Season of losing, you giving to me

Wow. Yesterday’s post was both wonderful and horrible. I’m thankful for such an outpouring of love and support for me and also for the other commenters, but am horrified by how many things are going wrong for so many people right now.

Since I posted yeterday, another big huge crying-in-the-conference-room thing went wrong in my own life that I’d love to rant about but know would absolutely come back to bite me in the arse if I put it on the internets, and then my friend’s best friend had her third miscarriage in a row, this one at 5 months.

I remember going through a period like this last year, in which I felt like I was being stripped of all the things that were important to me. It was rough, but it felt like every place that was emptied, God filled that space and strengthened me. So maybe this is another time, for me and for everyone else, of being stripped down to the essentials and being honed.

Now something I really feel creepy about talking about: A couple of people have emailed me to ask about donating money to me, with a tip jar on this site. I’ve always been really adamant about this site and this community being free. And I’ve always felt kind of creepy about a tip jar. Now that I have to buy furniture to sit on, though, I’m tempted. If I did it, I’d leave it up for 2 days, max, and then we’d never speak of it again.

What do you guys think? And, please, be honest. Would you think I’m a horrible, avaricious person? Cheesy and cheap? Or would it not bother you because you’d just ignore it and move on with your day?

I think in the long run, it would be a bigger help to me if you’d email your local newspaper and request that they run a regular being-a-parent column by me. If you do that, would you let me know and then I can pitch them? I would love to be Moxie full-time, but don’t want to do it out of your pockets.