Atlanta meetup?

Jill and anyone else in the area, I'll be in ATL on Thursday, October 9 (one night only!). I know it's Yom Kippur, but can anyone meet for dinner? I'll be there for work so won't have kids with me, but bring yours if you want to. I can meet at 6 or later. We need a location–anyplace people can get to and that's typical Atlanta would be good.

Suggestions, RSVPs?

(And yes, rudyinparis, I guess I do kind of get around, although for me going to Philadelphia is like you going to St. Cloud.)

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  1. I am still bummed that rudyinparis is not actually in Paris. It’d be much better if we could say that Moxie going to Philadelphia is like rudyinparis going to The Hague.Waiting for the Chicagoland/NW Indiana meet-up.

  2. The laundry in the dryer thing happens at least once a week, but often 2-3 times. I always remember it in the morning, and toss it in a pile on my bed.If I did a Tour 2008 T-Shirt I’d definitely have to make a stop in both St. Cloud and The Hague.

  3. Ooh! I won’t be in the area, unfortunately, but I highly recommend Mary Mac’s Tea Room if you’d like wonderful Southern food. The place is just magic, and it’s got a lovely, comfy atmosphere. I’m drooling all over my shirt just thinking about their “Pot Likker” soup…

  4. I’m in Atlanta and might be able to meet up, depending on where you do it. Where are you staying? Downtown? If you like good hamburgers in a funky atmosphere, I always recommend The Vortex. Another great choice is The Flying Biscuit — Interesting southern inspired food and yummy biscuits. A very ‘Atlanta’ choice. Both are not too far from downtown/midtown and in cool neighborhoods so you get a nice feel for the

  5. I’m a long-time lurker (years!) and huge fan of Moxie and this community. I’m so excited about the possibility of a meet-up in my neighborhood that it finally prompted me to comment!I live in the city and I second the Flying Biscuit as a very Atlanta choice. Kid-friendly too.
    Moxie, maybe you could let Atlanta-area folks know offline where you’re staying, to narrow down the choices? Our town is NOT public transportation-oriented so if you won’t have a car we will need to take that into account.

  6. Me too, I’m in the Atlanta area and might can make it. Although, as other folks from these parts will agree, Metro Atlanta covers a zillion counties, towns, cities, etc. Will you be downtown?

  7. I would love to, but at 1.5 hours away and on a school night I don’t think it’s reasonable.Anyone want to meet up at the aquarium this coming Saturday, though? We are planning our first visit with 2 and 5 year olds. casperflea at gmail will find me – we were planning 10am tickets.

  8. How about suggesting a hotel to me, then? I need to be near Peachtree Center on Friday morning. If you suggest a decent hotel then you’ll all know where I’m staying. Btu still not enough info to prank call my room and ask if my toilet’s running.

  9. All the major downtown hotels pretty much by peachtree center. the Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, etc. If you don’t have a car, the Marta train has a stop there too, easy to travel from the airport. I’d just suggest a google map search.

  10. Well, now I really miss living in Georgia!!!Moxie, when are you coming to DC?
    DC Area people: I am planning to do another get together soon, but I’m so crazy busy at work that I can barely get home in time to see my child. Once things ease up (next week, I hope), I will post about maybe a late October get together? Maybe Halloween themed?

  11. Jill-in-Atlanta will be in Seattle that week! So disappointed! I’d say I’ll be thinking about you but honestly, this will be hubby and my first ever week alone without children- to celebrate our 10th anniversary and I hope I’m not online reading blogs!

  12. Oh, AWESOME! YES!The Flying Biscuit, La Fonda on Ponce, Varsity (not that I want to go there)…lots of options. But Atlanta is so big it’s like a city-state, so it depends on if you have a car, etc. One of us could always pick you up at your hotel, too.

  13. Atlanta is huge spread out mess, it really depends on where you are staying/visiting. There is down town, mid town, buckhead, and then all the sprawly area’s outside of it. The west side, east side, and north side are all pretty long to get to from one end to the other.. I live on the north side 🙂

  14. I’m in the Atlanta area (Cobb County, west side), however I’m not too familiar with inside the perimeter (I guess I’m assuming it will be in that area). I’d have to map wherever the meetup is. The only Atlanta-y place I could think of was The Varsity (not that I’m necessarily recommending it). The Atlanta area is definitely a pain to navigate without a car. I’ll be checking back to see where the location ends up being.

  15. I too am long time lurker-sometimes-asker in Atlanta. I would love to meet up with Moxie and other Moxie-mates. I think Flying Biscuit makes sense and I assume people are thinking of the one in Candler Park? I’ll bring my 2.5 year old daughter.I work downtown near Peachtree Center so I second the recommendations on hotel. A colleague just stayed in the Hilton and liked it better than the Marriot.

  16. I’m in ATL, and second the comments about sprawl and finding a location. I’m not sure what counts as typical Atlanta; most of my favorites have some tie to another country’s cuisine and aren’t exactly Southern: kind of like Atlanta itself. I’m in Decatur, and so naturally I think one of the restaurants downtown there might be a possibility. But kid friendly . . . Will have to do some thinking, especially since Crescent Moon isn’t what it used to be.

  17. Longtime Atlanta (actually Decatur) lurker here… I work downtown near Peachtree Center so I can answer any other questions you have about the area as well. You’ve gotten some good recs on hotels. I also say Flying Biscuit and the Vortex are great choices. I’m very disappointed that Crescent Moon is now a disaster. Heard through the Decatur business owners grapevine that the guy who founded the restaurant is taking it back over. Yay, as it was our Friday night take-out stable.

  18. You can’t bring your kids to the Vortex … they won’t let anyone under the age of 18 in.I’m not sure the Flying Biscuit can handle the crowd that seems to be amassing!!
    And now that I’m done poo poo-ing suggestions, I totally want to come!

  19. Another decatur fan. I would suggest a place like fellini’s on ponce that has a large patio and is very kid friendly. Completely casual.

  20. I’m also a long time reader and occasionally commenter/question-asker. I live in Decatur too (who knew there were so many of us lurking here!) and would love to meet up. I agree that Flying Biscuit might work depending on how many of us there ends up being. There is one in midtown as well as Candler Park. Hmm, Fellini’s would also be good and the right size – not “typical southern” but maybe that doesn’t matter. I don’t know much about downtown/midtown restaurants – maybe people who work down there might have suggestions? I’ll definitely check back to see what gets decided.

  21. Sounds like the Flying Biscuit (Candler Park) is a popular option. I know they can handle large parties – I saw a whole church mission trip group stop there and fill up the back room. I bet they would hold the back room for us when we get an approximate count. It’s close to downtown, and one of us locals could either pick Moxie up downtown or at the Candler Park train station. Just let us know what you need us to do, Moxie! Email me if you need someone local to coordinate on our

  22. I am very excited to get together with all of you! Dot please let me know if you talk/email Moxie and either of you need any help with logistics

  23. OK, it sounds like we’re going to go to the Flying Biscuit. In Candler Park? Can someone give me the actual address? I may be coming from my hotel (the Regency Suites Hotel Midtown, which appears to be on Peachtree–what a surprise!–and 10th St NW, just east of I-75), or, the world being the way it is now, straight from the airport.A week before I’ll put up another post so we can get a head count. Dot, I’ll email you offlist.

  24. Hi Moxie,Here is the address of the Flying Biscuit. You could take the MARTA from the airport to the Candler Park neighborhood, (Candler Park stop, not sure which line but I am sure you are rapid transit savvy). And one of us with a car could meet you at the station. Or, if you are traveling for work, maybe just grab a taxi?
    I am sure one of us can run you to your hotel afterwards. Atlanta is like L.A.: All of us will rock up each in their own car a la Swingers.
    1655 McLendon Avenue Atlanta, GA 30307 404.687.8888 404.849.2283

  25. I don’t think yet, but Dot is having an offline conversation with Moxie and I think Dot/Moxie will communicate back to us at some point. I think Moxie will get into Atlanta from her flight to be available around 6 PM.

  26. Hi All,Are we still on for Thursday at Flying Biscuit? Dot, I know you may be working with Moxie off-blog. Let us know what we can do.

  27. Angie, you always make such cute stuff! I ADORE this! So cute! One quoteisn though, since I just got my Cricut last month, do you use the Cricut Design Studio to do this? I don’t have it yet, but am thinking of buying it. Is it worth it? Thanks! Again, LOVE your project!

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