I’m sorry I’m not doing all the standard potty training and sleep questions this week. I think George’s death, some of my kids’ recent accomplishments, and my impending birthday are making me think a lot about who I am, where I am in my life, and where I’m going.

I’m turning 35 at the end of the month, and feel like in a lot of ways I’m starting a completely new phase. When I think about how much more I know about myself, my place in the world, and my potential than I did even two years ago, I’m astounded.

So I’m setting some goals and some wishes for myself for the next year:

* I took a Brazilian Portuguese class last summer, and got the basics, but need to start ramping up. I’m going to make an effort to spend at least a hour a week on Portuguese.

* I’ve just started taking a martial arts class (for the first time in my life) and am feeling completely out of my depth. I will remember that that feeling means growth is about to happen, and will press through.

* Streamline my Ask Moxie process so I can do some of the extra projects I want to do for you guys, actually answer all the emails I get (which I’m nowhere near right now), and maintain a more consistent posting schedule.

* Onward and upward with managing the process for getting everyone ready and out the door every morning.

* Spiritual development: Stop and listen, and move when asked to.

This list is personal, and I haven’t talked about relationships with anyone else or my work life or any of that on purpose, because I think so much energy goes into those things that the personal side often gets shorted. Maybe part of my aging process is realizing that I’m worth my own time and energy, too.

Does anyone else want to play along?

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