I just did a very stupid thing.

The kids gave me a necklace for Mothers’ Day made of abalone shell and silver. Then my younger one was swinging it around and it came apart. So I Krazy Glue’d it together today. But I was distracted by talking on the phone as I did it, and glued it on backwards.

What are the chances I can get the silver and abalone apart without destroying the abalone? Is there anything that will dissolve Krazy Glue that won’t dissolve abalone? Who thought it was a good idea to sell me Krazy Glue in the first place?

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  1. I think nail polish remover should work… I just tested it on a scrap piece of shell I have (i make jewelry), and it’s fine… may tarnish the silver, though, but that should polish up without a problem. Good luck!

  2. I link to this site not because it has any new info (it recommends acetone, too), but because the section on what to do if you accidentally glue your lips together was disturbing, yet also a bit of a relief:http://www.supergluecorp.com/removingsuperglue.html
    I don’t think acetone will hurt the abalone, but if you’re nervous, and can wait, I have a cheap bracelet with an abalone charm that I bought in NZ (where they call it paua) that I’d be willing to dunk in acetone tonight.

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  4. Can I just say that I’m glad for you that it was the necklace that got the KrazyGlue and not, say, an elderly cat?Hope the acetone works! It sounds like this is an important save to make.

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  6. Thanks to all formulas and solutions above!! I am a fan of this blog for a while now and use to read it…. (I have a 4 months baby)I read this post a few months ago and this morning I had a little situation with crazy glue..
    the warm water with soap and acetone worked just perfectly fine!! thanks

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