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  1. Okay, so this means someone needs to pick up Nancy.Anyone have space in their car for another car seat (or Nancy, do you need more than that? Do you also need a car seat? I have no clue about urban living, as you can probably tell… We just outgrew our snazzy infant-to-toddler seats, so we could loan one to whomeever is picking you up… though we don’t have space for two more bodies in our car, dangit).
    Goddess Babe, if we caravan up, would you have room in your car for Nancy et 1 (or howevermany)? We could bring up our spare seat (if needed – heck, you can keep it, it has no accidents and 2 more good years before expiration), swap and caravan from there? Or anyone else?
    Don’t want to leave Nancy out in the cold, just for want of a car.

  2. Ah, wait–otherwise would Cecily take Nancy? If so, I’m sure I can find another lift. It’s easier for me as a single adult than for her to find space for kid(s).

  3. Where’s nancy? I have room to pick up a carseat and a grown up, but I”m coming from walt whitman/ben franklin.I’m happy to detour, but I don’t want to head out to the mainline or anything.

  4. Y’all are so sweet! Danielle has offered us a ride, and she lives close by. But thanks and see you Sunday! I hope the weather is nice…

  5. Nancy, I’m happy to bring the three of you. My car is small, but luckily we all are too. I think you have my email address, let’s coordinate about meeting up.Noonish is usually naptime for us too, I guess all bets are off for Sunday!

  6. We’ll probably be there until at least 3PM (there’s no way to get our kids out of anywhere physical in under three hours), so if someone is later, at least we’re likely to still be there.

  7. What if we say 11? Danielle – I think Susy has your email (or your phone number?). There is actually a chance we will ride our bikes, depending on the weather. My email is ngolumbi at gmail dot com if you want to email me directly. Thanks!

  8. Whooo.. I’m nervous, with all of my like 5 posts ever on this site.. hahaha.How old are everyones kids if they are bringing them? My little monster is 17months and a complete maniac so umm… beware 🙂

  9. Hey how bout if I post for the third time in a row. That would be neat! HahaAnyway, Ive never been to Smith – is there somewhere in particular to meet? I’m paranoid that we’ll get there and be like “uhhh cool I dont know who I’m looking for” and then leave haha

  10. we probably won’t be there until noonish, regardless (post-sunday school). No idea where to meet, but, hmm. The four kids thing does tend to make us stand out a bit.If you see a small girl who looks petite and pixie-like (brunette) with an adorable bangs/bob haircut racing around with a large stuffed shark, that’d be Miss M. Or two boys with long hair only in the back (like horse manes), wearing capes, those are also ours. Miss R is harder to single out.

  11. I’m not sure when we’ll get there… Eli has nap at 12:30 usually, but tends to be pretty flexible if there is something fun going on. He will probably nap on the way there for a short stint… so we’ll probably aim for 12 too.I have very, very short, platinum blonde highlighted hair, and will be with a short, dark and handsome 21 month old who looks nothing like me… especially since he has dark brown, longish, curlyish hair.

  12. The little Nutmeg will look like R, then… except her hair is chin-length (brown, wavy hair, and darker skin than any of us… she got all ep’s melanin genes, and my one.)

  13. I’m going to try to make it, but I have a baby shower at 1:00. And I have a terrible time leaving the house before noon, so that doesn’t bode well for getting to Smith in time to spend more than ten minutes there.If I do make it, I have long hair, as does my three-year-old; my ten-year-old wears glasses. We’ll also be over-dressed for the playground due to the baby shower.
    I haven’t commented here lately, but I did in the past a few times as Mary.

  14. Okay well… I’ve got black shoulder length hair and I’m pregnant so I weigh about 7000 lbs at the moment. Hunter is a cute and very tiny (eating? What? Kids DO that??) little blonde guy with short hair and a big smile permanently pasted on his face. I hope I can find everyone…

  15. I’ve never been there either – do we meet inside or outside? We are two moms (a blond shortish one and a dark-haired, tallish one) and an almost 2 year old, dark-haired, muffin man.

  16. Hoping to make it! Munchkin is 13mos & will most likely have her mouse-brown hair in a little pig tail on top of her head. I’m 5-foot-nothing and chubby with blond/brown highlighted barely shoulder-length hair.

  17. Hey Danielle youre the one that replied to my lament about my son getting a tube on the other thread. Sweet now I can harrass you in person with all my stupid questions 🙂

  18. I’m gonna have to print this out so I can remember everything (everyone). Ooh, I can be the … dang, what was the title/role of the chirpy girl with the clipboard on The Love Boat? (Totally the wrong job for me. Name, face, not an equation in my head…)

  19. How big is this place anyway? I’m picturing a huge playground and like 10 of us all wandering around aimlessly looking for eachother for hours, hahaha.

  20. Hah. In ecology, andrea’s picture is called the Allee effect. Small populations might actually decline, rather than increase, even if they have plenty of resources simply because they can’t FIND eachother to mate.Not that we’re mating at the playground.
    @hedra… I think she was Cruise director/Julie.
    Clearly I need to stop studying for my comps.

  21. Why don’t we meet at noonish in front of the big wooden slide if it is not raining and then inside the playhouse by the front check-in/make a donation area if it is rainy? Both of those spots are pretty obvious to find, even if you have never been there before. People who arriving earlier can find each other and then still meet everyone else at noon.We are coming from the mainline. We can’t leave until 11ish because of church, but if you need a lift from that direction, please email me at thewaltmans at hotmail dot com. I can fit three additional adults/kids in my car. I am short with brown shoulder-length hair and I will have an extremely blond two-year old boy and a five year old girl with bangs and brown hair like mine with me.

  22. I’d really prefer 11, if that works for you, Moxie. Unless we manage an early nap for Tori.I’m fat with red hair with gold bangs. I’ll try, if it’s warm enough, to show my tattoos. I’ll be the short fat girl with tattoos. Tori is a little over two, with chin length brown hair. She’ll be the kid that never stays still and zooms from object to object to object. My husband will be there too, and he’s tall, will be wearing a baseball hat, and has bright blue eyes and some object of his clothing will reference trains.

  23. @hedra – Julie was the Cruise Director on Love Boat.Re: rides, theoretically I have room, IF I clean my car. Otherwise, I can only fit one adult in the front with me. That said, anyone on the way from Wilmington to Philly coming solo, I can probably manage that with less angst.
    Uh. Or not.
    Just realized I talked to a Philly friend about hanging out at her place after the park, which would screw up rides home. Wouldn’t affect a ride up though.
    Oh, me? Really short (4’11”) with long dark blonde hair and long-haired very fair-haired child. 🙂

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