More on nursing and sexy thoughts

The people have spoken. From now on I’ll separate posts. Special thanks to Rachel for emailing me to bring it up, because I honestly never would have thought of it.

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The whole nursing/sex dreams question from last week reminded me of something I read years ago (I can’t remember where, for which I apologize) which was a stat that mothers who breastfed had more sex (by a lot) in the first year post-partum than mothers who formula fed. I had no idea why that would be when I read that stat, but it stands to reason that since breastfeeding produces oxytocin, which is the same hormone released during orgasm, moms with more oxytocin racing through their systems would be more interested in sex.

(Also, do I need to mention that nursing doesn’t inspire sexy feelings toward the baby? It seems pretty obvious to me, but I’m worried someone’s going to find this post and wig out about it without having any understanding of how nursing produces hormones so it’s a natural physical reaction.)

I wonder how that interacts with the feeling that many of us who’ve nursed have had at different times, which is that we felt "touched out," or just tired of someone else wanting something from us that involved our bodies.

Sexy hormones vs. overwhelming emotional responsibilities? My suspicion is that sleep is what tips the balance, and that mothers who are getting enough* sleep feel less touched out and have more sexy hormones.

And I have no personal experience with formula feeding exclusively, but suspect that the intersections are probably the same.

Any thoughts you’d like to share on that?

* and by "enough" I really mean "maybe 60% of the sleep you got before having a kid, but enough that you can remember your middle name on any given day."

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