Babies R Us taking returns of BPA bottles?

Norabelle writes:

"There are rumors that the Babies R Us stores will give you store creditfor used BPA bottles because it is a safety hazard.  Each store can set
its own policy regarding this issue.

I called one of our local stores.  Their policy is that if you were
registered at Babies R Us, or have
a receipt for bottles, they will offer store credit towards trading in
your BPA bottles for different bottles.  Other stores don't require a
receipt at all – call ahead to see where you can get the best deal.  I
bet few if any moms have the receipts for bottles.  Sheesh, I can't
even find my keys."

You and me both, sister. I don't have any baby bottles in the house anymore, but if I did I certainly wouldn't be able to find any receipts.

Let me make a shameless plug for you to buy high-quality aluminum (coated with an inert lining material) sport-top SIGG bottles from or*. They're expensive, but they last forever, and are safer than nalgene.

Use the comments section to post if the BRU in your area is taking back BPA bottles or not.

* If you buy through Amazon I get some cash on your purchase. But if you buy from you're buying from a smaller business, plus you can buy the Riesenthal bags that are so gorgeous I'd lick them if I could.

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