Message boards for kids’ medical issues

Two emails in the same morning on this topic. Erin writes:

"My question is about my sweet pea, he's 15 weeks old and the poor thinghas 2 problems, He's been diagnosed with torticollis and we're going to
therapy for that, which is super frustrating. He also has recently had
x-rays that indicate he might have craniofacial dysostosis. I don't
know a whole lot about either problem but what i've read about it
freaks me out. Have you or the readers possibly had experience with
either of these?"

Then Danielle writes:

"My son (fourteen months) has a ton of medical issues. Do you have any
advice about where to find message boards for support that don't suck?
Would you consider starting some message boards on Ask Moxie? I'd
really like to be in touch with other moms going through similar
circumstances but don't know where to start."

To answer the last question, I do think about AskMoxie message boards often, and know there's no way I can do them now, but hope to have them up around this time next year. I hadn't even thought about having a medical issues support board, but will definitely add one when it's time.

The immediate question, though, is what other sites do people use now (the important word) that are good, solid sources for information and support? If you've got suggestions for good sites on different medical topics, please post them. And if you have specific info on torticollis and/or craniofacial dystosis, please clue us in to that.