1. Do not buy The Wonder Weeks for more than US/Ca$20. It is absolutely not worth more than that.

2. I just wanted to call some attention to the new website PPD Connect, a place for moms with PPD (or who think they might have PPD, or are even just feeling a little crappy) to go and tell their stories and get some support from other women who are going through it, or who have been through it. If you’re a PPD survivor, you might want to stop by to leave some support and light at the end of the tunnel. http://ppdconnect.typepad.com/

Don’t forget you can download my "14 Tips To Prevent Postpartum Depression" PDF over there in the left-hand column for free.

3. And now a question from Tegan:

"Since I’ve become a breast-feeding mother experiencing the occasional painful clogged duct, I’ve had no problem finding problem solving tips, i.e.:  warm compresses, massaging the breast, and nurse nurse nurse on that side to clear the clog.  But I’ve always wondered, does that mean that the baby gets a mouth-full of cloggy coagulated milk at some point?  Just curious."

It does, but they don’t seem to care at all. I think it’s probably more
like yogurt or the skin of vanilla pudding than anything else.

FWIW, you can help prevent plugged ducts by taking flax seed oil or lecithin capsules daily.

Now I’m craving pudding.

4. If anyone’s interested in a T-Tapp challenge for the new year, I just signed up for the "6 weeks to a new you" thread on the T-Tapp.com forums.

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