for a meetup or ???

  11. Meetups seem to be like large playdates. Whoever is running it can set up a structure if they need to. Otherwise, ‘we’ll be here at X time’ and see who shows. (at least that’s how it looks from my side… more coordinating is required for adults-only/meal-related type things.)

  12. OK, I’ll take on the helm.let’s do October 5 – and Sharon, of course you’re welcome (as are non-Moxite friends, if they’re anything like the community here).
    so, Moxie, could you post the following?…
    San Francisco Bay Area Meetup
    Sunday October 5, 9 AM-1 PM
    Blue Playground in Golden Gate Park (enter off Fulton @ 9th Ave.)
    We’ll have a blanket on the lawn next to the play structures. If you’re looking for me, I’m pale and brown-haired, probably in pigtails, and will be accompanied by a small blond child in glasses. – Lisa

  13. Whoa, SF meetup? Cool. Where do we send contributions to fly Moxie out? ;-)Wondering if somewhere like Yerba Buena Play Circle might work better geographically? That’s an easy shot on BART or Muni from most places (2 blocks from Powell Station) so East Bay folks would have an easier time…parking out by the Blue Playground can be kind of rough on Sundays because of the JFK closure, unless you want to pay for the museum garage (but with the new aquarium having just opened it might be really crowded). Just a thought…

  14. @ Sharon, did you mean the main GG Park playground? They just redid it and it’s cool in some respects, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it for a meetup–it’s a little bit easy to lose track of a kid, especially if you’re watching more than one.

  15. I did mean GG Park playground, it’s been a while since my playground days! My husband just mentioned the same thing too. He said there will be parking where they suggest meeting, but far away. And you CAN lose a child in the park on Sundays!What ever you guys decide. If I’m still in town I’ll be there with bells on!!!
    Any good sources for adult bells, I want to put them on my husband. I have never seen anyone magically disappear like he can when shopping, another post!

  16. Looking over the responses for the Philly meetup, Smith is the clear winner by virtue of being easily accessible to drivers, and having a parking lot.@Nancy has the problem of no car, and while Smith is on the 32 (?) bus line, that might not be convenient. If there were someone who could get her there, then we’d cover everyone who’s responded.
    Just remember when we get there that this isn’t a planned Mom’s group outing – because that’s supposed to have been set up with Smith ahead of time. We’re just people who happen to know each other, who happened to all come to the playground on the same day.
    Not knowing Smith at all, is there an obvious place to meet? We’ll be easy to find – look for the tall couple with the four kids running around like pirate Bionicles. 🙂

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