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Let’s talk politics (we’ve already talked sex and religion).

If you’re an American living in one of the Super-Duper Tuesday states and registered as a donkey or elephant, please vote in the primary!

The boys and I went to vote this morning before school. At 7:45 I was the 46th person to vote for my party in my district (precinct? whatever the small partial neighborhood areas in NYC are called). My older one always helps me vote by pulling the lever at the beginning, helping me find the people so I can flick the little mini-levers for the people I’m voting for, and then pulling the lever to register the vote.

How do you guys get your kids involved in the political process? How do you vote where you live?

Here in the US, each state has different physical methods of voting. New York State still has the really old-school machines with the levers*. Other states have different methods, from electronic machines to paper ballots.

I’d explain our primary process, but I’m not exactly sure I understand it myself. (I thought I did, but was then trying to explain it to an Australian client last week and realized I had no idea how the primaries actually choose the candidates for each party. I don’t know how the delegates actually fit in. I fear I was supposed to learn this in a year in which I was more concerned with my stretch acid-wash denim miniskirt and silver flats.) If there’s someone who can give a concise explanation of the relationship between delegates, primaries, and states, I’d appreciate it.

Let’s talk about how we get our kids interested in the process and how we stay interested ourselves. Feel free to ask questions about other countries’ political processes, and we’ll try not to be offended and will answer to the best of our abilities.

* My friend’s husband used to get paid by a certain political party in a certain northeastern city to jimmy open the back of the machines and change the vote count with a screwdriver when he was 11. Ah, the wheels of democracy.

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