0 thoughts on “San Antonio: Mi Tierra Cafe, Monday night, 6 pm”

  1. i’ll be there – i sent you emails w/details on how to recognize me (apart from the azn fox and the child who will be trying to turn anything in his gaze into some kind of train-related train something, narrating all the while).

  2. Thank you for your opiniones and words, dear brothers!David: yes, in our Spanish speaking world ABBA BIBLES is the only one that rebinds Bibles with high quality leathers and methods. I asked them to upgrade their website, because there will be a lot of people interested in their services. And for Spanish, well, it’s the language of Heaven! Isn’t it?
    Esteban & Abraham: yes, the RVR60 is the most used and trusted Bible in our Spanish speaking churches. The RVR95 is just the last revision of that one, and only affects some words and the order of poetry, but not the Reina-Valera principles. I also have another Bibles versions rebounded by Abba Bibles, and like Mark said, today just is the beggining of the posts about them. Be patient!

  3. Les amis sont le navire est à voile, l’espace, de réseau, telles que la Banque comme port. Laver ZhengChen, zhankai visages souriants, utilisant le réseau, d’expédier des souhaits. Wake est en riant, le sommeil est doux, le cœur doux, toujours avec bonheur. Donc, nous devons faire beaucoup d’amis et amical pour eux. J’espère que vous tous les jours et avoir une vie heureuse. Merci …..

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